[C45] ZE Chapter 12.1


Chapter 12 – Netherworld Snow Spirit (I)



The Divine Music division’s first-year students were all inside the classroom. This included Hai Yang. Hai Yang currently sat in the corner, tuning her guzheng.

Xue Ling faced Ye Yin Zhu and said, “Everyone is discussing the afternoon match.”


Ye Yin Zhu puzzledly asked, “Discussing? Didn’t Grandmother Nina already explain the plan this morning?”

Xue Ling happily smiled and said, “We’re talking about having a cheering squad. The seniors said that if we can win this match, for tomorrow’s match they’ll collectively go out and cheer us on. When that moment comes, it will absolutely shock the entire institution. Yin Zhu, how could you call Dean Nina grandmother; you’re not afraid of death, but we are afraid of being hurt.”

Yin Zhu humbly smiled but didn’t reply. Just at this moment, the classroom door opened and Nina came in from the outside. Although her complexion still appeared as arrogant and icy as before, everyone could feel that today, Nina’s mood wasn’t bad from her smiling eyes.

Clapping her hands, Nina became the center of everyone’s attention. “Alright. Everyone, listen to what I have to say. I’ve just returned from the lottery. Our afternoon opponent is the Dark Magic division. Same tactics as this morning, only you must be more careful. Once you can no longer continuously defend against the other side’s attacks, immediately concede. Ye Yin Zhu, this is for you to decide.”

To be fair, the Freshman Competition had round-robin tournament where each stage was redetermined as lots were drawn with the exception of previous opponents.

Hearing that their next opponent was the Dark Magic division, Xue Ling and Lan Xi cried out in alarm simultaneously. Kong Que’s complexion changed despite not saying a word. Her haughty face, however, was somewhat gloomy. Seated in the corner, only Hai Yang had no reaction, still appearing ice-cold and tranquil.

The Magic Department’s nine great division specializations were the Water division, Fire division, Wind division, Earth division, Light division, Dark Magic division, Summon division, Spirit division, and the Spatial Domain division. Among these, six of the before-mentioned were classified as elemental magic while the other three were classified as special magic. The most mysterious of them was naturally the Spatial Domain division while the strongest were the Spirit division and the Summon division. The one division people didn’t wish to confront the most, however, was actually the Dark Magic division.

Qin Shang once explained in detail to Yin Zhu the marvels of each type of magic. Water magic was relatively weak in the beginning. Dark Magic in simple terms was the exact opposite; it had the most powerful magic in the beginning. These were Green Rank and below Dark Magic. Dark Magic for the most part used sacrificial offerings to summon the darkness element for one’s own use. This power was extremely strong. Included among those was corrosion magic, which easily makes anyone unwilling to face them. When corrosion magic struck a target, the injury couldn’t be healed. This was also the reason why the beautiful ladies of the Divine Music division were frightened.

“Grandmother Nina, am I allowed to arrange the tactics for the afternoon match?” This was not the first time he called Nina grandmother in front of everybody, but this was absolutely the calmest Ye Yin Zhu had called her.

Nina glanced at him, but everyone was startled when she didn’t flare up and instead nodded, saying, “Good. Since you are the general, you’ll make the decisions. I only require you to explain important matters to me in advance, all under heavy security. I do not want any accidents to happen to you all. Don’t leave any magical openings; the Dark Magic division’s magical damage is very strong.”

Ye Yin Zhu nodded and replied, “I understand. Senior Hai Yang, this afternoon I am requesting you to play the << A Chinese Ghost Story >> song once again.”

Hai Yang stared blankly, her pale charming face displaying astonishment. “Why? << A Chinese Ghost Story>> song only expresses sorrow. The Dark Magic division’s students are not as easy to handle as the Water division. If << A Chinese Ghost Story >> is successfully completed, it might not make them lose their combat ability.”

Ye Yin Zhu confidently said, “I ask Senior Hai Yang to obey to my plan. Furthermore, Xue Ling, Lan Xi, Kong Que. You three ought to also be able to play this musical composition. I’m asking you to perform with the musical instruments you are experts with. Lan Xi, at that time you will be playing with me as the zither is the most difficult to make compatible with other instruments. Pay attention to my technique when the moment comes.”

