ISUD Chapter 31


Chapter 31 — Getting together is not the end; rather, it is the start of many problems.


In the middle of the street, the two of them stared at each other. The pedestrians passed by as if the duo’s matter was unrelated to them. Suddenly, Xia Wei turned around and walked over to Starlight General Merchandise. Jiang Zhi Zhou was stunned for a moment before quickly overtaking her. He asked, “What are you doing?”

Xia Wei replied, “Going to buy a silk scarf from that promotion.”

“…Why didn’t you buy it earlier?”


“Because I was previously planning to move, the money I would use to buy the silk scarf would have been for rent.”

Jiang Zhi Zhou slowed down. “So…you don’t intend to move now?”

“Mn, you chased after me, so why would I still be interested in moving?”

“…” Alright, chasing after is just chasing after, as long as she doesn’t move out. “Then I can interpret this as you accepting my confession?”

“…” Xia Wei felt a bit reluctant. Why was this straight guy so shrewd this time? “You can interpret it this way.”

Jiang Zhi Zhou slowly came to a stop. He stood there staring after her; he couldn’t restrain his emotions, his lips curving.

“Why did you stop?” Xia Wei turned around, waiting for him. That promotion just now had been very popular, so since she was coming back late, there might not be anything left to buy.

Jiang Zhi Zhou simply smiled and said, “I’m simply feeling very happy.”

Xia Wei: “…”

Mr. Jiang smiled, his eyes curving like crescent moons, making him look very attractive. She was unexpectedly stirred up by this smile.

“Idiot.” She turned around, not wanting him to see her slightly burning cheeks.

When the two of them returned to Starlight General Merchandise, the interior was still packed with people. When she arrived at the front, she asked the clerk for the options before settling on a silk scarf and some other items. Xia Wei happily fished out her purse to pay, but she was stopped by Jiang Zhi Zhou. “I’ll pay.”

Xia Wei blinked at him, silent.

Jiang Zhi Zhou said, “Consider this my first gift to you.”

While he was paying at the checkout counter, Xia Wei was internally cheering with joy. Her dream of having a boyfriend buy her things had unexpectedly been achieved so quickly!

Furthermore, this boyfriend was very handsome and very wealthy!

Jiang Zhi Zhou carried the bag with the silk scarf as they left. Xia Wei said, with a calm and collected expression, “Thanks.” After she said this, she asked, “But that skirt you had bought for Sun Jiao Jiao should be more expensive than this silk scarf, right?”

“…” Jiang Zhi Zhou was silent for a moment before asking, “How about I buy you something else?”

Xia Wei restrained herself for a few seconds  but couldn’t help the ‘pfft’ that escaped her. “It’s okay; let’s go.”

Jiang Zhi Zhou asked her, “Where do you want to go? I’ll take you there.”

Xia Wei said, “I originally had an appointment to sign a lease with the landlord this afternoon. I planned to move out tomorrow, but now, I don’t need to. It would be better to..” She originally thought of saying, ‘It would be better for you to drive me back to the salon,’ but just as she was about to say it, she changed it to, “It would be better to find someplace to eat.”

“Alright.” Starlight General Merchandise had quite a lot of eateries, but because of the promotion today, there were an exceptionally large amount of people, so they probably wouldn’t be able to find seating easily. “How about we go home; I’ll cook.”

“Sure!” Xia Wei was so excited, she found it difficult to speak. Just moments ago, she was worried he would say, ‘but I need to go work at Tian Xia Restaurant.’

When they arrived at their neighborhood, Xia Wei straightforwardly tugged Sunshine along over to Mr. Jiang’s home to freeload food. Jiang Zhi Zhou opened the door for her and then settled the pair of ladies’ slippers in front of her. Whether it was because of her current knowledge or changed mood, she now held especially warm feelings toward the pair of slippers.

In fact, Mr. Jiang was a very attentive person.

