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Chapter 95: Becoming famous with a single battle


Cutting through the air, the pear flower spear emitted a cold air as it shot directly for the chest.  Seeing this, Lin Mu Yu dodges and raised the prairie sword to block and used his legs to signal the horse to dodge to the side.

However, before the pear flower spear made contact with the sword’s blade, Zhao Jin suddenly shook the spear and qi started to gather on the spear head, surging right for the prairie sword.  It was the same move Zhao Jin had just used to injure Shi Zhonghai.



His arms felt numb. Entwined on Zhao Jin’s pear flower spear was a green flood dragon.  That was his martial spirit. It could greatly increase his impact strength, but Lin Mu Yu’s strength was already inferior, so it did not have that much of an advantage.  As the horses rushed at each other, his body trembled, as Zhao Jin’s strike unexpectedly hit the the Verdant Shell.


His inner energy swelled, Zhao Jin’s martial strength was too strong and his equestrian skills were above Lin Mu Yu’s, quickly turning the horse around, he delivered a second attack with the spear.

With a “Pu” sound, a hole was punctured in the Black Turtle Shell, Zhao Jin’s eyes flashed with killing intent.  The flood dragon entwined around the spear suddenly opened its mouth and began to shoot frost out.

Lin Mu Yu anxiously withdrew, but it was already too late, he could only raise his left hand and form five energy armors to try and block the frost.  Who would have thought that the frost would penetrate through the Black Turtle Shell and the energy armours and in the next minute, his left hand was numb and completely covered in frost, unable to exert force for a short time.

The prairie sword in his right hand shot out, he had to attack Zhao Jin to stop him from attacking otherwise it would be dangerous.

But Lin Mu Yu would never have thought that Zhao Jin would be so skilled in equestrianism, he lied down face up on the horse to avoid the sword and shot out with the pear flower spear!


It hit Lin Mu Yu’s left shoulder, penetrating through to make a bloody hole, Zhao Jin quickly pulled out the spear that had harmed Lin Mu Yu and Shi Zhong Hai, without saying anything, the spear once again shot out cutting through the wind, his strength was too powerful, the Black Turtle Shell and Dragon Scale Wall could not block the pear flower spear, Lin Mu Yu was at a great disadvantage.

Controlling his horse to avoid this spear that wanted his life, the price he paid was Zhao Jin suddenly using the pear flower spear to knock away the prairie sword.


The prairie sword spun in the air for a bit, before falling down into the soil a few meters away.

On Zhao Jin’s face was a cold smile, “Both arms have been disabled, also lost your weapon, what can you do now?”

Seeing the scene on the stage, Lei Hong suddenly stood up and loudly said, “Zhao Jin, you’ve already won, stop now!”

Zhao Jin didn’t care about that, the pear flower spear went in for the kill, the flood dragon martial spirit was already shooting out frost at his body, he had already planned to kill from the beginning.

The students around the stage were shocked, when had they ever seen such an intense fixation on killing?!

“Over, that gold star teacher is dead!”  Every one of the students were thinking this way, some people were worried for Lin Mu Yu, some people were just waiting for the blood to be spilled.


At this moment, Lin Mu Yu suddenly shot out a palm, his blood flowed down his fingers, at the same time his battle qi turned into lightning moving across the ground.  The lightning rays twined around the distant sword hilt and with a “shua” sound, the prairie sword on the ground was pulled out, but he did not grab the sword and the sword flew towards Zhao Jin’s back.

Zhao Jin was right about to kill him, but he felt a killing intent behind him, and raised his guard!

Quickly turning around, he saw the lightning covered prairie sword flying in for the kill.

“Not good!”

He quickly swung the pear flower spear to block, but he didn’t have enough time. Lin Mu Yu’s move was too fast and gave him no time to react at all.  He didn’t even have a firm grip on his spear as the lightning covered sword hit him and unexpectedly sent him flying!


Zhao Jin’s face filled with astonishment, the surrounding students were also shocked, a person even stepped back a few steps, on his face was panicked expression, “It’s…..It’s the imperial sword technique, god, this gold star teacher unexpectedly knows the imperial sword technique?!”


“Courting death!”

Zhao Jin became angry from the shame, he took out the sabre at his waist and heavily knocked away the prairie sword, turning around to rush at Lin Mu Yu, if he didn’t kill Lin Mu Yu, he would not have the face to live on.

When he turned around, he saw that Lin Mu Yu’s injured palm was open, the battle qi turned to flames, a flame spiral remotely controlled the prairie sword and the sword flew through the air, a sound was heard showing how sharp it was!

Lin Mu Yu’s complexion was somewhat pale, he slightly opened his palm, the prairie sword flew at Zhao Xin – Flaming Spiral Split!

He only used his battle qi flames, he had not used true dragon flames, in fear that Qin Hao or the other high cultivation experts would see through him, exposing too much of his strength was not a good thing.

Zhao Jin risked it all, with his sabre in front, the flood dragon martial spirit lingering around forming a defensive barrier, his eyes were full of anger as he said, “Lin Zhi, you commoner, isn’t your defense the strongest in the temple?  Come, have a taste of your grandfather Zhao Jin’s defense!”

He moved right into Lin Mu Yu’s intent, his palm pushes a bit, and tornado moved forward!


A crisp sound rang, Zhao Jin’s long sword was shattered, but Zhao Jin was a Heavenly King expert, his reaction time was not normal, he jumped back in defense and the flaming prairie sword flew over his nose, just barely missing to take his life.

