[C43] ZE Chapter 11.3


Chapter 11 – Equal Life Contract (III)



“Oh?” Ferguson was immediately intrigued and asked, “Can you determine what this magical beast is?”

Crimson Dragon Xhosa shook its immense head. “No, I’m still not sure. I can only sense that this is a growth-type magical beast scent placing me under tremendous pressure. This is the first time I have actually come across this scent, so I am unable to determine which magical beast it belongs to. In addition, this human scent beside it ought to be the person who summoned the magical beast here.”


Dragons had a smelling ability a hundred times more potent than the human race, so Ferguson didn’t doubt his partner one bit. He couldn’t help but sink into meditation at this moment. Considering it was a growth-type magical beast, it meant it had not yet reached rank 9, but that also meant Xhosa should not be able to sense such tremendous pressure. If a rank 9 magical beast really appeared here, it would certainly be strange. Making Xhosa feel disgust, however, at least proved that this magical beast was by no means a dragon.

Ye Yin Zhu didn’t know that the Equal Life Contract he just completed with Zi had already aroused President Ferguson’s attention. Currently, he and Zi were on the road, walking back to the institution together.

“Yin Zhu, I need to leave. If in the future you run into anything troublesome that you cannot resolve, summon me at once.” Zi embraced Yin Zhu’s side, the chill in his eyes completely gone as he resembled an elder brother concerned about his gentle younger brother.

“Zi, if you have any trouble, you must also summon me. I said I would protect you.” Ye Yin Zhu slightly laughed. This was the first time he wasn’t worried about Zi no longer being by his side. If either of them desired, he could have the other come to him at any time.

After the contract was completed, Yin Zhu’s and Zi’s minds had a one-of-a-kind indescribable spiritual connection. The other’s aura made both of them feel more comfortable. Thanks to the spiritual connection, the could even feel the other’s mood.

“Zi, I’m hesitant.” Yin Zhu admitted.

“What are you hesitant about?”

“Today, the Freshman Competition has begun. We defeated the Water division in our first match, but Grandmother Nina told me that the Water division is the weakest of the nine magic divisions. The opponents from the other divisions are all very powerful. I don’t know if I should use my sound blade infused musical composition against them. Grandfather Qin told me that if the sound blade sees an enemy, they will die. Father, however, just told me not to kill anyone. It’s only a competition so naturally it’ll be sinful to kill them.”

Zi understood the doubts in Yin Zhu’s heart, so he tranquilly smiled and said, “This is something only you can decide. I can only say that although your Grandfather Qin is afraid about your capabilities being revealed and has some misgivings, if you want to become strong then it isn’t necessary to conceal your strength. If you temper your strength with real combat experience without using your full strength, it’s not beneficial. Concealing your strength is not the best way; the goal is to allow yourself to become even stronger.”

Ye Yin Zhu nodded and said, “I have also thought about this. More importantly, apart from me, the Divine Music division members are all girls. I don’t want them to receive harm in the next match, but I also don’t want them to help me ward off our opponent’s attacks next time. I am a man. I should be standing in the front.”

“Yin Zhu, you have matured very quickly. I can feel relieved when I leave like this. You must remember, we can only successfully summon the other if he is not in a battle situation. In other words, if you want to summon me to your side, you must make sure I am not fighting. Otherwise the summon won’t succeed and vice versa. Only the party in a battle can summon the party not in a battle.” Zi once more patted Yin Zhu’s shoulder, turned around, and left. Ye Yin Zhu discovered that unconsciously, he had already returned to the Milan Institution for Magic and Martial Arts entrance.

Strolling into the institution, he didn’t worry as he slowly headed in the direction of the mixed district. He had an excellent memory, so despite only living in the institution for several days he had already memorized in his heart the path he frequently used to reach the mixed district.

Breathing in the institution’s fresh air as he passed the north district, he soon arrived at the mixed district. At this moment, a party of people stopped Yin Zhu.

Although there were seven of them with varying heights, the weapons on their bodies indicated they were not a part of the north district’s magic divisions.

“Stop. You are Ye Yin Zhu, right?” The seven people lined up in a row and blocked Ye Yin Zhu.

“I am. Is something the matter?” Yin Zhu wrinkled his brow, his intuition telling him that these people did not have good intentions.

“Is something the matter, of course something is the matter. Boy, today you made us lose a lot of money. Originally we intended to make some pocket money, but we didn’t expect that this blade of grass among ten thousand flowers would ruin it all. Tell me, what should we do?” The leader was a tall youth that almost looked like Fisichella. He appeared to be approximately 20 years old with a tiger face. On his back were two huge battle-axes.

Ye Yin Zhu asked, somewhat at a loss, “I made you lose money?”

“Of course. Are you saying that I, Jia Nei Di, am lying? Today your Divine Music division defeated the Water division. We bet that the Water division would win, so the outcome lost us our life savings. During the Freshman Competition, some senior students secretly opened a gambling joint. Today the Divine Music division and the Water division match was the focus of the Freshman Competition. It was only natural that at the gambling joint, the betting was not on who would win because no one thought highly of the Divine Music division. The betting was on whether or not the Divine Music division could last against the Water division for half an hour. The outcome clearly made the overwhelming majority lose. This Jia Nei Di and the other six people all live in the mixed district as work-study students. Of course we don’t have any money and didn’t believe we would lose so much while gambling. We’re so angry it’s unbearable, but we won’t dare make things difficult for the beautiful ladies of the Divine Music division. Still, who will stop us from going after Ye Yin Zhu, who also lives in the mixed district? We intend to take our revenge.”

“This is your problem, and it does not concern me. What do you think?” Ye Yin Zhu wasn’t fond of bullies. He provoked Jia Nei Di’s party of seven, while in his heart he thought it through and decided to listen to his dad’s words and not kill them.

“What do we think? We don’t want to think of anything. As long as you compensate us for our losses. It’s not much, altogether it’s 40 gold coins. Give us the money and we’ll leave. If not, today we’ll make you suffer physical pain.” Jia Nei Di was not that much shorter than Zi, and his large palm-leaf hands were clasped together, knuckles cracking. Pipa. With his tiger-like outward appearance, he really did appear to be a tiger man. It was a pity, he picked on the wrong target today.

“I don’t have any money, but I would never give it to you anyway. I heard that if you agree to bet then you must accept your losses in gambling. Could it be that you didn’t understand?” A faint cold light graced Yin Zhu’s face as his Bamboo Dou Qi circulated within his body. Because of his contract with Zi, he received an explosive strength within his body that wanted to surge out. Confronting these opponents, he didn’t bother to prepare to use his hard earned Moon and Tides’ Clear Brilliance Zither.

At this moment, a bizarre scene arose. Just as Jia Nei Di was about to attack, he suddenly stiffened and stood motionless. His eyes brimmed with a frightened light. A seven inch long dagger had unknowingly been pressed to his throat. The dagger was black, not reflecting light at all. The breath of the forest made his skin tremble and shiver, even shuddering. The cold murderous spirit stimulated his throat; he seemed to feel the hot blood within his body on the verge of squirting out.

“Yes, that’s it. Don’t move. I cannot guarantee my hand will remain steady,” A gentle voice echoed from behind Jia Nei Di. Jia Nei Di’s six companions were overwhelmed with horror as they watched on. They didn’t know when the petite figure had appeared behind Jia Nei Di. Now, his hand was pressing down on Jia Nei Di’s thick shoulders to prop up his own body while his other hand was holding a black dagger. Although his face expressed a faint smile, his eyes brimmed with a deadly light.

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