DTTM Chapter 2


Chapter 2: First Sight — I am Yu Shi Shi’s older female cousin. She wants…to treat you to a meal.


Yang Wei first caught sight of Qi Xiao Yan at the Imperial Capital University’s school gate.

It was the beginning of spring. Qi Xiao Yan was wearing a simple white shirt and stood in front of the school building, lost in thought. His hair was longer than the norm, covering his ears and nape. Furthermore, some of it naturally curled. According to the high school male student’s hairstyle standards, this hairstyle would be prohibited.

He stood in the sunlight, his thoughts unknown. Behind him, on the steps, was a flock of students making an unnecessary racket; they seemed to have no relation to him.


Yang Wei had recognized him almost immediately. This man was the Adonis that Yu Shi Shi had been worshipping at the sacred altar for four full years——Professor Qi.

Yu Shi Shi was her younger female cousin who had graduated in the same year as her.

Yu Shi Shi’s home city wasn’t at A City. Her dad had been making her return home to find an internship. That day, she had just finished her studies and would be returning to intern. Yang Wei was specifically coming over to be her manual laborer.

Yu Shi Shi had seen Yang Wei and impatiently showed her the Idol Professor Qi. “Do you finally see? Look! That’s Professor Qi; isn’t he very handsome!”

Yang Wei had nodded, expressing her agreement. One after another, there were female students running up to try to confess to him——only, they had walked away with unsightly complexions.

Yu Shi Shi had stabbed her elbow into Yang Wei, whispering, “You go up and help me invite him out to eat lunch.”

Yang Wei: “…”

Biaojie,1 this is the only thing I will ask for in my entire life.” Yu Shi Shi had brought both of her hands up in a prayer, miserably looking at her. “You aren’t a student here at our school. Even if he refuses, it wouldn’t be too bitter.”

Yang Wei: “…”

Was this the meaning of knowing perfectly well that she would refuse, yet still wanting her to go up?

Even under Yu Shi Shi’s coaxing and pestering, Yang Wei had still possessed a thick face——she hadn’t wanted to admit that she also wanted to use this opportunity to talk with Professor Qi. Just as she had walked two steps in Qi Xiao Yan’s direction, she gained the attention of all the female students in front of the school building. She had subconsciously tidied up her hair.

Yang Wei had walked up to Qi Xiao Yan and realized that she was nervous, her heart rapidly beating faster. Stopping two steps from his location, she had softly called out, “Professor Qi.”

“How do you prove that in a certain area of a simple closed curve, the circumference of a circle is the smallest?”

His words had fired out rapidly, and his tone had been extremely unusual as well——like the echoing notes of the best pianist playing on the most expensive piano, clean and beautiful.

But the substance behind his words…

“Ah?” That had been the reply Yang Wei gave Qi Xiao Yan.

Qi Xiao Yan had turned his head to look at her, slightly stumped for words. Before his eyes was a woman with beautifully curled hair that just reached her waist, neat and tidy flaxen strands glistening as sunlight dazzlingly shined down on it.

He had stared blankly at her for three seconds before saying, “You are not a student here.”

Yang Wei had been somewhat embarrassed. She had quirked her lips up into a smile for him. “I am Yu Shi Shi’s older female cousin. She wants…to treat you to a meal.”

Those last six words had been so soft, they couldn’t get any softer.

Qi Xiao Yan had glanced in Yu Shi Shi’s direction; Yu Shi Shi had immediately straightened her body before stilling herself.

He had turned his head back to look at Yang Wei, answering, “I’m sorry, I have already made an appointment this evening with other people.”

As expected.

Yang Wei had smiled at him and apologized for troubling him. She had then returned to Yu Shi Shi. “He said he had an appointment this evening with other people.”

Yu Shi Shi was dumbstruck. “But…I invited him to eat lunch!”

Yang Wei: “…”

Regardless of the reason, it had been impossible for her to go up a second time, so lunch had been the two of them casually searching for a restaurant and settling with a small noodle house. Yang Wei had carried Yu Shi Shi’s suitcase from the girl’s dormitory and walked out, when a male student passing by had attentively run up to offer to help her carry the suitcase. He had carried it all the way to the taxi, but even then, he had been unwilling to take his gaze off of her.

Qi. Yu Shi Shi had closed the car door, turning her nose up at this male student’s behavior. “How come when I previously lifted the suitcase at a crawl’s pace, no one appeared to help me?”

The driver in the front had indifferently said, “Look at your face.”

Yu Shi Shi: “…”

Then could she look at his face later and decide not to pay the fare?!

In the end, she had naturally paid the passenger fare. Yang Wei had sent her off on the train, and with her mission completed, she had returned to the urban district. Just as she had taken a seat in the taxi, she had received a call from her roommate Jian Shuang. “Do you have time this evening? Let’s go eat.”

