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Chapter 193: Matching with sword art

“With luck from the heavens, the weather is good, the empire is prosperous, and peace is widespread.  Today for the glory of the empire, to show off the empire’s strength, and to show off the outstanding youths of the empire, we’ve specially hosted this Swordsmen Meet.  Making friends through battle is definitely first, but any talent that places in the top ten will receive titles. This will be witnessed by his majesty and her highness Yin.  There is a total of forty seven participants gathered from the outstanding talents of the twelve provinces. Now, bring in the golden list.”

After the official read the sacred decree, there were two Imperial Guards who moved a giant wooden plate onto the stage.  There were names written on the plate, with a total of forty seven people and they were matched with one another. Lin Mu Yu looked over and luckily he wasn’t matched with Chu Huai Sheng, Feng Ji Xing, Qin Lei, and the others.  Rather he was matched with someone called “Ouyang Jing Tian”. He didn’t know where he came from, he would just have to beat him later.

“Dong, dong, dong……”

A leather war drum rang out on the side, instantly filling the stage with an invisible killing intent.  All the participating warriors gathered on the stage and identified themselves with the Ze Tian Palace official, before waiting for the competition to begin.  This process was a bit complicated, but Lin Mu Yu was patient, sitting in the ice cold stone steps, watching the ministers that were surrounding the stage.


The audience stand formed a fan shape around the competition stage.  Qin Jin and Qin Yin’s group was sitting in the center under the protection of the Imperial Guards and Qu Chu.  On the two sides were many officials and nobles with their wives wearing fox furs, waiting in excitement to watch the competition.   From time to time, they ordered their servants to bring over fruits and tea, giving off the feeling of a coliseum.

Lin Mu Yu couldn’t help secretly laughing.  He had accidentally become a performer for others, he never thought this would happen.

Not long after, a messenger loudly announced, “The Swordsmen Meet competition has officially begun.  In the first round, the first match, the imperial guard commander Feng Ji Xing will face the expert from Sunset City of the Xun Bai Province, Luo Jing Tian!”

Feng Ji Xing held his blade as he jumped onto the stage with a look of indifference.  There was a purple light around the Slicing Wind Blade and streaks of lightning flashing on it.  Feng Ji Xing released his Purple Lightning Blazing Wolf Martial Spirit when he arrived on the stage, clearly showing his attitude of using all his strength.

Although Luo Jing Tian was under thirty five, he already had a full beard.  He cupped his hands with a smile and said, “I never thought that I would meet commander Feng in the first round, this subordinate will suffer this time.”

Feng Ji Xing gave a faint smile, “I welcome general Luo Jing Tian to come and play in Orchid Goose City one day.”

Luo Jing Tian: “……”

The battle was very short, Feng Ji Xing sent Luo Jing Tian off the stage with his sword in just three moves of the Wind Sword Style.  That Luo Jing Tian cupped his hand in a depressed manner under the stage, “Until we meet again!”

Feng Ji Xing also cupped his hands and respectfully said, “You let me win!”

In the audience stand, Lin Mu Yu curled his lips, “Big brother Feng is much stronger after reaching the 2nd Heaven Tier!”

Qin Lei sat on the side and said, “Feng Ji Xing, this old kid, his blade art is indeed first rate in the capital city.  Taking care of Luo Jing Tian in three moves is expected. As for Chu Huai Sheng, you could get a bye in the first round, it’s truly envious.”

Chu Huai Sheng was in a daze as he looked into the distance.  In the direction he was looking, there was a beautiful young girl staring at him in a daze.  It was no one else but Zeng Xiang sitting beside Zeng Yi Fan and Zeng Fang, the God Marquis Palace’s young miss.

Lin Mu Yu couldn’t help smiling, “Someone’s mind has already wandered off.”

At this time, Feng Ji Xing came back with his blade.  He looked at Feng Ji Xing and revealed a look of scorn.  He said with a smile, “Our brother Chu does not have much in his life.  This kind of deep love makes me break out in goosebumps.”

Qin Lei revealed a grin.

Lin Mu Yu also broke out in laughter.  At this time, someone walked over. It was Qin Yan wearing a temple gold star teacher battle dress.

“Hey, big brother.  Big brother Lin Mu Yu is also here!”

“Ah Yan, you’re here?”  Qin Lei said with a smile, “How long before it’s your turn?”

“I’m in the seventh round, I’m not in a rush.”


A group of experts gathered together would attract the attention of people.  There were many families’ young misses that were looking over and perhaps the people in their hearts were in this group.  Whether it was the handsome Chu Huai Sheng, the unrestrained Feng Ji Xing, or the god given talented Lin Mu Yu, there were many girls that admired them.  Only this group of people did not have any interest in love and didn’t even spare a single glance to those noble young misses.

In the first round’s third match, Qin Lei went up.  He who had reached the 2nd Heaven Tier was already incomparably strong, not to mention his first grade God Binding Lock Martial Spirit.  With a single round, the Thunder Cleaver defeated the enemy in a single move. If he didn’t quickly take his hand back, the brat would have already lost his head.

Not long after, Qin Yan went onto the stage.  His Dragon Scale Armour Martial Spirit was very magnificent and his enemy couldn’t harm him even after seven-eight fierce attacks.  Instead Qin Yan used two quick attacks to make his enemy admit defeat.

“The Seven Seas City’s Tang Bin is headed to the stage.”  Feng Ji Xing revealed a faint smile, “The Tang Family’s Fire Fox Seal is world famous, you have to be careful if you meet Tang Bin.  In the Swordsmen Meet three years ago, he almost defeated me with the Fire Fox Seal. This time…’s said that Tang Bin’s Fire Fox Seal has already reached the seventh layer.  He was only in the fifth layer three years ago, he must be more terrifying this year.”

