MWFRL Chapter 2


Chapter 2: Starlight General Merchandise — This female colleague doesn’t like touching those of the opposite sex.


From time to time, Jian Yan would come up with crazy ways of thinking. Although Lin Zhen had long since perfected her adamantine mind, she was still dumbstruck this time. “Wha?”

Jian Yan repeated herself. “I want to go to Starlight General Merchandise to sell clothes.”

“Sell clothes or buy clothes?”


“Sell clothes, sell clothes, sell clothes.”

Lin Zhen: “…”

This time, she finally believed that Jian Yan wanted to go to Starlight General Merchandise to sell clothes.

“She’s not crazy.” She felt that she couldn’t understand Jian Yan’s thinking process anymore. “Can you tell me why you want to go there to sell clothes?” Don’t tell me it’s in order to get close to Master He? But isn’t she allergic to men?!

Jian Yan said, “Didn’t I mention to you previously that I wanted to draw a female lead who sells clothes at all kinds of department stores for my new project?”

“You did mention it.” Lin Zhen nodded. Jian Yan’s manhua were all related to fashion. Her first female lead was a fashion designer, her second female lead was a fashion model, her third…female lead sold clothing. It was nothing strange.

“So, I decided to go to the site to collect material.”

“…” Lin Zhen finally connected to her brainwaves. “If you want to collect material, try to find two shop assistants to interview! Is it necessary to sell yourself?”

Jian Yan’s serene, black eyes watched her attentively. Lin Zhen coughed and said, “I meant to sell the clothes yourself.”

Jian Yan said, “Of course it’s necessary. Everyone experiences things differently. Other’s experiences and my personal experiences, how can they be the same?”

She said this so forcefully and with such conviction that Lin Zhen was nearly convinced. “Alright then. Even if you want to go sell clothes, isn’t Starlight General Merchandise a first-tier company? How will you join?”

“Ah, coincidentally, their Human Resources manager is a classmate from my university days. She said that the end of the year is a busy time, so she can take me.”

… When did this happen? Lin Zhen steadied her mind and continued to advise Jian Yan. “But, can you even sell clothes? Don’t hang onto your schoolmate!”

Jian Yan proudly patted her chest. “Don’t worry about this one. After I go, their Sales King will be displaced by me. Hahaha.”

Lin Zhen: “…”

Teacher, you seem very happy about this.

“Forget it. Anyway, I’ve already said that I’m giving you a month vacation. Whatever you want to do, just go do it, okay?” Lin Zhen put on her high-heeled shoes at the doorway before leaving.

Jian Yan beat back a yawn before grabbing the container of milk and throwing it into the trash. She headed upstairs to sleep.


She and her classmate had made an appointment to meet in her office, which was two days later. That day, she got up extremely early in the morning, stepping onto the fluffy rug with her bare feet. She walked to her closet and began to choose her clothes.

Since she was going to act as a salesperson, she couldn’t wear extremely expensive clothes. Jian Yan closed her closet and turned to open the wardrobe behind her. This wardrobe held her reasonably-priced clothes, and there was nearly a thousand articles of clothing inside. She took out a doll neck, puffy-sleeved blouse, a sleeveless, painted black leather dress, and finally, a long coat with dark checkered embroidery.

She wore the clothes and examined her reflection in the mirror for a spell. Jian Yan pulled her long hair up and casually tied it behind her head. After applying makeup, she walked downstairs to eat breakfast.

She walked to the garage before slightly hesitating for a moment. If she drove a car to sell clothes, wouldn’t that be too ostentatious? But if she didn’t drive her car, she would have to take the crowded metro…

Calling to mind the cramped, vast crowd at the metro, she knitted her brows lightly before she opened her car door. Her car was merely a means of transportation. Plus, it wasn’t some expensive car, so it should be okay, right?


Starlight General Merchandise was located in the most flourishing district of A City. Streams of vehicles flowed without stopping, along with an endless stream of pedestrians; this was a common scene here. Jian Yan finally arrived and parked her car. She then took out the address her schoolmate gave her and tried to find the Human Resources office.

She lightly rapped the door twice. Someone inside called for her to enter.

Jian Yan pushed open the door and caught sight of a familiar face from her memories. “Zhou Wen Wen!”

Her exclamation caused the person called Zhou Wen Wen to raise her head, a trace of shock appearing in her clear eyes. “My God! Is this the beautiful lady Jian? You’re becoming more stunning by the day!”

