HMH: MWFRL Chapter 60


Chapter 60


When they left the Ministry of Civil Affairs, dinner-time was rapidly approaching. He Xiu had yet to leave for the company either. He pondered for a moment and asked Jian Yan, “Do you want to eat dinner together tonight? I can invite Tang Zheng and the others as well.”

“Sure, then I’ll give Lin Zhen a call too.”


“Alright.” Once he said this, he sent Tang Zheng a message, inviting him to dinner.

Tang Zheng: 「Really? What day is it today?」

He Xiu: 「My wedding day. :)」  

Tang Zheng:「????」  

He immediately called. “You’re not joking with me, right? You really got married?”

He Xiu replied, “Of course it’s true. I’m currently standing at the entrance of the Ministry of Civil Affairs. Do I need to take a picture for you?”

“Yes, take a picture!”

He Xiu: “…”

He hung up. Not only did he take a picture of the front of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, he also sent a picture of his and Jian Yan’s marriage certificate.

Tang Zheng: 「……」  

Tang Zheng: 「Fuck, aren’t you moving too fast!」  

He Xiu: 「You praise me too much :)」  

Tang Zheng: 「…」  

Tang Zheng: 「This meal must be eaten today! Wait while I go call everyone!」

He Xiu put away his phone and said to Jian Yan, “There might be a lot of people tonight. Tang Zheng wants to invite a few brothers from the studio.”

Jian Yan contemplated this. “Is that the Heavenly CEO Society?”

He Xiu chuckled. “Mn.”

“Oh…” Then she had even more reason to call Lin Zhen over!


Because Jian Yan ended up rushing and marrying first, Lin Zhen joked about breaking relations with her. Upon hearing that the Heavenly CEO Society was sharing a meal with them, she decided to eat this meal and then break off relations.

Because there were so many of the other party, she brought along You You as well to grow their power.

Tang Zheng immediately rented a KTV private room and invited everyone there. When Jian Yan entered with Lin Zhen, the private room was bustling with noise and excitement.

Seeing her enter, Tang Zheng jeered at her rowdily. Jian Yan’s lips twitched. How did this resemble the Heavenly CEO Society?! She walked up to He Xiu and asked, “Didn’t you say dinner? Why did we come to a KTV?”

He Xiu said, “Tang Zheng and the others said they wanted to sing. We just ordered a lot of food, so it should be delivered shortly.”

Jian Yan nodded. She wanted to introduce everyone to Lin Zhen and You You, but she then realized there was a slightly awkward tension between Tang Zheng and Lin Zhen. She blinked and asked He Xiu, “What’s up with those two?”

He Xiu shrugged. “I don’t know either.”

Just as he finished speaking, a waiter came in with the food as well as several bottles of beer. Tang Zheng appeared to be trying to dispel the awkwardness by changing the topic when he said, “Come, come, come, let’s eat. Those who aren’t driving, drink with me.”

Jian Yan laughed and said, “I suppose since You You and I aren’t driving, I’ll join you?”

Tang Zheng hastily countered, “Don’t, can you even drink?”

“Why can’t I?”

Tang Zheng’s expression became a bit dubious. “You and He Xiu obtained a certificate so quickly; don’t tell me it’s not because of an unplanned pregnancy?”

Jian Yan: “…”

He Xiu: “…”

Once again, everyone in the private room began heckling. He Xiu smiled at Tang Zheng. “My measures of protection were made very thoroughly. I’m not the same as your unconscientious self.”

Tang Zheng: “…”

He thought he himself was already shameless enough, but as it turned out, there was someone who could be even more shameless.

Jian Yan smacked He Xiu and glared at him. He Xiu chuckled at getting his desired outcome and picked up the microphone, saying, “How about I sing you a song?”

“Okay!” Lin Zhen finally came back to reality. Hearing Nan Si sing live, weren’t her material benefits wonderful~?

The KTV had his song, so once he chose it, the studio’s ‘Heavenly CEO Society’ all grabbed microphones to sing with him. Their voices were all distinct. Listening to each one individually was very pleasant, but when their voices blandly melded together like this, it felt a little like various evil spirits were dancing in a riotous revelry—especially since everyone sang according to their own melody.

Lin Zhen nearly bent over laughing as she listened. She stealthily recorded a video and posted it on Weibo.

