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Chapter 194: Feng Ji Xing releases divine might


The scabbard slammed into the other side’s sword.  Lin Mu Yu sent his sword out and the Dragon Spirit Sword stabbed at Ouyang Jing Tian.  His battle qi surrounded the scabbard and it turned into spiral flame energy.

Ouyang Jing Tian was shocked and quickly took back his sword.  His wrist covered in true qi shook and his sword distorted like a poisonous snake, wrapping around the Dragon Spirit Sword, “Twisting Sword Art!”

The battle qi instantly disappeared, so naturally Lin Mu Yu’s stab yielded no results, but he was not anxious.  Suddenly his hand relaxed as the Dragon Spirit Sword was swept away by Ouyang Jing Tian’s swords. At the same time, Lin Mu Yu’s fist was covered in battle qi, sending out a punch at the other side’s shoulder.


Ouyang Jing Tian quickly spun to dodge while also sweeping out with his sword.


Lin Mu Yu leaned back to dodge while raising his finger.  Lightning condensed between his finger and the Dragon Spirit Sword.  The Dragon Spirit Sword that had been “swept” away suddenly turned and stabbed out at Ouyang Jing Tian’s back with the scabbard on.


Ouyang Jing Tian took a heavy hit, how could he withstand it.  His mouth was already filled with blood and his eyes were filled with panic as he watched the Dragon Spirit Sword surrounded in battle qi fall back into Lin Mu Yu’s hand.

“I’ve, lost…..”

He firmly stood up as he cupped his hands and said, “Imperial Guard Lin Mu Yu does not have an undeserved reputation, this Ouyang Jing Tian is convinced.  Only…..was that imperial sword art?”

Lin Mu Yu nodded, “That was indeed a kind of inherited imperial sword art.”

“Many thanks for your guidance…..”

After the battle was set, Lin Mu Yu’s name entered the top twenty four.

When he returned to the audience stand, Chu Huai Sheng, Feng Ji Xing, and the others congratulated him.  Although it was only the top twenty four, Lin Mu Yu had shown himself off in public this time!

There was no suspense with the following competition.  Zeng Fang, Yuwen Lian, Ling Feng, and the other capital city outstanding youths easily won.  Not long after, twenty four names were written on the wooden board with golden words, shining bright under the sun.

The competition continued.

There were less and less people in the participant audience stand, there were only twenty four people and most people were familiar.  Zeng Fang ignored Lin Mu Yu, Feng Ji Xing, and the others, there was too many grudges between them. Instead the Seven Sea Tang Family’s Tang Bin went to chat with Zeng Fan, Yuwen Lian, and the others.  They were all graduates of the War God Academy and could be considered schoolmates.

Yuwen Lian was holding a thin sword and had a faint smile as he said, “Young master Tang’s Fire Fox Seal has already reached the seventh layer, it truly is worth celebrating.  It seems like Seven Sea’s Tang Family will be controlled by young master Tang in the future.”

Tang Bin revealed a faint smile, “Young general Yuwen’s praise is wrong, I, Tang Bin’s skills aren’t that high.  I can only hope to strive for the top ten in this Swordsmen Meet.”

“With the seventh layer Fire Fox Seal, you will certainly enter the top ten.  Young master Tang does not need to worry, ha…..”

Ling Feng nearby was a bit worried as he said, “This year’s Swordsmen Meet is not simple, we have to see who we’re matched with next round.  Once we meet Feng Ji Xing, Qin Lei, Chu Huai Sheng, and Lin Mu Yu, those four troublesome fellows, winning might not be easy. Young marquis Zeng Fang, what do you think?”

Zeng Fang’s face was confident as he softly said, “Just try your best, whether you win or not will be up to the heavens!”

“Hei, the young marquis has a good cultivation, but when you were a deacon in the temple, the young marquis exchanged notes with Lin Mu Yu which ended in a tie.  It seems like Lin Mu Yu does have a bit of skills.”

Zeng Fang was the one who suffered a loss in that fight.  Instantly, Ling Feng’s words made Zeng Fang’s face turn livid as he said with a cold snort, “That Lin Mu Yu……He’s just a piece of trash who knows how to take advantage of opportunities, just wait and see!”

