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Chapter 1 – Born with Eight Fingers (II)


Qin Shang waved his right hand, and once again, a faint violet light covered the sheepskin scroll. Immediately, characters emerged under the urging of the faint violet radiance. Diarra was elated, reading aloud, “|By imperial decree, Primary Level Violet Rank Divine Music mage Qin Shang is to be appointed as President of the Arcadian Magic Guild.| Ah, you’re a Divine Music mage?” Diarra’s and Pirlo’s shock shifted to disappointment at this revelation.

One’s chosen magic specialization was connected to their spirit; as a Divine Music mage, he released magic through playing musical instruments. Throughout the Longinus Continent, not only was Divine Music magic the most expensive specialization, it was also the one with the most questionable worth. Divine Music mages had a very difficult time surpassing Yellow Rank. At most, they could boost minor morale on the battlefield. Until recently, only the daughter of a noble or a princess of a country would be interested in studying in this majestic yet dubious magic. Before their eyes, however, was a Violet Rank Divine Music mage. Diarra couldn’t believe his eyes. The scroll had six beautiful silver stars revolving around an ancient dark blue symbol at the bottom right corner. This symbol represented the Seven Story Falan Magic Pagoda. Clearly, the person called Qin Shang was a mage that had passed through the Magic Pagoda and gained the ability to come here. In addition, he actually released violet-tinted magic, once again proving his status to be true.

Qin Shang’s aged face displayed an expression of contemplation as he faced northwest, in the direction of the Magic Pagoda. Ah, the experience was something he would not forget for a very long time. That was the true magic!


Diarra soon returned to normal. The Falan decree was impossible to counterfeit, so he hastily rolled up the sheepskin scroll delivered by Qin Shang. “Diarra and Pirlo greet the new President.”

Qin Shang recovered the scroll, saying, “At the moment, how many Arcadian mages are there?”

Hearing Qin Shang’s enquiry, Diarra couldn’t refrain himself from expressing a trace of bitterness. “Arcadia, myself included, possesses 1 Cyan Rank mage, 3 Green Rank mages, 24 Yellow Rank mages, 67 Orange Rank mages, and 213 Red Rank mages. The majority of them are members of the military, leaving the guild with only a dozen people.”

Qin Shang’s face displayed a faint trace of astonishment. “This little? Although the path of a mage is a long journey, Arcadia has tens of millions of people. Don’t tell me that the mages here only amount to 300? I recall that the number of mages in other countries is not as sparse as it is here!”

Diarra sighed before replying, “In the past it was not so little, and the Kingdom of Arcadia had been renowned for our fire mages. At the moment, however, the Kingdom’s strength has weakened, and the two Empires now share the claim of possessing the strongest mages. It is natural to be willing to leave everything behind to travel to either of the two Empires.This time, however, it is good that you have arrived, especially since you are a Violet Rank Great Magister! We, Arcadia, have already existed for several hundred years without the emergence of a powerful Violet Rank mage. I am convinced that the Arcadian Magic Guild, under your guidance, will rise into power.” Although he was no longer young, he couldn’t help but feel excited, gazing at Qin Shang with a somewhat fanatical expression.

At the same time, an elegant, melodic voice echoed from the outside. “Is Master Diarra in?”

Diarra’s face held a trace of a smile. He faced Qin Shang, only leaving to welcome his guest after making an apologetic sound. A short while later, a young woman followed Diarra and entered the hall.

The woman was exceptionally beautiful, her long black hair framing a fair face. Even with the slight plumpness of her face, her noble temperament remained unaffected. She wore a jade green cheongsam. No matter who was walking by, they would all straighten their backs, taking notice of her slender waist and seemingly impossible curves. Currently, her arms were full of swaddled fabric, a soft breathing coming from the sleeping infant within.

Looking at the woman, Qin Shang’s eyes brightened. His narrowed eyes slowly opened, radiantly twinkling.

The woman immediately sensed those luminous twinkling eyes on her. Her elegant eyebrows creased together before her eyes flashed with a cyan light. She looked towards Qin Shang. Their gazes crossed for a split second, and the light in the woman’s eyes immediately dimmed, becoming absent-minded. When she returned back to normal, her face changed drastically as she subconsciously hugged the infant closer to her bosom.

Diarra was confused. Facing toward the woman he said, “Mei Ying, where is Ye Zhong? Why didn’t he accompany you? Didn’t you just give birth barely a month ago?”

