AQ Chapter 56


Chapter 56: Murderer — I only stabbed him once.

After Qin Kong spoke, the other three people within the interrogation room immediately shot penetrating gazes at him, the sharpest stare being that of Lawyer Song’s. “Young Master Qin, please think before speaking again!”

Zuo Yi didn’t look at him and fired off a question at Qin Kong. “You admit to killing Ye Hong Sheng?”

Qin Kong looked at him with an indifferent expression. “I indeed killed Ye Hong Sheng.”


“Qin Kong!” Lawyer Song suddenly slammed his hands onto the table, standing up from his seat. Zuo Yi finally glanced over at him, a slight trace of impatience within his gaze. “Lawyer Song, if you continue to obstruct our questioning, I have the right to request that you leave.”

Lawyer Song’s lips drew extremely taut as he glared at Qin Kong as if the other had killed his own father. He clenched his fists but sat back down.

Li Xin Ran, in charge of taking notes, was already dumbstruck. He stared at Zuo Yi incredulously. This development truly was as he predicted. Could it be that Lawyer Song was the amusing idiot that he invited to come? Oh, no, the reinforcement?

“How did things play out at that time?” Zuo Yi eyed the person opposite him as he serenely continued his questioning.

Qin Kong took in a deep breath and then slightly leaned forward, both his hands resting naturally on the table. “From my earliest memories, I knew I was different from my two older brothers. At home, anything delicious was surely eaten by them first; any new toy was also given to them first. I had been young at that time, and I thought that since I wasn’t as outstanding as my two older brothers, dad and mom disliked me. So, I studied hard, scoring first on every exam, but they still didn’t give me a single smile.”

Qin Kong’s voice deepened. In this narrow room, his voice echoed, carrying with it a mysterious magnetism, like a late night radio host. Slowly, he weaved for his audience a very long, depressing tale. “Later, I finally realized that the reason why they didn’t like me was not because I was not outstanding enough, but rather because I am a bastard!” Qin Kong’s tone suddenly sharpened, his hands clenching into fists and banging against the table surface lightly. “No matter how hard I try, it is impossible for me to change my bloodline!”

This line was too powerful and resonating. Once it left his mouth, the following silence was tense and oppressive.

He closed his eyes, as if he was trying to calm down the restlessness coursing through his blood. “I easily passed the university entrance exams, got my MBA, and suffered countless hardships that only I know of, but after returning back home, what did I get? An empty title like Product Development Manager?” He couldn’t help but laugh coldly at this point. “Even the company’s cleaning lady had more actual power than me. At the very least, she could decide whether or not to switch the paper on this floor’s restrooms!”


This analogy threw Li Xin Ran for a loop, but he couldn’t help sighing inwardly. Qin Kong actually wasn’t a spoilt rich kid without a single good point; contrary to expectations, he had very high grades during school and was even the favorite pupil of his teachers. The Qin Zhi Corporation had not valued him, not because his ability wasn’t enough, but because of his volatile identity.

The interrogation room fell quiet. When Qin Kong opened his mouth again, his expression became incomparably callous. “What the Qin family could not give me, I could obtain from the Ye family.”

Zuo Yi pursed his lips and stare at him unblinkingly. “So your motive to kill was Ye Hong Sheng altering the will?”

“That’s right.” Qin Kong admitted this readily. “Although Ye Zhen Zhen had a betrothal contract, I knew she didn’t like me, but what did that have to do with anything. I just wanted the Ye family to provide me with a future.”

Qin Kong folded his hands together, remaining silent for a spell before continuing, “But our wedding was set for a year later. I worried for countless nights, my dreams filling with every unfavorable outcome possible. Therefore, I thought—what if the rice was cooked.”1

Zuo Yi couldn’t stop himself from frowning upon hearing this. “So that night on March 13th, you went to the Ye Mansion to…”

“To sleep with her, of course.” Qin Kong laughed carelessly. “I knew that only Ye Hong Sheng was home that night, so it was easy to do.”

“You raped her!” Li Xin Ran, who had been silently taking notes till now, couldn’t help but interpose.

