AQ Chapter 13


Chapter 13: University — Go, Pikachu.

A City’s Finance and Economics University was located within the South West University’s city. It had rural-styled architecture and was filled with all kinds of flowers and plants. This attracted many foreign students to come and sightsee every day.

An eye-catching yellow sports car drove directly up to the school gate, skidding along the cement road before slowing down. Ye Zhen Zhen turned her head to glare at the driver, her gaze faintly flickering with discontent. “Did you intend to drive the car straight to the classroom door?”

Qin Kong drew back the corners of his mouth as he chuckled. “If this is what you expect, then I am willing to deliver.”


Ye Zhen Zhen breathed in deeply, resisting the urge to yell at him.

She also didn’t know where Qin Kong had received the news from; at dawn today, he had ambushed her downstairs at home and sent away her chauffeur, insisting that he would be the one to deliver her to school. Even if he did send her off, did he have to insist on such a high-profile send off? During the entire drive through the campus, they had grabbed everyone’s attention. The sounds of boys whistling and girls shrieking hadn’t stopped.

“Pull over, stop.” Ye Zhen Zhen had finally reached the end of her patience. With an ill complexion, she issued her order. Qin Kong turned to glance at her before obediently executing her command.

After the car smoothly came to a halt, Ye Zhen Zhen immediately opened the car door and got out as if the car could explode at any second. Qin Kong locked the door and very quickly stuck to her. “Zhen Zhen, where are you going?”

“Classroom.” Ye Zhen Zhen didn’t turn her head back.

“But the classroom is right here.” Qin Kong pointed in the exact opposite direction Ye Zhen Zhen was currently heading toward.

Ye Zhen Zhen’s stopped walking and then turned around without missing a beat. Nearby, a black car silently stopped approximately fifty meters away from Qin Kong’s sports car. Qin Kong’s thick brows furrowed together slightly. He moved closer to Ye Zhen Zhen and deliberately lowered his voice. “Zhen Zhen, that black car had followed us the entire way.”

Ye Zhen Zhen glanced in the direction of the car, the look in her eyes changing. “It’s the bodyguard that uncle and aunt hired. They said that it was for my protection.” Although, she felt that it was a bit more like surveillance.

Qin Kong attentively stared in the direction of the car, not replying. When the car door opened and two men attired in black suits walked out, Qin Kong’s complexion changed. As if he was facing a great enemy, he said to Ye Zhen Zhen, “Run for it, Zhen Zhen! The black-clothed men have come!”

Ye Zhen Zhen didn’t even have time to retort with mockery when Qin Kong dragged her by the wrist. Immediately afterwards, as if they were acting in a kids’ tv show, he dragged her through the lush campus in a wild frenzy, hands waving in the air. Ye Zhen Zhen found the time to glance behind her and saw that the two men in suits were indeed following closely behind. She suddenly felt as if the campus had become the film set for a gun battle scene.

“I can’t, run anymore…” Ye Zhen Zhen finally pulled her hand free and stopped running, gasping for air. Her physical strength naturally wasn’t as good as Qin Kong’s. Plus, she was only just beginning to recover from a serious illness. Her being able to run so far was already worthy of praise.

Qin Kong saw that Ye Zhen Zhen had bent over, both hands on her knees, and was forced to stop as well. “Then you try and find a place to hide. I’ll go draw them away from you!”

Ye Zhen Zhen raised her head, gasping for breath as she stared at him. Earlier, she had no time to roast him, but now, she had no energy to roast him. The Qin Kong in front of her eyes was actually rolling up his sleeves in preparation. A whispery voice drifted over. “Isn’t that Ye Zhen Zhen? Running through school early in the morning hand in hand with a man is truly sentimental.”

Another voice immediately agreed, “She even has a pretty boy who likes her and is sticking to her; she’s the one people call the eldest miss of the Ye Family. I heard that her family estate is worth more than a billion yuan.”

Ye Zhen Zhen’s lips turned down. She knew some people loathed rich people within, and some people even liked speaking ill of others. If these words were said by two girls, then she could still understand, but it was those two upperclassmen over there being cynical which really made people collapse!

“What did you say?” Perhaps upset by the words ‘pretty boy,’ the corners of Qin Kong’s mouth rose into a shallow smile as he turned his head to look at the two guys who had just spoken.