Mei Ying subconsciously traversed half a step, smiling at him, “Ah, he is currently training his dou qi, so I came alone. Master, our child is already a month old. Please, I beseech you to grant him your blessing.” Mages gave protection blessings to newborn babies when they turned a month old. The higher Rank the mage, the healthier the blessed infant will grow. This blessing was unrestricted by magic specialization.

Diarra laughed, smiling as he promised, “No problem, I already said at an earlier time that I would bless your child after he was born. Oh, by the way, let me introduce you to the newly appointed guild president arriving from Falan, Qin Shang.” Although his friend had arrived, he did not forget about the newly appointed president standing to the side.

Mei Ying had not forgotten about her eyes becoming hazy and dim earlier, but she merely greeted him. “Praise Falan. Hello, Master.”

Qin Shang was about to speak, opening his mouth, when he heard a resonant infant cry emerging from the swaddling of fabric. A pair of lotus-white arms appeared from the swaddled fabric, exploratively waving and seemingly breaking free from the mother’s arms.

Qin Shang abruptly paused, his mouth hanging open at the sight of Mei Ying’s baby’s two hands. The two delicately small and white hands only had four fingers; the little finger was missing on both hands. This was the first time he had displayed a substantial change in expressions since he had arrived at the Magic Guild. Moreover, this shock-influenced change, to an extent, was witnessed by many people.

In one step, Qin Shang stood in front of Mei Ying, his aged face excited and somewhat flushed. He raised his trembling hands to touch the small, twinkling, crystal, milky-white hands that were as tender as spring onions. His movement was swift, resembling a warrior more than a mage.

“What are you doing?” Mei Ying shouted in a high-pitched voice, taking two steps backwards. Even though Qin Shang’s speed was not slow, he felt like he only touched a phantom.

Not moving again, Qin Shang’s eyes followed the two delicately small hands, lifelessly staring at them. With his hands still raised up, he said, “Eight fingers, to unexpectedly be naturally born with eight fingers is a sign of genius. Ah, this is absolutely a genius!”

Diarra was startled by the sudden scene, quickly advancing forward a few steps and stepping in between Mei Ying and Qin Shang. Anxiously, he said, “Don’t get me wrong, don’t misunderstand me, Master Qin Shang. You, you, this is……”

Qin Shang was, after all, a Great Magister. His face slowly returned to tranquility, as his head lowered to look down at the inlaid magical mithril Six-Star Tessellation on the ground. He pondered for a long time before his eyes lit up with elation, clapping his hands together happily like a child. “Praise Falan, okay, let’s just do this.”

Raising his head, he looked at Mei Ying and her wary yet inquisitive eyes. Qin Shang slightly smiled, and even though his whole face was wrinkled, his exquisite clothing and demeanor still exuded grace. “Miss Mei Ying, you have come today to obtain a magical blessing for your child, correct?”

Mei Ying nodded.

Qin Shang’s gaze shifted over to Diarra. “If that is the case, let me bestow the blessing upon this child.”

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  1. He doesn’t have to be Mu Chen, but I hope he atleast destroys a clan even if its a bandit tribe

  2. Thank you for the chapter.

    However, there are many cases where exposition is put into play in place of advancing the story. This, I think, is a mistake. The prime importance is advancing the story. If you spend 1 or 2 pages (or even 3 paragraphs) describing something or explaining the relationships between something, then you failed. This should be explained as the story progresses.

    In one instance I read of a pirate raid, and in the middle of the pirate raid the author took time (ie 1 1/2 pages) to describe the ships and how they work. WHEN I’M IN THE MIDDLE OF A PIRATE RAID, I DON’T CARE HOW SHIPS DO WHAT THEY DO! I DON’T CARE IF, COMPARED TO A REGULAR KINGDOM, THE PIRATES HAVE AN AMAZING SHIP! Keep the action flowing, is the most important thing.

    If you share that information in the midst of battle, or never share it, and the story keeps me captivated, then good job!

    1. … This is a translated novel of TJSS. If he chooses to add exposition in the middle of a fast-paced scene to slow it down and add emphasis, then so be it. I am not the type of translator to skip parts of the chapter or to rearrange the paragraph order because it sounds better. I want to translate the novel as closely as I can to capture what TJSS was writing in Chinese.

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