“What’s wrong?” Jiang Zhi Zhou saw her stare blankly at the slippers. Some bafflement welled up in his heart; could it be that she disliked the slippers because they were not aesthetically pleasing?

Xia Wei didn’t reply and simply smiled before handing her phone over. “This is the landlord’s number. You explain to him why I’m not renting the apartment. I don’t want to be cursed out.”

Jiang Zhi Zhou: “…”

Mn, as he didn’t let her move out, the one who received the landlord’s wrath should also be him; there was nothing wrong with this.

He accepted Xia Wei’s phone and walked to the balcony as he pressed call. The landlord was a middle aged man native to A City, so when he angrily cursed Jiang Zhi Zhou out, he used local slang and curses. Since Jiang Zhi Zhou knew he was in the wrong, he couldn’t retort and could only silence himself and listen.

After the landlord finally winded down, he hung up rapidly. Jiang Zhi Zhou exhaled. Just as he was about to return the phone to Xia Wei, who was playing with the cat in the living room, the phone received two new messages.

Tao Yu: 「That mother cat we saw last time gave birth to kittens, so cute」

Tao Yu: 「『image』」

Jiang Zhi Zhou’s brows lightly knitted together. He opened the message. In the image, there was a litter of approximately four or five young kittens. Their eyes weren’t even open yet, unquestionably cute.

He silently frowned and restrained the urge to reply. He returned the phone to Xia Wei. “Tao Yu sent you some messages, saying the mother cat had given birth to young kittens.”

“Mn? Really?” Xia Wei happily accepted the phone and looked at the messages Tao Yu had just sent her. “Hahaha, very cute.”

Jiang Zhi Zhou stopped beside the couch to look at her. “You’re in contact with him still?”

“Yeah, but we’re only talking about the stray cats at school and such.”

“You added him on WeChat?”


“Then you should add me, too.”

Xia Wei froze for a moment, at last sensing the anger rising within Jiang Zhi Zhou. “You’re unhappy?” She had heard Mr. Jiang say that he wouldn’t accept a girlfriend who had ex-boyfriends, but she hadn’t heard that he wouldn’t accept one who had male friends.

Jiang Zhi Zhou bowed his head to look at her, asking, “Haven’t you wondered why he drove you back to A City, all the way from D City?”

Xia Wei: “…”

She didn’t need to, because Tao Yu had straightforwardly told her.

“Mn…I will tell him I have a boyfriend.”

Jiang Zhi Zhou said, “While you’re at it, tell him to get the stray cats spayed.”


Xia Wei edited her message to Tao Yu and then accepted Mr. Jiang’s friend request. After that, Jiang Zhi Zhou’s complexion lightened slightly. “From now on, don’t exchange messages with him.”

“Oh…” Mr. Jiang’s possessiveness was a bit too strong; they had barely been together for a few hours, yet he was already beginning to control who she could chat with.

Still, it was very natural for him to be in control.

After all was said and done, however, Xia Wei was someone who had fallen in and out of love several times. With the intention of achieving mutual understanding of each other, she sat down beside him and prepared to talk to him about some matters. “Let’s switch to couple avatars. I collected quite a lot, so I’ll send some to you.”

After she said this, Jiang Zhi Zhou began to incessantly receive messages, all of them cute, cartoon avatars.

Xia Wei said, “Choose one.”

Jiang Zhi Zhou looked through and said to her, “This upstairs-downstairs series seems quite interesting.”

“Haha, I also find it especially interesting. Moreover, it’s like us.” Xia Wei fiddled with her phone for a while before smiling and handing it over to Jiang Zhi Zhou. “How about this?”


“Then let’s get them!” She went onto QQ and WeChat to change her avatars after declaring this. Ah, the feeling of separating herself from the ranks of dogs was really invigorating!