Qin Kong still exuded an indifferent air. “The Ye family and Qin family won’t allow it to become rape. If such a matter spread to the public, Ye Zhen Zhen would have no choice but to marry me.”

Lawyer Song was almost unable to continue listening. He hadn’t even reached his point, yet he had already added many more charges onto himself?

“After that?” Zuo Yi indifferently asked, looking calm and collected.

“When I reached the Ye Mansion, I first went to confirm Ye Hong Sheng’s whereabouts. At that time, he was in his room, talking on the phone. The door was ajar, so I clearly heard every single word that he said——he wanted to donate his entire estate, all twelve hundred million yuan, to charity!”

Zuo Yi mulled this over and asked, “So you got into a fight with him?”

“That’s right. I was very angry at that time. Once he hung up, I rushed in and argued with him. I questioned him closely to find out why, but he said it was Ye family business and that it didn’t concern me.” Qin Kong paused before suddenly exploding. “How does it not concern me! I had planned for so long, waited for so long, and one simple will from him will thoroughly extinguish my dream? Do you know the feeling of being trampled on casually by others?!”

Unlike Qin Kong’s violent behavior, Zuo Yi remained strangely calm. “The Ye family’s estate naturally has absolutely no relation to you.”

Qin Kong looked like he wanted to retort, but he couldn’t find a powerful argument and could only funnel his anger into his glare.

Zuo Yi said, without a change in expression, “How did you kill him?”

Li Xin Ran heard this and subconsciously straightened.

They still hadn’t found the murder weapon. This was their glaring error. Before, when they had interrogated Ye Kang Ping, he had confessed that the murder weapon was a paring knife. According to how he described it, and compared to how the forensic investigators had determined Ye Hong Sheng’s wound to be inflicted, it matched. After interrogating housekeeper Zhou, she also mentioned how Ye Hong Sheng’s room was short one paring knife. That paring knife was of the exact brand and model as the ones in the kitchen. The forensic investigators had used the kitchen’s paring knife to compare the wound inflicted on Ye Hong Sheng’s body; it was near identical.

In addition, the investigation of Ye Hong Sheng’s room unearthed a sliced apple. The cut was identical to the knife wound Ye Hong Sheng had, so it could be concluded that the same knife was used. Analyzing the oxidation level of the apple revealed that this cut had been made not long before the crime occurred, proving that the paring knife was actually present when the crime occurred. However, they hadn’t found the paring knife in the room after the crime.

The information above was kept absolutely confidential. If Qin Kong’s description of the murder weapon matched the information they unearthed, then even if they hadn’t found the murder weapon, this evidence could form a solid case, which meant they could raise a charge against Qin Kong.

This was the shining moment; the hand Li Xin Ran was writing with was coated with a thin sheen of sweat.

Qin Kong pursed his lips and said, “There was a paring knife on the fruit tray. I easily grabbed it.” If it had not been so easy, he also wouldn’t have angrily stabbed Ye Hong Sheng.

Li Xin Ran simply wanted to cry tears of joy. Right, right! It all came fit! He excitedly glanced at Zuo Yi. This case was finally closed!

Qin Kong’s expression changed though, as he assed, “But I only stabbed him once; I didn’t hide the murder weapon.”

Li Xin Ran: “…”

He really wanted to sob.

Zuo Yi’s mood was still steady. He asked Qin Kong, “After you stabbed him, what happened?”

Qin Kong frowned. “Ye Zhen Zhen was at the doorway and shouting. I didn’t know when she came, and I was also scared and stressed out then. I wanted to explain to her, to say I didn’t do it on purpose, but she was very afraid. When she saw me turn around, she ran off. I hurriedly chased after her, and fought with her at the top of the stairs. In the confusion, she grabbed the knife from my hand. In a moment of anxiety, I pushed her down.”

“And then?”

“I wanted to go check on her condition, but I realized that Ye Kang Ping and Sun Qian had come, so I was forced to leave.”

“Where did you leave from?”

“The back door.”

“Who did you come across?”

“No one.”

Zuo Yi paused and then focused his gaze fully on the other. “You didn’t knock housekeeper Zhou unconscious?”