“Hei, of course I’m waiting to see a good play!  That’s right, I’ve heard the young marquis’ elder sister, the third beauty of the capital city Zeng Xiang has had a close relationship with the Imperial Guard’s Chu Huai Sheng recently.  It seems like the God Marquis Palace regards the status of Imperial Guard as something important and wants to climb up?” Ling Feng said with a false smile.

Zeng Fang was enraged and he suddenly half drew his blade as he roared, “Ling Feng, if you say anything else, do you believe father won’t cut off your tongue?  What thing is Chu Huai Sheng, how could a commoner with no status be worthy of my Zeng Fang’s elder sister? My elder sister is just possessed, after a while, she will naturally understand that Chu Huai Sheng isn’t worthy of her.”

“Is that so?”

Ling Feng cupped his hand with a laugh and said, “This one has said some wrong words, I hope the young marquis can forgive me.”


While Zeng Fang, Ling Feng, Tang Bin, and the others were “happily talking to each other”, Chu Huai Sheng, Feng Ji Xing, Qin Lei, Qin Yan, and the others were listening from afar.  Their voice was too loud, it was hard not to listen. Feng Ji Xing cleaned his Slicing Wind Blade as he said with a faint smile, “The God Marquis Palace, the Country Protecting General Palace, and the Country Guarding General Palace have always been fighting in the capital city in secret, it’s rare to see these people talking to each other.  Truly hypocritical.”

After saying this, Feng Ji Xing looked up at Chu Huai Sheng and said, “Hey brat, do you really like that Zeng Xiang?”

Chu Huai Sheng was stunned before he said, “Young miss Zeng Xiang is talented and beautiful, she has moved this Chu’s heart, naturally it’s true love.  What, will commander Feng oppose us? Although I’ve said this…..I know it will be filled with trouble.”

Feng Ji Xing smiled, “Everyone has one life and it is short, it’s not easy to meet a girl who can move your heart.  Since you like her, you should bravely chase after her and I as a friend will naturally support you. The relation between the God Marquis Palace and the Imperial Guards are very tense, so this road will not be easy to travel.”

Chu Huai Sheng looked low spirited, “I know…..”

Feng Ji Xing smiled and said, “The matter between old Chu and Zeng Xiang, what do you guys think?”

Qin Lei said, “I don’t understand matters between men and women.”

Qin Yan said, “If elder brother doesn’t understand, I also don’t understand…..”

Feng Ji Xing speechlessly said, “Ah Yu, what do you think?”

Lin Mu Yu was sitting on the ice cold stone seat and casually said, “Just like big brother Feng Ji Xing said, you should bravely chase her if you like her, don’t regret anything.  Only, big brother Chu Huai Sheng should properly protect yourself. Zeng Yi Fan is truly ruthless, who know what he will do.”

Chu Huai Sheng nodded, “Un, I have my discretion!”

At this time, the second round’s matches had already been announced, a total of twelve matches.  This time it was evenly matched, several experts matched with each other.

Feng Ji Xing versus Tang Bing.

Lin Mu Yu versus Ling Feng.

Chu Huai Sheng versus Zeng Fang.

As for Qin Lei and Qin Yan, their luck was pretty good, their matches weren’t too strong, haven’t even reached the Heaven Realm.  After all, it wasn’t easy to reach the Heaven Realm, there weren’t many people who reached the Heaven Realm before thirty five. So, Lin Mu Yu, Chu Huai Sheng, Feng Ji Xing, and the others were all considered talents in the eyes of others.

Raising his blade, Feng Ji Xing patted the dust off his battle armour before saying with a smile, “I’m off.”

“Be careful, Tang Bin’s Fire Fox Seal is very strong!”  Chu Huai Sheng warned.

“Relax, he is not my match.”

Feng Ji Xing’s confidence almost reached being arrogant, but no one doubted his arrogance.  He was the youngest commander in the empire, being in charge of the thirty thousand imperial guards and the twenty thousand scattered troops, so naturally his strength could not be questioned.