Lin Mu Yu, Chu Huai Sheng and Qin Yan nodded together, “Un.”

Qin Lei had a casual smile as he said, “This kind of person…..he can only run amuck in Seven Seas City.  If he comes to the capital city, there are more than ten people that can defeat Tang Bin. Feng Ji Xing, why do you need to lack in confidence?”

Feng Ji Xing couldn’t help smiling, but he didn’t argue back.  Qin Lei could be this confident because he had the qualification to be confident.

On the competition stage, Tang Bin was empty handed as he had an unruly look on his face.  His opponent was a military officer with an axe in his hand. This was a general from the Tong Tian Province and the golden yin flower on his neck was dazzling.  There were two golden stars on the back of it, showing that this person was a high level ten thousand men commander!

Tang Bin cupped his hands and revealed a smile, “General Xi, I ask for your advice!”

General Xi did not waste time and said nothing as he charged out with his axe with a roar.  The axe was covered in a faint battle qi and he had killing intent as he brandished it. A simply explosive arc cut down on Tang Bin’s chest and when it was about to hit, Tang Bin suddenly bent backwards, forming a beautiful bridge.


The Fire Fox Martial Spirit cried out and his boots were covered in flames.  Tang Bin stomped down on his enemy’s wrist and instantly the axe went flying with a “weng” sound.  Tang Bin quickly stood up and with his feet in the stone ground, his hands sent out several fierce attacks.  General Xi could only raised his arms to block it, as the sound of battle qi colliding rang out!

They were both in the 1st Heaven Tier, but General Xi didn’t have any strength to fight back with.  When his defenses were blown open, Tang Xi suddenly sent out his right palm which had the Fire Fox Seal at the center of it.  He roared out, “Heaven Charging Seal!”


The flames exploded as a fire seal hit General Xi’s chest, causing him to move back several steps.  He fell onto one knee with a pale face as the battle qi around him was dispersed. He said in a trembling voice, “I…..I’ve lost.  The Fire Fox Seal truly lives up to its reputation……”

Tang Bin cupped his hands as he said with a smile, “You let me win.”

Lin Mu Yu’s brows tightly knit as he said, “Such a mysterious Fire Fox Seal, it looks very powerful.  If Xiao Xi could grasp the Fire Fox Seal, who knows who would be stronger if she fought Tang Bin.”

Feng Ji Xing said with a smile, “Princess Xi is a girl, she will never be able to cultivate the Fire Fox Seal.”

“Un, perhaps…..”

Lin Mu Yu looked at Tang Xiao Xi in the distance and found that she was also looking at him.  Rubbing his nose and give her a smile, Tang Xiao Xi’s face quickly looked down, not daring to look at this “hoodlum” who had harassed her.

When it was the thirteenth round, it was finally Lin Mu Yu’s turn to step onto the stage.

“Ah Yu, Ouyang Jing Tian is the Cang Nan Province’s Five Valley City’s renowned expert, you need to be careful.  It’s said that Ouyang Jing Tian has an exquisite sword art!” Feng Ji Xing kindly reminded him.

Lin Mu Yu nodded with a smile, “Thank you big brother Feng for your reminder.”

Qin Lei smiled and said, “Feng Ji Xing, you don’t need to worry for Ah Yu.  Don’t you know his strength? No matter what Ouyang Jing Tian has, it’s his bad luck to meet Ah Yu!”

At this time, the messenger came onto the stage and loudly announced, “The next match is the Imperial Guard’s Falcon Nest commander Lin Mu Yu versus Cang Nan Province’s expert swordsman, Ouyang Jing Tian!”

Lin Mu Yu headed to the stage wielding the Dragon Spirit Sword and many shocked voices came from the audience stand, “Wa, that is Lin Mu Yu, the Imperial Guard who saved the Deer Cry Court.  How could such a handsome man be that strong?”

Lin Mu Yu’s Spiritual Pulse Technique had to be strong, so he could hear what these people were saying.  He suddenly felt very depressed, he could only use his strength to prove that he wasn’t just a weak handsome man.

Ouyang Jing Tian seemed to be an uncle who was over thirty years old.  He had a slender figure and long fingers, holding a sword that was glowing with spiritual light.  His body was glowing with the aura of an expert, but of course that was only limited to the Cang Nan Province.  In Orchid Goose City, could his sword art be stronger than the old man’s sword art? Lin Mu Yu’s four way imperial sword art was inherited by the sword old man, it was not inferior at all.


Ouyang Jing Tian wielded his sword and spoke with a faint smile, “Sir Lin Mu Yu, this Ouyang Jing Tian asks to exchange notes!”

Lin Mu Yu cupped his hand with his sword and said, “Please offer your guidance!”


Ouyang Jing Tian’s sword thrust out and his sword was surrounded in faint true qi.  This was an expert who hadn’t stepped into the Heaven Realm, so Lin Mu Yu changed his mind as he blocked it with his sword that had the scabbard on.

When his enemy’s sword was swept away, Lin Mu Yu swept his sword sideways and Ouyang Jing Tian flew into the air.  He stabbed out four times in the air with powerful strikes.

Lin Mu Yu summoned his martial spirit and the gourd wall was raised.  At the same time, he raised his arm and the Dragon Spirit Sword flew into the air.  It blocked Ouyang Jing Tian’s stabs with “ding, ding, ding” sounds, but there was a numb feeling coming from his hand.  Ouyang Jing Tian could be considered an expert in sword art, he did have some skills. Was this sword qi’s intensity the limit for an Earth Realm expert?

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