Yang Wei hadn’t had the time to open her mouth before Jian Shuang continued, “Dress pretty.”

Yang Wei’s had eyebrows risen. “Does going out to eat with you necessitate dressing pretty?”

“Apart from me, there are four university professors.”

Yang Wei had been stunned. “You have not offended all the professors in the department, right?”

“Who said it was our school’s professors?” Jian Shuang had had the tone of ‘hating iron for not becoming steel.’2 “All of them are Imperial Capital University professors!”

Yang Wei’s lips had quirked up. “Shuang’er, April Fools’ Day is still ten days away.”

Jian Shuang couldn’t help but explode into obscene language on the phone. “Let me be blunt with you, alright?! At my older female cousin’s company, four of her colleagues had invited four Imperial Capital University professors to eat dinner, but then two of her colleagues had to work overtime today at the last moment. Since they couldn’t come, it’s your turn to go!”

Yang Wei had met Jian Shuang’s older female cousin in the past. Rumors said that she worked in a company ranked worldwide in the Top 500, dressed very classily, and possessed the air of a capable, experienced, professional woman. She had been the idol of more than half of their dormitory’s girls. Yang Wei had thought for a moment before she opened her parched mouth. “This…isn’t a friendly outing?”

“No, we’re going on a group blind date. Every day, if the university professors aren’t writing papers, they are conducting research. Personal problems are slow to or can’t get resolved. We should show concern and care for them.”

Yang Wei’s mouth had curled down. “Thinking of Professor Deng’s melon head, are you certain you want to show concern and care for them?”

Jian Shuang had been silent for a moment before saying, “Tonight we’re eating Western-style food at 「Moon Lovers」. The other party is paying.”

「Moon Lovers」 was a new family Western restaurant that opened in A City. Hearing the name had immediately made people aware that the theme was abusing dogs. 3 Yang Wei and Jian Shuang had never been there, but their roommate and her boyfriend had gone to eat there. That place was super boastful. They had struggled internally, but Yang Wei and Jian Shuang, from beginning to end, didn’t have faces thick enough to pretend to be lesbians and go eat there.

This time, they had a golden opportunity; furthermore, they didn’t even need to pay. Yang Wei had carefully thought it over for a second before cheerfully agreeing. “Deal!”

She had frantically changed clothes in the dormitory, but Yang Wei still couldn’t help but be anxious. “We’re pretending to be Top 500 white-collar women. Are you certain we won’t be exposed? The other party must be people with high IQs.”

Jian Shuang had worn a one-shoulder dress and still found the time to shoot a glance at her. “Just say that you don’t talk about work after work hours.”

Yang Wei couldn’t help but give her a thumbs up. “Hai.” 4

That evening at 6PM, Yang Wei and Jian Shuang had arrived at the Western restaurant on time. Jian Shuang’s older female cousin had already been waiting outside. She had approved when she saw them. She had commented, “Your eye makeup is done well.”

Yang Wei had been slightly nervous, practically dragging Jian Shuang inside. Having walked up to the reserved dining table, Jian Shuang’s footsteps had suddenly stopped.

“What, what’s wrong?” Yang Wei had become even more nervous.

Jian Shuang had gaped for a long time before finally saying something. “Professor, Professor Qi.”

Yang Wei had also been stunned. She had followed Jian Shuang’s lifeless gaze and saw, under a light source, a tyrannical scene in her line of sight——one of the professors had been someone she had met this morning, Professor Qi.

Different from his simple attire earlier, Qi Xiao Yan had been wearing a very traditional black suit, one which had contoured the lines of his body and smoothly highlighted his assets——looking elegant as the suit stretched tightly across his body.

He had originally said that he had made an appointment with other people, which was clearly this group blind date… no, that wasn’t right. Qualified people like him still needed blind dates?!

Jian Shuang’s voice had trembled as she spoke from Yang Wei’s side. “Weiwei’er, I’m a little nervous.”

“I can feel it.” Yang Wei had pried the rigid fingers off of her arm. “You are also familiar with Professor Qi?”

Jian Shuang had said, “The neighboring family had already posted pics of the handsome professor for two years on Moments.”5

Yang Wei had paused and then turned her head to look at Jian Shuang. “And you concealed this from me for two years?”

Jian Shuang: “…”

Was this important right now?

Yang Wei had also realized the insignificance of this matter, as she had suddenly realized that Professor Qi would recognize her!

“Shuang’er, I suddenly have a stomachache. I’ll leave first.” Yang Wei had finished speaking and turned towards the direction of the door to slip away. Jian Shuang, however, had grabbed her wrist.

“Do you still think you can leave? Don’t you see Professor Qi looking straight at you?!”

Jian Shuang had said this through gritted teeth and with rage dripping off her voice. Yang Wei’s little heart had trembled as she turned her head, carelessly meeting Qi Xiao Yan’s gaze.