Tang Bin also had a calm look on his face.  Standing on the stage and cupping his hands, he said with a smile, “Tang Bin asks for commander Feng Ji Xing’s guidances.  I never thought we would meet this early in this year’s Swordsmen Meet, it really is a coincidence.”

Feng Ji Xing revealed a faint smile, “I ask young master Tang Bin to show mercy, don’t let this Feng lose too tragically.”

“You’re kidding.  Come.”


Feng Ji Xing swept out with his blade and a wolf howl rang out.  The Purple Lightning Blazing Wolf appeared on his shoulder and his martial spirit caused lightning to pour into his blade.  His battle dress blew in the wind and with his sharp brows and star like eyes, even before he made a move, countless capital city girls went wild and wanted to scream.

Tang Bin met him head on without any weapons.  He cultivated the Fire Fox Seal, so naturally he didn’t fear any weapons.


Feng Ji Xing attacked first.  The Slicing Wind Blade swept out raising the wind, slashing out with wind elemental energy around the blade, Great Wild Desert Wind!

How could Tang Bin look down on it.  He took half a step back and raised his left palm.  Flames surged as a mark formed in the center of his palm.  He roared out, “Light Expelling Seal!”

The flame collided with the wind and exploded with a “peng” sound.  Feng Ji Xing and Tang Bin were both forced back several steps, attacking again after stabilizing their auras.  Feng Ji Xing swept out horizontally, quickly gathering his battle qi. The battle qi gathered into burning sands around the blade as a fierce attack flew at the enemy, Flaming Sand Melting Gold!

Tang Bin’s expression did not change.  His hands came forward and the Fire Fox Seal appeared in his palm again.  He sent out the third layer Fire Fox Seal, Intense Flame Seal!


The flames swallowed everything in front while Feng Ji Xing’s slash was filled with flames.  The Flaming Sand Melting Gold hit the enemy’s seal and quickly shattered. Feng Ji Xing ignored the flames on his cloak as he was surrounded by lightning.  He slashed down as he used his self created wind sword style’s fourth technique, Wild Thunder Blade!

Tang Bin looked into the sky and the calm on his face finally had waves.  He could feel the power in Feng Ji Xing’s slash, so he spread his palm and directly skipped the Fire Fox Seal’s fifth layer to use the sixth layer, God Gathering Seal!

Golden light appeared and Tang Bin’s palms opened, releasing a palm filled with divine might!


The energy collision in the air released a shockwave that made the nobles in the audience stands cry out.

In the end, when he was hit by the God Gathering Seal, there was a bit of blood from the corner of Feng Ji Xing’s lips.  However, he was still in the air and didn’t fall down. His battle qi surged as the Purple Lightning Blazing Wolf roared.  His hands raised his blade and a demon god’s appearance appeared behind him. His battle qi was so strong it was a bit terrifying.


Qin Yan was stunned, “When did Feng Ji Xing’s cultivation reach this level?”

Qin Lei narrowed his eyes, “This is his self made wind sword style’s eighth technique, Demonic Power Swallowing the Heavens.  I have experienced this slash before……It is truly fucking powerful, even I spat out blood……”

On the field, Tang Bin was feeling bad.  This overwhelming slash of Feng Ji Xing’s was about to fall down and he could only take it.  Flames lingered in his palm as he used his strongest move, the Five Energy Seal!

Instantly, five kinds of energy wildly appeared around Tang Bin, metal, wood, water, fire, and earth.  They interlocked and this aura was strong enough to soar into the heavens!


The flame intertwined with the lightning in the air, causing wild winds to sweep across the entire stage.

Instantly, the flames disappeared and Feng Ji Xing floated to the ground.  The white cloak behind him was half burnt and he patted out the flames. His expression was very calm as he softly said, “Did I win?”


Tang Bin spat out a mouthful of blood and the ground around him was filled with slash marks.  He was shaking in place as he cupped his fists and said, “Commander Feng Ji Xing’s cultivation truly is not normal, Tang Bin is convinced of his loss!”

“You let me win, you let me win.  I’ll still treat young master Tang Bin to some wine later!”


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