MWFRL Chapter 10


Chapter 10: Beautiful Misunderstanding — Gift the song,《Salut d’Amour》, to that handsome guy across from him.


Since then, Tang Zheng visited Starlight General Merchandise every few days. It was unknown whether he was coming in order to see He Xiu or to see that beautiful girl.

In the eyes of the staff, however, he was always coming to see Director He.

After He Xiu finished his meeting, he opened the door to his office and immediately caught sight of Tang Zheng sitting inside. He walked up to Tang Zheng and looked down at him. “Is your company about to close down?”


Tang Zheng blinked. “It was fine when I left.”

“Then why are you this idle?”

Tang Zheng waved his hand. “Because my father and sister are working hard.”

He Xiu: “…”

I applaud his lack of shame.

“How about I come here to work?” Tang Zheng suddenly stood up and gazed at He Xiu with doe eyes. “Working in the department store is so good. Not only is there beautiful sales staff, all the customers that come here to shop are pretty girls. This is simply heaven.”

He Xiu walked to his office chair and sat down, ignoring him. Tang Zheng spoke up once more. “Although, Jian Yan mei mei1 didn’t come to work today! I didn’t see her just now; such a shame.”

He Xiu continued to deal with documents on his computer, still not paying him any attention. Tang Zheng, unwilling to remain lonely, moved closer to him. “How come you didn’t warn me not to hit on your staff today?”

He Xiu finally opened his mouth to speak. “Because I believe in their visions.”

Tang Zheng: “…”

He deflated like a tire, randomly slapping He Xiu’s office table twice before saying to him, “Okay, okay. Stop focusing on work; it’s time to eat! Come on, I’ll treat you to some western-style food.”

He dragged He Xiu to Yu Zhi’s top-rate restaurant——Seascape Dining. Coincidentally, Lin Zhen had also arranged to eat with Jian Yan there that day.


“You have already stayed at Starlight General Merchandise for half a month; how much longer do you need to work there?” Lin Zhen sliced the steak in front of her as she asked Jian Yan this.

Jian Yan held her fork in one hand, a piece of well-done steak pierced on it. When she finished eating it, she said, “Should stay until after Christmas. A lot more shopping is done at the end of the year. It’s very busy, and Fantasy Wardrobe’s special Christmas campaign is already being planned.”

Lin Zhen calculated the timing and said to her, “Fine. I’m thinking of going on a trip at the beginning of the year. Do you want to go with me?”

“I can’t. I need to hurriedly draw the new project. Without an income, my heart panics terribly.”

Lin Zhen was not surprised by Jian Yan’s reply, but what kind of ghost was no income?

“You’re still saying you have no income? Go calculate yourself how many copyrights you have sold recently. Even if you don’t draw right now, you will still have income from doing nothing.”

“But if I draw, I can make even more income.”

Lin Zhen: “…”

Why did she have to discuss these things with a money grubber… Written on Jian Yan’s face right now was: You’re right, but I choose money.

Since Jian Yan loved money, this problem came up whenever she talked with her. “Some dress-up games want to buy copyright of your clothing designs and turn it into a game for dress-up enthusiasts to play. They want a long-term cooperation with you and willl immediately open a new game series. Later, when you design new clothes, they’ll continue to buy so that they can expand. The business contract still hasn’t been finalized, but the other party’s opening price is considerably high.”

Jian Yan nodded and replied, “Not bad. Send me the contract to look at after the negotiations are finalised. Is it the dress-up game I’m currently playing?”

“Yes. Do you intend to give them a discount?”

“Of course not.”

Lin Zhen snickered and commented, “See, you’re on the verge of obtaining another large income. This meal, shouldn’t you be treating?”

Jian Yan said, “So you’re not taking a cut then? If you aren’t, then my treat.”

Lin Zhen: “…”

While the two of them chatted, He Xiu and Tang Zheng walked through the door. When Jian Yan drank her water, she raised her head and saw them.

Ke—ke— She choked on her water for a moment and coughed lightly. Lin Zhen’s gaze shifted to her. She asked, “What, some acquaintances of yours?”

