SHHD Chapter 25


Chapter 25 — Don’t worry; this will actually be on Yu Yi’s pocket.


When they arrived at the entrance to the theme park, Yu Xin furrowed his brows when he saw the crowded park. “Why are there so many people?”

Tang Mi answered, “Because today is Children’s Day.”

Yu Xin: “…”


He stood there and contemplated for a moment before smiling at Tang Mi and suggested, “How about we buy out this place?”

Tang Mi: “…”

“Don’t worry; this will actually be on Yu Yi’s pocket.”

Tang Mi: “…”

CEO Yu does his utmost to earn money to support his family, whereas you live a life of indulgence when you’re out…this image really felt wrong.

Tang Mi grabbed his hand and said sincerely and earnestly, “Be obedient, Gou Dan. Playing together with other children on Children’s Day will be fun.”

Yu Xin: “…”

After the two of them bought tickets and entered the park, Yu Xin’s phone rang. Yu Xin took it out and glanced at it before turning it off.

Tang Mi saw him look at his phone only for her phone to suddenly start ringing well.

Yu Xin frowned. Tang Mi took out her phone and discovered it was Luo Hao.

“Don’t pick it up.”

Tang Mi did not listen to Yu Xin and walked a few paces ahead to take the call. Before she could say anything, Luo Hao’s voice urgently crackled through. “Are you with Yu Xin?”

“Mn, we’re at the theme park. Is there something urgent?”

Luo Hao: “…”

He was silent for a moment before saying, “It’s fine. It’s just that CEO Yu was originally going to meet his parents for lunch, but since you’re at the theme park, go have fun.”

Tang Mi’s brows wrinkled. “But is it fine to not go to the lunch appointment?”

“It’s all right. It was originally to celebrate his birthday, but it seems that he wants to be together with you more.”

Tang Mi: “…”

“I’ll go explain to CEO Yu’s parents, so I won’t disturb you two any more.”

Luo Hao hung up once he finished speaking. Tang Mi returned her phone to her bag and turned to Yu Xin, “You don’t want to eat lunch with your parents to celebrate your birthday?”

Yu Xin couldn’t care less and said, “For my birthday, they always take me out for a boring lunch and give me a pile of books.” He looked at Tang Mi. “I don’t have a lot of time, so I really want to spend it all with you.”

Tang Mi blinked silently and then said, “Well then, we haven’t eaten lunch yet, and I am a bit hungry.”

“Ah, if I had known earlier, we could have eaten the cake in the car.” Yu Xin thought to himself for a moment before leading her through the theme park. “We’ll just eat something in the theme park.”

The two of them ended up buying two hotdogs, two sandwiches, and two beverages before finding a grassy area to sit and eat.

There was a park area outside the theme park, which would surely be a prime spot fought over by couples. Yet since no one wanted to waste time here when they could be in the theme park, Yu Xin and Tang Mi had the grassy area all to themselves.

Tang Mi finished nibbling on her sandwich and lazily stretched her body. “I feel sleepy after eating.”

Yu Xin chuckled. “We’ll go on a roller coaster. I guarantee that after one ride, you’ll be bursting with energy.”

With perfect timing, loud shrieks from tourists could be heard from the theme park. Tang Mi curled her lips and asked, “We just ate; can’t we go on something more gentle?”

Yu Xin offered, “The ferris wheel or carousel.”

Tang Mi thought it over and exclaimed, “Then the carousel, which is more suitable for kids!”

Yu Xin: “…”

He didn’t deliberately choose to be born on Children’s Day.

He glanced at the sandwich crumbs on the corner of Tang Mi’s lips and smiled as he reached out to clean them up. “In the end, who resembles a kid more?”

His thumb brushed lightly against the corner of her lips. Yu Xin’s gaze deepened. He lifted her chin and slowly leaned in.

Tang Mi subconsciously stopped breathing. She watched as Yu Xin’s handsome face gradually got closer, her heart thumping wildly.

What if she chose to push him away? It was reasonable to say that they weren’t lovers, so she should push him away. They had already kissed many times, though, so while it had been unfamiliar at first, she had soon become accustomed to it. Furthermore, every time after they kissed, CEO Yu would reemerge…

Tang Mi still had not made a decision by the time Yu Xin moved to claim her lips—only to stop.

Tang Mi’s eyelashes fluttered as Yu Xin pulled back from her. Smiling, he said, “Are you disappointed we didn’t kiss?”

Tang Mi: “…”

She rolled her eyes immediately and stood up from the grassy ground. Behind her, Yu Xin lowered his head before following her.

A lot of kids were near the carousel, but there were some couples as well. Yu Xin wanted to ride on the same mount with Tang Mi, but Tang Mi firmly climbed onto a white horse right away.

Yu Xin could only quickly seize the brown horse next to hers.

The relaxing music rang out, accompanied by the rotating of the horses. As the horses revolved around the carousel center, Yu Xin gazed at Tang Mi beside him.

The tips of Tang Mi’s ears turned slightly red from this, and since she was riding the horse, she could not avoid his stare.


Yu Xin’s sudden shout caused Tang Mi to tremble slightly. “Why are you shouting so inconsiderately?”

Yu Xin stretched out his left hand. “Give me your hand.”