After Jiang Zhi Zhou also changed his avatar, he went to go prepare lunch. Xia Wei sat by herself in the living room, staring at their matching avatars and giggling for a while. She then ran to the best friends chat to show off. 「Fellow students, I’m once more in a steady relationship. Wish me well!」

Eight Treasures Congee Female Hero: 「……..」  

Eight Treasures Congee Female Hero: 「…… I, don’t know, what I should say @Not Losing 5kg Not Changing Name」

Not Losing 5kg Not Changing Name: 「With Mr. Jiang from downstairs?」

Asking For Suicide At Eighteen This Year: 「Yes『shy』」  

Eight Treasures Congee Female Hero: 「Holy shit! Holy shit!」  

Eight Treasures Congee Female Hero: 「Why are you fooling around with him? Xia Wei Wei, read through the group chat history; look at how you previously ridiculed him『smile』」  

Asking For Suicide At Eighteen This Year: 「…『sweat』」  

Asking For Suicide At Eighteen This Year: 「I already deleted the chat history『picks nose』」

Eight Treasures Congee Female Hero: 「I still have it, want me to send it to you?『smile』」  

Not Losing 5kg Not Changing Name: 「Eight Treasures, always, always with an imperturbable self-confidence. Anyways, those two are diseased, so they’ll harm each other, great」

Eight Treasures Congee Female Hero: 「Mr. Jiang is also diseased?」

Not Losing 5kg Not Changing Name: 「Mn, mental mysophobia, refuses to accept a girlfriend with ex-boyfriends」

Eight Treasures Congee Female Hero: 「…then is he blind to settle on Xia Wei?」

Not Losing 5kg Not Changing Name: 「╮(╯_╰)╭ don’t know」

Eight Treasures Congee Female Hero: 「then let’s bet again on how many days they last together this time :)」

Asking For Suicide At Eighteen This Year: 「『smile』」

Invincible Little Sweetie: 「I hope you reach the end together this time『cute』」

Upon seeing Tian Tian’s name, Xia Wei paused. After that confession from her last time, the two of them hadn’t talked. Tian Tian even kept silent in the group chat.

Asking For Suicide At Eighteen This Year: 「Thanks『cute』」

Tian Tian’s well-wishes could be regarded as an opportunity to mend the frayed ties between them.

Just as she was about to set down her phone, Twiggy sent her a private message. 「You really got together with Mr. Jiang from downstairs?」

Asking For Suicide At Eighteen This Year: 「Mn, he suddenly chased after me today and confessed; I was also shocked.」

Not Losing 5kg Not Changing Name: 「… Alright.」

Not Losing 5kg Not Changing Name: 「Then you’re not moving out?」

Asking For Suicide At Eighteen This Year: 「Mn, for the time being」

Not Losing 5kg Not Changing Name: 「Okay, still wishing you well. You should have a clearer understanding than me about love since you’ve already dated so many times. Getting together is not the end; rather, it is the start of many problems」

Xia Wei’s eyes flashed. After getting together, it was the start of many problems?

Asking For Suicide At Eighteen This Year: 「I understand, but Mr. Jiang is also defective. At the very least, I won’t feel guilty if something bad happens :)」

Not Losing 5kg Not Changing Name: 「…『you’re wonderful.jpg』」

Jiang Zhi Zhou made three dishes and one soup for lunch. Xia Wei felt that with the boss of Tian Xia Restaurant’s craftsmanship, she could overcome any problem.

After all, each meal she freeloaded was a stack of money earned. Considering this, she was already a billionaire!

“You’re in charge of washing the dishes once you finish eating,” Head Chef Jiang explained with a flat tone.

Xia Wei: “…”

Even if she had previously been responsible for washing the dishes when freeloading food, she had now been promoted to girlfriend status. Why did she have to wash the dishes!?

Jiang zhi Zhou saw her reluctant appearance and puzzledly said, “I’m in charge of cooking; you’re in charge of washing the dishes—that’s very fair.”


Yes, that’s very fair. 🙂


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