Zhen Guo Studio: 「At karaoke with the princes of VOICE, who are singing together! Able to sing their song like this, really there’s no one else who could do this, hahahahaha! Posting for you all to experience『doge』」

Tang Zheng had sat across from her and had been sneaking glances at her all along. Seeing her play with her phone at the moment, he quietly brought out his phone as well. According to his deductions, she had posted on Weibo rather than on Moments. Once he opened Weibo, he saw on the main page that, as expected, Zhen Guo’s official Weibo had just posted an update.

When their two studios collaborated for 《Satisfactory》’s audiobook, they had mutually followed one another, so it was easy for him to reblog the update now.

VOICE Music Team【V】: 「I think this melody had a lot of personality『doge』」

This time, the fans all exploded, and the number of comments steadily rose.

「Hahahahahaha my god, dying of laughter!『smile-cry』」  

「Princes are poisonous『 smile-cry』 Heavenly CEO Society does not walk the normal road『doge』」

「Hahahahaha, only my Great God Nan Si’s voice is in harmony! A traitor has emerged from within the princes『doge』」

「Nonsense, clearly my great Shuang Shuang can also harmonize『meow』in his own harmony『meow』」

「I can make out hubby Nan Si and Great God Han Shuang’s voice! Very moved! Asking where this private room is; I also want to be surrounded by princes!」

「Hahahaha, hubby’s heart is surely crumbling! Nan Si’s internal thoughts: all of you, get lost (╯‵□′)╯︵┻━┻」

「Am I the only one who is curious why Zhen Guo and VOICE are singing karaoke together?『rests chin in one hand』」  

As the fans enthusiastically discussed this, the ‘evil spirits of all kinds dancing in a riotous revelry’ in the KTV finally stopped. Once the music died off, Lin Zhen gave them ardent applause. “Great God Nan Si worked hard and is worthy to be called the lead attacker of VOICE.”

Tang Zheng, unconvinced, interjected, “VOICE’s lead attacker is obviously me.”

Once he said this, the others booed. He Xiu set down his microphone and glanced at him. “The one always being attacked?”

Tang Zheng: “…”

He didn’t like being toyed with by He Xiu. 🙂

The group continued singing until 11:00PM, finally retiring afterwards. Tonight’s bill was naturally footed by He Xiu. Tang Zheng originally arrived in He Xiu’s car, but He Xiu currently wanted to drive Jian Yan, so he had no choice but to freeload a ride off someone else—unfortunately, no one wanted to give him one.

Jian Yan asked Lin Zhen, “How about you give him a ride?”

Lin Zhen was clearly startled. “I’m driving You You home!”

Jian Yan blinked. “But don’t you think You You and that handsome guy over there had a very fun time chatting with each other?”

Lin Zhen: “…”

Why, why did she bring You You along? Even You You found a potential partner, yet she was to be all alone in the world?

Jian Yan patted her shoulder. “Drive Tang Zheng home, okay? He is also quite pitiful. Worse comes to worst, make him pay a fee.”

Lin Zhen: “…”

In the end, Tang Zheng was assigned to Lin Zhen. Once Jian Yan sat in He Xiu’s car, she beat back a yawn. He Xiu fastened his seatbelt and turned his head to glance at her. “Sleepy?”

“Mn…” Jian Yan lazily murmured. “I drank a little bit of wine; it seems to have gone to my head a bit.”

He Xiu chuckled softly, shaking his head. “You really did drink with Tang Zheng; was letting him drink himself into a stupor no good?”

Jian Yan couldn’t help giggling. “I really admire Tang Zheng a lot. How could he endure you like this for so many years? It’s definitely true love.”

He Xiu remarked, “Then he is destined to be heartbroken. After all, I am already a husband.”


After leaving the KTV, he headed straight home with Jian Yan. Naturally, he drove to Jian Yan’s home. Early the next day, he woke up in the large bed in Jian Yan’s bedroom. His side was as empty as anything, and the temperature of the quilt proved that someone had been there not too long ago.

He glanced in the direction of the bathroom and crawled out of bed to stride over there. Jian Yan was in the middle of brushing her teeth and didn’t pay much attention to his entry. She didn’t expect him, however, to immediately embrace her from behind and slowly grind against her with naughty intentions in mind.

Jian Yan bit down on her toothbrush and frowned. She glared at him in the mirror. He Xiu shamelessly kissed the side of her neck and intimately whispered into her ear, “You looked a bit intoxicated after drinking last night, so nothing was done. Aren’t you going to fix this now?”

