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Chapter 96: Seven Luminary Demon King’s counterattack

“Sir Lin Zhi, your dinner has been prepared for you.”


Hearing the sound of the servant outside, Lin Mu Yu slowly opened his eyes. He gradually adapted to the light and slowly returned to normal.  Today was the third day since he entered into seclusion, in these three days of seclusion he had not wasted his time doing nothing, he kept practicing the Dragon-forged Bone Tome.  This ancient tome was very mysterious, the more it was practiced, the more clearly Lin Mu Yu felt his qi being enhanced.

But he didn’t dare to relax. the fact was he barely escaped death in that fight three days ago.  Zhao Jin had lost because he underestimated his opponent too much, after deflecting the thunderstorm rage with his pear flower spear, he underestimated the opponent’s ability to pierce through his defenses, so he challenged Lin Mu Yu to a contest in penetrative power.  If he was facing Zhao Jin in a straight battle, the one who would have died would be Lin Mu Yu, he was inferior to Zhao Jin in equestrian skills and spearmanship.


Equestrianism and spearmanship he could learn from the temple’s teachers, so there was no need to rush.  Right now, he needed to increase his strength to deal with his hidden enemies.  The fight in the dragon tomb already allowed Lin Mu Yu to clearly understand the difference between himself and a Saint Realm expert.  This kind of disparity, short term practice could not fix, so he could only try to gain more power from the mysterious soul in his body to become stronger.

After finishing his dinner, he went back into the secret room and entered the depths of his mind.


His spiritual sense slowly condensed as he entered into a mindless state, his spiritual sense streamed into his sea of consciousness.  In his chaotic sea of consciousness, from time to time monstrous waves raged, from time to time there were far rolling range of hills, and from time to time it was simply a black void.  Looking down, the darkness turned into a thousand layers of wave raging ocean.


Lin Mu Yu’s spiritual sense quickly formed a body, it was wearing a temple battle uniform when it appeared in his consciousness, this was his first time attempting to form a body, unexpectedly he had succeeded.  As if he was in a dream, his body was flying, wind whistling past him as his clothes flapped in the wind.  He closed his eyes and felt the tyrannical strength below him, jumping forward and pulling out the prairie sword, he dove down into the dark sea below.


Under the stimulation of the cold water, he opened his eyes and in that moment, it turned into hills underneath him.  Without slowing down, his arms gently flicked and the prairie sword was covered with a spiral of battle qi flames drilling into the ground, the ground of the beautiful hill began to distort, as it split apart under the guidance of the prairie sword.

It suddenly turned to black, this was a dark chaotic space, light shined from through the top to the bottom, outlining a person’s fuzzy shadow.  Lin Mu Yu slowly fell down, standing on the soft ground as he stared at the person, this person’s body was just like fire, flames slowly scorched his body as sparks flew, a single spark soared into the sky.

Seven Luminary Demon King!

This wound was the result of the being ignited by the Alchemy Cauldron, it seemed to have caused substantial damage to the Seven Luminary Demon King, Lin Mu Yu gripped his prairie sword and said, “Seven Luminary Demon King, does this feel good?  Initially, you tried to take over my body, but in the end, you became a captured soul stuck in my body, how pitiful.”

Seven Luminary Demon King slowly looked up, his face was half burnt by the cauldron, the flesh and blood kept popping out, he truly looked frightening. A third of his mouth was burnt but it suddenly said, “Brat, what are you here for?  You think you’ve already won? Well keep dreaming, it hasn’t happened yet!  I truly misread you, it turned out you had such a powerful refining flame, but……As long as you do not kill me, I have the chance to take over, at that time……I’ll teach you that death is better than living!”

Lin Mu Yu raised his eyebrows, “You’re under my imprisonment, if you want to suffer a little less then honestly answer my question.”

“Ha, ha, ha, ha……”

The Seven Luminary Demon King raised his head to wildly laugh, then looked back at him and said, “Talk, what you do want to learn from me?”

“Why can’t I draw strength from the Seven Luminary Mystic Arts?”  Lin Mu Yu asked.

“You?  Just depending only on you?”  The Seven Luminary Demon King loudly laughed again, his laugh shook the entire plane of consciousness then he said, “Father here spent his whole life understanding the Seven Luminary Mystic Arts. That power is unprecedented, no one could stop it, even Qin Yi that old ghost died to my Seven Luminary Mystic Arts. Just depending on your abilities, you want to control my Seven Luminary Mystic Arts?”

Lin Mu Yu lightly opened his palm, slowly built up a fire inside of it and threw it onto the Seven Luminary Demon King’s body.

“Answer my question, stop trying to insult me, it has no meaning.”  He lightly said.

“Ah, ah, ah……”

Seven Luminary Demon King, this unrivalled demon king unceasingly and pitifully screamed, his body covered in sweat as he leisurely said, “You…..You stinking brat, I’ll tell you so stop. The Seven Luminary Mystic Arts is a power from my soul, to control the Seven Luminary Mystic Arts you need a tyrannical enough soul, with your weak little soul, you can at most handle the first Mystic Art. That is also the reason you experience backlash when you used the second Mystic Art, Demonic Dance.

“Is my soul that small and weak?”

“Small and weak like a chicken……”

“Shut up!”  Lin Mu Yu’s body trembled, afraid that he would think of the title of “weak forest chicken”, suppressing his anger, he continued to ask, “Then how do I increase the strength of my soul?”

