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Chapter 97: Qin Yan

“It isn’t bad, only it’s a little empty in there……” Lin Mu Yu replied, “It’s a good place to practice, in the end I can get past it, relax Grandpa Lei Hong!”

Lei Hong laughed, “Little brat, you broke Zhao Jin’s arm making him unable to wield a spear again and our temple’s number one spear is wasting away in your hands, you still have the nerve to complain to me.  Say it, what did you call me for?”

“It’s like this.”

Lin Mu Yu thought for a bit and said, “Grandpa Lei Hong do you know about soul power?”


“Soul power?”

Lei Hong was slightly startled as he said, “I know, soul power is something that increases with a warrior’s cultivation as they become stronger, but it is something that comes naturally, what’s wrong Ah Yu?”

“I want to practice soul power by itself, do you have any methods?”

“Training soul power by itself?”

Lei Hong couldn’t help laughing, “This……I’ve never heard of someone training soul power by itself, the strength of your soul power usually complements your cultivation.”

“Then… there method to practice if by itself?”

“There actually is.”  Lei Hong frowned and said, “I’ve that several hundred years ago there was a miraculous person, who created a set of skills that allowed to him to increase the strength of his soul power, but practicing made his soul power too strong, his sense of smell and hearing was several hundred times sharper than a normal person.  Finally it caused him to go insane and kill himself by jumping into a river, because of that no one has tried to learn his technique.”

“I’ll go……”

Lin Mu Yu was startled, but carefully thought, once he mastered the Seven Luminary Mystic Arts, he would consume a lot of his soul power, so he should be able to avoid going insane, therefore he asked, “Can you give me the technique?”

“I should be able to, there are thousands of ancient books in the Ze Tian Palace library, finding this third class martial art should not be a problem.” Saying this, Lei Hong stared seriously at Lin Mu Yu, “Ah Yu, are you sure you’ll be able to study this technique without going insane?”

“I should be fine, Grandpa please relax!”

“Alright then!”

Before dusk, Lei Hong sent someone over to deliver a withered yellow book with paper that was about to fall out, faintly written on the book were three small characters – Spiritual Pulse Technique!

Holding the Spiritual Pulse Technique, Lin Mu Yu read through the night, thoroughly reading through the 20000 characters.

The Spiritual Pulse Technique, integrated your spiritual sense into your surrounding and draw in energy from the grass and trees, the air and the heat in the air to help cultivate the strength of your spiritual sense.  It was like Lei Hong had said, the Spiritual Pulse Technique was a third class cultivation technique, without practicing properly the Spiritual Pulse Technique could drive someone insane.

But Lin Mu Yu was different, he had already stepped into the Heaven Realm and soul power was already very strong.  Plus he had refined skin, tempered bones, and washed bone marrow, and his body contained the true dragon bloodline.  So even if his spiritual sense was strengthened, it would be fine.

At night, while lying on the bed, his spiritual sense was spread in all directions.  From it, he could feel pulses of sound, from around 500 meters away he could hear the sound of people walking, there were two of them, one heavy and one light, without speaking.  It should have been Qin Zi Ling and Zhang Wei because the aura they emitted was also one strong and one weak, the strong aura was violent and the weak aura was gently, there was no doubt it was the two of them.

“Dong, dong……”

After several minutes, a knock was heard and Zhang Wei’s laughter was heard,”Sir Lin Zhi, Zi Ling and I have brought some meat and wine for you!”

Lin Mu Yu stood up and opened the door for the two of them to enter, once he saw it was really the two of them with meat and wine, he immediately smiled and said, “Come in you two, come sit down, no need to be polite.”

Zhang Wei naturally was not polite, he brought a roast chicken and a deer leg, and Qin Zhi Ling had brought some cooked food and two bottle of good wine for the three of them to drink while talking.

“That brat Zhao Jin, he actually threatened that he would practice the sword with his one hand and come settle his grudge with you one day…..”  Zhang Wei sprayed his spit as he shouted red faced, his red face made him look furious.

Lin Mu Yu could not help but smile, “Let him, Zhao Jin is already a cripple.”

Qin Zhi Ling said, “Lin Zhi, be careful when you leave here, I’ve heard people saying, if the Divine Battalion get the opportunity, they’ll definitely dismember you!”

“Divine Battalion?”  Lin Mu Yu knit his brow and said, “Forget it, I knew I would have offended the Divine Battalion, then again……..Zeng Fang would not have let me off.”

Zhang Wei slapped his chest and said, “Relax, as long as you’re in the temple, they can’t do anything to you, isn’t that right?”


Zhang Wei mysteriously smiled as he said, “Sir Lin Zhi, after you defeated Zhao Jin, the entire Orchid Goose City has been talking about you.  They are saying that you’re the number one in the younger generation of the temple, comparable to imperial guard commander Feng Ji Xing and Qin Lei!”

“How can that be?”  Lin Mu Yu could not help laughing, “Feng Ji Xing and Qin Lei are god given talents, I was only lucky enough to defeat Zhao Jin, and they are both in charge of a thousand man cavalry, what am I compared to them?”

Zhang Wei lightly smiled, “Military authority?  Actually if you want military authority, as long as you leave the temple, I believe many empires and many armies will all want you, with your cultivation…..even becoming a junior officer of the eagle brigade is not a problem.”

