AQ Chapter 64


Chapter 64: Signing a Contract — That person just now…was Emperor Mo?

The finals was held half a month later, as planned. Ye Zhen Zhen was in a rush the day before the finals, the new dress being just finished in time.

Unlike the charming dress from the preliminaries and the bright-colored dress from the semifinals, this dress for the finals thoroughly personified the concept of a wedding dress—pure white, elegant, graceful, dream-like.

Layer after layer of gorgeous lace made up the complicated skirt, causing this wedding dress to appear even sweeter than the large ake Ye Zhen Zhen had previously bought. The decorations on this dress, however, were blue rugosa roses in full bloom, which brought a cold, noble aura of the highest quality.


The other two outfits could not compare to the complexity of this wedding dress. Just the roses alone required all five to pull all-nighters for an entire week to finish. Each petal was personally hand-made and sewed onto the dress.

Gan Tian’s hair was curled into large wavy curls and then pinned into  a gorgeous bridal bun to the left, adorned with a blue rose as well. Behind the rose, a small, golden tiara was secured.

For the finals, the organizers had specifically rented a runway to serve as the stage. In addition to the backdrop being quite professional and stunning, something else drew in a lot of media coverage. When Ye Zhen Zhen saw the formally dressed crew members as well as reporters from all the major television stations, she suddenly felt that she might be too famous.

As a member of the champion team of A City, Ye Zhen Zhen also received invites for interviews when the competition was officially underway.

Sitting opposite a beautiful reporter who was earnestly looking at her, Ye Zhen Zhen brushed her long hair behind her ear and cleared her voice. “Can my face be pixelated?”

Reporter: “…”

This wasn’t a legal documentary; what pixelation?!

Despite a thousand mythical beasts hurtling through her mind, she recalled that the person opposite her was the heiress of the Ye Family, who had just donated a large portion of her estate. Moreover, she was a popular competitor in this next competition, so the beautiful reporter displayed a pleasant, professional smile. “No problem, I will have that done after.”

“Thanks.” Ye Zhen Zhen covered her mouth and giggled daintily.

After a brief five minutes, the interview was concluded cheerfully. Ye Zhen Zhen refused interviews from the other television stations and returned to the backstage area.

If everyone knew her appearance, they might try to outdo each other in kidnapping her! Having been educated on safety measures since she was a child, Ye Zhen Zhen’s safety awareness was very high.

Due to being the champion team of A City, Gan Tian did not have to draw lots and was instead designated as the last competitor to appear. The venue’s atmosphere was very keyed-up. All the competitors were very skilled, and combined with the quality of the stage and lights, it was very difficult to believe that this was simply a competition for students. Ye Zhen Zhen even saw several models within the audience who frequently appeared in fashion magazines.

Unfortunately, A’yao, the model she preferred, was not present.

The competition gradually drew to a close. Finally, Gan Tian appeared on stage. The originally noisy venue instantly quieted down, everyone holding their breath as they watched Gan Tian unhurriedly walk forward. With her chin slightly raised, a noble and elegant expression on her face, and a look in her eyes that screamed ‘these eyes could see nothing worthwhile all around,’ Gan Tian’s queenly aura made the audience desire to kneel down and kiss her feet.

Ye Zhen Zhen decided on the spot: when she married, she must wear this wedding dress!

Each contestant only had a brief period of time on stage, yet when Gan Tian paused at the forefront of the stage, nobody could tear their gaze away from her—not even to blink.

Once Gan Tian left the stage, the venue fell silent for a moment before breaking out into thunderous applause.

Gan Run Yang watched Gan Tian continually from backstage, releasing his breath the moment she returned. Even if they did not place first at this competition, they were undoubtedly successful.

The scores for the finals were calculated faster than the previous two rounds. Gan Tian had not exited the stage for very long before the final rankings were announced. When Ye Zhen Zhen received the first place award certificate, she felt that obtaining first was actually not that difficult!

After receiving a reward of ten thousand yuan and 1.5 course credit, Ye Zhen Zhen felt very cheerful, so she did not have any reporters censor her image when accepting interviews after the competition.

The next day post-competition, every major television station broadcasted the results of this competition, during which Ye Zhen Zhen enthusiastically dragged Ji Zhe Yan to watch the broadcast.

That beautiful reporter from before stayed true to her word. Not only was her face heavily pixelated, her voice also received special treatment.


Ji Zhe Yan gazed at the block of pixels on the television and then turned to Ye Zhen Zhen. “You want me to see this? It is quite creative.”

Ye Zhen Zhen: “…”

There were other television stations; they must surely have not pixelated her!

Ye Zhen Zhen seized the remote and impatiently surfed channels, just so happening to catch news covering the broadcasted competition. However, Ye Zhen Zhen was still a blob of mosaics within this news segment.

All the news media in A City had unanimously replaced Ye Zhen Zhen with a mosaic block. They truly were little angels good at understanding others.

Ye Zhen Zhen: “…”

She didn’t plan on accepting any interviews from television stations again! She wanted to withdraw from the entertainment circle!

Ye Zhen Zhen stewed in resentment for the following two days, until she suddenly received a call from 《 TOMATO 》 magazine. The caller said they were the editor in chief and had contacted the organizers of the competition to obtain Ye Zhen Zhen’s number. This call was primarily to inquire about whether she was willing to sign a contract with 《 TOMATO 》.

Ye Zhen Zhen was shocked. She had this easily got into contact with the editor in chief of 《 TOMATO 》? Maybe this was a scammer?