“Housekeeper Zhou?” Qin Kong eyed Zuo Yi. “She was also there at that time?”

Li Xin Ran: “…”

He now thought of a line from a poem and modified it to fit——Even the heaven and earth has an end time; this case will last forever and never end. 2.

Zuo Yi didn’t say anything else and called for Hou Zi to take Qin Kong away. As Qin Kong stood up, he suddenly turned to smile at Lawyer Song. “Go back and tell my big brother that even if I die, I will drag down the Qin family with me.”

Lawyer Song pursed his lips, his expression exceptionally ugly, and left the interrogation room.

Zuo Yi didn’t move, so Li Xin Ran also did not dare to move. He reread the notes he had taken and subconsciously twirled the pen in his hand.

Ye Hong Sheng’s chest had been stabbed twice, but Qin Kong said he only stabbed Ye Hong Sheng once. Then who made the remaining wound? Furthermore, why did the murder weapon disappear without a trace? Could what housekeeper Zhou had previously said be true? Or was housekeeper Zhou the one who made the second wound?

He turned to look glance at Zuo Yi, who had his brows tightly furrowed. Cautiously, he asked, “Leader, there shouldn’t be another perpetrator at the crime scene, right?Qin Kong knocked housekeeper Zhou unconscious, stabbed Ye Hong Sheng again, and then hid the murder weapon. But why did he stab him again? Don’t tell me he was worried that Ye Hong Sheng’s death was not a certain outcome?”

Zuo Yi’s brows rose. “Perhaps Ye Hong Sheng hadn’t been dead at that time…” Wait a minute! He seemed to realize what housekeeper Zhou’s aim was!

Seeing Zuo Yi’s expression suddenly change, Li Xin Ran instinctively swallowed. “What’s wrong?”

“Do you understand about inheritance laws?”

“Ah?” Li Xin Ran was dumbfounded by this suddenly asked question. “I don’t have an inheritance to inherit, so how would I know about that?”

Zuo Yi smirked lightly and looked at him. “If you can’t break a case, as a police officer, what would you do?”

Li Xin Ran: “…”

Leader, I am in the wrong. Don’t kick me out of the police squad! Li Xin Ran looked at him miserably.

Zuo Yi withdrew his gaze and said, “Suppose after Qin Kong stabbed Ye Hong Sheng, Ye Hong Sheng died on the spot. At the time of his death, Ye Hong Sheng died before Ye Zhen Zhen. With these circumstances, the will goes into effect. In other words, when Ye Hong Sheng died, Ye Zhen Zhen would have immediately inherited the estate. After that, Ye Zhen Zhen had died from falling down the staircase, and since she hadn’t drawn up a will, the inheritance left to her by Ye Hong Sheng would be inherited by her heir.” Zuo Yi paused here and turned to look at Li Xin Ran. “But, what if when Qin Kong stabbed Ye Hong Sheng, Ye Hong Sheng did not immediately die?”

Li Xin Ran pursed his somewhat chapped lips and didn’t say anything.

“Combining Ye Kang Ping and Qin Kong’s confessions, Ye Zhen Zhen died immediately after falling down the stairs. Suppose that Ye Hong Sheng had not yet died by this point in time. If the heir dies before the benefactor, the will is invalidated. In other words, after Ye Hong Sheng dies, the inheritance will be bequeathed to the next person in the legal line of succession.”

And the legal line of succession was first the spouse, followed by the children and then the parents. Illegitimate children counted as well.

Author’s Note:

This is the first update, another one in the evening, muah~!

I read the comments and realized that everyone thinks that Qin Kong is not the murderer, actually…

From the very beginning, I had established that he was a pervert 🙂

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  1. “The rice is cooked” = “what’s done is done”
  2. A parody of the line “天长地久有时尽,此恨绵绵无绝期” from Bai Juyi’s poem 《长恨歌 | Chang Hen Ge | The Song of Everlasting Regret/Sorrow》; it tells the story of Yang Guifei (719-756), concubine of the Emperor Xuanzong of Tang.

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