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Chapter 196: Destroyed sea of qi

Cold wind blew across his battle dress and Chu Huai Sheng’s tied up long hair swayed in the wind.  His sword was behind him, like he wasn’t planning on fighting. His right hand was slightly dangling and his fingers were surrounded in battle qi.  His body was covered in a faint purple glow as the Purple Sable Martial Spirit appeared.

Zeng Fang had a long and slender sword.  His eyes were sharp as he said with a cold smile, “Give up Chu Huai Sheng.  Although you are an Imperial Guard, you must know the difference in status between you and my elder sister.  You are only a low grade noble and don’t even have a title, how can you be worthy of my elder sister? I urge you to stop at the brink and stop yourself from making a large mistake.”

Chu Huai Sheng’s eyes were smooth as water and his voice was calm as he said, “People can have different status from birth, but the character of a person can’t be differentiated by status.  Young marquis, although Zeng Xiang comes from a noble family, Chu Huai Sheng is confident that my strength is enough to give her a good life. I will protect her with my life and give her happiness.”



Zeng Fang angrily said, “You want to give my elder sister happiness just based on you?  Why don’t you look in a mirror? Chu Huai Sheng, you lowly scoundrel, since you are this thickheaded, don’t blame me for being impolite!  Only one of us can walk off the stage alive today!”

“Is that so?”

Chu Huai Sheng said with a faint smile, “Then I ask for the young marquis’ guidance!”


Zeng Fang swept out with his sword and in the distance, he kicked off with his family’s martial spirit, the Coloured Glass Tower.  The sword’s blade was surrounded in a sharp sword qi. Experts can make judgement in short period of time and it was clear that Zeng Fang was an expert in using swords.  That sword qi spread all over, how was it like a single attack. It was like ten thousand flower blossoms that attacked all of Chu Huai Sheng’s major acupuncture points.

Zeng Fang’s attack was raised with the power of his Coloured Glass Tower, so naturally it couldn’t be looked down on.  Not to mention that Zeng Fang was already in the 2nd Heaven Tier, so it could be imagined how strong this attack was.

Chu Huai Sheng quickly retreated as the ground was covered in pear flower marks.  When Chu Huai Sheng reached the edge of the stage, he suddenly jumped up and left Zeng Fang’s attack range.  His battle qi was suddenly raised in the air and he attacked from the air. His palms became fingers that instantly released tens of thousands of finger wind covered in starlight.  It was like the stars falling down from the sky, this move was a beauty rarely seen in this world.

“Golden Bell Cover!”

Zeng Fang stood there, but his martial spirit’s ability activated as a golden barrier appeared around him.  Chu Huai Sheng’s Star Picking Fingers fell onto the Golden Bell Cover, turning into golden ripples. When he was about to fall down, Zeng Fang suddenly charged forward and with a flash of sword light, he sent a fierce slash into the sky.


Condensing his battle qi in his palm, there was a spiral that appeared around Chu Huai Sheng.  He slid across Zeng Fang’s sword qi to land on the ground and shouted, “Golden Snake Spin!”

This movement technique was truly mysterious.  It was like Feng Ji Xing had said, no one knew where Chu Huai Sheng learned his techniques from, but these techniques allowed him to stand proudly on the continent.  Feng Ji Xing had even said that he would rather face Qin Lei than to face Chu Huai Sheng’s beautiful and sly moves. It was enough to see that Chu Huai Sheng’s cultivation was not normal.

When he fell onto the ground with the Golden Snake Spin, Zeng Fang attacked again.  His sword moved through the air and countless sword qi split out, flying right at Chu Huai Sheng.

Ten Thousand Sword Art!

This was a kind of qi imperial sword art that wasn’t very rare, but Zeng Fang’s move was as strong as thunder and as fast as wind.  Moreover, his timing was very good, attacking as soon as Chu Huai Sheng fell to the ground. Chu Huai Sheng needed half a second to activate his battle qi at this time, it was when he was at his weakest.


Blood splattered from Chu Huai Sheng’s shoulder and it kept flowing.  There were four-five holes on his chest and although they weren’t serious injuries, they looked very severe.


In the audience stands, Zeng Xiang suddenly stood up as her beautiful eyes filled with shock and worry, “Sir Chu…..”

“Xiang Xiang!”

Zeng Yi Fan knit his brows and said, “Sit down.  Don’t forget that his enemy is your little brother and you are a member of the Zeng Family, you should have the pride of the Zeng Family.  How can you act rudely for a small Imperial Guard?”

“Father, I…..”  Zeng Xiang slowly sat down, but her eyes didn’t leave Chu Huai Sheng.  She bit her red lips and there was a trace of pain that appeared on her face as she said, “As long as father is willing to support us, other than Chu Huai Sheng, Xiang Xiang will never love another man.”

“Is that so?”

Zeng Yi Fang revealed a faint smile as he looked up and casually said, “Love and hate, gathering and scattering, what does it count for in the eternal flow?  You will understand this one day.”

Zeng Xiang suddenly looked down at the ground and said with a faint smile, “I’m willing to never understand this.”


