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Chapter 213: The one hiding behind

A day passed in the blink of an eye.  Swordsmen Hall’s people could only shoot a few arrows down, but they didn’t even reach the feet of the Dragon Courage Camp mercenaries before weakly falling down.  This kind of provocation happening again and again began to wear down on them.

When it was dusk, there was sudden movement that came from the mountain.  The gates opened and over a hundred rangers were roaring out as they charged down on their horses.




With an order from Luo Yu, the soldiers from the Dragon Courage Camp and the Heaven Charging Army hiding in the forest fired their arrows.  Instantly the over a hundred people charging out called with pitiful cries as only a few people escaped.

Wei Chou came over on his horse and pointed at the wooden bucket at the horse’s butt as he said, “It’s as sir expected, they are already out of water on the mountain.  This group of people wanted to kill their way out for water.”

Lin Mu Yu nodded, “Un, keep the archers on alert.  Dig in behind the first line of defenses and wait for their next wave of attacks!”

Qi Ying was stunned as he said, “General, how are you certain they will come down a second time?”

Lin Mu Yu revealed a confident smile, “It’s very simple, these hundred people were just a test of how many people we had surrounding Fire Axe Mountain.  Their next attack will contain at least over two hundred troops, so our first line of archers definitely won’t be able to defend against them. Dig some traps and ensure that our losses are minimized.”

“So it’s like this.”  Qi Ying said with a smile, “The general has truly thought this through……”

At this time, there was a white bird that flew over their heads, with its wings creating faint sounds as it flapped them.  Lin Mu Yu suddenly looked up and with some thought, he said, “Wei Chou, shoot it down.”


Wei Chou raised his bow and with a “sou” sound, the Demon Devouring Bow shot an arrow into the sky, instantly shooting the bird to death.  A Heaven Charging Army soldier picked up the corpse and brought it over, “General.”

Lin Mu Yu took the corpse and looked at its feet, as expected there was a small letter.  Opening the letter, there were several letters on it, “Reinforcements must arrive in two days.”

Wei Chou knit his brows, “Sir, does the Swordsmen Hall have reinforcements?  Is it a part of their headquarters?”

“I don’t know.”

Lin Mu Yu couldn’t help feeling a bit worried as he said, “Wei Chou, this bird came from the direction of Five Valleys City.  Arrange some divine archers to watch in that direction and have them shoot down any messenger birds.”

Wei Chou nodded with a smile, “Understood!”

Night came and clouds fill the sky, there was no starlight or moonlight at all.  Even Qi Ying could feel a bone chilling killing intent. He said, “This night will not pass easily…..”

Lin Mu Yu warmed himself by the fire as he said with a smile, “Have everyone raise their guard.”


Before dawn, there was another large sound from atop the mountain, as intense hoofbeats rang out.  Swordsmen Hall was attacking again!

The mountain gate opened and countless rangers holding shields and swords charged out.  They had expressions filled with rage as they roared, “Kill our way out, exterminate the empire’s dogs!”

There were around one thousand and five hundred infantry and five hundred cavalry behind them.  It seemed like they were using the shields to waste the arrows before having the cavalry charge.

Lin Mu Yu was standing on a giant tree with a light frost covering his shoulders.  He said with a cold laugh, “In your dreams…..”

Qi Ying mounted his horse and said with a smile, “Sir, is it our turn to rush?”

“Un, you can start hunting them once they break the second blockade.”


The torches on Fire Axe Mountain created a large mass as large amounts of rangers charged out.  Their roars filled the air and they raised an imposing aura.


Wei Chou shouted as the bow in his hand fired out an arrow of light, which instantly passed through three rangers.  In the entire army, perhaps only Wei Chou had this kind of wrist strength and accuracy.

“Zhi, zhi……”

A bow in Lin Mu Yu’s hand made terrifying sounds as he fired out an arrow.  The arrow was covered in battle qi and it directly pierced a ranger with his shield.  This explosive strength was a bit terrifying.

“General is truly powerful!”

The Heaven Charging soldiers were inspired by this as they let the arrows rain down, instantly killing some Swordsmen Hall people.  However, most of these arrows fell onto shields and didn’t cause any harm, allowing the Swordsmen Hall people to approach by twenty meters.


Lin Mu Yu gave the order as he flung out four small Demon Sound Blades.  They flew in different directions and turned invisible, as they passed through the bodies of several rangers.  Lin Mu Yu slowly pulled back his power and the small Demon Sound Blades came together as one, flying back after killing several dozen people.

Under the light of the torch, a ranger with pure true qi around his body loudly roared out, “Charge out, kill all of these empire dogs!”

With the sound of hoofbeats, the Swordsmen Hall cavalry charged out brandishing their long spears, but they let out pitiful screams when they crashed into the traps on the second blockade.  Several hundred people and their horses fell into the holes that had been dug and the Heaven Charging Army and the Dragon Courage Camp charged forward without any care. Their lances pierced out and fresh blood was drawn, they were truly killing without sparing anyone!