Jian Yan didn’t reply, but Lin Zhen had also caught sight of He Xiu and Tang Zheng——the moment two men with this level of handsomeness entered through the door, they attracted the gazes of several ladies.

Lin Zhen stared at them for a while, her brows creasing. “Why do I feel that the person to the left looks somewhat familiar?” She thought for a moment before suddenly exclaiming, “Is that Master He of Starlight General Merchandise?”

Ke—— Jian Yan choked for a moment before promptly saying to Lin Zhen, “Quiet down a little.”

Lin Zhen lowered her voice accordingly, her gaze still fixated in He Xiu and his companion’s direction. “He is more handsome in person than in the photos the paparazzi takes! No wonder you don’t want to leave your job at Starlight General Merchandise.”

Jian Yan: “…”

That’s not why.

“Do you know that person beside him? Is he also part of Starlight General Merchandise?”

“Eh, that person beside him…” Jian Yan recalled the recent sex scandal gossip that had been circulating amongst the staff, “is his friend.”

“Oh, it seems that he is also a son of a rich family.”

Jian Yan didn’t say anything, burying her head down and eating her steak in silence.


He Xiu and Tang Zheng didn’t see them sitting to the side. After they ordered their dishes, they began to chat.

“Look at you, surrounded by so many beautiful girls every day, yet you only know work. You’re too unromantic.” Tang Zheng earnestly educated He Xiu. “Even the paparazzi worries on your behalf and matches you with all those girlfriends.”

He Xiu chuckled softly and said, “If you’re envious, then you can spend a bit of money and have the paparazzi write you one as well.”

“Pah, those female stars don’t even enter my eyes.”

“Oh, then who can catch Master Tang’s eyes?”

Tang Zheng’s gaze fell onto the female violinist performing on stage. She was wearing a black evening gown, her long hair fluttering around her. She appeared very classy. Tang Zheng raised his eyebrow. “That violinist is pretty good.”

He Xiu tilted his head to take a look before saying to him, “Why do you always fancy people who will never fancy you?”

Tang Zheng: “…”


He raised his hand to beckon a waiter and said to him, “Can you please ask Miss Violinist to come over here? I want to ask her to play a song for me.”

“Yes, please wait a moment.” The waiter courteously bowed to him before going on stage to ask the lady. Soon after, the lady carried her violin with her as she walked over. She smiled at them. “Good afternoon, what would the two of you like to hear?”

Tang Zheng’s smile towards her became even sweeter. “《Salut d’Amour》, gift it to…” He originally wanted to say, to you, but he rethought his action, feeling that it would make him appear too frivolous. He improvised. “Gift it to this gentleman across from me.”2

The girl stared at them blankly for a moment before smiling and nodding. “Okay.”

She raised her violin and slowly began to play. 《Salut d’Amour》 was a song everyone was familiar with and was often used to declare one’s love. The melodious violin melody resonated throughout the restaurant. Jian Yan could also hear it.

She glanced over and coughed lightly.

Wow, even violin music. These two are really romantic…

Tang Zheng continued to chat with He Xiu as he listened to this violin performance. “What were we saying just now? Oh, we were talking about how you shouldn’t work all day long. Don’t you see how He Chen take Xu Ying abroad to have fun for so long and still has yet to return? Your younger brother knows how to enjoy life way more than you.”

The corners of He Xiu’s mouth curved. He looked at the man across from him and said, “If you like him, then you should seek him out to keep you company for lunch.”

Tang Zheng had known He Xiu since university. He didn’t entirely understand the He Xiu before that time, but he could faintly sense that He Xiu didn’t like mentioning this younger brother. Sensing that He Xiu was apparently irritated, Tang Zheng promptly smiled and said, “I naturally like you the most!”

Distracted from playing the violin, the girl glanced at them before nonchalantly continuing to play.

The song ended, and the waiter delivered their orders as well. Tang Zheng gave the girl a very large tip. Holding the violin, the girl bowed to them in thanks before turning around and leaving.

