Divorce: This is a Trivial Matter


〖夫妻圈〗  离婚这件小事

[Marriage] Divorce: This is a Trivial Matter

Author: Ban Li Zi/Chestnut (板栗子)




Chapter Count: 59

Character Count: 222870


Yang Wei and Qi Xiao Yan had been married for a year and were unable to reach mutual understanding on many topics, except for one——divorce!

They didn’t know that there was still one more thing they also reached a strong, mutual understanding on——

Want to find your second spring?* In your dreams!

In short: Mr. Qi and Mrs. Qi end up happily remarrying each other.


Reading Guideline:

  1. Although this is about divorce, it is pure and without abuse.
  1. Light, sweet love, 1V1/Monogamy, HE/Happy Ending


*(idiom) try to fall in love again

?DTTM ? Teaser ?DTTM ?

Chapter 1: Divorce — I believe it’s impossible to overcome the huge gap between education levels.

Chapter 2: First Sight — I am Yu Shi Shi’s older female cousin. She wants… to treat you to a meal.

Chapter 3: Association — I suppose z and y are two continuous natural numbers, so let’s test it.

?DTTM ? Teaser ?DTTM ?

Continued at Ainushi Translations by Kiseki*

*Yes, same translator (Kiseki), just different sites


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