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Chapter 10 – The First Match of the Freshman Competition (II)



Wa Ge Lei gave his seat to Ferguson. He waved towards the teachers of the two divisions who were still standing. “Everyone, take a seat. The competition’s about to begin.”

On the expansive thousand meter training field area, the Divine Music division and the Water division’s ten competitors had already gathered at the center of the field. Hai Yang stood in the very back and didn’t attract attention at all, her black hair still concealing half of her face like before. Lan Xi, Xue Ling, and Kong Que were all rare beautiful ladies so they naturally caught the attention of the thousand spectating students. The true focus, however, was not the girls; rather, it was the fifth competitor of the Divine Music division who stood in the center – Ye Yin Zhu.


The spotlessly white Divine Celestial Protective Robe didn’t even have a speck of dirt contaminating it. The protective robe’s collar and cuffs were edged gold, and on the left side of his chest was a crescent moon that appeared as if it was a white gem emitting gentle rays of light. The manufacturing of this item wasn’t excessively decorative, making the protective robe filled with an air of nobility and elegance.

Long, soft black hair rested over his shoulders. A graceful aura accentuated his handsome face. He wore the Divine Celestial Protective Robe only upon entering the training field, replacing his ordinary clothing. Every movement he made was filled with an air of aristocracy. His elegance did not have a single impurity tainting it. Above all else, his two deep, clear black eyes appeared as if they could look deep into a person’s heart. With a straight stature, his slender build made the four females by his side become the best ornaments.

Standing in the center of the training field were the generals leading their respective divisions. Who would have thought that the Divine Music division general would not be second-year Hai Yang, but rather the person who accepted Wind division’s genius Rolande’s challenge, Ye Yin Zhu.

The five representatives of the Water division consisted of two males and three females. The three female students looked mediocre in comparison to the Divine Music division’s females. These females’ gazes were completely captured by the graceful Yin Zhu standing in the front.  You could even distinctly see the pink luster they were emitting. Like how men liked beautiful women, women liked handsome men.

“Hello, I am Water division second-year Student Karachi, the Water division Freshman Competition general. Please give advice.” Looking at the Divine Music competitors, Karachi was really envious. It wasn’t a big deal that the Divine Music division had beautiful girls. After all these years, however, the Divine Music division’s first male student was unexpectedly very handsome. Yin Zhu’s limelight suppressed his. Groaning, he thought, ‘Just wait. I’ll make you acknowledge my strength.’

Karachi was half a head shorter than Yin Zhu. Even though his appearance was alright, he also possessed the common failing of mages: his complexion was too pale. Yin Zhu in comparison was clearly not on the same level with his excellent tan.

Yin Zhu nodded his head politely and said, “Hello. I am the Divine Music division general, first-year Student Ye Yin Zhu. Please give advice.”

Karachi pushed down the envy in his heart. He smiled and replied, “Has your precious division decided upon a competition style?” According to the Freshman Competition regulations, due to the high respect women are given, the side with the majority of female students had the right to choose the competition style. In the event that the amount of female students were equal on both sides, they would decide by drawing lots. There was no need to ask; out of all the physical and magical districts’ division specializations, the Divine Music division was the one and only division that could produce four female student competitors. This was an advantage of the Divine Music division.

“Team battle,” Ye Yin Zhu succinctly and powerfully answered.

Karachi agreed, and both sides fell back simultaneously. A teacher of the Institution’s Educational Administration became the competition’s referee. Once both sides determined upon a competition style, the referee loudly declared, “Match start!”

The six points surrounding training field six lit up at the same time. A gigantic six-pointed star appeared in midair. A milky white radiance formed an enormous, transparent light shield that enveloped the whole training field. Using High-Grade Magic Stones to complete the defensive shield enveloping the training field, only the rich and imposing Milan Institution for Magic and Martial Arts could do something like this. This defensive shield consisted of every kind of element, making it able to endure Indigo Rank or lower magic bombardments. As long as there was enough energy among the mages maintaining it, it would continue to work.

