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Chapter 225: Zither attack

In the night, the sky was filled with stars.

The bonfire swayed in the cold wind.  There was a crude tent that was built against a cliff and there was only some grass under the tent, but that didn’t matter.  It was a good thing Lin Mu Yu had bought a bed and placed it in his Qiankun Bag. This Qiankun Bag was really useful, he wouldn’t have been able to bring many things if he didn’t have it.

Only this bedding was very simple, it was impossible for it to defend against the cold.  Moreover, the tent was quite worn out, with many holes in it, allowing the cold wind to blow through them.

Qin Yin took off her little boots and sat in the bedding.  She looked at the flame outside and said with a smile, “Big brother Ah Yu, it’s cold outside, come in here already.  Just letting the fire burn will keep away most of the spirit beasts.”



Lin Mu Yu added another few thick logs to the fire before opening the tent flap and bringing the cold wind.  He kept looking outside with knit brows, like he couldn’t settle down.

Qin Yin couldn’t help laughing as she asked, “What are you worried about?”

“The Dragon Seeking Forest is not a normal forest…..”  Lin Mu Yu revealed a self depreciating smile as he said, “Last time, Wei Chou, Xiahou Sang, and I led a group of people into the depths of the Dragon Seeking Forest for a patrol, but we were almost killed by a spirit beast.  Thinking about it now, there’s still some fear lingering in my heart. We need to be careful when spending the night in the Dragon Seeking Forest, these spirit beasts are all very intelligent.”

Qin Yin revealed a faint smile, “But you’ve already said it, that’s in the depths of the Dragon Seeking Forest and we’re only on the edge right now.  Would there be powerful spirit beasts here? The activity of spirit beasts are set to their ‘territory’, so nothing big will happen. Spirit beasts will not leave their territory, big brother should know about this habit.”


Lin Mu Yu rubbed his nose and said with a smile, “It should be fear from being hunted by the Zenith Beast……”

“Zenith Beast?”

Qin Yin’s eyes suddenly opened wide, “You…..You guys met the Zenith Beast?”

“Un.  If it wasn’t for the Zenith Beast appearing, Han Shao wouldn’t have died in front of our eyes……”

“What did this happen?”

“The second time when we went to get the six thousand year old light attributed for Yuchi Yan to make a sword for you.”  Lin Mu Yu leaned on the hard pillow and raised his hands to support his head. He said with a sigh, “It was a thirteen thousand year old Zenith Beast, we were no match for it at all.  We could only get away alive because we were lucky.”

“God, a Zenith Beast over ten thousand years old…..That is a legendary sacred beast……”  Qin Yin was a bit angry as she said, “I knew nothing at all about this matter, it must have been that bastard chief manager Che Qion’s idea.  Humph, I’ll definitely punish him as soon as I get back to the Ze Tian Palace!”

“No need.”

Lin Mu Yu turned over to look at her and said, “Xiao Yin, the Imperial Guard’s mission is to protect the Ze Tian Palace and the Falcon Guards are responsible for providing precious spirit stones to the royal family.  Perhaps you didn’t know about Che Qiong giving an order to the Falcon’s Nest, but royal father definitely knew, so you don’t need to pursue this matter. Anyway, this matter is over, so let it go.”

Qin Yin was stunned.  She moved her slender body over and looked at Lin Mu Yu with apologetic eyes, like a girl who had done something wrong.  She said in a small voice, “Big brother Ah Yu, forgive royal father…..He is the emperor, he has to give orders as the emperor when he sits on the throne.  I believe that he didn’t mean to ignore your life……”

“Un, I know.”

Lin Mu Yu revealed a faint smile, “I know about the rules of this world, I will learn to live by them.  However, Xiao Yin, if you become take the throne in the future, would you also ignore lives and give orders like this?”

Qin Yin forcefully shook her head, “No, I promise you I won’t!”

“Un, then that’s good.”

Lin Mu Yu closed his eyes and said, “Then in the future…..When you are walking the path to the throne, whoever becomes your enemy will become enemies with me, Lin Mu Yu…..I promise, I will support you with all my might.  I know there will be a day when you ascend to the throne.”

“The day I ascend to the throne, will you be there?”  Qin Yin softly asked.

“Yes, I will definitely be there.”  Lin Mu Yu nodded.

“Un, then that’s good…..”  Qin Yin softly held Lin Mu Yu’s hand and placed it on her snow white cheeks.  She closed her eyes and said, “I hope that we can be like this forever…..I hope power will not ruin our relationship…..”

“It won’t.”



Not long after, Qin Yin entered the land of dreams holding Lin Mu Yu’s left hand in her chest, tightly holding it.  Her sleeping was tranquil, just like a beautiful spirit born of the woods, making people infatuated with it.

When it was close to morning, it was still dark outside and Lin Mu Yu was also asleep.

The fire was burning through the final log, leaving a wisp of smoke floating into the air.

“Hu, hu……”

In the distance, a wolf pack ground their teeth and drool slowly dripped out of their mouth.  Their brown eyes were staring right at the simple tent. In their eyes, it was like a fine meal.

