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Chapter 99: Forging Master

A black horse drawn carriage was bringing ingredients into the Spirit Medicine Department, as dusk was the Spirit Medicine Department “warehousing” time, large quantities of ingredients bought from the city were shipped over to the Spirit Medicine Department.  Chu Yao and the other alchemist’s job were to turn these into high grade medicines like the Gold Sore Medicine, Stone Skin Medicine, etc. for the use of the kingdom’s troops.

“Temple’s Lin Zhi, seeks a meeting with Chu Yao of the refining hall. “Lin Mu Yu well mannered said at the Spirit Medicine Department registration office.

The two guards both know him, one of them said with a smile, “It’s Sir Lin Zhi, are you looking for miss Chu Yao?  Come in, no need for ceremony, I’ve heard that a few days ago you defeated the gold ranked teacher Zhao Jin at the War God Academy’s trial, you’re really too fierce, now the Imperial Capital is filled with legends about you!”

“Is that so?”  Lin Mu Yu was somewhat unconsciously ashamed, cupping his hands and smiling as he said, “I was just lucky, thanks you two, then can I go in?”


“Go, go!  Take good care of miss Chu Yao, she is the most beautiful woman in our Spirit Medicine Department, many high level alchemists and rich noble young masters all want to meet her, but she’s only willing to see you….”

Lin Mu Yu walked step by step into the Spirit Medicine Department, his heart had a warm feeling.

In the well lit refining hall, alchemists were busy as they bustled about refining medicine essence, far away he saw Chu Yao’s slender shape, today she was wearing a light blue gown, she gave off a sense of seeming like an immortal.

“Chu Yao jie!

Lin Mu Yu’s shout made Chu Yao jump, turning her body to see Lin Mu Yu, a delighted smile appeared on her face, “Ah Yu, how do you have time to see me, I heard that you were still in confinement, last time I went to visit you, the temple guards turned me away, they said no one was allowed to see you, they were truly coldhearted!”

Lin Mu Yu knew it was Lei Hong trying to protect him, he walked up and sat down beside Chu Yao’s refining stage, tilted his legs and said while smiling, “What level of medicine refining have you reached?”

At the side, an around 60 year old alchemy master said, “Miss Chu Yao is the youngest Alchemy Saint here!”

“Ah?  Alchemy Saint?”

Lin Mu Yu couldn’t help but be stunned, smiling as he said, “Chu Yao jie, you can refine level 7 medicine now?”

Chu Yao bashfully smiled as she nodded her head, “Un!”

“That’s great!”

Lin Mu Yu was excited, he jumped off the refining platform to hug Chu Yao, but Chu Yao with a pretty blushing face said in a soft voice, “Ah Yu, there are many people watching us……”

“Oh, sorry, I was too excited.”  Lin Mu Yu hurriedly put her down while apologizing.

“It’s fine…..”  Chu Yao’s voice was a little small, a pair of beautiful eyes did not dare look at Lin Mu Yu, she said in a small voice, “I thought once Ah Yu was friends with Princess Xi and Her Highness Yin, he would forget about his elder sister…..”

“How could I?”

Even if Lin Mu Yu’s head was made of wood he would still know Chu Yao was jealous, he still did not know the positions of each girl in his heart, but he still tried to comfort them, he then said, “Chu Yao jie will always be my elder sister, no matter what I will never forget about you, that’s right, how did you advance so fast, is it because of……”

Chu Yao nodded her head and said in a soft voice, “Un, it’s the Medicine God Index, I’ve already repaired some of the damaged parts in the Medicine God Index, that was how I managed to advance to Alchemy Saint so fast hmm…..Grandpa tried for a lifetime to become an Alchemy Saint, I never thought that I would be the one to achieve his desire.”

Lin Mu Yu was holding her fragrant shoulder, he earnestly said, “If Grandpa knew about your current cultivation, his soul in heaven would be happy for you, then again, his enmity has already been settled, Grandpa will be smiling in his grave.”

“Un, un.”

“That’s right, how has Chu Yao jie’s sword practice been coming along?”  After Lin Mu Yu asked this, he said, “Only studying medicine refining techniques is not good, after all……to live well in this world, your fist must be hard.”

Chu Yao giggled and said, “The Imperial Sword Technique……I can only remotely control swords, but……but I still haven’t formed my sword heart yet.  Ah Yu, tell you elder sister, how did you form your sword heart in only two days, I’ve practiced for more than ten days and still haven’t succeeded!”

“This…..”  Lin Mu Yu couldn’t say that it was because of his martial talent, he scratched the back of his head as he said, “Probably because the place isn’t suitable?  Well, continue working hard and you’ll get it, once Chu Yao jie forms her sword heart then I can teach you the Four Way Imperial Sword to you……”

Saying this, he thought for a bit and then said, “The Four Way Imperial Sword will bring your cultivation to a sufficient level, then you can at least defend yourself.”

Chu Yao held his hand, her eyes held a trace of joy, her beautiful eyes swept across Lin Mu Yu’s handsome appearance in his battle dress, “Our Ah yu has already became an expert of the temple…..even Zhao Jin that level 70 Heavenly King was defeated by you, Ah Yu you really surprised me, has your strength caught up to elder brother and elder brother Feng Ji Xing yet?