Taking out a wooden table and a wooden chair, Hai Yang sat down, her guzheng already resting on top of the flat table. Ye Yin Zhu and the other three students stood five meters in front of Hai Yang, forming an arc to faintly protect Hai Yang behind them.

“Ye Yin Zhu, we are going to start,” Karachi shouted loudly across the field. He was not anxious a bit about starting to attack. As far as Divine Music mages were concerned, they still somewhat realized that if they could not execute half of a musical composition, the formidable power of the Divine Music mage’s musical composition would not emerge. During such a long wait, even the Water division’s forbidden spells could be executed.

In response to Karachi, a note resounded powerfully, the guzheng’s cry trembling like a dragon’s roar. Hai Yang had already begun playing.

Orange rays of light was accompanied by a clear splash of jade, the similar musical composition rippling out and dispersing in all directions. This name of this guzheng song was << Dream >>. Gentleness and grief accompanied the guzheng song. It was as if Hai Yang was expressing her mood.

Karachi’s eyes suddenly flashed with expression. “Good, Advanced Level Orange Rank, you deserve to be called the Divine Music division’s number one genius. What a pity…”

Ye Yin Zhu did not know what Karachi meant when he said it was a pity because at that moment, the other side began to attack. From the hundred first-year new students, these four students were naturally well-known in order to have been chosen to compete. Their bodies simultaneously released varying shades of orange. Unexpectedly, they were all Intermediate mages. The muffled chanting of spells rose in volume as they begun to cast magic.

Karachi didn’t chant. His body released a faint yellow radiance instead – Primary Level Yellow Rank. In the blink of an eye, he sent a ‘Red Water Arrow’ straight towards Yin Zhu’s chest. As the general, Karachi sent out an attack to feel out the opponent. As he had reached the Yellow Rank, he could definitely cast Red Rank magic instantly.

Nina explained how they should win the first match by using these words – ‘win because of a surprise move.’  The Divine Music division had not appeared in the institution’s Freshman Competition before, so no one was familiar with Divine Music mages. This was their greatest advantage.

Ye Yin Zhu stepped to the left and avoided the arrow despite its quick speed. He made it seem as if it was a careless movement made to avoid it just in time. The Red Water Arrow splashed against the defensive shield protecting the training field, making it slightly ripple.

Karachi stared blankly. It was rare for an attack to be dodged during a confrontation between mages. He didn’t expect Yin Zhu to deal with his attack like this. Just now, he found something to be amiss. According to his original plan, his four companions’ wave magic should have already been released, but their incantation was still not complete. Why was it not complete? It was the guzheng music, Karachi came to realize. His complexion became grim. He unexpectedly discovered that Divine Music mages were not devoid of redeeming qualities. Hai Yang’s guzheng song was already beginning to be effective.

Karachi decided they must block him. While very difficult, the Divine Music division must replace the Water division at the bottom; he could not abandon this opportunity. In the blink of an eye, he sent out another water arrow towards Yin Zhu and the other three, aiming it at the cracks between the four students. His target was Hai Yang. Karachi believed that if he interrupted the guzheng song, they could win.

Kong Que disdainfully said, “As it turns out, it’s only at this level!” Waving her right hand, the ring on her middle finger released intensely strong rays of light. An orange shield of light expanded in a flash and shielded the four people in the front. The Red Rank Water Arrow confronted the Orange Rank defense and was completely blocked, producing an intense sound at impact.

At this moment, the Water division’s other four students finally completed their magic. ‘Roaring Wave’ magically summoned a tremendous wave. If it was only a single Orange Rank mage who casted the spell, its power would naturally be limited, but four mages casting simultaneously created an extremely impressive wave. The four-layered, tremendous orange wave roared powerfully as it advanced forward and attacked the Divine Music division party.

Karachi raised the magic staff in his hand. The bright blue gem atop it began emitting soft halos of light. He had already begun chanting. An unknown audience member yelled out, “Water Spirit Blessing!”

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