Zeng Yi Fan angrily looked at this daughter, but then he suddenly said with a sigh, “Father has always pampered you, giving you whatever you want, but this matter I can’t give you.  If it was anyone else, father wouldn’t say anything even if they have the lowest background, it’s fine if you like them. But this Chu Huai Sheng…..He is Feng Ji Xing and Qin Yan’s people, having a grudge with my God Marquis Palace that can never be resolved.  Qin Lei wants to execute your father, do you really want to force your father to the brink of destruction?”


Zeng Xiang was speechless as she looked back up at the stage.  Chu Huai Sheng’s handsome figure became to counterattack and his battle qi turned into starlight around him.  His fingers turned into butterflies as he sent out starlight. The Star Picking Finger, its meaning was to pick stars to harm people.  These streaks of starlight made it so Zeng Feng couldn’t get a chance to approach.

After a long battle, Zeng Fang was at a disadvantage.  Perhaps Chu Huai Sheng’s injuries looked deeper, but only he knew Zeng Fang’s tragic situation, with most of his acupuncture points being sealed by Zeng Fang’s Star Picking Finger.  He barely had the strength to wield his sword, not to mention raising his battle qi to use his imperial sword technique.


Another sharp Star Picking Finger was released and it directly pierced through Zeng Fang’s temple battle dress.  His golden temple deacon token was instantly knocked off and rolled onto the ground.


Zeng Fang did not look at the temple token, but raised his true qi.  He jumped up to counterattack as his sword directly pierced at Chu Huai Sheng’s dantian like a poisonous snake.  He wanted to…..ruin Chu Huai Sheng’s sea of qi?

To a cultivator, there was nothing more important than their sea of qi.


Chu Huai Sheng was a bit angered as his his left hand sent out a palm attack.  The palm flew into the sky as he roared, “Moon Sealing Palm!”


The power soared into the sky and it fell onto Zeng Fang’s back.  It slammed him down with his sword and his face slammed into the hard stone ground.  His blood began to flow and he looked very tragic.

“Stop here!”

Chu Huai Sheng softly said, “Young marquis, you have already lost.  Don’t struggle anymore, just give up.”


Zeng Fang’s face was filled with lament as tears appeared in his eyes.  As the young marquis of the God Marquis Palace and one of the twelve deacons of the temple, he had suffered such a tragic lost and it wasn’t at the hands of an expert like Feng Ji Xing or Qin Lei.  He had lost at the hands of an unknown little Imperial Guard, how could he accept this kind of shame.

“Chu Huai Sheng, I…..”  Zeng Fang looked up at Chu Huai Sheng and spoke in a voice as soft as a mosquito, “If you really want to marry my elder sister, listen to me.”


Chu Huai Sheng was a bit stunned.  Zeng Xiang was his only weakness other than Chu Yao, when he heard he had a chance to be with his beloved, he lost his judgement.  He bent down and asked, “Does the young marquis have some kind of method?”

“Of course……Hei, hei!”

When Chu Huai Sheng was very close, Zeng Fang’s hand suddenly grabbed Chu Huai Sheng’s collar as the sword in his right hand stabbed at Chu Huai Sheng’s dantian as fast as lightning!


Blood splattered all over, but it was only a flesh wound since Chu Huai Sheng’s battle qi armour was still there.  The sword opened a long wound on his abdomen and blood began to flow.


Chu Huai Sheng in his anger raised his palm and sent it at Zeng Fang’s abdomen.  It landed on where his sea of qi was and a powerful Moon Sealing Palm landed!


Zeng Fang’s dantian scattered blood in all direction like it had exploded.  In that instant, his sea of qi had been crippled!

“Chu Huai Sheng, you dare do this!?”

Zeng Yi Fan suddenly stood up and his figure disappeared as he flew at the stage like a hawk.  His palm was raised and he sent an attack down from above. How could Chu Huai Sheng block his Saint Realm profound energy attack.  He gave up on defending and closed his eyes as he said with a faint smile, “I, Chu Huai Sheng am innocent!”

At this time, another figure appeared as fast as lightning.  Flames soared into the sky and a flame cauldron appeared in front of Chu Huai Sheng.  It was Flame Cauldron Qu Chu!


The flames exploded and Qu Chu was forced back several steps while Zeng Yi Fan fell from the sky, landing beside Zeng Fang.

“Marquis, the Swordsmen Meet follows the life and death agreement.  The young marquis used a sneak attack first and couldn’t defeat Chu Huai Sheng.  I hope the marquis will understand and not vent your anger on Chu Huai Sheng.” Qu Chu cupped his hands as he spoke in respectful voice, “The young marquis’ sea of qi being destroyed is heaven’s will, the marquis should accept this.”


Zeng Yi Fan angrily roared as he glared at Qu Chu, but he didn’t make a move since he didn’t have confidence in beating Qu Chu.


Zeng Yi Fan turned to pick up Zeng Fang and looked over his injuries.  He found that his sea of qi had completely dispersed and Zeng Fang’s cultivation was considered crippled, as all the battle qi inside his body returned to the heaven and earth.

Zeng Fang had his eyes closed as he fainted, not knowing a thing.


Zeng Yi Fan’s body trembled as he angrily roared, “The world is not fair, how can you do this to me?!”

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