SHHD Chapter 3


Chapter 3: Second Round Interview — In the end, my dream is world peace.


Yu Yi was sitting behind his office desk, his head bowed as he perused a document. Upon hearing someone enter, he lifted his head to see who had entered.

In nearly a split second, Tang Mi’s gaze was seized by those deep, black eyes.

She didn’t know how to describe her feelings upon seeing Yu Yi for the first time. If she had insisted on describing it, she would have said that he was like a tranquil valley—quiet, serene, remote—people were unable to pull their gazes away.


“Please sit.”

The ice-cold and emotionless voice was like the wind blowing through the mountains while the graceful, glimmering sunlight sprinkled down at the moment when dawn broke through the mist.

Tang Mi discovered, for the first time, that her poetry and language skills were exquisite.

She walked up to Yu Yi, slightly cautious, and sat across from him. She offered him a smile. Yu Yi’s gaze rested on her for a moment before it shifted to the small cake boxes she had set on his desk.

Tang Mi followed his gaze to the desk. She suddenly realized that the document Yu Yi had previously been reading was her CV.


In that split second, Tang Mi felt like she was doomed. Pinned to the top of her CV was her portrait! Oh no, attached to the back of the CV was a photocopy of her ID!

She was unexpectedly defenseless against this Adonis-like man looking at her ID photo. Tang Mi wanted to cover her face in shame.

“You made the pastries in these boxes?”

Yu Yi’s voice suddenly rang out from across her, startling Tang Mi’s soul into returning. “Yes! My teacher once said, ‘For pastries, everything must be perfect; even the cake box is an important aspect.’”

Yu Yi didn’t say anything and just straightforwardly opened the small cake box.

The first box contained the white chocolate mousse cake. It was decorated in a classic black-and-white design with two cherries on the top, emanating a clean-cut and sharp aura.

Yu Yi didn’t copy the restaurant manager of 『 Sweet Dream 』, who had crafted a long, elegant point-by-point commentary on the cake’s design. He didn’t even make a single noise, directly picking up a knife to cut a small slice of the cake.

Tang Mi nervously watched as he slightly opened and closed his lips. His lips were a light color, his lip line smooth and beautiful. Tang Mi unknowingly began fantasizing——what would he taste like if they kissed? Would he taste even more delicious than cake?

After Yu Yi finished eating the slice of mousse cake, he picked up a glass of plain water and drank a mouthful. He opened the second box.

The second box contained dual-colored biscuits; they were small, simple French biscuits. Tang Mi watched Yu Yi’s beautiful lips bite crisply into the biscuit, inducing her imagination to roam wild once more.

Yu Yi still hadn’t made any comments. He drank another mouthful of plain water before beginning to taste-test the final dish——the chocolate.

Tang Mi had made wine-infused chocolates, three different flavored versions altogether.

Before biting into the wine-infused chocolate delight, it was impossible to guess what flavor it was. Tang Mi looked forward to seeing a surprised expression on Yu Yi’s face. Even though he had slightly wrinkled his eyebrows, Yu Yi’s face still didn’t show any expressive reactions.

Tang Mi pursued her lips. Could it be that this man was truly emotionless?

She looked at him and gathered her courage to ask him a question. “What flavor do you taste?”

Yu Yi’s movements paused at her sudden question. He raised his eyes to look at her before he answered her question. “Vanilla cream.”

“Oh.” Tang Mi was somewhat embarrassed at his very indifferent answer. She felt that this question was a bit redundant.

At this point, Yu Yi had finished eating her creation. He said to Tang Mi, “I’ve heard that during your interview, you smashed your cake into the Human Resources director’s face.”

Tang Mi: “…”

Her pair of bright black eyes, brimming with sincerity, stared at Yu Yi as she explained, “I truly didn’t do this on purpose. After all, my dream is world peace.”

Yu Yi’s deep black eyes gazed back at her, his facial expression not changing even slightly.

Tang Mi: “…”

It was even sadder when the other person was even colder than the cold joke that they did not find funny.

She doubted that there was an existence colder than Yu Yi on this earth.