Lan Xi somewhat excitedly nodded and agreed. After she had witnessed Yin Zhu’s zither art, she had already asked him to instruct her. To the side Kong Que was ignored and unhappily said, “Ye Yin Zhu, what is this idea of yours? If everyone plays << A Chinese Ghost Story >>, who would defend against the Dark Magic division’s magical attacks?”

“Me.” Ye Yin Zhu’s reply was only one word, but it was spoken with exceptional resolution.

Kong Que somewhat disdainfully questioned, “You?”

Ye Yin Zhu had the least favorable impression of the conceited Kong Que out of the four female competitors. He indifferently said, “I can’t tell you what to do? If you think you can resist the opponent’s magical attacks, I as general will allow you to do so.”

“You…” Kong Que was indignant. “Who are you to have the impertinence to talk to me like this. Believe it or not, I…”

“Enough. The match still hasn’t begun, yet you want to fight among ourselves? Kong Que, you need to remember, this is not the Palermo Kingdom. Since I said that Ye Yin Zhu is the general, starting from today, everything concerning the competition will follow his plans.” Nina’s serene voice made Kong Que choke back her words.

That afternoon the Divine Music division’s playing field was the Dark Magic division’s training field four. This training field was different from the Water division’s standard. Although the size was more or less the same, the unexpectedly black training field was constructed with all kinds of materials. When they first arrived here, everyone clearly felt that it was somewhat sinister.

Since the creation of Training field four, it rarely bustled with noise and excitement. The number of people coming to watch the Divine Music division and Dark Magic division’s match was greater by two tenths than the number of the people who went to watch the morning Divine Music division and Water division match. Even if the Divine Music division already won one match, up until now, people still didn’t think highly of them. The majority of the students all believed the reason why the Water division lost the match this morning was because the Water division freshman had been too careless, causing their attack speed to be slowed. They were correct to notice that the magic casting rate was slow, but it was not because the Water division was careless. It was instead caused by the musical composition’s influence.

“Yin Zhu, you must put in the extra effort! I bet a gold coin on your Divine Music division,” Sura whispered to Ye Yin Zhu as he prepared to go onto the field.

Ye Yin Zhu wrinkled his brow and said, “My grandfather told me it’s not good to gamble.”

Sura mischievously laughed and said, “It’s a small bet to support you. It doesn’t matter. Okay, you need to enter the field immediately. I’ll cheer you on.”

Unlike the first match, this time the Divine Music division didn’t move one set of table and chair, but rather three sets. Apart from Ye Yin Zhu who carried a table and chair to the training field for himself, the other two sets for Hai Yang and Lan Xi’s use were prematurely placed by the students of the other divisions.

“Divine Music division, let’s go, Divine Music division, win.” Sharp and clear voices shouted and attracted the attention of everyone present to a lovely sight. The Divine Music division’s first-year students, excluding the four competing, had eight other girls. Now dressed in their school uniform at the training field, they cheered on the side Ye Yin Zhu was on. At this moment, the majority of the girls’ gazes fell on Ye Yin Zhu’s body. Although Ye Yin Zhu’s temperament gave people the feeling that he was from a poor background, his appearance was extremely outstanding. If his vocation wasn’t a measly Divine Music mage, the female students would have already started chasing after him. Unfortunately, this world put strength first.

The number of Dark Magic division’s new students were the lowest among the Magic Department’s nine great divisions and not much more than the Spirit division’s branch Divine Music division. Each year they had only 20-30 students. Now that they were gathered together, they appeared incompatible with the other divisions and their students.

Ye Yin Zhu’s table and chair were placed at the very front. Behind him stood Lan Xi and Hai Yang, and standing behind them were Xue Ling and Kong Que in the very back. This was the first time Ye Yin Zhu saw their musical instruments. Xue Ling’s musical instrument was a blue jade xiao while Kong Que’s pipa was a cream-colored pipa which resembled sculpted ivory with its sparkling exterior. The occasionally touched strings released notes full of a metallic tone.

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