“Let’s not talk about this, let’s drink!”  Lin Mu Yu was worried without any reason, even if he could become a commander, he still had to face all these enemies, constantly sleepless, as if sleeping on pins.”

“Good, let’s drink!”

In an instant several days passed and the seven days in confinement was over.  When Lin Mu Yu stepped out of the secret room, he had already achieved small success with the Spiritual Pulse Technique, he stood there in the courtyard feeling refreshed.


He grasped his fist and cream white battle qi covered his fist, the power of the first mystic art, Mortal Turmoil appeared in his palm.  A blood red palm, chaos for the populace, that was war, this type of strength was truly dangerous, it was the strength of the Seven Luminary Mystic Arts.  Taking a deep breath, he increased his battle qi and Lin Mu Yu slowly said, “Second mystic art, Demonic Dance!”


The surrounding air suddenly surged, line after line of black demonic qi appeared in the middle of his palm, this was the strength of the second mystic art, Demonic Dance.  Practicing the Spiritual Pulse Technique was truly helpful, it was no longer strenuous for him to use the second mystic art.  As for the third mystic art, after seven days of refining in the Alchemy Cauldron, the refinement had extracted information on the third mystic art from the Seven Luminary Demon King’s soul.  When Lin Mu Yu activated his battle qi to unleash the third mystic art, his body began to break out in severe pain, blue veins popped out of both his arms, his dantian felt as if it was about to explode, in the end his soul was not strong enough to withstand the third mystic art yet.

Breathing a deep sigh of relief, he stopped trying to activate the third mystic art, Disaster of All.  Anyway as long as he kept practicing the Spiritual Pulse Technique, eventually his soul would be strong enough to easily handle the third mystic art.  His cultivation right now was very shocking, Lin Mu Yu was absolutely confident, as long as he didn’t meet a level 70 or higher cultivator, he could not lose!

“Ah Yu!”

Ge Yang came into the courtyard holding temple documents, smiling from afar he said, “Your confinement is over, this morning is the temple’s recruitment day, you should participate since you are a Gold Star sparring master.”

“Yes, Grandpa Ge Yang.”

He quickly moved a few steps and reorganized his armour, the armour he wore suited him perfectly and it looked very good.  Ge Yang could not help but look a few more times, as he silently thought to himself that even when he was younger he wasn’t as qualified to wear this armour as he was.

On the two sides of the temple hall were a group of teachers and a group of sparring masters.  Lei Hong was personally presiding over as the group of newcomers walked in.

“Sir Lin Zhi, you came?”  Zhang Wei smiled as he gave his greeting.

Lin Mu Yu slightly smiled, stood across from Zhang Wei.  Behind them were silver star, bronze star and iron star teacher and sparring masters staring on in awe.  Lin Mu Yu and Zhang Wei were both Gold Stars, their status could not even be compared with those newcomers.

“Let the ceremony begin!”  Lei Hong casually said.

Ge Yang began to speak, a rough vibrato voice was heard, stuffed up he said, “Today, a total of 14 people will be entering our temple, first place in the trials, Qin Yan, descendant of the emperor’s clan, level 62 Heavenly Senior, dragon scale martial spirit, he will be entering as a Gold Star Teacher, monthly salary will be 200 gold yin coin!  Second place in the trials, Li Ming Kai, commoner, level 59 Battle Saint, he will be entering as a Gold Star teacher, monthly salary will be 80 gold yin coin.  Third place in the trials, Lei Man Jiang, commoner, level 55 Battle Saint, he will be entering as a Gold Star sparring master, monthly salary will be 50 gold yin coins…..”

While Ge Yang was moving down the list of the 14 newcomers, Lin Mu Yu was taking note of the young man standing in the front, sharp eyebrows, quite handsome, but looking at his face one could feel a sense of pride.  This brat looked exactly like Qin Lei, he thought it should be Qin Lei’s little brother, the legendary second son of Ji Ning Wang – Qin Yan!

Qin Yan was also looking at Lin Mu Yu, holding a fiery red spear as he walked over, the corner of his lips turned and he smiled as he asked, “Are you Lin Zhi?”

“That’s me.”

“I’ve heard Elder Brother mention you, he said you were quite powerful, but now that I’ve had a look at you, you seem quite mediocre.”  He raised his sharp eyebrows, coldly provoking him just like this.

Lin Mu Yu could not help but smile, Qin Yan truly was Qin Lei’s little brother, he was too lazy to care so he cupped his hands and said, “We’ll have to compare notes later young prince.”

“Oh, I know.”

“It’s quite peaceful now.”

Lei Hong said with deep veneration, “You 14 are now members of our temple, remember that the temple is the holy land of warriors, when you practice with others in the temple you cannot kill, this is the most basic rule we have.  Alright, Deacon Ge Yang, recite the 74 law articles of our temple for them!”

“Yes, Great Deacon!”

When Ge Yang was reading the 74 articles, many people began to fall asleep.  After Lei Hong dismissed everyone and announced that the official trial and sparring will begin after lunch.

As Lin Mu Yu was leaving to eat lunch, he suddenly felt Qin Yan’s palm upon his shoulder who smiled as he said, “Lin Zhi, don’t leave yet, we won’t be late for lunch if we have a match first!”

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