MWFRL Chapter 51


Chapter 51


Hearing the specific ringtone that he had set for Jian Yan’s messages, He Xiu grabbed the phone that he had set to the side.

「Chang Jiang, Chang Jiang, I am Huang He. Your mask fell.」  

He Xiu: “…”


The only mask that he could think of was ‘Nan Si.’ He opened Weibo and skimmed through it… Indeed, it had completely fallen.

「Huang He, Huang He, I am Chang Jiang. It truly fell? QAQ」

Jian Yan: “…”

Tang Zhi: 「Do you know who did it? It couldn’t be that Tang Zheng was drunk again, right?」  

Nan Si: 「Shouldn’t be. Someone had to buy this marketing ad.」

Tang Zhi: 「Why would someone do something like this?」  

Nan Si: 「I don’t know right now, but don’t worry. I will handle it.」  

Tang Zhi: 「Okay, then I will continue drawing.」  

He Xiu: “…”

If he let her not worry, then she really would not worry a bit…or perhaps she might have been looking forward to her own mask falling?

He Xiu chuckled and sent Tang Zheng a message. 「My mask fell. You go handle it.」  

Tang Zheng: “……”

Head He always summoned him in a casual manner. The Nan Si persona falling was not a trivial matter though; he still had to be concerned.

Tang Zheng: 「How did your mask fall?」  

He Xiu: 「That’s your job to investigate :)」  

Tang Zheng: 「…… Oh :)」  

Tang Zheng worked hard to investigate this situation.

He followed that marketing ad and caught the sinister hand behind the scenes without much effort.

「The great unmasking undertaker seems to be a person under Zhao Ying Fang.」  

He Xiu saw the message Tang Zheng sent and frowned slightly.

Tang Zheng: 「Why did she want to do this? Is she really your own mother?」  

He Xiu: 「No.」

Tang Zheng: 「……」  

He Xiu: 「I’ll explain this matter to you later. If my mask has been exposed, then it’s exposed. It’s not anything shameful anyway. Deal with Weibo first; I’ll also post on Weibo when I have time.」  

Tang Zheng: 「Oh…」  

Tang Zheng: 「No, what do you want to explain to me later? Is Zhao Ying Fang really not your biological mother? You must be teasing me…」  

He Xiu: 「What do you have that deserves my teasing?」  

Tang Zheng: 「…」  


Muddleheaded, he went on VOICE’s official Weibo and pondered as to what would settle this matter.


Meanwhile, Zhao Ying Fang was sitting in the ward and peeling fruit for He Chen.

When He Chen saw her come in with a smirk tugging on her lips, he asked, “What happened today? Your mood is this good?”

Zhao Ying Fang laughed and said, “Have you heard of a famous music studio on the internet called VOICE?”

“No. You even care about these things?”

“I naturally care—because the person in charge of that studio is precisely Tang Zheng.”

“Tang Zheng?” He Chen furrowed his brows slightly and stared at Zhao Ying Fang.

Zhao Ying Fang smiled and continued to say, “I heard that he established it while he was in university. His family originally believed it was merely for fun at university. They didn’t expect that after so many years, he would still run his studio. The Tang Family previously forced him to go on blind dates, as if they were dissatisfied about this matter.”

“What about it then? Didn’t he already go back to work at the company now?”

Zhao Ying Fang curled her red lips, taking joy in calamity and delight in disaster. “But you must not know that He Xiu is also a singer in this studio. Moreover, I heard he is very famous online.”

He Chen thought for a slight moment and came to a revelation. “So you announced this fact?”

“Yes.” A proud expression graced Zhao Ying Fang’s face. “Right now, Weibo has already descended into chaos—even your father knows.”

He Chen frowned and asked her, “ Is there a purpose in doing this?”

“Of course there is.” Zhao Ying Fang said with rage blinding her eyes, “CEO Yu and those other men, don’t they all stand by He Xiu? I will force them to see that He Xiu is not as reliable as they imagined. He doesn’t engage in honest work, going online to sing some hideously chaotic songs. This matter will definitely influence their appraisal of He Xiu.”

The ward fell silent for a moment before He Chen’s voice echoed throughout. “I don’t necessarily see this happening.”


Tang Zheng pondered for a good while before finally working out a countermeasure. Like He Xiu had said, this wasn’t anything shameful. Since their mask was torn off, then let them tear it off to their heart’s content.

He and a few senior-level members of VOICE had a discussion before releasing a Weibo announcement——  

「Hello, everyone. I am the person in charge of VOICE. Pertaining to our lead singer, Great God Nan Si, and his reveal, here is a bit of explanation: 1) his true identity really is Starlight General Merchandise’s Eldest Master He; 2) don’t get too excited though, everyone—all the original members of VOICE are young masters from influential families, including me 『doge』; 3) VOICE was established by us during university as a club. At that time, we had merely just begun—who could have expected it would develop to the scope it is today; 4) so, now you know why our senior-level members are all very busy-busy-busy and participate in very few events, right?『doge』Our studio’s current active members who joined later are also very outstanding. I hope everyone can pay more attention to our work and continue to support us. Thanks o(*≧▽≦)ツ。」

After this Weibo message was released, it probably received the most comments since VOICE’s official Weibo was established.

