[C44] ZE Chapter 11.4


Chapter 11 – Equal Life Contract (IV)



“Who are you?” Jia Nei Di frightfully shouted, clearly sensing that the person behind him could desire his life at any time.

“This is the Milan Institution for Magic and Martial Arts. I am like you, I am also a student here. You want to bully my roommate, you ought to first ask me if I agree or disagree.” This petite student was not a stranger; it was Ye Yin Zhu’s roommate Sura.


Cold sweat dripped down Jia Nei Di’s forehead. He had already guessed that the person behind him was of the Assassin division. Over in the warrior district, regardless of how strong the warriors were, they didn’t want to face a member of the Assassin division. Assassins were everywhere, and which of them wanted to be the focus of a killer? Jia Nei Di had always been confident of his own strength, but Sura’s sudden touch from behind his body, without him even slightly anticipating it, made it clear he couldn’t handle an assassin. Even if they were inside the institution, it was unlikely someone would suspect an assassin’s hostility. An assassin’s first lesson when facing the enemy was that regardless of location, they might be required to kill the potential threat in the cradle. Thus word circulated throughout Milan Institution for Magic and Martial Arts: Provoke a teacher, but don’t provoke a student of the Assassin division.

“This, this big brother, I know it’s wrong. I didn’t know Ye Yin Zhu is your roommate. Let me go, and we’ll immediately go our own ways.” Jia Nei Di’s voice trembled because the black dagger appeared to rub against his neck.

“Next time I see you, I will not speak again.” Sura’s gentle voice suddenly became dark. What does not speaking represent to an assassin? It meant elimination.

The black blade quietly disappeared like magic, and Jia Nei Di and his six companions watched attentively as Sura’s body faintly flashed before unexpectedly disappearing from sight. Stealth was a concealment skill only advanced assassins could grasp.

Deep fear clutched at these seven’s hearts. Jia Nei Di glanced at Ye Yin Zhu and didn’t dare make a verbal spectacle. He led his companions away with their tails between their legs.

Ye Yin Zhu’s gaze moved towards the left of his body where a petite body noiselessly came into view beside him. It was Sura.

“Sura, thank you.” Yin Zhu humbly smiled.

Sura looked at Ye Yin Zhu with some amazement because the moment before he appeared, he could clearly sense intangible spiritual waves latching onto his body.

“Even if I didn’t make a move, I’m convinced you could have settled it. Scaring them is better, however. That Jia Nei Di is a well-known Heavy Sword division second-year. His martial arts are pretty good. Next time, I reckon they won’t dare to seek you out to trouble you.” Sura laughed happily. Now, regardless of his deadly eyes or his cold murderous, forest green gaze, they had already disappeared from view.

Sura’s performance just now made Ye Yin Zhu feel something completely new. He now knew that his roommate was actually strong.

“Congratulations, Yin Zhu.”

“Congratulations? Oh, you’re talking about our match with the Water division today?”

Sura gave him a thumbs-up and said, “I really didn’t expect the Divine Music division to also have a fortune-changing day. Come on, let’s go back to our dormitory. What do you want to eat this evening? I’ll make you something.”

Ye Yin Zhu smiled and said, “You are a really good housekeeper. Those four gold coins are really worth it. Not only tidying up the rooms, but also cooking the food. You’re even a bodyguard, free of charge.”

Sura mischievously laughed and replied, “If you believe it’s cheap, give me a raise. I won’t refuse.” While speaking, he rubbed his right thumb over his forefinger and middle finger, seemingly in some wretched gesture. Now he was incapable of being mentioned on equal terms with that callous assassin just a moment ago.

The small dormitory had already become Sura and Ye Yin Zhu’s home. A large luxurious villa was not necessarily comfortable to live in. Even though the dormitory was small, it was clean and tidy. Every day when Ye Yin Zhu returned here, it would give him a warm feeling. Since he arrived at Milan Institution for Magic and Martial Arts, the teacher who had given him the deepest impression was naturally Nina, and the student who had given him the deepest impression was not the Divine Music division’s Hai Yang or the other beautiful ladies, it was his roommate Sura instead.

Sura was extremely competent. He always kept the dormitory neat and tidy. It was even difficult for Ye Yin Zhu to see when he tidies up; it was also very difficult to find even a speck of dust in the dormitory. Today he gained knowledge of Sura’s strength as an assassin and couldn’t refrain from being amazed. Apparently, each person had their own secrets, and Sura’s secret was especially grand.

Perhaps the attacking Jia Nei Di didn’t even know what rank Sura’s strength was, but Ye Yin Zhu understood it very thoroughly. An assassin would not easily release their dou qi and thus didn’t allow their opponent to clearly feel their strength. This was the assassin’s first priority. Ye Yin Zhu’s spiritual power, however, was significantly stronger than his peers. Once Sura let go of Jia Nei Di and concealed his figure, he could clearly sense Sura’s body emit a dou qi aura not much different from his own. This indicated that Sura had at least Primary Level Green Rank dou qi. Among their peers, this was highly difficult to imagine. One must know, even Ye Yin Zhu took ten years of bitter cultivation and absolute focus in order to raise his dou qi to this level! Even without asking around, Yin Zhu could guess that Sura was unconditionally the Assassin division’s strongest new student.

“Eat, what do you think?” Returning to normal, Sura’s happy face was carefree and without worries. Fishing his purse from his chest, he calculated the food expenses.

Their two lunches for the past two days consisted of one meat dish and one vegetable dish, plus four steamed buns and even a small pot of vegetable soup.

“Wow! Sura, what day is it for this to be so delicious?” Yin Zhu exclaimed, astonished.

Sura smiled and answered, “Didn’t your Divine Music division win today? Consider this your celebration. Every month we have to eat some meat to keep our bodies healthy for a long time. In the afternoon you have another match, so eat quickly. My afternoon is free, so I’ll come with you to the playing field once we finish eating to cheer you on.”

“Thank you, Sura.” Ye Yin Zhu suddenly felt his throat clog up with something.

Sura lowered his head, his eyes flashing with a peculiar light. He opened his mouth to say, “You’re welcome. If you really want to thank me, just keep it up. If you can get a ranking and some award money, then we may live better.”

“I will.” For his own honor, and also for Sura, Ye Yin Zhu for the first time had a definite goal: the Freshman Competition championship finals.

Wolfing down his food and finishing his lunch, Sura accompanied Ye Yin Zhu to return to the Divine Music division. Now, the Divine Music division’s beautiful ladies were all there. Perhaps because of their victory over the Water division this morning, the Divine Music division was filled with a jubilant mood.

“Yin Zhu, you came. Where did you go once the match ended?” Xue Ling’s sharp eyes spotted Yin Zhu as he neared the classroom.

Yin Zhu remembered that Xue Ling had suddenly kissed him earlier in the excitement and couldn’t help feeling somewhat embarrassed when he looked at her. With his handsome face red, he replied, “Xue Ling, I just returned home to eat. Oh, I should introduce you. This is my roommate, Sura of the Assassin division.”

Sura and Fisichella were two extremely different types of people. Fisichella’s eyes would pop out of their sockets upon seeing a beautiful woman. Sura’s reaction was very dull, the smile on his face even lessened slightly as he merely nodded his head and said hello to Xue Ling.

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