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Chapter 98: Ji Ning Wang’s second son

“Young prince?”

Lin Mu Yu turned around, smiling while he said, “Your brother Qin Lei and I know each other, we both belong to the temple, let’s compare notes later, we aren’t in a hurry don’t you think?”

On Qin Yan’s handsome face appeared a smile, “I know that you are my Elder Brother’s friend, relax, I will not hurt you at all, I was just wondering, who had the strongest defensive abilities in the temple.”

“Strongest defensive abilities?”


“That’s right.”  Qin Yan and Qin Lei’s appearance were not the same, he was a bit more handsome, holding a spear in his hands, after letting a low shout, a golden dragon shaped energy covered his body, condensing over his battle uniform, smiling as he said, “You can also see, I am a member of the Qin family, but instead of inheriting the true dragon God Binding Lock bloodline, instead I’ve inherited my mother’s family’s dragon scales.  The dragon scales is a third class martial spirit, it is known as the number one defensive martial spirit, this is the reason why I’ve asked you to compare notes.”

“Then how does young prince wish to compare notes?”  Lin Mu Yu smiled and asked.

Qin Yan’s face showed his immatureness, scratching his head, he smiled and said, “How about hits, in an incense’s time, we’ll attack each other, whoever can break through the other’s martial spirit will be considered the winner, how about that?”

Lin Mu Yu thought for a bit, he already had a plan in his heart, “Un, that’s fine!”

Qin Yan immediately raised his arm and said, “Deacon Ge Yang, can you please bear witness for us, also there is……Sir Zhang Wei, can you be the referee for me and Elder Brother Lin Zhi.”

Ge Yang had a resigned look, “Young Prince Qin Yan, this……this goes against the customs of the temple, we forbid personal fights.”

“We are only competing, not fighting to the death, please relax Deacon Ge Yang!”

Zhang Wei cupped his hand as he stood at the side, smiling as he said, “Sir Lin Zhi, you have to win for us temple sparring masters!”

At this time, there were quite a few people coming over, in an instant more than twenty people gathered around, and Ge Yang had just lit an incense, then said, “No matter the results, once the incense burns out you must stop.”


Lin Mu Yu and Qin Zhi cupped hands to salute each other, in the next moment, Qin Yan suddenly flicked the fire snake spear in his hand and immediately roaring flames covered the spear.  He was Qin Lei’s little brother, towards Qin Lei’s strength, Lin Mu Yu had the greatest respect, this Qin Yan should not be that different from his older brother, otherwise he would not challenge him.


Drawing his prairie sword, his battle qi spilled out, the long sword was covered in flames.  Without holding back, he launched out, with the Imperial Wind sword technique his three cuts fell like lightning.

“Peng peng peng……”

Deadly sounds rang out, the dragon scales on Qin Yan’s body responded, the prairie sword’s three cuts could not hurt it at all, on the contrary it made Lin Mu Yu’s arms numb.  Moreover each cut felt as if it was it was landing on a ten thousand year stone, this dragon scales martial spirit truly deserved its title as the number one defense martial spirit.

“No problem, I’m still good, no need to hold back!”

Qin Yan loudly laughed, the iron spear in his hand flicked and a flame serpent shot out to collide with Lin Mu Yu’s gourd wall, the outer layer shook and the black turtle shell cracked a little, but under his recovery effect, it quickly patched itself.  Qin Yan truly had a strong defense and his attack was just as strong, but it still couldn’t compare with Zhao Jin’s full attack strength.

“Good gourd, this is interesting!”

Qin Yan’s face turned red, this little brat was truly obsessed with martial arts.

With a “Dang” sound, the flame serpent strike became even heavier as it pushed Lin Mu Yu back, the long sword in his hand took the opportunity to fly out, but Qin Yan took advantage of this opening, his spear shot out and hit the hilt of the prairie sword, knocking the prairie sword flying.  However lightning appeared in the sky as an invisible hand grabbed onto the prairie sword, the prairie sword shot forward with with the lightning.


Qin Yan did not know that Lin Mu Yu had learned the four way imperial sword, he quickly retreated a step, both feet in the ground like iron pillars, his dragon scales shined, with rock and shield defensive abilities was added onto his dragon scales.  Hearing a “peng” sound, the prairie sword flew away, but on the dragon scale armor was a small gap.

“Very good Sir Lin Zhi!”  Qin Zi Ling and the other sparring masters clapped and cheered.

Qin Yan was also surprised, shame and anger climbed into his face, his hand flicked, a set of fire serpent attacks shot out.  Lin Mu Yu controlled the prairie sword to fend it off, “Ting ting ting” was heard as sparks flew, this set of attacks Lin Mu Yu completely blocked with the gourd wall, Qin Yan’s offensive abilities were strong and fast, it was easy to get hurt if he didn’t parry.

But Qin Yan was also Qin Lei’s little brother so he could count as one of their own, it was necessary he wasn’t injured.

The incense was about to be burnt out, Lin Mu Yu’s black turtle shell was battered, the dragon scale wall also had a hole in it, but the forbidden mother tree was unceasingly providing battle qi for the black turtle shell.  With the dragon scale wall’s defensive power and Qin Yan’s limited offensive power, it was impossible for him to beat Lin Mu Yu.