The Seven Luminary Demon King was silent for a minute before saying, “Let me go free and this Emperor will consider receiving you as one of his students and teach you the entire set of Seven Luminary Mystic Arts.”

“Stop dreaming.”

Lin Mu Yu’s voice was light, “Although I need strength,  I won’t ask a tiger for its skin.  Don’t even think of leaving even half a step from my sea of consciousness your whole life, just relax. I have ways of making you obey me.”

After saying this, he lightly stomped his foot and the entire sea of consciousness turned into a giant Alchemy Cauldron, flames poured out from all around to burn the Seven Luminary Demon King’s body.

“Ah. ah, ah, ah……”

With a miserable howl, the Seven Luminary Demon King’s body was being burned to ashes, but he had long ago refined a Demon Emperor Immortal Body, so his flesh and blood kept growing back. Continuing to grow back and being burned again, it was truly a horrible sight.

“Now, give me the complete Seven Luminary Mystic Arts!”  Lin Mu Yu said with cold eyes.

The Seven Luminary Demon King kneeled on the ground and said in a weak voice, “You……You treating me like this, you’re too inhumane…..”

“What a joke, a homicidal maniac like you discussing morality with me, this simply is a just trial.”  Lin Mu Yu shamefully boasted, held his sword as he walked forward step by step and lightly said, “Not to mention all the times you’ve tried to kill me, so whatever I do to you can’t be considered excessive, this is just the way I act.”

“Is that so?”

The Seven Luminary Demon King slowly raised his head, in his eyes burned a raging flame, the earth slowly shook and the ground underneath him split open, several blue stars appeared.  The Seven Luminary King laughed and suddenly raised his palms, a bright star condensed as he laughed out loud, “What kind of thing are you, you actually dared to enter the sea of consciousness to talk terms with me?  You are death-seeking idiot!”

Lin Mu Yu silently cursed and quickly withdrew.  He never thought that the Seven Luminary Demon King could fight back in his Alchemy Cauldron.


The strength of the heaven and earth surged forward, it was the unparalleled strength of the Seventh Mystic Art, Star Shift!

Lin Mu Yu hurriedly shouted to summon his martial spirit, Black Turtle Shell and Dragon Scale Wall.  His palm summoned five energy armours to protect himself, but suddenly light burst forth as the Seventh Mystic Art, Star Shift, surged forward.  As if countless stars exploded instantly, the strength burst forth, unexpectedly and instantly destroying the Black Turtle Shell, Dragon Scale Wall, and energy armour.

“I’m done for, my body is about to be taken over……”  Lin Mu Yu’s heart was cold.

At this moment, a voice sounded in his ear, “Big Brother, you are too wilful!”


His body felt like it was being dragged by someone as he left the lowest level of the sea of consciousness, after feeling the cold impact of the water and leaving the Star Shift attack range, Lin Mu Yu turned his head to see, the beautiful fairy Lulu flapping her wings to fly forward.

“Lulu, ha, ha, Lulu……”  The narrow escape from death made him shout with joy.

Lulu turned to look at him, her small mouth pouted, “The Seven Luminary Demon King’s soul strength was too strong. He could snatch your soul whenever he wants, yet you still dared to use your spiritual sense to enter your sea of consciousness to meet him, Big Brother you truly do not know your limits…..”

“Alright, I didn’t know before.”

“Un, hurry and exit, if a spiritual sense stays in the sea of consciousness for too long it’ll suffer injury.”


Lin Mu Yu’s body leaped forward and broke through the sky, his spiritual sense returned into his body as he slowly opened his eyes, his whole body was covered in cold sweat.  Those short few minutes felt like several centuries had passed by.


Soul power, but how could he practice soul power?

Lin Mu Yu also knew that since the Seven Luminary Demon King was in his body, he could use the Seven Luminary Mystic Arts with his cauldron refining.  He needed to increase the strength of his soul power, or else he coudn’t use the Seven Luminary Mystic Arts yet he didn’t want to trade his life just to use the Seven Luminary Mystic Arts.

“Lulu, do you know anyway to practice soul power?”  He asked.

Lulu flew out his body, shaking her head she said, “I don’t know….But Big Brother can ask Lei Hong, that old man is well read, he should know a thing or two.”


Lin Mu Yu stood up and looked to the side, Zhao Jin’s pear flower spear was placed there, in the darkness there was still a glint to it.  This pear flower spear was a profound weapon, its handle and blade were all made from rare metals, but the soul refining done on it was not good, it only contained the beast soul not passing 4000 years.  It was simply a waste of good metal, he had to wait until he found a better beast soul to perform the soul refining again, then this pear flower spear would be a godly weapon.

Opening the secret room’s door, several temple guards were defending around it, one of them politely said, “Sir Lin Zhi, you haven’t finished your seven days of isolation, you can’t leave yet.”

“I know, I wanted to ask you guys to bring Deacon Lei Hong over for a bit, I have some things I want to consult with him.”

“Yes, sir!”

The temple guards were very respectful, they also knew about the matter of Lin Mu Yu beating Zhao Jin at the War God Academy.  In this world martial strength was respected, Lin Mu Yu was already an expert worth respecting in their minds.


Before long, Lei Hong walked in through the door, smiling while saying, “Ah Yu, has your time here been fine?”

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