AQ Chapter 54


Chapter 54: Car Accident — How come you’re not curious about who I am?

Thinking of this, Zuo Yi recalled that Ye Zhen Zhen had also been in a car accident six years ago, also in D City. He muttered to himself for a bit and then asked, “Do you remember if any other car accidents happened six years ago?”

The boss thought for a moment and then frowned in annoyance. “It’s been so long ago, who still remembers life back then, let alone something like a car accident. Those happen every day.”

Zuo Yi was a bit disappointed, but the boss did not speak unreasonably. Someone who wasn’t connected to the car accident would simply talk about it over a cup of tea and then forget about it some days later.


“Right, I remember!” The boss’ wife slapped her leg and looked at Zuo Yi excitedly. “Six years ago, there really was a car accident that happened at the same time. Moreover, it was on the same day as Li Jia Jia’s accident!”

The boss looked at her in disbelief. “Hua Mei’er, just because you think this police officer is handsome, doesn’t mean you can talk nonsense.”

“I’m talking nonsense?” The lady boss sent him a glare full of contempt and disdain. “This old woman remembers that Ye Hong Sheng’s young daughter was caught up in the accident. I heard that the entire family of three came to D City to look around. In the end, his daughter and son-in-law both died, and only his granddaughter returned alive.”

The boss heard her say this and seemed a bit impressed. “That Ye Hong Sheng of A City? This should have been a big deal back then.”

“Of course it was big! Do you know who Ye Hong Sheng is? The richest man in A City! News says that he set aside an inheritance of over a billion yuan for his granddaughter!” The more that the lady boss spoke, she more excited she became, as if she was Ye Hong Sheng’s granddaughter. “That accident had occurred nearby on Dancing Sun Road, but the sky was too dark that night. There were no witnesses either. I had gone there to see, and all that was left was a pool of blood on the ground.”

Zuo Yi bowed his head in contemplation for a moment. Like a strand of pearls snapping, everything fell into place.

“I am extremely thankful for all the useful information you gave.” Zuo Yi stood up from the stool with the intention of bidding them farewell and leaving.

The boss stood up as well and scratched the back of his head, feeling awkward. “You flatter me. When the moment comes, don’t forget to invite us to the wedding feast.”

Zuo Yi: “…”

There would certainly be a wedding feast, but the groom would probably not be him.

After leaving the stir-fry shop, Zuo Yi went around the neighborhood to question the residents. Those who had just moved in did not know Li Jia Jia, whereas those who have lived there for a long time all said that her grades as a kid were very good, but that the car accident had left her brains scrambled.

Another additional hour of groundwork revealed that after the car accident, Li Jia Jia became more cheerful.

Apart from this, he learned that because Li Jia Jia hadn’t attended university, she was hired by Li Su at the supermarket after graduating high school and would draw in her free time. Oh, that was right. Supposedly, many young men in the neighborhood liked Li Jia Jia, with several of them formally going to Li Su for her hand.

Who knew what Dr. Ji would think of this.

Zuo Yi decided to send this information to Dr. Ji, free of charge.

Because Li Su had someone at home today, she closed the supermarket early and bought several ingredients home as well. Ye Zhen Zhen was studying a locked box when she heard the door open and thus hurriedly stuffed the case back where it was.

She left the room and caught sight of Li Su standing in the kitchen doorway, a large bag of ingredients in hand. Ye Zhen Zhen paused and then stiffly said, “You’re back.”

“Mn.” Li Su also felt uncomfortable. She awkwardly smiled and said, “Tonight, we’re eating sweet and sour crucian carp. You loved eating this.”

“Ah, mn.” Ye Zhen Zhen indeed liked eating this. Dr. Ji frequently made fish, but sweet and sour crucian carp was her favorite.

“Then I’ll go cook.” Li Su said this and walked into the kitchen. Ye Zhen Zhen kept standing there for a moment, feeling seemingly bad about freeloading, so she thus went to go help.

Li Su saw her be so proactive and let her cut the celtuce. After Ye Zhen Zhen cut it in half, Li Su grabbed it to wash.

Seeing the tragic sight of butchered celtuce on the chopping board, Li Su recalled how this child had not done much in the kitchen previously, so she naturally shouldn’t have a high expectation.

The kitchen buzzed with activity before a series of knocks on the door sounded, though Li Su nearly ignored it since it was not particularly loud. She wiped her hands clean on her apron and went to open the door.

Zuo Yi was standing outside. When he saw Li Su, he couldn’t help but frown. Li Su did not seem to sense his mood change and politely welcomed him inside.

Zuo Yi glanced at the kitchen after entering. Li Su poured him a glass of water and then smiled, saying, “The meal is almost done.”

Zuo Yi glanced at the water on the table but didn’t drink it. He raised his gaze and focused on Li Su, not bothering to hide his interest. His gaze flustered her.

She wanted to find an excuse to return to the kitchen, but under Zuo Yi’s gaze, she found it difficult to even move her legs.

“Why didn’t you let her go to university?”

This sudden question caught Li Su by surprise, drawing a reaction from her. She sucked in deeply and then said to Zuo Yi, “Officer Zuo, as you can see, our family isn’t well-off and cannot afford the expensive tuition.”

Zuo Yi laughed coldly, his laugh feeling like a knife slicing into Li Su’s cheek. “Mn, not permitting her to go to university allowed her at look after your small supermarket. A few years later, you would casually find someone to marry her off, trapping her here for the rest of her life, no?”

Li Su’s face instantly became deathly pale as she looked at Zuo Yi in disbelief.