Lin Mu Yu had only used the thunderbolt slash, thunderstorm rage, imperial wind sword play, and other sword techniques.  He had not used the true dragon flames, fire imperial sword and his other lethal techniques, that’s why Qin Yan’s shield had not been broken.

“Come on Sir Qin Yan!” Many new recruits began to cheer for Qin Yan, they had entered together with Qin Yan, they had already regarded themselves as members of the Ji Ning Wang palace, so they could not stand on the same side as Lin Mu Yu.

Rather Ge Yang, Zhang Wei and the others who were familiar with Lin Mu Yu were smiling because they could see that although Lin Mu Yu seemed to struggle, he was actually going easy on Qin Yan because the killing technique he used on Zhao Jin, the fire imperial sword had not been used yet.  What they didn’t know was, Lin Mu Yu had already learned an even stronger attack, the Seven Luminary Mystic Arts!

Of course, Lin Mu Yu did not dare use the Seven Luminary Mystic Arts in front of others, after all the strength of the Seven Luminary Mystic Arts was very shocking.  Plus the Seven Luminary Demon King had a “shining history” he still didn’t fully know about, if the Seven Luminary Mystic Arts were revealed, he could draw some unwanted attention.

“The incense stick has been burnt, the fight is over!”

Ge Yang announced with a shaky voice, the he said, “Sir Lin Zhi’s defense was more overwhelmed by Sir Qin Yan’s attack, therefore Sir Qin Yan has a slight lead in this competition, but overall…….it is a tie!

Lin Mu Yu raised his finger and the prairie sword returned to its sheath, cupping his hands he sad, “Young prince, thanks for being lenient.”

Qin Yan’s face turned red, no one would think to know that he was only 18 years old, he was younger Qin Yin and Tang Xiao Xi.  An 18 year old Heaven Realm warrior, how frightening was that?

“Big Brother Lin Zhi, actually you let me win, I know that!”

Qin Yan’s personality was very straightforward, cupping his hands and saying, “Qin Yan depended on his bloodline, beating your tenth class gourd martial spirit with my third class dragon scale martial spirit, this is not something to be proud of.  In the future when Qin Yan is practicing in the temple, I will have to come seek Big Brother Lin Zhi to teach me a thing or two!”

Lin Mu Yu secretly praised him, smiling as he said, “No need to be polite Young Prince, you are still young, if you were the same age as me, after practicing for 3-5 years, I’m afraid I won’t be your match anymore.”

Receiving this praise, Qin Yan could not help but joyfully smiling, scratching his head he said, “Big Brother Lin Zhi doesn’t need to call me young prince, since you are friends with my elder brother, then you are also my Qin Yan’s friend.  You can just call me Qin Yan, saying our names, people of the temple are like this.”

“Alright then……”

Lin Mu Yu was not a stubborn person, he immediately said, “Then I’ll call you Qin Yan from now one, let’s go eat.  The meals of the temple do not wait for people, if we go late we won’t be able to eat.”


Qin Yan quickly ran over to Lin Mu Yu’s side, smiling he said, “Big Brother Lin Zhi, your sword technique is so strong, where did you learn it?”

Seeing his longing look, Lin Mu Yu knew exactly what he wanted, then he said, “you want to study swordsmanship?  This is very hard, then again your specialty is defense, isn’t it better for you to focus on improving the defense of your dragon scales?”

“No, I want to learn.”

Qin Yan clenched his fist and said, “The six martial arts, sword, horse riding, spear, blade, axe, and shooting, actually the sword is the strongest.  I really want to study a sword technique, but the teachers that my father got for me are all fakes, their swords have no strength, as long is it is hit once they can no longer control it.  What I saw earlier was, Big Brother Lin Zhi’s sword was forceful, please teach it to me…..”

“This…..”  Lin Mu Yu was hesitant, he had already taught Chu Yao the sword technique, if he also taught Qin Yan, it would be as if he was opening a sect and teaching people, if the Old Sword found out that wouldn’t be good.

Seeing Lin Mu Yu hesitate, Qin Yan anxiously said, “How about this, I can prepare a generous gift to learn swordsmanship from you, 400000 gold yin coins, how about that?  Also……Also a piece of beautiful jade…….a hundred year one from the tribute of the north desert, how about that?”

Lin Mu Yu could not help but laugh, he said, “Qin Yan, you are Big Brother Qin Lei’s little brother, stop taking me for someone who is greedy for money, alright, I can teach you the basic sword techniques, but I can only teach you the basics, the others I can’t teach you, that you have to comprehend yourself.”

Qin Yan was wild with happiness, nodding his head, immediately cupping his hand and saying, “Many thanks Big Brother Lin Zhi!”

As a result of Qin Yan calling Big Brother, the people of the temple were dumbfounded, the Ji Ning Wang young prince was calling a member of the temple big brother, this just strengthened everyone’s believe in Lin Mu Yu being the number one in the temple’s younger generation.

In the afternoon, after normal training, after teaching the imperial sword heart mnemonics to Qin Yan, he let him practice alone.  Qin Yan was obsessed with martial arts just like his brother, after getting the heart chant he immediately went of into a side room to practice, with his status, there was no one that dared to bother him.

Lin Mu Yu was left alone, he directly left the temple and decided to go to the Spirit Medicine Department to see Chu Yao, he had not seen elder sister in a while, his heart was feeling a little lonely.

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