Lin Mu Yu pulled out the Pear Flower Spear.  With a flick of the spear, there were ice cold pear flowers that blossomed at the tip of the spear.  He directly roared out, “Kill!”

With the sound of hoofbeats, avoiding the trap area, over a thousand cavalry from the Dragon Courage Camp wildly charged out under his lead.  There was a wave of spears stabbing out before they even came close, which had a destructive might far above the arrows, directly killing the enemies and sending them scattering.  The enemies had already lost their courage and they became targets to slaughter for the heavy cavalry.

There was a rich smell of blood in the air.  This battle lasted for around an hour before it was finished and in the end, Swordsmen Hall had lost another Envoy.  Over two hundred remnant rangers escaped back up the mountain and the road was covered in corpses, which was hard to look at.

Wei Chou had a face covered in excitement as he said with a smile, “We’ve taught these rebels how strong we are this time!”

Qi Ying’s cleaned the blood off his spear as he said in a voice filled with pride, “They won’t dare come down the mountain for water again.”

“How many people did we lose?”

Lin Mu Yu raised his Pear Flower Spear and rode his horse over before asking this question.

Luo Yu cupped his hands and said, “The Dragon Courage Camp lost around twenty people while the Heaven Charging Army lost around a hundred people.  It’s a good thing sir had a good plan, otherwise our losses would have been even more serious.”

“Un, understood……”

Lin Mu Yu knit his brows.  Actually he planned on suffering no casualties, but there were too many factors with this plan.

“Alright, all of you can rest.  They won’t make another move tonight.”

“Yes, general!”

Their rest that night was very sweet.  Lin Mu Yu laid in his tent, refining his body with the Dragon Forged Bone Tome while spreading out his Spiritual Pulse Technique.  It was as if his mind was flowing into nature and he had become one with heaven and earth, allowing him to sleep in a refreshing manner.

“Sir, this is bad!”

Wei Chou’s voice suddenly came from outside.

Lin Mu Yu stood up and grabbed his sword.  He came out of the tent and asked, “What is it?”

Wei Chou had a serious expression as he said, “This morning, a royal army group from the Yun Zhong County appeared around Fire Axe Mountain and they’ve surrounded us.  What is that about?”

“Have you contacted them?”

“Not yet.”

“Come with me.”


Mountain his horse, he charged out with a group of Imperial Guards.  When Lin Mu Yu came out, he saw a group of people in the royal army’s armour surrounding them, confronting the Dragon Courage Camp and Heaven Charging Army within.

“What is going on?”

Lin Mu Yu came forward and said with a raised brow, “Who is the one in charge?”

The shields slowly opened and a person wearing minister clothes rode his horse forward.  He cupped his hands and said, “This one is the Yun Zhong County’s administrator, Bai Lao.  I greet sir Lin Mu Yu.”

“Bai Lao, you led your Yun Zhong County soldiers to surround us, what is the meaning of this?”  Lin Mu Yu angrily asked.

Bai Lao revealed a faint smile, “Reporting to sir, this Fire Axe Mountain is in the jurisdiction of the Yun Zhong County.  There was a group of mercenaries that came from Dragon Cliff Mountain and as the administrator, naturally I led soldiers here to investigate.”

Lin Mu Yu took out his token and said, “The South Guarding General Token is here.  Now that you have seen it, retreat.”

“We can’t, sir.”

“Can’t?  What do you mean?”

Bai Lao had the same smile as before as he bowed and said, “Yun Zhong County is under the jurisdiction of Five Valleys City, a fight in the area will harm my citizens, so…..Before Five Valleys City’s people come, this Bai cannot withdraw my troops, otherwise this little Yun Zhong County’s administrator can’t handle the blame from sir governor.”

Lin Mu Yu gritted his teeth in anger.

Wei Chou said in a low voice on the side, “This old fox, you don’t care normally if mercenaries fight to the death, but now you’re actually surrounding us!  This is simply absurd!”

Lin Mu Yu slowly came forward on his horse and looked at Bai Lao’s old face as he said with a smile, “Sir administrator, you surrounding us like this, I suspect that you’re colluding with Swordsmen Hall…..If it is truly like this, once I report this to his majesty, I’m afraid you won’t be able to remain as the administrator.”

Bai Lao’s body trembled, “Sir…..This lowly minister is just following procedures, I ask sir not to make this hard for this lowly minister…..If it is as sir says, please take out the emperor’s decree.  This lowly minister will definitely not dare rebel and immediately retreat with my troops!”

Lin Mu Yu was stunned, but he couldn’t help cursing in his heart.  This old fox must know that the decree is in Du Hai’s hands, so he dares cause trouble like this.

“Surround us if you want!”

Lin Mu Yu suddenly raised his sword and swept it across the ground.  His battle qi was raised and the dust flew up, instantly creating a large gully.  He coldly looked at the Yun Zhong County soldiers in front of him and said in an ice cold voice, “Anyone that dares cross this line will be immediately killed by me, no need to be polite!”

He took a deep look at Bai Lao and said with a cold smile, “I know what you are thinking.  Just wait, I will let you accomplish your wishes.”

Bai Lao was stunned and he revealed an unsettled look.

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