But before Zhao Jin could stand up, he saw Lin Mu Yu angry glare very close to him, with a “pa” sound, Lin Mu Yu held the sword with his injured arm, stabbed it under Zhao Jin’s right armpit and with a gentle rising motion!


Zhao Jin let out a resounding scream, and an entire arm flew across the air.

Lin Mu Yu with his sword, battle qi flame and flame sword qi covering it, “crash” he broke Zhao Jin’s arm, turned around and picked up the pear flower spear from the ground and moved straight off the stage.


“Ah Yu, you!”

Lei Hong was dumbfounded, he wasn’t in time to prevent any accidents, but he arrived beside the stage and saw that Lin Mu Yu’s injured arm was hanging down, battle qi flames was melting the frost afflicted arm, his other hand was holding the pear flower spear, with difficulty he cupped his hands and said, “Sorry, great deacon, my slip of hand has injured sir Zhao Jin, whatever punishment I receive I’ll accept, but since Sir Zhao Jin was trying to kill me and I defeated him, then by the empire’s laws on violence, his pear flower spear now belongs to me isn’t that right?


Lei Hong sighed, enmity between the temples and the Marquis Shen’s office would deepen because of this.

Qin Hao stood up, looking at Lin Mu Yu, with a slight smile he said, “This little brat is kind….and is bold, I like it!  Sir Lei Hong, how about you give the War God Academy Lin Mu Yu this gold star teacher, we were just lacking someone like him!”

How could Lei Hong be willing to give away this treasure, Lin Mu Yu could defeat Zhao Jin, he was the first teacher that was able to do so.  Moreover he was a unique talent, how could he be given to the War God Academy.

“Dean must be kidding with me….”

Lei Hong said with a smile, “Lin Mu Yu is a troublemaker, how could I let him go cause trouble for your students!”

After saying this, he cleared his voice and loudly said, “Trial results, Lin Zhi wins!  But since Lin Zhi was out of lined, he will be subject to seven days in isolation.  Come, someone help treat Sir Zhao Jin!”

Zhao Jin had already fainted on the spot.

Qin Hao looked at Zhao Jin from the distance, he couldn’t help but smile and say, “A person of Marquis Shen’s palace had his right arm cut off and had that cut off arm broken to pieces by Lin Zhi, this brat is fierce and bold, hei…….I fear the temple has bitten off more than they can chew, Marquis Shen Zeng Yi Fan is not a soft person!”

Lei Hong looking at his old friend in schadenfreude, he said, “Don’t be so happy yet, after all this all happened in the War God Academy, our temple has lost a gold star teacher, this account must be settled by you.  According to the law, War God Academy must compensate our temple with 240000 gold yin coins, but since we’re old friends, I’ll remove the odd change and just charge you 200000 gold coins.”

Qin Hao was stunned, “You… charging me money unexpectedly, the two of us are old friends and you still want money from me…… Moreover, our War God Academy is but a small government office, where would we have that kind of money.”

“Don’t try that, every year the kingdom subsidizes 2000000 gold yin coins to the War God Academy, don’t think I don’t know, how else could you buy weapons and warhorses for 3000 heavy cavalry, stop trying to fool me, just give me my money!”

“Good, good, hai, hai, you’ve grown up, your temperament has become so big…..”

After returning from the sparring array, Lin Mu Yu pulled out recovery medicine to apply to his wounds and speed up his healing.  His face was pale, after all his wounds were heavy, the strength of the pear flower spear was not simple, the wound tear was very serious.

Congratulations, Lin Zhi, you’ve defeated Zhao Jin…..” Qin Zi Ling said with a smile.

“What is there to congratulate.”  Lin Mu Yu said with a bitter smile, “I only provokes the hornet’s nest.”

Ma Lin said with a smile, “Lin Zhi, you’ve helped us sparring instructors all vent a bit, don’t be modest, from today onwards, you’re the number one person for our temple!”

“Oh…..”Lin Mu Yu didn’t know whether to be happy or sad, looking up, he found that Divine Battalion officers were all emitting killing intent, it truly felt like provoking a hornet’s nest.”

“Zi Ling, what the background behind the Divine Battalion?”  He said in a low voice.

Qin Zi Ling said, “Divine Battalion?  Oh…..That is Marquis Shen’s private army, out of all the kingdom’s ministers, only Marquis Shen is allowed to have his own army because of his military merits.  The Divine Battalion only has 5000 soldiers, but they are all soldiers that have seen hundreds of battles, I’ve heard that there are several Heaven Realm soldiers in the battalion.  It is said the Divine Battalion is the world’s strongest army, it was also said that the 5000 members of the Divine Battalion had defeated the Feng Ji Xing 30000 member army.  No one knows how strong the Divine Battalion really is.

Lin Mu Yu was stunned, “Brother Feng’s imperial army of 30,000 isn’t their match?  Isn’t that over exaggerated…..”

Qin Zi Ling lightly smiled, “I’m also unclear on this, all of it is what I’ve heard, but in the imperial capital, there are two cavalry that are unmatched.  One is the Divine Battalion, the other is the imperial army.  The imperial army is in charge of protecting the sovereign, the Divine Battalion is in charge of protecting Zeng Yi Fan.  The two armies rub against each other, fighting is a common thing, basically everyone understands, they can’t stand each other.”

“So it was like this…….”

The imperial capital’s waters truly ran deep!

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