SHHD Chapter 5


Chapter 5: Sweetheart This type of cake has around 3000 calories. That’s equivalent to the energy used in three minutes of kissing.


Even after Yu Yi and Luo Hao left the restaurant, Tang Mi was still feeling immeasurably self-satisfied.

Like a ghost, Supervisor Yu drifted to her side and asked, “What did CEO Yu say to you?”

“Oh, he praised my cake, saying it was good.”


Supervisor Yu’s brows twitched twice. She  stared at Tang Mi with some guardedness and said, “I’m telling you, an artwork like CEO Yu belongs to everyone. Don’t you dare try to be exclusive with him.”

Tang Mi bit her bottom lip without saying a word. Supervisor Yu continued on, “Hey, I know CEO Yu is very attractive, those long legs, slender waist and that height….” Speaking up to here, Supervisor Yu lowered her head in embarrassment. “What do you think CEO Yu’s kiss would taste like?”

“I’m guessing mint,” said Tang Mi.


“He’s rather chilly.”

Supervisor Yu: “…”

“I say it’s definitely strawberry cream flavoured; nothing is more suitable than strawberry for a young girl’s love.” Supervisor Yu continued to imagine a fluttering fantasy.

Tang Mi choked mentally after hearing the two words ‘young girl’. Suddenly, she opened her mouth. “Hello, Manager Zhang.”

Supervisor Yu started before grabbing a serving plate and pasting on a smile. “Ah, I’m so busy. I’m going first.”

She quickly left as soon as she finished talking. Manager Zhang watched her walk far away and then picked up the macaron that was placed on the table. “May I eat one?’”

Tang Mi nodded. “Of course you can.”

Manager Zhang bit into the blue macaron. Tang Mi stared at him the whole time. Like a cat, his eyes blinked for a bit before he opened his mouth to say, “I’ve changed my mind. You really are better suited in the kitchen.”

Tang Mi laughed. “Thank you.”

After the wedding reception at noon finished, many customers came for dinner. As it was the first day that they opened the restaurant, they were exceptionally busy all the way until 9:30PM. Only then did the restaurant officially close.

“Good work everyone. Rest well when you go home.” The restaurant manager locked up the store and bid everyone good night. All the employees then fluttered away like birds.

Tang Mi looked at the time. Feeling that she could still make the last bus, she walked by herself towards the bus stop. Although she was the only one at the station, there were still plenty of people walking around on the streets, so she didn’t feel afraid. Not to mention, right next to her was a billboard picturing a muscular man. The words 「Care for Men’s Health」 were written in big letters.

The phone in her bag started to ring. Originally, she thought it was Fu Xin calling, but when she retrieved it, she discovered that it was an unknown number.

Because she previously had sent her resume to many places, she received many calls for interviews. Having HR call at such a late hour, they must be pretty dedicated.

She answered the call and was just about to say that she had already found a job when she heard a sweet-sounding male voice from the other side say, “Are you able to return to the restaurant for a moment?”

Tang Mi blinked her eyes in shock. This was Yu Yi’s voice; she wouldn’t have heard it wrong. There was a significant difference, however, between this and the usual Yu Yi; just through his voice, she knew that the other side was smiling.

Dumbstruck, she held the phone for a while before slowly and formally replying, “CEO Yu, I’m Tang Mi.”

At that point, Yu Yi on the other side softly chuckled. “I know.”

…So you really didn’t call the wrong person?

Tang Mi still hadn’t wrapped her head around the confusion before Yu Yi’s voice sounded again. “I’ll wait for you at the restaurant.”

After saying so, he hung up. Tang Mi had no idea what was going on, but she didn’t dare to disobey the boss’s command and skedaddled back to the restaurant.

The car parked outside of the restaurant undoubtedly belonged to Yu Yi, but rather than his normal Bentley with its restrained luxurious aura, it was the so-called divine-device-for-picking-up-girls, a Lamborghini.

Tang Mi became even more confused. She glanced at the restaurant’s front doors. Earlier, the restaurant manager had locked the doors, but now they had been opened again. She took a deep breath, pushed the door, and entered.