Jian Yan: “…”

‘No’ hadn’t even left her lips when both of He Xiu’s hands glided up her waist to cover her chest. A few brushes of her toothbrush later, she was done. He Xiu seized the opportunity and turned her around, kissing her lips. He Xiu lightly gasped for air once they broke from their passionate kiss, a slight smirk gracing his face as he commented, “The toothpaste tastes pretty good.”

Jian Yan pouted. With decisive movements, he slid his knee in between her legs, opening them up. He moved forward to press her close to him. “Here, or the bed?”


Just as Jian Yan breathed the word, He Xiu lifted her up into his arms and walked back into the bedroom. Upon considering that Jian Yan might be hungry, he very considerately limited himself to one round. With Jian Yan lying gently in his arms, he softly said, “Since we already got the certificate, there’s no reason for us to live separately. The new house isn’t fully furnished, however, so I have no choice but to live here with you until the wedding.”

“Mn, okay…”

He Xiu beamed and couldn’t restrain himself from kissing her cheek. “I’ll return to He Mansion early to grab a couple things. Are we having lunch at home?”

“Mn, but aren’t you busy at the company? It seems like you didn’t get any work done these past two days…”

He Xiu chuckled and countered, “Are you worried about me not going to work? Are you worried I’m disturbing you from drawing?”

“…” Exactly so.

“Don’t worry. I’ll go to the department store as soon as I finish eating lunch. I absolutely won’t disturb the missus’ work.”

“…Good boy.”


After breakfast, He Xiu then returned to He Mansion to grab his things. It was reasonable to say that at this time, it was no longer early. He Jing Long and Zhao Ying Fang should have already headed to work, but when he got there, the two of them were sitting in the drawing room alongside He Chen.

The air was indescribably heavy. He originally intended on pretending not to see them as he usually did, but He Chen’s gaze was too intense. He wanted to ignore it, but he couldn’t.

Mentally sighing, he answered He Chen’s cry for help. He looked at them as he entered the room. “Are you holding a morning meeting?”

Zhao Ying Fang sneered and turned her head away, refusing to speak. He Jing Long stood up and explained to him, “Your younger brother says that he wants to break his engagement with Xu Ying.”

He Xiu raised a brow. So as it turned out, it wasn’t a morning meeting; it was an intervention.

He Chen seemed to be grabbing onto a life-saving rice straw when he argued against He Jing Long. “I already brought this matter up with He Xiu. He agrees!”

He Xiu: “……”

He gave full marks for the pot thrown.

Sure enough, Zhao Ying Fang scoffed and turned to glare at them. “You told He Xiu? What right does he have to agree? What title does he have to agree?”

He Chen retorted, “He is my older brother!”

Zhao Ying Fang pursed her lips and swallowed the line, ‘he is not your older brother,’ back down. He Jing Long wrinkled his brows and asked He Xiu, “He previously brought this up with you?”

He Xiu said, “To be precise, he declared this matter to me.”

He Chen: “…”

He Jing Long once again looked at He Chen. “Ah, grew a spine. This matter, is it only you who has the final say?”

He Chen argued, “This is my marriage. Why should I not have the final say?”

“Then what were you up to from the very start?!” He Jing Long exploded, rising up as if to hit He Chen. He Chen saw his intentions and hurriedly hid behind He Xiu’s body.

“Come out! Don’t hide behind your older brother!”

This scene suddenly made He Xiu think of his childhood. He had almost forgotten that one time when He Chen had brought disaster to himself, angering He Jing Long into wanting to hit him. At that time, He Chen had darted behind He Xiu’s back and hid, shouting, ‘Older brother, save me!’

That time, he didn’t save He Chen and had simply walked away coldly. This time, however, he was willing to extend a hand.

He turned his body slightly, shielding He Chen, and said to He Jing Long, “I also have something I want to tell all of you.”

He Jing Long asked, “What?”

He Xiu announced, “Jian Yan and I got married.”

He Chen: “……”

You fucking announced this now of all times?!


Author’s Note:

Suddenly, brotherly love blooms between these brothers 『smile-cry』

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  1. I’m not particularly familiar with China’s privacy laws as regards official marriages, but I suspect He Xiu’s marriage is a matter of public record by now – if not officially, then at least via gossip reporters. It is wise to report to the family now. Also it is by way of saving He Chen’s bacon, for now. Silly He Chen, he doesn’t seem to have understood that yet, but with the focus off himself, he can break his engagement off and present his parents with a fait accompli.

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