AQ Chapter 3


Chapter 3: Girlfriend — He simply doesn’t understand what love is!

After Zuo Yi left, Sun Qian and Qin Kong were driven out of the hospital room by Dr. Ji. Qin Kong stood in the hallway, resentfully glaring at the doctor. “She is my fiancée! Why are you driving me away?” Don’t think that just because you look handsome, it’s justified!

Ji Zhe Yan glanced at him. He bowed his head to the nurse standing to the side, saying, “Since Master Qin doesn’t want to leave, assist him in donating a bottle of glucose.”

Qin Kong: “…”


The nurse laughed softly, pointing towards a bench in the hallway. “Mr. Qin, there aren’t any rooms available at the moment. I’m afraid that you must suffer and get put on an IV in the hallway.”

Qin Kong: “…”

He snorted at Ji Zhe Yan, turned around, and then left with big strides. Sun Qian glanced at Ji Zhe Yan, wanting to say something but hesitating slightly.

“Mrs. Sun, what is it?”

“Mn…” Sun Qian pursed her lips before smiling towards Ji Zhe Yan. “Dr. Ji, I want to ask, did Zhen Zhen really lose her memory?”

Ji Zhen Yan replied, “This, I cannot give you a definite answer.”

Sun Qian stared blankly at him. “In order words, she could be pretending?”

“There is such a possibility, but according to my assessment, the patient really should be amnesiac.”

Sun Qian bit her lip, which was touched a vibrant red from lipstick. She lifted her head to smile at Ji Zhe Yan. “Thank you, Dr. Ji.”

Once she finished speaking, she headed towards the elevator. Ji Zhe Yan watched her departing figure. He turned around, walking towards the other end of the hallway.

In the hospital room, Ye Zhen Zhen lay down on the bed in a daze, still thinking about what had happened these past two days.

Because Dr. Ji was very strict with visiting hours, she was only able to ask Sun Qian a bit about herself.

Her full name was Ye Zhen Zhen, she was 21 years-old this year and a third-year university student. When she was 15 years-old, she was in a traffic accident that caused both of her parents to unexpectedly die. She had also lost her memory then. Right, today she unexpectedly found out that she had a fiancé. Ye Zhen Zhen frowned, feeling as if her head was aching again.

“Miss Ye, time to take your medicine.”

The nurse’s gentle voice echoed in her ear. Ye Zhen Zhen rubbed her eyes and sat up. The nurse helped her, placing a thick pillow behind her back. She handed over the medicine and warm water. Ye Zhen Zhen glanced at the brightly colored medicinal pill, swallowing it with water.

Seeing her swallow the medicine, the nurse washed the thermometer in her hand before sticking it into Ye Zhen Zhen’s mouth. “Miss Ye, Dr. Ji said that you currently need to rest. Don’t indulge in fancy thoughts.”

“Mn.” Ye Zhen Zhen kept the thermometer in her mouth, making a somewhat ambiguous sound of agreement. “Ish Dogder Ji  vewy bee-zie?”

The nurse nodded and said, “Yes, even if Dr. Ji is only 26 years-old, he is the most famous doctor here.”


The nurse nodded again, her face full of adoration. “Dr. Ji is a genius. He published a thesis in the United States at the age of 19 and still participates in a few research projects over there. After he returned to his home country, he came to our hospital. Rumors say that the director spent a lot of money to hire him. He has already performed a few large-scale surgeries. Many of the nurses in our hospital like him.”

“M’woh…” Ye Zhen Zhen held the thermometer in her mouth with her lips and raised her head to look at the nurse in front of her. “Dogder Ji, dos he av a girfwem?”

The nurse thought for a moment before she subconsciously leaned in towards Ye Zhen Zhen. Lowering her voice, she said, “I only heard this from other people; they say that Dr. Ji previously seemed to be in a relationship with one of our hospital’s nurses. That nurse was in another ward and extremely beautiful, but supposedly, she had an affair, and when Dr. Ji found out, they broke up.”


Ye Zhen Zhen nearly bit the thermometer in her mouth into pieces. Dr. Ji was such a handsome and kind man, yet someone actually cheated on him? Was that nurse retarded?

“Aiya, Miss Ye, don’t be excited!” The nurse somewhat nervously looked at the thermometer in her mouth. “These are all rumors I heard from others. No matter what, you must not tell Dr. Ji.”

“Mn.” Ye Zhen Zhen nodded, still somewhat breathing heavily with rage. The nurse recorded her temperature and left the hospital room. Ye Zhen Zhen lay back down to take a small nap. The nurse came back with lunch, but this time, Ji Zhe Yan also came with her.