「I am so excited right now that I don’t know what to say. Wait for me to organize my words. I’ll come back in five minutes!」  

「『smile-cry』I don’t know if you all are the most outstanding music group, but you all definitely are the most wealthy『smile-cry』 Question, are you recruiting janitors?」

「Since someone already asked about janitorial work, then I’ll ask something else. Are you still recruiting a Mrs. Director-General?『shy』」  

「If I go to Starlight General Merchandise, I might accidentally meet my hubby Nan Si?!?! Don’t block me; I want to go camp there!」

「I decided that I will take care of Starlight General Merchandise’s business every day from now on. After all, hubby’s business is my business『shy』」

「Asian CEO Heavenly Society is born, enthusiastically clapping『smile-cry』」   

「I previously heard of a wealthy family’s eldest young master once working in a fansub group 『doge』 So Great God Nan Si is Eldest Master He; I am not very surprised『doge』」     

「So is it true or not that Nan Si is with Tang Zhi? Seeking info QAQ」

Tang Zheng naturally didn’t tell them. His work was done once he released this Weibo message, so he retreated. When He Xiu drove home, he finally had some time to open Weibo and take a look at the current situation.

He was somewhat surprised at the Weibo message Tang Zheng had sent. Only his mask alone had fallen; it was actually unnecessary to pull everyone else into the water. But in saying this, this method truly was very useful. Not only did it successfully scatter everyone’s attention, it also unexpectedly resulted in a previously unimagined bonus.

Because of the Weibo message, quite a lot of fans said they would go visit Starlight General Merchandise every day from now on to take care of his business. He Xiu couldn’t help but laugh. If Starlight General Merchandise’s turnover really rose because of this, he would consider giving Tang Zheng a 0.001% bonus.

The number of fans leaving comments on his Weibo was rising continuously. He thought for a moment before recording a voice message to post on Weibo.

Those hungry and thirsty fans had been waiting for so long, and now their patience proved fruitful with his update. They all impatiently clicked open that voice message.

That familiar, sexy timbre of Nan Si’s quickly fell into people’s ears——  

『Hello, everyone, I am Nan Si. First of all, I want to apologize to everyone for the uproar brought by the revealing of my true identity. In regards to this, VOICE’s official Weibo has already explained it very thoroughly. I will say no more than is necessary. I joined VOICE when I was just a first-year university student. At that time, I was not Eldest Master He of Starlight General Merchandise. I was simply singing songs together with a few friends as Nan Si. Although I now have another title, it is also not something worth intentionally mentioning. I hope I will forever simply be Nan Si here. Of course, I very much welcome everyone to come visit Starlight General Merchandise. I have spent a lot of time and heartfelt care into running it. I hope that at Starlight General Merchandise, you can buy the best products and eat the most delicious food. I also hope the way I run Starlight General Merchandise can give people the warm feeling of family. Oh, by the way, I currently have a promotional sale going on.』

「Hahahahahahahaha I bow to this wave of advertisement!!」

「I will visit Starlight General Merchandise every day, seeking that chance encounter!」  

「Hubby, if you send another voice message just as long, I’ll go and buy that super-super-expensive, reluctant-to-buy skirt!」

「I-I-I love visiting Starlight General Merchandise『smile-cry』Especially Fantasy Wardrobe; the sales staff little sisters are all super-beautiful!」

「Hubby released a voice message, extremely conniving『doge』#I speak for Starlight General Merchandise#」   

「A fan that has been listening to your songs since junior high school is crying『tears』I want to go visit Starlight General Merchandise to calm down『tears』」  

「Didn’t expect this mask unveil to turn into Starlight General Merchandise publicity『smile-cry』Hubby, your response is so sneaky. I harbor suspicions about this unmasking event being self-created, self-guided, self-developed 『smile-cry』But I believe you wouldn’t do such a thing 『shy』」  

「Anywhere with Hubby is home!」


Seeing everyone’s positive enthusiasm in the comment section of his Weibo message, He Xiu suddenly felt a bit grateful to Zhao Ying Fang.

Perhaps Starlight General Merchandise’s turnover really would go up. Should the promotional sales event be revised?

Jiang. Unmasking event already resolved :)」  

Jiang Yan had been drawing the entire time since he had sent that first message and hadn’t been paying attention to the Weibo drama. Her curiosity aroused at his words, she opened her Weibo to glance at it and was left stunned.

Tang Zhi: 「Eldest Master He is pretty good. Rose to Public Relations 6 『 teary smile』」  

Nan Si: 「overpraise, overpraise『shy』」  

Tang Zhi: 「But are there any bachelors in that CEO Heavenly Society? We should introduce Chief Lin to one」  

Nan SI: 「Tang Zheng ah :)」  

Tang Zhi: 「……」  

He Xiu chuckled and sent her a voice message. 『Do you have time to eat together tonight?』  

Jian Yan replied with a voice message two seconds late. 『Okay, but we’re not going to Starlight General Merchandise. I don’t think we’ll be able to grab a seat.』

Nan SI: 「Hahaha」  

Nan SI: 「Let’s go to CEO Yu’s restaurant to eat; which one do you want to go to? 」

Tang Zhi: 「I like all of CEO Yu’s restaurants『shy』」  

Nan SI: 「:)」  

Nan Si: 「Let’s go to Tian Xia Restaurant『smile』」  

Tang Zhi: 「Hahahaha okay」   

Nan Si: 「I’ll reserve a private room. After I finish work, I’ll pick you up. Wait for me.『heart gesture』」   


Author’s Note:

This is making up for yesterday’s update. There will also be the regular update tonight~!

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