Upon hearing the door open, Yu Yi turned his head around and saw Tang Mi blankly standing behind him. The corners of his mouth naturally revealed a smile. “You came, sweetheart.”


Tang Mi immediately felt like she had been struck by lightning. Father CEO Yu seemed to have become possessed by something! I need to call 110 or the ambulance first!

“What’s wrong?” As if he was attracted to her unpredictable expressions, Yu Yi stood up and lowered himself to her eye level, staring at her with immense interest.  

Only then did Tang Mi discover that Yu Yi actually had dimples! Heavens, I really want to poke them! No, no, no, the most important thing right now is, should I help CEO Yu call for an ambulance?

It took her a long time to get her breath back. Finally, she managed to say, “C—CEO Yu, what happened to you?”

“Nothing happened to me,” Yu Yi replied.

Liar! If nothing happened to you, how could you have called me sweetheart! If nothing happened to you, how could you have smiled until your dimples came out!

“Oh. Although I came to the restaurant because I really want to eat the cake you made, I then realised that everyone had already left.” Yu Yi’s tone seemed a bit regretful. “Can you make one for me now?”

“Of—of course I can.” Tang Mi placed the bag on her shoulder down and walked over to the pastry kitchen.

Watching her from behind, Yu Yi couldn’t help but chuckle. “I’ll pay you for working overtime, sweetheart.”

Tang Mi’s feet stumbled a little, and she almost fell onto the ground with a thump.

The smile on Yu Yi’s face widened.

Tang Mi washed her hands. Considering that it was rather late, she couldn’t make anything too complicated. There were still pieces of cake and fruit left over from today, so she decided to make a simple fruit cake.

Once she decided on what to make, she got to work.

Yu Yi sat opposite of her, watching her as she whipped cream, sliced fruit, and decorated the cake. Although neither of them said anything the entire time, the atmosphere was not awkward at all; in fact, it was rather relaxing.

Earlier, Tang Mi’s hands had been continually shaking from Yu Yi’s two words, ‘sweetheart’. By this time, however, she had gradually calmed down. She realised that this Yu Yi really was different compared to how he was before. His hair was deliberately mussed, and his clothes were not in his usual neat and tidy fashion. The top two buttons of his white shirt were undone, revealing a beautiful collarbone. Since only the pastry kitchen’s lights were turned on in the restaurant, Yu Yi’s seating area was dimly lit.

Tang Mi almost died1 when she discovered that Yu Yi’s entire body was shrouded in a mysterious aura of sexiness.

After she finished making the cake, she pondered for a little before taking the matcha cake out of the fridge—the one that the bride had left for her. It had been too busy today, so she hadn’t gotten the chance to eat it.

She walked out with both plates of cake and placed the matcha cake in front of Yu Yi.

Yu Yi furrowed his brows and then lifted his eyes up to Tang Mi. “ I told you before that I don’t eat matcha cakes.”

Ah, he still remembers what he had said, and his spirit doesn’t seem abnormal either. In that case, where is the abnormality?

Tang Mi smiled faintly at him and then swapped the fruit cake she had with his cake. “Sorry, my mistake.”

Yu Yi pursed his lips and smiled. He picked up the spoon from the plate and cut into the cake. Raspberry and fruit jam oozed out. “Oh, it’s very beautiful. Even the colour is appealing. Did you add raspberry into the cream?”


Yu Yi slid the spoon into his mouth and bit down. “This light and fluffy vanilla cake, accompanied with the light fruity taste of the cream, mixes well with the soft texture of the sour and sweet jam. It feels as if happiness is about to burst on my tongue.” He smiled at Tang Mi as he said this. “It tasted much better than what I imagined.”

Tang Mi had never thought that Yu Yi’s smile was that amazing to look at, especially those two mesmerising dimples on his face…

She stared at him for a bit before she finally couldn’t hold it any longer. “CEO Yu…”

“Don’t call me CEO Yu,” the man opposite her interrupted. “My name is Yu Xin.”