There was a faint golden glow in the head wolf’s eyes, it seemed to have intelligence.  It let out a low howl as it looked into the distance with eyes filled with gred. It could feel the faint spiritual energy around the two people inside the tent, this was considered a fine meal to it.  If spirit beasts swallowed humans with cultivation, they could use it to greatly increase their own lifespan and cultivation.

Lifespan was just a measure of a spirit beast’s strength.  A ten thousand year old spirit beast might not have lived ten thousand years, perhaps three thousand of those years came from absorbing power from humans.


The head wolf suddenly gave an angry roar and led over thirty wolves down the mountain, charging at the tent.


While sleeping, a powerful fluctuation came from Lin Mu Yu’s Spiritual Pulse Technique.  He suddenly woke up and shook Qin Yin by the shoulder, “Xiao Yin, wake up. There are spirit beasts ambushing us, quickly get up.”


Qin Yin quickly sat up and put on her little boots.  She took out a blue Space Bag from her waist and pulled out a fine zither with a “shua” sound.

“What are you bringing the zither out for?”  Lin Mu Yu asked in surprise, “The ones attacking us are a pack of Swift Wolves, you want to smash them to death with a zither?”

Qin Yin laughed, “You’ll know later.”


Lin Mu Yu came out of the tent wielding his sword and the distant wolf pack had already reached them.  There were over thirty of them, all of them looking aggressive. The head wolf was a Swift Wolf that had a golden glow sparkling around it, looking very different from the others.  It had three gold lines on its head, it was a three thousand year old spirit beast. The other Swift Wolves were around one hundred to two thousand years old, they weren’t that strong.

The Dragon Spirit Sword whistled, like it was cheering for the upcoming slaughter.

At this time, Qin Yin came to Lin Mu Yu’s side with her zither.  She was surrounded by battle qi and the white fog like battle qi went towards her zither.  Qin Yin’s sleeve moved towards the zither and golden God Binding Lock Martial Spirit was like a golden curtain lingering around her graceful figure.  Although Qin Yin was just dressed like a little girl, she looked like a fairy in the human world. This kind of appearance and aura was not something a normal girl could compare to.

“Big brother Ah Yu, don’t make a move for now.  Watch me.”

Qin Yin’s confidence filled the peaks on her chest.  She wasn’t that old, yet she had already developed this much, those peaks already almost causing rips in her clothes.  Lin Mu Yu couldn’t help taking another look before he quickly used his Spiritual Pulse Technique to control his heart.

“Roar, roar……”

A giant wolf charged forward with an angry howl.  It opened its bloody mouth wide open and was already charging forward.

At this time, Qin Yin suddenly raised her hand and quickly swept it across her zither.  The God Binding Lock Martial Spirit’s power turned into a golden wave that flew out at the Swift Wolves!

“Peng, peng, peng……”

With these consecutive sounds, the three Swift Wolves died with pitiful cries!  They had died without even being able to do a single thing!

Qin Yin revealed a sweet smile to Lin Mu Yu before raising her hand again and sending another golden sound wave out.  The zither music was swift and sharp, killing four Swift Wolves. Based on this, Lin Mu Yu didn’t even need to make a move and Qin Yin would have been able to take care of this pack of Swift Wolves alone.

“This……You learned this from elder Qu?”   Lin Mu Yu asked with a smile while holding his sword.


Qin Yin nodded.  Her hands kept moving as she said with a faint smile, “Elder Qu is this princess’ mentor.  With the specialty of the God Binding Lock’s power and the Demonic Sound Fist sound wave attack, the God Binding Lock was infused into the sound waves, making it incredibly powerful.”

“Yes……”  Lin Mu Yu secretly praised her.  The God Binding Lock was known as the number one martial spirit in the world, its attack power was indeed not something other martial spirits could compare to.  It was a good thing his gourd martial spirit followed the defensive path. If he walked the attack path, he wouldn’t be able to last three rounds against the God Binding Lock.  This was really to each their own path.


Very soon, the over thirty Swift Wolves had been pretty much taken care of by Qin Yin.  The head wolf had already been injured and was trying to escape with a limp leg. Qin Yin held her zither and said with a smile, “Big brother Ah Yu, catch that golden three thousand year old Swift Wolf, Xiao Yin wants to tame it as a pet!”


Lin Mu Yu chased after it with his sword, moving like a meteor with his Falling Star Steps.  The golden Swift Wolf couldn’t outrun him even if it wasn’t injured, not to mention it had a lame leg right now.

“Shua, shua……”

Golden glowing gourd vines drilled out of the ground and quickly wrapped around the golden Swift Wolf.  It gave pitiful cries as it tried struggling, breaking a few vines. However, Lin Mu Yu was already in front of it and his sword heavily slammed down on the golden Swift Wolf’s head.


It immediately became subdued and collapsed into the gourd vines with miserable wails.  It was like a little puppy begging for mercy from Lin Mu Yu and Qin Yin, causing Qin Yin to break out in laughter, “Relax, we won’t kill you.  We just want you to come with us!”

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