Ye Zhen Zhen stared at Qin Kong with astonishment. His personality seemed to have changed. She tugged at him. “Calm down, we’re at school.”

After all, those two guys were still students. The split second that a fierce, tyrannical aura had abruptly risen from Qin Kong, the two guys had quaked, but upon seeing him tamed by Ye Zhen Zhen, one of them, who was unwilling to admit defeat, provokingly said, “So devoted in protecting your master; the missy must taste very good, right?”

Light faintly flashed through Ye Zhen Zhen’s eyes. She smiled and then released her grip on Qin Kong’s hand. “Go, Pikachu.”

Qin Kong flew like an arrow leaving its bowstring.

The scene was like a chicken flying and a dog jumping.

The two men in suits also hurriedly arrived at this time, but they didn’t extend help to Qin Kong. After all, they were only responsible for protecting Ye Zhen Zhen’s safety. Even if Qin Kong died in battle, it had nothing to do with them.

Ten minutes later, counselor’s office.

Thanks to being tormented day and night, the 28 year-old counselor appeared to be 48 years-old. Now, a new round of torment had begun once again.

She looked at the three people in front of her with varying degrees of injury. With difficulty, she began talking. “Even if these two were in the wrong at first, you also shouldn’t have hit them.”

Ye Zhen Zhen issued another apology, but Qin Kong refused to give in. He pointed at the wounds on his face and said as righteous indignation filled his chest, “It was not only me who beat them; they also beat me! Furthermore, it was also two on one!”

The counselor really wanted to hold her head in her hands. If it was only a student-related incident, giving each of them disciplinary action would’ve been okay. This person, unfortunately, was the young master of the Qin Family. She wanted to punish him, but she couldn’t. She could only continue lecturing him. “These two are insensible while you are a man of society. You shouldn’t be so impulsive.”

Qin Kong snorted coldly. “Even if I don’t teach them now, after they leave school, someone else will teach them!”

But at that time, it will have nothing to do with me! The counselor really wanted to flip the table. Why did these students bother her with so many trivial things every day! She undoubtedly wanted to worry more about her own wedding!

Ye Zhen Zhen once again issued her apology. “In any case, we were the ones who made the first move. I’m willing to assume responsibility for these two classmates’ medical expenses.”

One guy who had eyes as swollen as a panda’s immediately hopped up in anger. “Who wants your dirty money! Don’t think that you can use dirty money to insult me!”

Counselor: “…”

She was the one who wanted to hop up in anger even more! Regarding this monetary recompense business, she really worried whether he could graduate smoothly from university or not!

Ye Zhen Zhen maintained a smile brimming with regret. “Since it’s like this, I will not force you. But you’re both very welcome to to insult us at any time with money. After all, Qin Kong also received injuries.”

The guy stared at her incredulously. Even his eyes, which were swollen like a panda, were able to miraculously widen a bit. A miss with a family estate worth over a hundred million yuan unexpectedly demanded payment from him?! Could this world have any love?

Finally, both sides broke up in discord. The counselor also didn’t give those two male students disciplinary action, merely deducting their student behavior points. Ye Zhen Zhen conveniently had to report back after a period of absence, so she forced Qin Kong go to the hospital as she herself went to find her school building.

Staring at the disappearing dust trail of Qin Kong’s sports car, Ye Zhen Zhen’s eyes darkened. Just now, Qin Kong had displayed a fierce, tyrannical air. Not only did those two male students see it, she had seen it as well. Perhaps her understanding of Qin Kong was still too superficial, or maybe what she understood of Qin Kong was only what he allowed her to understand.

When Ye Zhen Zhen entered her classroom, the first lesson had already finished. She stealthily entered through the back and sat in the last row. Her classmates saw her, and although they all expressed astonishment, they didn’t come over to greet her. It seemed that her relationship with her fellow classmates really was very poor.

A poor relationship was also good; it saved her from explaining one by one how she lost her memory.

She didn’t sit down for very long when another female student entered from the back. She was holding two thick books and incessantly beating back a yawn. The students saw her and were once again astonished. “Pei Cui Cui, what wind blew through today for an old lady like you to actually attend class?”

“Oh, because I washed my face today, I came to class.” Pei Cui Cui placed the books in her hand onto the table with a dull thud. Ye Zhen Zhen curiously looked at her. This was Pei Cui Cui? She was one of the three people she talked over the phone with.