Jian Yan raised her eyebrows in mock surprise and cheerfully accepted her old friend’s praise.

Zhou Wen Wen stood up from her desk and carefully swept a gaze over her. “These past few years have been good for you.”

Jian Yan waved her hand and said, “You flatter me. Aren’t I actually here to ask for your help?”

Zhou Wen Wen smiled and picked up an employee badge. She handed it over to Jian Yan. “An employee badge will be a great help. Starting today, report to Fantasy Wardrobe.”

Jian Yan’s eyes slightly widened. “Fantasy Wardrobe?”

Fantasy Wardrobe was Starlight General Merchandise’s signature store. In there, customers could buy Starlight General Merchandise brand clothes at their leisure. The store’s salespersons all had sharp fashion senses and were well-versed in matching clothing.

This store’s existence had settled the worries of innumerable customers——there were some customers who didn’t know what they should buy, some customers who didn’t know what should be paired with what, and some customers who simply didn’t feel like visiting all the nearby brand stores one by one.

“Each brand’s sales employees are recruited by the brand themselves. Only Fantasy Wardrobe is staffed by our company,” Zhou Wen Wen explained to her. “Fantasy Wardrobe is Director He’s project. He hand-picks the staff.”

Director He? The guy who frequently stunned the media by being someone else’s boyfriend, that Master He? Jian Yan’s heart lost all her curiosity, no longer focusing on this topic in front of her.  “Fantasy Wardrobe’s staff are all personally chosen by Director He? Then how am I going to pass?”

Because of her relationship with Zhou Wen Wen, she had only casually written her CV. She had only placed one item in her Work Experience column: 「 Self-Employed 」.

Zhou Wen Wen said, “Actually, Director He is currently on a business trip for two days. He still hasn’t looked at your CV… but because I recommended you, he allowed you to enter on a trial-basis.”

Jian Yan suddenly felt the burden on her shoulders becoming slightly heavier. “Don’t worry, I will definitely work well. In no way will you lose face.”

Zhou Wen Wen smiled and said, “Alright! Aren’t you only here to collect material anyway? Although, Director He’s foresight is very accurate. He said he might not retain you. If that moment comes, I’ll think of some other way to arrange for you to go to another area.”

“Okay. As long as it’s a job to sell clothes, anywhere is fine.”

“Alright. Let me talk about wages with you for a moment. The base salary for a trial-basis employment is lower than an official employee’s, but the great majority of it is commission percentage. If you sell a lot, then your earnings may be higher than an official employee.”

Jian Yan’s eyes immediately bursted with life. “Then I’ll have to work even harder.”

Zhou Wen Wen smiled and said, “First, I’ll take you to the store.”

Once she finished speaking, she led Jian Yan out of the office. On the way, they came across a male colleague. When he caught sight of Jian Yan, he came up to Zhou Wen Wen and winked. “Manager Zhou, who is this beautiful woman? Introduce me to her.”

Zhou Wen Wen said, “She’s a new employee, and you’re not in her department.”

“It doesn’t matter if we aren’t in the same department! Everyone here works for Starlight General Merchandise anyway.” The male colleague tidied his hair and extending a hand to Jian Yan. “Hello, beautiful lady. My name is Xiao Shao.”

Jian Yan recoiled slightly, taking a step back. She nodded towards him. “Hello.”

Xiao Shao’s hand was still extended out, slightly cold. Zhou Wen Wen coughed and said, “This female colleague doesn’t like touching those of the opposite sex.”

Xiao Shao looked at her in doubt, wrinkling his eyebrows. Jian Yan shallowly smiled and explained, “In fact, I’m much better nowadays. In Junior High, I had sent a male classmate to the hospital.”

Xiao Shao withdrew his hand with lightning speed.

“Let’s go.” Zhou Wen Wen continued to lead Jian Yan to the store. At this time, the store had already opened for business. Zhou Wen Wen led her to Fantasy Wardrobe and called out to the site manager. “This is the new employee who joined today, Jian Yan. I’ll hand her over to you.”

The site manager first sized up Jian Yan before nodding towards Zhou Wen Wen. “Okay, you can go be busy again.”

Zhou Wen Wen encouraged Jian Yan once again before departing. The site manager asked Jian Yan, “Have you visited Starlight General Merchandise before?”

“Yes, in the past.”