Tang Mi felt somewhat defeated. She touched the tip of her nose and explained to Yu Yi, “Eh, the Human Resources director clung to his view of me as a plagiarizer, but he didn’t know  what had happened in that incident. He didn’t want to hear my explanation and was solely focusing on mocking me. At that time, I was unable to restrain myself…”

Yu Yi asked, “If the restaurant had a guest that provoked you, would you also immediately throw a cake into his face like that?”

Tang Mi blanked out for a moment, before saying, “This time I really was too impulsive. I can guarantee that in the future, something like this will not happen again.” She thought over what she said before continuing, “At least, I wouldn’t act like this towards a guest.”

Yu Yi remained silent for a moment before opening his mouth to say, “You can go home now.  Someone will notify you later to sign a contract.”

Tang Mi looked at him blankly before she immediately bounced out of her seat. “Really? You’re really hiring me? Thank you! I’ll work hard!”

Yu Yi glanced at her and pressed a button on the telephone machine. “Sang Lan, please escort Miss Tang out.”

Tang Mi: “…”

Sang Lan quickly came over and had Tang Mi follow her. After taking three steps, however, Tang Mi turned her head back and uneasily asked, “Are you still hiring me?”

Yu Yi heard her question and once again repeated himself. “Someone will notify you later to sign a contract.”

Tang Mi released a sigh of relief. Before Sang Lan closed the door to the CEO’s office, she grasped the opportunity to give Yu Yi a bright smile. “Thank you!”

To Yu Yi, that smile was sweeter than any cake he had ever eaten.

Soon after Tang Mi left, Yu Yi’s office door bell sounded again. This time, it was Luo Hao. He entered the office, only to smell a rich, fragrant and sweet aroma. He couldn’t help but gaze at the captivating pastries on the office desk. “Those seem very beautiful, but how do they taste?”

“It’s okay; you can try them.”

Luo Hao disregarded his manners and immediately picked up a knife to slice a piece, placing it into his mouth. The moment that rich mousse spread throughout his mouth, Luo Hao lost his composure.

This was called okay? This was absolutely super-delicious!

The white chocolate’s strong flavor worked well with the cool and invigorating smoothness of the mousse. Accompanied by the plump, sour-sweet cherries, it pleased the taste buds to no end. Furthermore…the chef had even added a bottom layer of exquisite dark chocolate that had finely ground oreo cookies harmoniously woven throughout, thus forming an intense contrast of flavor within the cake. The dark and light marbled together, forever complementary. The white chocolate’s sweetness and the dark chocolate’s bitterness interweaved in the mouth until they reached an accord and doubled the pleasure in both taste and design.

Luo Hao finished eating the slice in one breath’s time.

He put down the plate before picking up a dual-colored biscuit, biting into it. “I would really like a cup of coffee right now.”

Yu Yi didn’t say anything and merely watched as he picked up a piece of chocolate.

“It’s filled with raspberry jam!” Luo Hao’s expression currently resembled a child who had been given candy by Santa Claus.

“What does the chocolate have that is so surprising?” Yu Yi suddenly asked.

Luo Hao startled a little. “What?”

Yu Yi said, “No matter what it tastes like, you have tasted all kinds of flavors, so why do you still feel pleasantly surprised?”

“Mn…” Luo Hao felt that Boss’ question was very hard to answer. “But isn’t the thrill of surprise why we eat this wine-infused chocolate delight? As a philosopher would say, ‘You only have one life on earth, and unless you try, you will never know what the outcome will be.’”

Yu Yi stared at him for a moment before saying, “I don’t know why, but your IQ drops as soon as  you eat sweets.”

Luo Hao: “…”

If these words were said by anyone else, Luo Hao would think that the other person merely had a poisonous tongue, but the person saying these words was Yu Yi, who was merely saying what he really was thinking.

Luo Hao felt that he should eat less sweets from now on.

After Yu Yi finished giving him instructions, Luo Hao preparing to return to work. In the end, he still couldn’t help but ask, “That girl called Tang Mi, did she pass?”