She tactfully questioned the editor in chief to determine their true identity. The other party immediately stated that the contract would be signed at Kai Huang and that if she wanted, she could come and get a tour of Kai Huang at any time, even meet Emperor Mo!

That final bit about meeting Emperor Mo actually was what tempted Ye Zhen Zhen. She and the editor in chief arranged a time to meet. She did not forget to tell Ji Zhe Yan about this before practically bouncing vivaciously to Kai Huang to sign the contract.

Of course, she didn’t sign the contract solely to meet Emperor Mo. She was currently a fourth-year university student, and like the others around her, she was planning for her future. Students were sitting exams to enter graduate programs to continue their studies. Some were going abroad to a school of their vocation. Those students preparing for internships were also rushing to and from interviews.

With Ye Zhen Zhen’s grades…there was no need to consider entering a graduate program or going abroad to study. However, as for getting an internship, the Ye family had a readily available company; it would be a matter of minutes to get her one at a place where she is the major stockholder. Furthermore, once she inherited the estate, her great uncle and everyone else would return from abroad. As of right now, he was taking care of the company for her. If she wanted to develop the company, there was her uncle to help her. It would be take a lot of effort to end up not successful.

She had never been interested in managing stuff like this, however, and she was not good at it either. If she was Li Jia Jia, surely this would have been better?

Ye Zhen Zhen pursed her lips and continued to listen to the editor in chief lobby the job position in an unceasing torrent of words. In fact, he really didn’t need to put so much effort into convincing her, because the ultimate goal of her participating in the competition was to gain the chance to sign on with 《 TOMATO 》.

But signing the contract was a bit different than what Ye Zhen Zhen had imagined. She could not necessarily begin working for the company after signing on, instead being required to first pass a specialized training. After the training was complete, she would be assessed; only upon passing would she be considered an official employee.

《 TOMATO 》 was the current number one women’s magazine within the country. As a part of Kai Huang, the magazine’s growth over the past few years had increasing exponentially, becoming increasingly high-end. Their contracted designers were nationally acclaimed. Ye Zhen Zhen didn’t feel particularly insulted that she needed to be assessed first, as she was not used to everything.

After signing the contract, the editor in chief politely offered Ye Zhen Zhen a tour of Kai Huang—of course, he did not mention at all the fact that Emperor Mo was frequently not on the premises.

Ye Zhen Zhen happily agreed. This was the first time she was in an entertainment company, so she naturally wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to see a couple of actors! The 33rd floor, where Emperor Mo was located, was not a place one could casually visit as they please, so touring there was naturally impossible. The editor in chief felt that taking Ye Zhen Zhen through the film studios should be enough to satisfy her.

When they exited the elevator, they came across two men. The one walking in the front had short, black hair and a build better than the male models Ye Zhen Zhen had seen. His delicate face was hidden behind large, dark brown sunglasses, however, so only the curve of his perfect chin was visible.

“Tang Qiang, I remember I said that I was not accepting any new commercials right now.” The two men were walking toward them quite rapidly, a slight breeze buffeting Ye Zhen Zhen as they passed by. The man’s magnetic voice also reached her ears coincidentally. “Furthermore, next time there is a meal like this, tell me. Otherwise, you will smoothly disappear, okay?”

“Okay.” The reply came just as the elevator behind them closed. Ye Zhen Zhen and the editor in chief were still standing where they were just a moment ago, dumbstruck.

A long while later, Ye Zhen Zhen turned her head to look at the editor in chief. “That just now…was Emperor Mo?”

The editor in chief nodded sluggishly. “It all happened so quick, so I am not sure. Daring to speak that way to Manager Tang, however…it can only be Emperor Mo. “

Ye Zhen Zhen: “…”

She, she, she had just seen Emperor Mo! The real Emperor Mo!

Should she burn to give to Li Jia Jia?! No, she did not mean burn Emperor Mo to give to Li Jia Jia, but burn a letter to tell her! 1

She grabbed the editor in chief and managed to babble out, “Does your magazine have a model called A’yao? Can she be given to me?”


The editor in chief looked at her as if she was very troublesome. “This…might require you to seek Emperor Mo’s permission first.”

Fighting with Emperor Mo over his wife, did this girl have a death wish?!

“N-no, I meant, can she be assigned to me?” Ye Zhen Zhen hurriedly corrected herself. “Then all her clothes will be designed by me!”

The editor in chief sent her a complicated expression. This beautiful girl was unexpectedly a lesbian? That was truly too unfortunate.

“Actually…I am not familiar with her…” The editor in chief barely opened his mouth to murmur, “Emperor Mo keeps too tight a watch.”

Emperor Mo’s wife, he did not dare to become familiar with her.

Ye Zhen Zhen saw that the editor in chief’s gaze was suddenly brimming with…disdain. The editor in chief couldn’t help but explain himself. “You heard just now, Emperor Mo himself refused his own offers, let alone have her take on some of them.”

Ye Zhen Zhen narrowed her eyes. She had indeed heard that the model was pregnant, so Emperor Mo was keeping her under close watch.

Under Ye Zhen Zhen’s questioning gaze, the editor in chief puffed out his chest and said, “But don’t you worry, I will persevere and continue to ask her out on a date every month until I succeed!”

“Date?” Ye Zhen Zhen repeated this word.

The editor in chief froze and exclaimed, greatly alarmed, “Not that type of date! Date as in an appointment!”

Ye Zhen Zhen smiled in understanding. “Don’t worry, I won’t tell Emperor Mo—if you give that model to me.”

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  1. The Chinese believe that by burning things, the items can be sent on to the afterlife for the deceased to use/see

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