Zuo Yi pursed his lips, a cold light faintly exuding from his gaze. “She’s only twenty-one; don’t you think you’re being too selfish?”

Li Su took a deep breath, tears unknowingly beginning to slide down her cheeks. She turned around. “I’ll go check on the dishes.”

She entered the kitchen and looked at Ye Zhen Zhen, who was standing in the doorway. With pursed lips, she said, “You can go back. I’ll manage fine on my own.”

“…Mn.” Ye Zhen Zhen agreed and left her alone in the room.

Dinner that night was very rich in flavor, but none of them had an appetite. Chopsticks were thus set down after eating only a little. Li Su went to place the leftovers into the refrigerator. Zuo Yi walked toward Ye Zhen Zhen’s room and said to her, “I won’t stay here tonight and be a burden. I will head back to the hotel first and come pick you up tomorrow at eight, so don’t go to sleep late.”

Ye Zhen Zhen paused but said, “Okay.”

Zuo Yi nodded and left Li Su’s residence. Ye Zhen Zhen didn’t know how to face Li Su, so she took a shower and went to bed early. One more night, and then she could see Dr. Ji.

She didn’t know why, but she really missed him now.

She took advantage of Li Su washing the dishes to take a rushed shower and then quickly returned to her room, closing the door. Taking out her phone, she lay in bed and called Ji Zhe Yan.

The phone didn’t ring for long before it was picked up. Ye Zhen Zhen didn’t wait for him to respond and proactively called out, “Dr. Ji.”

Since he had interacted with Ye Zhen Zhen for quite a long time by now, Ji Zhe Yan could hear Ye Zhen Zhen’s mood simply from her voice. He furrowed his brows slightly and asked, “What’s wrong? Is there still no progress?”

“No…” Ye Zhen Zhen rolled over and hugged a pillow. “I already found my identity, so we’re returning to A City early tomorrow.”

“Then how come you’re so dispirited?”

“Oh…Dr. Ji, have you eaten?”

Ji Zhe Yan didn’t want to get to the bottom of why Ye Zhen Zhen suddenly changed topics. He glanced at the nurse waiting beside him and smoothly replied, “I have.”



“Okay.” Ye Zhen Zhen paused and then asked, “How come you’re not curious about who I am?”

Ji Zhe Yan chuckled and said, “As far as I am concerned, you’re still the same to me.”

Because on this earth, you are unique and unmatched.

While this line remained unspoken, another left his mouth. “Zuo Yi already told me.”

Yi? Officer Zuo is so annoying. Obviously I should be the one to tell you this.”


Ji Zhe Yan’s laughter sent shivers down Ye Zhen Zhen’s spine. She swallowed and asked, “What did Officer Zuo tell you?”

Ji Zhe Yan laughed again. “We’ll spend time talking when you return.”

Ye Zhen Zhen: “…”

This specific phrasing normally did not indicate good things.

Up until Ji Zhe Yan hung up, Ye Zhen Zhen was constantly worrying about her fate.

Seeing Ji Zhe Yan hang up, the nurse continued walking to the next ward with him. She didn’t know who he was on the phone with just now, but from his expression, she could guessed that the other person must be very important.

It seemed that the rumor floating around the hospital about Dr. Ji being in love had some truth to it.

She stared at Ji Zhe Yan’s tall and straight back and couldn’t help but speed up her steps to catch up to him. “Dr. Ji, you haven’t eaten. How about eating first before continuing to make visits?”

Ji Zhe Yan thought for a moment and then answered, “No need, there are only three wards left. I’ll eat after my rounds.”

The nurse pursed her lips and didn’t speak up again.

Ye Zhen Zhen felt that she probably had trouble sleeping in a bed other than her own. She reclined on the cozy bed but could not fall asleep for some reason. She didn’t know how much time passed when she begun hearing faint noises come from the living room. Her mind fought itself for quite a while, but in the end, she couldn’t help rising from bed and quietly walking over to her door, cracking it open a smidge.

The living room was not lit, so Ye Zhen Zhen could only vaguely see, with the assistance of the moonlight, Li Sun sitting on the sofa, crying over a photograph. Her cries were soft and muffled, and although quiet, the grief embedded within would touch the hearts of others stronger than wails would.

Ye Zhen Zhen unconsciously furrowed her brows. She took another glance before lightly closing the door.

After returning to bed, Ye Zhen Zhen felt that she was even more restless. She kept tossing and turning, her thoughts in turmoil. Who was Li Su crying over?

She picked up her phone from where she left it by the headboard and dialed Zuo Yi’s number to send him a message. 「Officer Zuo, Li Su is sitting in the living room, crying over a photo. Should I pretend to not have seen it, or should I pretend to not have seen it? 1

Zuo Yi’s reply came quickly. 「Did you clearly see who was in the photo?」  

Ye Zhen Zhen curled her lips and sent a reply. 「The skill Clairvoyance has not been unlocked. This information is temporarily unavailable.」  

Zuo Yi smiled and typed: 「It’s already past one. I think you should go to bed early. Tomorrow is an early day.」  

Ye Zhen Zhen’s mouth twitched as she placed her phone to the side.

He also wasn’t asleep, so how dare he have the nerve to scold her.

Author’s Note:

Everyone, be really careful to not get sick QAQ

Today the author had to get an IV, which meant losing three days of updates and no money to buy clothes QAQ

Because I didn’t want my right hand to have a needle shot, I intentionally chose to have my left arm’s skin to be tested. When the nurse came to give me my IV, the skin of my left arm was tested, and it cannot get an IV  【smiling while crying】

#Nurse, you really didn’t deliberately mess with me, right? :)#

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