LDK Chapter 6


Chapter 6 – Bringing Her Home

“Nuo’er? That’s a nice name, and your voice is so pleasant to hear.” Tang Wu Lin helped her up.

Nuo’er lowered her head but didn’t say a word.

“Where’s your mom and dad? Where is your home?” Tang Wu Lin asked.

Nuo’er shook her head.
“Gu gu!” A peculiar sound suddenly disrupted their harmony.


Tang Wu Lin hastily lowered his head to look at his stomach, but he quickly realized that those sounds weren’t made by him. Even though Nuo’er’s face was covered in dust, an indistinct blush could be seen.

Are you hungry? If you can’t find your mom and dad, I can bring you to my house. My mom’s cooking is delicious!” As Tang Wu Lin spoke, he pulled onto Nuo’er’s hand while walking in the direction of his home.

Nuo’er raised her head and looked towards him. From her position, she could only see the side of his face. His face was rosy thanks to the previous fight with a few youths, turning red with vigour. He had large black eyes and long eyelashes. She couldn’t help but stare blankly at his meaningful glance.

“Mom, I’m home!” Tang Wu Lin shouted before even stepping into his home.

“Child, lower your voice! Don’t disturb the neighbours.” Lang Yue rebuked him while opening the door.

“How was school today? Hmm? Why are you covered in dirt?” Lang Yue frowned as she looked at her son, who was covered in dust. After that, she saw Nuo’er, whose hand was being held by Tang Wu Lin.

“Mom, I’ve encountered some villains.” Tang Wu Lin lively and realistically told her what had just transpired.

After hearing his words, Lang Yue’s expression changed before she dragged him inside the house. Nuo’er, whose hand was being held by Tang Wu Lin, naturally entered the house as well.

“Child, don’t you know how dangerous that is? How could you…….” Lang Yue was obviously anxious, judging from her erratic breathing. She completely understood what those youths from the common streets were capable of doing.

Tang Wu Lin replied stubbornly, “But Father had said that boys need to be brave and gutsy to fight against villains.”

“You……” When Lang Yue saw the resolution in her son’s large eyes, she didn’t continued to reproach him. Was he wrong? Of course not. What he did was right. However, as a mother, she was more worried about her child’s safety.

Tang Wu Lin giggled and ran forward to hug his mother’s leg. “Mom, don’t be angry. Nuo’er and I are hungry. Can you make some delicious food for us?”

Regarding this adorable and obedient child, Lang Yue really couldn’t continue to be mad at him. She helplessly shook her head before she crouched down towards Nuo’er, who didn’t say a single word. “Little friend, are you called Nuo’er? Where’s your mother and father?”

Nuo’er just shook her head as she had done previously, without saying a single word.

Only a kind hearted mother could bring up such a kind hearted son. Lang Yue said, “Alright. Look at how filthy the two of you are, you should go and wash up first before changing your clothes.”

5-6 year old children naturally didn’t need to be separated by genders. Lang Yue pulled the two dirt covered monkeys into the bathroom to give them a wash.

When Tang Wu Lin asked Lang Yue why he and Nuo’er were different, she only laughed without answering. However, Nuo’er bashfully hid behind Lang Yue.

“Wah! Nuo’er, you’re so pretty!” As Tang Wu Lin sat at the side of the dining table, he supported his chin with both of his hands while looking at Nuo’er who was at his side, wearing his clothes.

Tang Wu Lin was taller than Nuo’er by half a head, so his clothes were very baggy when worn by Nuo’er. Yet, this didn’t affect Nuo’er’s beauty at all.

Her skin was even fairer than Tang Wu Lin’s. It was so white and delicate that it seemed as if water could be squeezed out with the slightest pinch, and after she showered, a faint, refreshing light fragrance was given off from her body. She was akin to a porcelain doll cut out of the finest pink jade.

Nuo’er raised her head and looked at him, but she remained as silent as before. It seemed that she really disliked speaking.

It wasn’t time for dinner yet, so Lang Yue served the two hungry children two small plates of biscuits and two cups of milk.

One shouldn’t judge Nuo’er, because she didn’t like to talk. When she ate, she was unhesitant and devoured the food rapidly. In a short period of time, she had completely eaten all of the biscuits and drank all of the milk before her.

Although Tang Wu Lin was hungry, it was clear that his curiosity towards Nuo’er was beyond his hunger. When Nuo’er was looking at the biscuit on his plate, he knew that Nuo’er had already finished her portion.

“Here you go.” Tang Wu Lin generously pushed his biscuits to be in front of Nuo’er.

Nuo’er looked at him as she shook her head.

“It’s ok. You can have it. I ate a lot at noon.” Tang Wu Lin said beamingly.

Nuo’er hesitated for a moment, but clearly the enticement of the biscuits was too great for her. In the end, the biscuits were eaten by her.

Lang Yue also sat down. “Nuo’er, do you know where you come from or where your home is?”

Nuo’er shook her head.

Lang Yue continued to ask, “Do you know any methods to contact your family? Anything will do.”

Nuo’er still shook her head.

Lang Yue said, “Then how old are you?”

Nuo’er shook her head once again, but at last, she opened her mouth. “Five and a half.”

“Wah! This means that I’m your elder brother. I’m older than you as I’m six years old.” Tang Wu Lin said in high spirits.

Lang Yue snappily glared at him. “Mother will bring Nuo’er to the Administrative Office to investigate in a moment. We’ll see if we can locate her family. You stay here and behave yourself, understood?”

“Oh.” Tang Wu Lin obediently nodded his head but as he looked at Nuo’er, he didn’t know why he felt reluctant. It was probably because she was too beautiful.

Lang Yue brought Nuo’er out. Nuo’er was her typical self as she didn’t talk much before leaving with her.

After they left, Tang Wu Lin returned to his room. He thought about what the teacher had taught in class today and decided to give meditation a try.

Tang Wu Lin sat up straight in serenity. Meditation required tranquility to sense one’s self and nature. This was the first step.

Tang Wu Lin originally didn’t have any distracting thoughts so he quickly calmed down. He subconsciously felt his Bluesilver Grass martial soul which wasn’t strong but had feasible soul power. When first meditating, he was just required to accomplish that step. He should first feel his own martial soul and soul power, forcing his mind to maintain an intimate connection with each other. After this step was done, he could then continue to really meditate.

Bluesilver Grass lightly swayed in his mind. Tang Wu Lin suddenly felt that he could sense some of the world’s Bluesilver Grass.

It was delicate yet strong with one year of withered glory as the spring breeze was reborn.

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  1. I’ve been thinking this since they mentioned her appearance, but she’s the dragon King, no? If so then Dam, all the girl mcs are pretty badass. (Came here from manhua, that’s why.)

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