Pei Cui Cui once again covered her mouth and beat back a yawn. In her peripheral, she carelessly glanced to the side at Ye Zhen Zhen, and she stiffly swallowed her half yawn. “Zhen Zhen, you got discharged from the hospital?!”

Ye Zhen Zhen smiled at her. Pei Cui Cui carried her books and walked over to her, setting the books down on the desk heavily. “How come you didn’t inform me that you left the hospital? I previously called you, but no one answered. Only later did I hear that you were hospitalized.”

Ye Zhen Zhen still continued to smile at her. Goosebumps appeared all over Pei Cui Cui. “What’s going on with you? Did your head break?”

“More or less. I lost my memory.”

Pei Cui Cui stared blankly at her for a long time before lamenting, “Holy shit, so cool?!”

Ye Zhen Zhen: “…”

“Since you lost your memory, then let me introduce myself once again.” Pei Cui Cui’s lips curved, exposing two small, adorable dimples. “I’m Pei Cui Cui, your sole friend in university.”

Ye Zhen Zhen: “…You didn’t need to add the word ‘sole.’”

“Because this is fact!” Pei Cui Cui leaned close to her. “Back then, since both our names were in the ABB format, I became your friend!” 1

Ye Zhen Zhen pursed her chapped lips. She smiled and said, “That truly is…thank you.”

“Don’t mention it. It’s our duty to enjoy helping others.”


Ye Zhen Zhen turned her head away and didn’t reply. Pei Cui Cui, unwilling to be left out, moved her head closer. “Zhen Zhen, look at my hairstyle. How is it?”

Ye Zhen Zhen glanced and reluctantly said, “Passable.” Although, she didn’t think that tying her hair behind her head into a bun could be called a hairstyle.

Pei Cui Cui, however, was actually very pleased with herself. “This way no one can see that I haven’t washed my hair for three days!”


Ye Zhen Zhen drew the corners of her lips back. “Your life is truly full of enlightening wisdom.”

“I also think like this!” Pei Cui Cui nodded sagely. The class bell rang with apt timing. Seeing the teacher begin class, Pei Cui Cui also stopped speaking. Ye Zhen Zhen finally had her quiet. She originally intended to earnestly listen until the end of class, but after trying hard for ten minutes, she felt that she was better off listening to Pei Cui Cui speak.

You are my little~ little apple~ No matter how much I love you, it will never be too much~

A cheerful and lighthearted music suddenly began echoing from the phone on Pei Cui Cui’s desk. Within the classroom, the students and teacher simultaneously looked at her.

“Haha, I’m sorry. I forgot to mute it.” Pei Cui Cui forced a laugh and very quickly shut off her phone. The teacher lectured her before continuing on with class.

Ye Zhen Zhen stared at her with a face of amazement. “Your phone’s ringtone is actually Little Apple?!”

Pei Cui Cui thought she was being looked down and thus retorted, “What’s wrong with Little Apple? It’s better than your Ikkyu-san.”

Ye Zhen Zhen was even more amazed. “My phone’s ringtone is Ikkyu-san?”

Pei Cui Cui raised her phone. “How about I call you right now?”

“…My phone is muted, thanks.”

After the following two classes, Ye Zhen Zhen felt as if she had been sitting on an airplane. She left the classroom with a very distressed frame of mind. She felt that she probably wouldn’t be able to complete her studies.

Pei Cui Cui tugged at her arm to go downstairs. “It’s rare that I washed my face today. We should go out to eat lunch.”

Ye Zhen Zhen frowned and didn’t say anything. The song Little Apple began echoing again. Pei Cui Cui took out her phone to glance at it before rejecting the call.

“Not answering?”

“My older brother called. I don’t need to answer.”

Ye Zhen Zhen mentally lit a candle for her brother. When she left through the school gate, she suddenly stopped.

“What’s up?” Pei Cui Cui puzzledly looked at her.

Ye Zhen Zhen pointed at the man standing very straight in a suit up ahead. She stammered, “Little, little-little-little-little-little apple!”

Author’s Note:

Have you all guessed who Zhen Zhen saw? 🙂

Thank you 【Su Tan】. Little angel threw a landmine!  

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  1. ABB format: Last Name, First Namex2. Ye Zhen Zhen. Pei Cui Cui. Basically talking about how their names had repeat characters.

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