Tang Mi: “…”

Tang Mi did not move; however, Yu Xin kept his hand extended. “Give me your hand.”

He repeated himself. Tang Mi whimpered and compromised, “If I give you my hand, you have to stop staring at me.”

Yu Xin considered this. “Deal.”

Tang Mi gradually extended her hand. Yu Xin captured it, his dimples immediately appearing on his face. “I’ve finally captured you.”

The distance between them was obviously small, yet he kept chasing after her to no avail. He did not like this feeling.

After getting off the carousel, Yu Xin continued to hold her hand, refusing to let go. Tang Mi was dragged to a haunted house, which drew an unavoidable frown from her. “You want to go in here next?”

“Yes. If you’re scared, hug me tightly.”

Tang Mi: “…”

If she was scared, could she choose to not enter?

Before entering the haunted house, they actually had to sign a waiver. Tang Mi frowned and thought, Still daring to be even more unnecessarily complicated?

Yu Xin signed his name and saw that Tang Mi had remained motionless. He considerately said, “Sweetheart, don’t worry. I will allow you to hug me at any time.”

Tang Mi did not reply. Since today is CEO Yu’s birthday, I am thus spending time having fun with you.

Once she signed her name, she glanced at Yu Xin’s waiver; he had signed it as ‘Yu Xin.’

She stared at the name for a while, her eyes shifting imperceptibly.

“What’s wrong?” Yu Xin asked in bafflement. Tang Mi shook her head and handed over her signed waiver.

The atmosphere in the haunted house felt exaggerated from beginning to end. Because Tang Mi had grown up in the countryside, she had experienced all kinds of grotesque, variegated, or weird atmospheres at night. In addition, she had heard her grandparents tell a lot of supernatural legends relevant to the countryside. She had long refined an unbreakable, diamond will.

Therefore, she had never gone to haunted houses, not because she was scared of ghosts but because she would start laughing when she saw staff members dressed in bells and whistles.

Yu Xin also quickly sensed that Tang Mi was simply not scared. It didn’t matter, however, as it could just be him who was scared.

“Ah——!” He suddenly shrieked and threw himself at Tang Mi. “Sweetheart, something just licked my face!”

Tang Mi: “…”

She looked up, grabbing the ice-cold konjac that was about to retreat back, and pulled on it. “This is a konjac; it’s used to make very tasty roasted duck.

Yu Xin: “…”

Staff Member: “…”

He silently reeled back the fishing line, suspending the konjac in midair.

That day, the majority of the staff members running the haunted house expressed that they did not feel accomplished about their work and didn’t want to work anymore.

Tang Mi spent the entire afternoon with Yu Xin at the theme park, until her stamina could no longer keep up. When they returned to the car, she felt as if she could fall asleep immediately.

Yu Xin drove to a restaurant to eat dinner with her and brought the cake along while he was at it. Tang Mi stuck a candle in the cake and made Yu Xin make a wish after she lit it.

Yu Xin closed his eyes very obediently and placed his palms together. With the light of the candle flame, Tang Mi saw his long eyelashes flutter slightly before hearing him say, “I wish Sweetheart will become Yu Xin’s Mrs. Yu.”

Tang Mi: “…”

Was it really good to make such a wish?!

Yu Xin opened his eyes after he made his wish and blew out the candle. Pu— Tang Mi did not look at him, her slight discomfort visible on her face.

Yu Xin smiled at her and said, “Sweetheart, I want you to help me achieve my birthday wish.”

Tang Mi: “…”

His face was this thick probably because all of CEO Yu’s face had transferred to Yu Xin’s self.

She sliced the cake carefully and placed a piece on Yu Xin’s plate. “Mango Charlotte Cake. We made it this morning, so make sure to finish eating it.”

Yu Xin tasted a bite and said to Tang Mi, “Your baking is delicious, but your apprentice still needs to work hard.”

Tang Mi cut another slice for herself and scooped up a piece to taste. “Mn…the mango is very strong and ripe. Her family’s fruit is truly tasty. The crème bavaroise is very exquisite, but the consistency is lacking a bit. The cake itself is not moist and soft enough, but overall, the cake is not bad.”

Yu Xin blinked. “In short, you owe me a birthday cake.”

Tang Mi: “…”

After eating dinner, Yu Xin drove Tang Mi straight home. Although Tang Mi was a bit surprised, she really was tired after spending the entire day out and about. After she said goodbye to him, she headed inside directly. When Yu Xin saw her room window light up, he started his car and left.

Tang Mi greeted Fu Xin and then went to her room. On the table was a fiery red bouquet of roses, the bouquet that Yu Xin had gifted her yesterday.

She walked over and pulled open her drawer, taking out a card.

She stared at the signature, ‘Yu Xin,’ for a spell. Tang Mi then returned the card to her drawer.

The handwriting really was different.

This ‘Yu Xin’ signature was completely different from the ‘Yu Xin’ signature that Yu Xin had signed on the waiver, as if they came from two different people.

She wrinkled her brows and ruminated on this peculiarity. Exhaustion caught up on her, and she fell back onto her bed.


Author’s Note:

Especially expressing gratitude and thanks to all the little angels who threw landmines! Muah~!

The double chapter update is finally done. I’m going to bed qwq; good night, everyone!

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