He walked up to the side of the hospital bed, and looking at Ye Zhen Zhen’s state, he said, “Does your head still hurt today?”

Ye Zhen Zhen shook her head. “Just now it hurt a little, but after taking the medicine, it stopped hurting.”

Ji Zhe Yan nodded and took notes on the clipboard in his hand. Again, he asked, “Is there anywhere on your body that feels discomfort?”

“No, I only feel very lethargic.”

“You are still very weak right now. If you are tired, go to sleep.”

“Okay.” Ye Zhen Zhen raised her head to look at him. His features were very beautiful. Even though he always wore an indifferent expression, she knew he wasn’t a cold and detached man. At least, he was concerned about his patients and ardently loved his job.

Her lips twitched and she blurted out a question. “Dr. Ji, did you eat yet?”

The nurse at the side: “…”

Although this wasn’t the first time she had seen a female patient want to pursue Dr. Ji, the person in question was a rich young lady! Is there really no problem with being so blunt? She turned her head to look at Ji Zhe Yan.

Ji Zhe Yan paused in his note-taking for a moment before responding, “Not yet.”

Ye Zhen Zhen’s pair of large eyes blinked. “Dr. Ji, you shouldn’t focus on your work too much. You also need to take good care of your body.”

“Mn.” Ji Zhe Yan voiced an agreement and stopped writing. “When you finish eating your meal, take a nap. The nurse will wake you when it’s time to take your medicine.”

Ye Zhen Zhen assented before probingly asking, “Dr. Ji, may I go out for a stroll?” Today was very sunny, and it appeared to be very warm outside. If she could, she wanted to go out and bask in the sunshine.

But Dr. Ji vetoed her request. “With the condition of your body right now, you can’t go for a walk.”

Ye Zhen Zhen’s face fell. Dr. Ji then continued, “But you can still go out into the sun.”

“Really?” She lifted her head, looking at the man beside her in pleasant surprise.

Ji Zhe Yan nodded and turned toward the nurse. “Bring a wheelchair here.”

“Yes.” The nurse nodded before leaving. Ji Zhe Yan looked at Ye Zhen Zhen, whose gleaming eyes resembled a puppy’s. He suddenly thought of something funny.

“Finish eating your meal; I’ll push you outside afterwards.”

“Ah?” Ye Zhen Zhen was astonished. Dr. Ji was personally pushing her? Her heart suddenly felt somewhat nervous, and her gaze became evasive. “No, no need. You’re so busy; having the nurse push me outside is enough.”

“It’s no trouble; I have a break at noon anyways.” Dr. Ji wedged his pen into the clipboard and turned to leave the hospital room.

The word “but” was on the tip of Ye Zhen Zhen’s tongue, but she was unable to voice it. Without any better option, she swallowed her refute.

Not long after lunch, Dr. Ji returned. Ye Zhen Zhen originally thought she would be climbing into the wheelchair set beside her, but in the end, Dr. Ji carried her into it.

His body carried a faint, sweet scent and felt like a quilt laid out to dry in the afternoon sunshine——unfathomably warm. Ye Zhen Zhen’s arms lightly wrapped around his neck. She didn’t know whether or not Dr. Ji could sense her heartbeat speeding up or her breathing becoming unsteady.

Gently settling Ye Zhen Zhen in the wheelchair, Dr. Ji carefully wrapped a thin blanket over her legs. Ye Zhen Zhen bashfully expressed her thanks. Dr. Ji made a faint sound of acknowledgement. He then pushed her outside of the ward.

Perhaps because the weather was excellent, the hospital garden had many patients out for a walk. The March sun basked them in light, neither cold nor warm—just perfect. Now that she was far from the disinfectant smell of the hospital ward, Ye Zhen Zhen felt her mood seemingly improve.

Ji Zhe Yan pushed the wheelchair beside a large tree. Ye Zhen Zhen looked at a nurse that was accompanying a patient, walking and stopping at intervals, and felt somewhat guilty toward him. She said, “Sorry for causing you to not have a lunch break, Dr. Ji.”

Ji Zhe Yan didn’t seem to mind at all. “It’s no trouble. Originally, I didn’t even plan on having a lunch break.”

Ye Zhen Zhen raised her eyes to glance at him. Giggling, she said, “Dr. Ji, you know, hearing you call me Ye Zhen Zhen really makes me want to sigh in relief! At first, I was anxious that I would be called Li Gou Dan or something; then what could I do?” 1

Ji Zhe Yan didn’t respond. Ye Zhen Zhen’s smile somewhat shriveled. She calmed down before asking again, “Dr. Ji, do you think can I regain my memory?”