That gaze had seemed electrifying, making Yang Wei, for a split second, get a shock of false courage.

Finished. I’m finished. He recognizes me. Yang Wei had then been very distressed. She hadn’t even seen the meal dishes; she hadn’t even successfully graduated, yet she was already dead.

Due to Qi Xiao Yun’s appearance, which was a force to be reckoned with, everyone had wanted to seize the seat opposite him, only to find him staring at Yang Wei. Silently, they had yielded the seat to Yang Wei. When Yang Wei had sat down, face-to-face with Qi Xiao Yun, the women’s selfless sacrifice had touched her spirit and made her want to weep.

At the neighboring table, the other three men had already begun talking. Only Qi Xiao Yan and Yang Wei had stared at each other with nothing to say. Yang Wei had buried her head into her handbag when Qi Xiao Yan had suddenly began talking. His clear and cold voice had been like the red wine gradually swirling in front of them, mesmerizing. “You are a university student.”

Yang Wei: “…”

She knew that it would have been impossible for her to deceive a crowd of people with such a high IQ!

“I, I merely came to pull up the numbers…” Yang Wei had whispered as an explanation.

Qi Xiao Yan had said, “I see. I also came to pull up the numbers.”

The head of the Mathematics department had lamented in front of him for three days, repeatedly guaranteeing him that he would only be coming as eye candy and that he wouldn’t have needed to do anything else. He just had to show up.

Dinner still proceeded delightfully——except Yang Wei had been borrowing the courage of red wine. This had caused her to carelessly become drunk. After the meal, everyone had planned to go sing karaoke, but Qi Xiao Yan had seen that Yang Wei had become completely intoxicated. He had raised an argument against this idea, and finally everyone had decided, after much discussion, to place Qi Xiao Yan in charge of delivering Yang Wei home.

On the way, Yang Wei had argued noisily that she didn’t want to go home. Qi Xiao Yan, without any better option, had carried her to a hotel. Yang Wei hadn’t known where her madness came from, but upon seeing him walk away, she had grabbed his necktie and dragged him toward her.

This had been the first time Qi Xiao Yan had been so close to a girl. He hadn’t recovered yet, but Yang Wei had already come up for a kiss.

As a guy had once told Yang Wei when he confessed to her, Yang Wei was like a cake brimming with a creamy aroma, making others look and couldn’t help but want to take a bite of her.

Qi Xiao Yan had one taste of Yang Wei and couldn’t stop. That night, the fire had burned like a raging inferno. Because it was the first time for them both, their ability to connect at a deep level with each other wasn’t very high——Qi Xiao Yan’s teeth had been dripping with blood when he bit into Yang Wei’s left shoulder, leaving the best evidence of the night’s happenings.

When they had woken up the next day, the messy room had made the both of them suddenly realize that something major had happened——something bad.

One of them had wanted to use the wild power of wine, and the other was a university professor. One felt that they had taken advantage of the other’s difficulty, tainting the other’s innocence. The both of them had felt that they should take responsibility for the other, so they settled on registering for marriage immediately.

Upon learning that they had married, Papa Yang had nearly beaten Professor Qi to death. Yang Wei had claimed that Professor Qi was a high-ranking intellectual, a superior species, so Papa Yang had frowned and stopped his murderous course of action. Afterward, the two of them had a fix-it wedding ceremony. Similarly, the guests had identical expressions of shock the entire time they participated in the wedding ceremony.

Because Yang Wei had only just graduated at that time, she had a lot of interviews she had to attend. As a result, the two of them hadn’t gone on a honeymoon and merely made plans to wait until next year’s summer vacation, where the two of them will go on an eight month, luxurious tour of Europe together.

But they hadn’t waited till next summer, as the two of them had gotten a divorce.

Thinking this over, it was because the two of them had lacked the necessary pre-marital understanding of one another, which caused several conflicting views to unavoidably arise. The two of them had mutually tolerated the other for a year, but in the end, they still ended up walking toward divorce.


Author’s Note:

The male lead and female leads aren’t wanton people, but upon meeting the other, they would not be human if they weren’t wanton. 

Incidentally, warning sister-in-laws, by all means, don’t marry a man you don’t understand sufficiently or on impulse. Otherwise, it’ll most likely end in tragedy.

The male and female leads are Chestnut’s messy tragedy.

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  1. (表姐) biǎojiě = older female cousin via the female line; term of address
  2. Idiom that means ‘to feel resentful towards someone for failing to meet expectations and impatient to see improvement’
  3. ‘Dogs’ in this case being single people.
  4. … author’s an otaku. Aight, hai is a loanword from Japanese. はい hai is similar to the English word “yes.” More precisely, はい (hai) means, “I agree with you”, or, “It is correct.”
  5. “Moments” is a social networking function of the smartphone app WeChat.

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