She and the waiter who had delivered their meal walked together in the same direction. Just as they passed Jian Yan and Lin Zhen’s table, where the two of them were eating their meals quietly, they accidentally heard the girl whisper to the waiter beside her, “As soon as I came over, he requested that I gift the song, 《Salut d’Amour》, to that handsome guy sitting across from him. He even said that he liked that guy the most.”

Jian Yan: “…”

Lin Zhen: “…”

The air suddenly fell silent for a few seconds. Lin Zhen pursed her lips and looked at Jian Yan. “Your Director He…”

Jian Yan stopped her from speaking further. “If you see the truth, do not speak it. They are still best friends.”

Lin Zhen closed her mouth and nodded.

A moment later, however, she couldn’t help but say, “I finally realize why those paparazzi write gossip about Master He without bias. He also doesn’t care. Rather than him being even-tempered, it’s because he depends on the gossip to give himself protection. His methods are too deep!”

Jian Yan: “…”

He Xiu and Tang Zheng finally caught sight of her and Lin Zhen when they left. Tang Zheng seemed to be particularly excited and called out to them immediately. “Is this Jian Yan mei mei? I didn’t see you at Starlight General Merchandise today. I didn’t expect to be able to see you here. We are truly brought together by fate.”

Jian Yan saw no escape and forced herself to smile at them. “Hello, Director He. Hello, Mr. Tang.”

He Xiu said, “You don’t need to call me director outside of work.” He glanced in their direction before asking her, “You have already finished eating?”

“Yes, we won’t disturb your meal anymore.” She nodded towards them again before dragging Lin Zhen to the exit.

Lin Zhen’s Baby Cayenne was parked outside. She pulled out her key and pressed it, causing her car to beep. “Master He is even more handsome in close range! Moreover, his voice is also nice to listen to. What a pity…”

At the same time as she regretted this discovery, Tang Zheng raised his head to signal He Xiu to look outside. “That friend of hers drives a Cayenne. This car costs over two million or so yuan.”


Tang Zheng looked at him. “You don’t find this strange? According to Jian Yan’s pay, it’s impossible for her to have such expensive clothes! The clothes she’s wearing today are all very popular.”

He Xiu looked at him mockingly. “You also have this much of an understanding of women’s clothing?”

“My ex-girlfriend liked those the most. I bought so many for her, it would be difficult not to understand,” Tang Zheng sneered. “That’s not the main point. I previously sensed that Jian Yan seems to have something against men. Do you think…she’s lesbian?”

He Xiu: “… …”

Although he more or less felt that Jian Yan had something against men, he didn’t support Tang Zheng’s theory. “I think you think too much.”

“If not, then how could she be so aloof to an excellent quality man like me?”

“It indicates that her vision and mind are sound.”

Tang Zheng: “…”

He smiled at He Xiu. “Do you know why your younger brother is engaged while you still don’t have a girlfriend?”

He Xiu replied, “Because I don’t lack taste like him.”

Tang Zheng: “…”

When all was said and done, were his words scolding He Chen or scolding Xu Ying?

He Xiu didn’t continue this conversation about his younger brother with Tang Zheng. He merely drank some water and said, “I’ve seen Jian Yan’s CV. Her middle school was an all-girl’s school. I presume she probably isn’t used to a lot of contact with men.”


Author’s Note:

He Xiu: 「I want to break my relationship with Tang Zheng once again. Is there still time? :)」  

Author: 「I’m afraid that it’s too late… …」

Tang Zheng: 「Ying—ying—ying— Jian Yan mei mei, don’t misunderstand! How can I possibly like that rough man?!」  

He Xiu: 「Hehe. Do you still feel wronged?」  

Tang Zheng: 「… … I do not dare, He da ye.」  3

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  1. Mei mei = younger sister; also doubles as a term of endearment used for non-familial, younger females
  2. |先生|, translated as “gentleman,” in this instance, can also be read as “husband.” //coughs. Chestnut’s wordplay and innuendo skills too OP. Especially since the way she wrote it could easily be read as: “Gift it to this husband of mine across from me.”
  3. Da ye = arrogant idler/self-centered show-off; uncle, term of respect for an older man. Now, for which definition Tang Zheng used… //smh CN wordplay at its finest——backhanded insults ftw

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