When Luo Hao saw the name Tang Mi, he had a favorable impression towards her. He had intentionally sent her a SMS that warned her that CEO Yu would personally be holding the second round of interviews. It was probably because of his protect-the-innocent nature that he wanted her to pass——not to mention that he had just eaten her delicious cake.

Yu Yi nodded. “Mn.”

Luo Hao exited, perfectly satisfied. As he passed through the doorway, Yu Yi called out, “Be mindful of He Jia Shu.”

He Jia Shu was the director that Tang Mi had creamed in the face. Luo Hao’s eyebrows raised. He replied, “Understood.”

They had already heard the circumstances of the interview that day from the restaurant manager. Director He’s behavior had been very unusual back then. First of all, regardless of where he had heard about Tang Mi plagiarizing someone, as the Human Resources director, he shouldn’t have been so subjective towards an interview candidate, verbally flaying them and completely ignoring their explanation.  

This felt even more like as though he was deliberately making things difficult——like he didn’t want the candidate to pass.

Since CEO Yu had also felt that this incident was suspicious, he would thoroughly investigate this Director He.


Tang Mi left Yu Zhi Tower and forced herself to sedately dial Fu Xin’s phone number. “Xiao Xing Xing, I passed the second round of interviews!” 

With the phone held up to her ear, Fu Xin blanked out and said, “Really? Fuck, Tang Mi, you actually conquered CEO Yu’s tongue! GOOD JOB!”

“Hahahaha— kind of~” Tang Mi was proud of herself, her tail quickly pointing up towards the sky. “But CEO Yu is really handsome! It’s just that he’s a bit too cold!”

“You’re flaunting, who would’ve imagined…?!”1 Her voice burst out noisily from the other end of the call. After this, Tang Mi heard Fu Xin hurriedly yell, “I’m a little busy right now, but we’ll open a bottle of champagne to celebrate when I return tonight!”

Fu Xin really did return with a bottle of champagne later. Tang Mi stuck her head out of the kitchen and said to Fu Xin, “Xiao Xing Xing, we’re eating hotpot tonight! I used the leftover ingredients from this morning to make a few light refreshments. I put them in the living room.  You can eat them first to pad your belly.”

“Great!” Fu Xin hummed a popular song as she hurried towards the living room. She grabbed a few biscuits and walked animatedly into the kitchen. “Tang Tang, quick——tell me if CEO Yu is sexy!”

Tang Mi thought for a moment before saying, “He is very sexy, but he is too cold, which gave me the impression that he is asexual.”

Fu Xin: “…”

Get lost!

Fifteen minutes later, Tang Mi finished preparing the hotpot, and the two of them sat around an electric stove, toasting each other. “Here, for our soon-to-be-best moment of our lives. Cheers!”


The glasses rang with a melodious clink, the ringing like fresh flowers suddenly blooming.

The two of them downed their glasses before Fu Xin refilled them again. “For no longer needing to see the landlord’s face, cheers!”


After another glass entered their stomach, the two of them finally picked up their chopsticks and began to fight over the meat.

After a brief struggle, Fu Xin beat back a small belch of satisfaction. “Tang Tang, you have already embraced CEO Yu’s large tree. I feel that I also should go out to make a breakthrough in my career!”

Tang Mi’s eyes drooped. “Last time you said this, you got yourself into a mountain of debt.”

“Eh… This time’s different. I have decided——to make it big in the entertainment business!”

Tang Mi: “…”

“I’m serious. Today our company posted a nice, large publicity poster in the first floor with the title, ‘I’m an actor.’”

“… Are you auditioning to be a comedian?”

Fu Xin: “…”

She felt like they could no longer be friends.

In the end, Fu Xin gave up on her dreams of the entertainment scene when the landlord came around demanding the rent again. Meanwhile, that same day, Tang Mi received a notification to sign a contract with 『 Sweet Dream 』.


Author’s Note:

Yesterday, I said that CEO Yu had an illness; I want to remind everyone that he has a split personality! M and S are demonic existences. 

Solemnly thanking these sponsors:

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  1. (红果果的炫耀) literally translates as “Chinese Hawberry Showing Off” or “Cocky Chinese Hawberry” … which means “God knows/Who would have imagined…?”

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