In that moment, a light bulb flashed in her mind. She finally understood what was happening. “You’re actually CEO Yu’s twin brother?”

The corner of Yu Xin’s mouth twitched. Then he answered, “No.”

That was right. She knew what CEO Yu had said before, so the person before her should still be him. However, CEO Yu wouldn’t be so idle to act out this kind of roleplay game with her.

Tang Mi furrowed her brows. Sherlock Holmes had once said, ‘Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth’.

She softly whispered, “Could it be a split personality? Hahaha.”

“That’s correct.” Yu Xin straightforwardly admitted.

Tang Mi stiffened. Yu Xin lifted his head up, gazing at her as he asked, “What’s wrong, sweetheart?”

Tang Mi: “…”

I feel that I’m not going to live past tonight.

After Yu Xin finished the cake, he told Tang Mi in a very satisfactory manner, “It truly was delicious. It’s just that eating cream cakes at night makes you gain weight.” At this point, he suddenly blinked dubiously at her. “Did you know? This type of cake has around 3000 calories. That’s equivalent to the energy used in three minutes of kissing.”

Tang Mi: “…”

Wait. What was he trying to imply here? Could it be that she was about to find out what a kiss from CEO Yu would taste like?!

Yu Xin watched as her ears gradually turned red, his eyes filled with laughter. “What are you thinking?”

“… No-nothing.” Tang Mi buried her head and gobbled up the cake. Now, all she hoped for was the matcha being extra, extra bitter.

Yu Xin rested his chin on his hands while staring at her. “What a shame; I don’t eat matcha cakes.”

Tang Mi countered, “Why?”

Yu Xin chuckled at her and then stood up from his chair, saying, “I’ll send you home.”

Tang Mi’s phone, which was in her bag, started to ring. This time, it really was Fu Xin.

“Fu Xin? I’m coming back soon. I know!” Tang Mi hastily ended the call and stood up. “I’ll clean up here.”

Yu Xin grabbed her arm, his eyebrows slightly raised as he said, “Was that your boyfriend just then? Do you two live together?”

Tang Mi was stunned for a moment before letting out a small laugh. “Although the name Fu Xin does sound masculine, she’s a genuine girl all the way. She would be unhappy if you say that.”

Yu Xin’s actions relaxed a little, and he released her arm. “Mm, give your friend my apologies. It’s already quite late, I’ll take you home.”

Tang Mi quickly cleaned up the table then followed Yu Xin out the door. The lamborghini extravagantly opened its doors up. Once she sat inside, Tang Mi didn’t know what else to do except to look around everywhere.

Yu Xin stepped into the car after locking up the restaurant doors. He looked over at Tang Mi, the corner of his lips slightly curved up as he said, “Buckle up your seat belt, sweetheart.”

Tang Mi: “…”

She really…. couldn’t handle it anymore.

“The thing is, CEO Yu…”

“Call me by my name.

Tang Mi choked a little and corrected herself. “Mr. Yu, are you really not playing me?” 2

Yu Xin’s eyebrows twitched, his eyes holding a trace of mischief. “You can treat it like Yu Yi is playing with you.”

Along the way home, Tang Mi pondered over that sentence with even more seriousness than when she had to do reading comprehension back then. When Yu Xin sent her to her apartment, he examined the front of the building. “You live in a place like this?”

“Um… It’s cheap here.” Tang Mi quickly unbuckled her seat belt, opened the car door, and got out. “Goodbye, Mr. Yu.”

Yu Xin watched as she ran up the stairs like a rabbit. He smiled and drove away.


The author has something to say:

Matcha Cake【V】: I am a cake with a story 🙂

I beg you, little angels. Please do not to hate on the male lead’s name [laugh-cry], I really did think about it seriously, but I couldn’t find a bettle, more suitable name, so I stuck with the original name that I had come up with [laugh-cry]

Even though it’s a bit feminine, after a while, doesn’t it still give off a handsome feel!

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  1. Moonclipse’s comment: 要命 has many meanings; it could mean that you want someone’s life, it’s dangerous, oh shit! For the life of her, etc…
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