Lin Mu Yu could not help but be a little afraid, If he was to say he could win against Chu Huai Sheng and Feng Ji Xing, he was not confident in saying this.  Feng Ji Xing’s wind sword was elegant and strong, Chu Huai Sheng’s picking the stars was not weak and the two of them had never fought with their full strength, so the outcome was unpredictable.  Plus Feng Ji Xing was the commander of the Imperial Guards, he had much more fighting experience compared to Lin Mu Yu.

Therefore he said with a smile, “I don’t know, Feng Ji Xing is a big brother I’ll respect my entire life, Chu Huai Sheng is Chu Yao jie’s older brother, no matter who’s stronger, I won’t have a chance in this lifetime to find out.”

“Un, un.”

Chu Yao smiled and said, “You haven’t eaten yet right?  How about you eat with me tonight?”

“Alright, it’s my treat.”


Chu Yao was now an Alchemy Saint of the Spirit Medicine Department, her wages wouldn’t be small, but Lin Mu Yu’s income was still higher.  As long as he wanted, he could quickly become a rich person in Orchid Goose City with his alchemy and refining skills.  But to him, money was just a number, it didn’t matter if he had it or not, what mattered was his personal strength.

He brought Chu Yao to the nearby Tian Street which had some delicious food, after they went to the Imperial Capital store with her, the Imperial Capital store was lively at night.  Outside there were gem stores, selling a variety of beautiful gems, the kind of things madames and little misses loved the most.

Although Chu Yao was beautiful, she was not interested in these kinds of things, the things she was interested in were long swords.

Lin Mu Yu watched her, then said, “Chu Yao jie there’s no need to be jealous of those weapons, I’ll quickly craft an even better spirit weapon, relax, we just need to buy materials first.”

“Un, un!”

The owner of the diamond card was well respected, they quickly found the deputy chief Jin Xiao Tang, once this extremely attractive lady noticed Lin Mu Yu approaching, her face beamed with joy, “Sir Lin Zhi, what do you require this time?”

Her eyes fell on Chu Yao, showing a surprised face as she said, “Oh, this time sir has brought a female companion with him!”

“Hai, hai……”

Lin Mu Yu coughed to help solve the awkwardness for Chu Yao, he then said, “Miss Jin, this time I came to get some high level spirit stone and iron, if you have any, can you please show them to me?”

“Alright, any specific requests?”

“I need a high level ice spirit stone, the rest is optional.”

“Alright.”  Jin Xiao Tang turned around to walk in front, smiling as she said, “Sir Lin Zhi’s luck is truly good, we just had a batch of high quality spirit stones come in from Southern Ridge, I’ve heard that there is an 11000 year old Frost Qilin spirit stone, I don’t know whether Sir Lin Zhi is willing to pay a high price for it?”

“Oh?  How much?”

Jin Xiao Tang raised three fingers, smiling as she said, “I’ll give you a discount, 30000 gold yin coins, how about it?”


Lin Mu Yu looked at his money and said, “I don’t have enough, I only have 20000 gold yin coins, can I buy it on credit?”

Jin Xiao Tang giggled, a pair of knowing eyes showed, “You have to first tell me, what use do you have for the spirit stones?”


“Forging?”  Jin Xiao Tang blinked, her face filled with astonishment, “What grade of spirit weapons can Sir Lin Zhi craft?”

“Profound……very low, don’t you think?”

“No!”  Jin Xiao Tan quickly shook her head and said, “If profound is considered low grade products, then most of the forging masters in the Imperial City would be ashamed, this is also good, I can give you credit, but when Sir Lin Zhi finishes forging the spirit weapons be sure to give me a share, let me sell it in our auction house, this helps promote the fame of our auction house, what does sir think?”

“Alright, no problem.”

An equal trade, there is nothing better than this.  Jin Xiao Tang beamed with a smile, this was business, she had materials that Lin Zhi needed, but she also needed Lin Zhi’s forging skills.

Immediately finishing this transaction, when this 11000 year spirit stone fell into his hands, he felt a light chill in his palm, Lin Mu Yu clicked his tongue in wonder, “Although it was expensive, but this truly is a mysterious spirit stong.”

Jin Xiao Tang also gave a smile, “Of course, it is said one of Southern Ridge’s mercenary groups sent 2000+ people to go kill it, for this one Frost Qilin, 300 people had died, including a well known heaven realm master, to be honest, to sell it for 30000 is too cheap!”

“You can’t start changing the price now.” Lin Mu Yu anxiously said.

Jin Xiao Tang couldn’t help smile, “Xiao Tang is a business person, based on credit, Sir Lin Zhi please relax!”

After, besides from buying this spirit stone, Lin Mu Yu also bought on credit an 8000 year old ice spirit stone, in addition to some mysterious iron and a few below 5000 year old spirit stones.  After buying all these things, Jin Xiao Tang gave him a horse carriage to help him carry everything back to the temple.  After first sending Chu Yao home, he quickly rushed back to the temple to become one of the forging masters that everyone respected!

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