“Then you should understand the concept behind Fantasy Wardrobe. Sales staff are not required to wear uniforms. You can wear your own clothing, but you have to dress yourself to a certain beauty standard. This will give the customers confidence in your advice.” The site manager’s gaze swept over Jian Yan again once she finished speaking. “Your attire right now is pretty good. The income at your previous job must’ve been high, right?”

Jian Yan smiled and said, “I don’t really have any typical hobbies. The only thing I like are clothes. Apart from everyday expenses, my money is basically spent on clothes.”

“Then you should have a high understanding of fashion.” The site manager nodded in approval. “This store operates on a shift system. Since today is your first day, I’ll give you a seven hour working schedule. Your shift finishes at 5:00PM today. Tomorrow, arrive at 8:20AM; I’ll give you a schedule table then.”

“Understood. Thank you, site manager.”

“Then I’ll familiarize you with the store first.”

The site manager led Jian Yan around the store. Jian Yan listened to her explanation while mentally taking note of every brand name’s assigned area and the clothing styles.

“Are you a salesperson here?” A woman suddenly walked up and asked Jian Yan. “I want to buy the clothes you’re wearing.”

Jian Yan stared blankly at her for a bit. Buy the clothes I’m wearing? She thought for a moment before she explained to the woman, “I’m sorry; these are my own clothes.”

The woman said, “I don’t care. Take them off and give them to me.”

The corners of Jian Yan’s mouth thinned slightly. It was just her first day of work, and the first customer she came across was already this unreasonable?

The site manager stood to the side and didn’t say anything, seemingly wanting to see how Jian Yan handled this. Beside the woman was a male who had just come up and pulled her to the side. “She already said that those are her own clothes. Why do you want to buy them?”

The woman coldly snorted at him. “So what if it’s her own clothing? I like what she’s wearing.” After she said this, she turned her head to look at Jian Yan. “Name a price.”

Several sales staff members were watching from the side. Jian Yan unobtrusively scanned the woman in front of her. From head-to-toe, she wore the latest fashion from Bunny, Lily&Sa, and biubiu, the total value exceeding ¥50,000. She was a big client.

A natural smile graced Jian Yan’s face. “The clothes on my body have been worn and washed several times. How can I sell these old clothes to a client? If you like the style of clothing on my body, then I can give you recommendations, is that okay?”

The woman raised her eyebrows and said, “Fine, but if the clothes you point out don’t look good,  I still want to buy the clothes you’re wearing.”

Jian Yan smiled at her and began to help her pick clothes. “I’m wearing a retro French blouse and painted leather dress combo, with an embroidery element from this year’s fashion.” As she said this, she took out a black motorcycle leather jacket and a modern, pink pleated cheongsam. “Black and pink are colors that are the easiest to pair up while still feeling fashionable. This elegant motorcycle leather jacket and sweet pink cheongsam combo can create a distinctive, romantic aura. The cheongsam is embroidered with flowers, which also adds a retro flair to this outfit.”

She held the two clothing pieces in her hand before walking over to the sales counter for the shoe section. She picked out a pair of black, diamond-studded high heels and a bag that was from this year’s fashion trend. “Black high heels make this entire outfit more complete, and finally, you need a delicate handbag to accentuate it.”

She held all the items and returned to the woman. The woman inspected the items in Jian Yan’s hands before heading in the direction of the changing rooms. Jian Yan followed her with the items. A short while later, the woman had changed and walked out of the changing room.

The people on the side who were watching this spectacle began murmuring to one another softly. Jian Yan admired her work, all smiles as she led the woman to a mirror.

When she saw herself in the mirror, the woman blanked out for a second. Quickly after, she turned towards Jian Yan and said, “Excellent. I’ll buy this entire outfit.”

The smile on Jian Yan’s face became more sincere. “Thank you for your patronage.”

When she had been choosing clothes earlier, she had specifically chosen expensive brands. This entire set totaled up to around fifty to sixty thousand yuan. She truly loved making money like this to death.

Sending off this big client, Jian Yan hadn’t completely put away the smile on her face when she caught sight of a man leaning against the sales counter, watching her.

From a purely aesthetic perspective, this man was extremely handsome. His clothes were also absolutely exquisite, the dream lover of a vast majority of woman.

Unfortunately, Jian Yan was misandristic.

The man smiled at her and opened his mouth to say, “So you’re the new employee? Your performance just now was not bad.”


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