Ji Zhe Yan said, “There have been numerous cases where patients regaining their memories after losing them. Although you received a blow to the head, there hasn’t been any blood clots stifling nerves in your brain. It must be a psychological factor that caused you to lose your memory.”

“Psychological factor?” Ye Zhen Zhen subconsciously repeated these two words. What had she seen at the crime scene that could give her such a traumatic shock, causing her to lose her memory? “Then would it be helpful to see a psychiatrist to regain my memory? I remember reading somewhere that hypnosis can help someone regain their memory.”

Ji Zhe Yan was silent for a while before saying, “Hypnosis can place a burden on your body. Right now, with your circumstances, it is not suitable to receive hypnosis.”

Ye Zhen Zhen pursed her lips and didn’t speak. Ji Zhe Yan looked at her for a moment, before speaking up again. “I know amnesia can make you feel unsafe, but recovery should not be rushed. Wait for your body to heal first; it won’t be too late to accept a psychological medical treatment then.”

“Mn.” Ye Zhen Zhen nodded. Toward Dr. Ji, she always took his advice, not only because he was an outstanding doctor, but also because compared to her unfamiliar auntie and fiancé, she was subconsciously more willing to believe him.

On a branch above them, a small bird chirped. Fluttering its wings, it flew away as a young nurse pushed a great-grandfather past the tree.

A City Hospital was a third-rank hospital. The nurses’ appearances were also third-rank, especially the nurse in front of them——who was also rather well-known. As if she sensed Ye Zhen Zhen’s gaze, the nurse slowed her steps, glancing at her before suddenly stopping.

Ye Zhen Zhen’s eyebrows jumped up. Hold on, what was going on? It seemed like Dr. Ji’s expression had become artificial.

“That nurse was in another ward and extremely beautiful, but supposedly, she had an affair, and when Dr. Ji found out, they broke up.”

Could. It. Be. That…

That young nurse is the cheater?!

As if she could read and understand her expression, Ms. Nurse suddenly rushed over. “What are you implying with that look?! Are you thinking that I am that cheating nurse?!”

Ye Zhen Zhen: “…”

She blinked. Was she really that obvious?

The nurse didn’t wait for Ye Zhen Zhen to reply before looking towards Ji Zhe Yan, who was standing beside his patient. “Dr. Ji, how can you tell a patient about this matter! Not only that, you even have the guts to say that I’m a two-timing cheater!”

Ye Zhen Zhen had just pricked her ears up when the nurse aggressively walked towards her. “Did you know that when we were together, when it came to kissing, hugging, and rolling in the sheets, he refused! He wouldn’t even hold my hand! Why do you think I want to find a boyfriend?! It wasn’t for a platonic love with him! Every day, I could only watch and not touch. I couldn’t stand it! What’s wrong with trying to find another boyfriend?!”

“No, you’re not wrong…” Ye Zhen Zhen looked up, a storm of spittle raining down on her as the nurse shouted.

The nurse took two steps back, her anger seemingly not fully vented. She pointed at Ji Zhe Yan. “He simply doesn’t understand what love is!”


Up until that nurse’s figure had already disappeared from the garden, Ye Zhen Zhen’s ears were still ringing with her bitter and hateful rage. She and Ji Zhe Yan kept still, a gust of cool wind blowing a few dead leaves into spiraling down from the tree.

“Dr. Ji, did you really not even hold hands with her?”


“Dr. Ji, have you ever measured your EQ?”

“There isn’t a problem with my EQ. I only…”



“Pfff, I’m sorry. But since it’s like this, why did you agree to date her?”

“Just now, you also saw her considerably unstable state-of-mind. If I refused her advances, it might’ve caused her illness to worsen.”

“…So, you merely treated her as a patient in need of medical attention?”

“Mn. Later, I found a different doctor to take over, so I ended her medical treatment.”

“…Dr, Ji, you really don’t understand what love is.”



Author’s Note:

When: March 15, 1PM

Where: Hospital Garden

Who: Ye Zhen Zhen, Ji Zhe Yan

Event: Taking a walk

Conclusion: Dr. Ji seems to be impotent.

Zuo Yi’s brows jumped before he smacked Hao Zi with the report in his hand. “Your father, I, didn’t make you all watch the hospital to investigate this! … Is Dr. Ji really impotent?”

Thanks【苏叹】(Su Tan), little angel’s weakness, ao ao ao~! (づ ̄3 ̄)づ╭?~ 

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  1. (李狗蛋) Li Gou Dan: internet slang; refers to having a soft, feminine face and a strong, manly body. This classic phrase comes from a sinister serialized manhua 《十万个冷笑话》 (Hundred Thousand Groan-worthy Corny Jokes).

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