[C47] ZE Chapter 12.3


Chapter 12 – Netherworld Snow Spirit (III)



A long blade constructed entirely of sound gently floated in the air above Ye Yin Zhu’s eight fingers. Although it was brimming with a corrosive and tyrannical offensive power, the Dark Magic was incapable of getting within five meters of Ye Yin Zhu.

Ye Yin Zhu’s left hand left the Empty Valley, Momentum Transfer at the same time as his right hand left the Deep Valley, Flowing Spring gesture. “You are now also receiving my attack.” Four sound blades overlapped in mid air to form a meter-large symbol that swiftly headed towards the five Dark Magic division students. This mystical soundblade fluttered in the wind without receiving any power at all while at the same time changing directions at quick speeds as it evaded and slayed.


Ye Yin Zhu was well aware of his limits. Last time, when he killed Rufete and the others, he had taken advantage of his opponents and startled them by releasing Seven Killer Notes at full power while playing the zither. This technique combined both his dou qi and his zither magic to annihilate his opponents in one fell swoop. At this particular moment, however, he had restrained himself. After all, if he issued Seven Killer Notes with his current strength, he wouldn’t have any energy left over.

Suddenly, a thick black fog gushed out from Yue Ming’s chest, forming a black fog wall in the air. The meter long sound-blade struck this dark magic fog. It quivered violently, but in the end, it blocked the blade’s attack.

“Split Shadow.” Yue Ming lowered her head and shouted loudly, her voice sounding somewhat out of breath. Even though she relied on magical equipment to produce this defensive magic, withstanding the full force of the four long sound blades used up an enormous amount of magic power.

The five Dark Magic division students each pulled a black pearl out of nowhere and crushed it all at once. Instantly, countless black silhouettes extended out. They each unexpectedly split into six silhouettes and rapidly spread out. The Divine Music division unexpectedly found themselves surrounded. Since they were unable to chant a spell, they relied on magical equipment to instantly release this Yellow Rank magic – Dark Magic Split Shadow. The Dark Magic division was not like the destitute Water division.

This Split Shadow skill was very suitable in dealing with Ye Yin Zhu at this moment. None of the Dark Magic division’s students, however, were able to resist the sound blades. Thus, they had suddenly released multiple doppelgangers that prevented Ye Yin Zhu from striking their real bodies. Sound blades were an extreme waste of dou qi and magic power, so naturally Ye Yin Zhu did not use it lightly. Fortunately, the song << A Chinese Ghost Story >> was finally a third of the way performed.

One third was exactly when Ye Yin Zhu’s zither song began displaying its effects. The five Dark Magic division students almost simultaneously felt an intense sorrow rush forth from deep within their hearts. Unconsciously, they seemingly desired to listen to the music instead of continuing the match. The Split Shadow produced doppelgangers had already begun to grow blurry.

Yue Ming, after all, was a mage of equal rank to Ye Yin Zhu. In this critical moment, she suddenly bit her lower lip and, used the sting of pain to clear her head. Shouting loudly, she called out, “Come, my partner, Ming Xue.”

A dark-blue magic Six-Point star appeared out of nowhere, and a large black figure emerged from within it. The graceful figure appeared to be a six or seven year old small girl floating in the air. Long, dark-blue hair drifted down her back, the length unexpectedly long as it passed her two feet. A pair of large black eyes brimmed with an icy air. Faint dark-blue rays of light unceasingly revolved around her body. The most bizarre thing was that her body appeared to actually be transparent, like clear crystal.

In the spectator’s grandstand, Nina’s complexion greatly changed as she involuntarily cried out, “Death Spirit growth-type magical beast, Netherworld Snow Spirit.”

All growth-type magical beasts could evolve to sentient magical beast rank. It was just that the process was very long and challenging. The number of Death Spirit growth-type magical beasts was sparse and comparable with that of rank 9 gigantic dragons, let alone this specific Netherworld Snow Spirit. One must know, any growth-type magical beast that agreed to and signed a contract had to have done so at a young age. Aside from being a rank 9 magical beast, a mature Netherworld Snow Spirit could also birth a single soul spirit in its lifetime. If someone wanted to get this soul spirit to agree to a soul contract, not only would they need to find a Netherworld Snow Spirit, but they would also need to ambush and defeat a mature Netherworld Snow Spirit, which was equivalent to a Violet Rank Dark Water dual-attribute Great Magister.

Soul Scream.” Yue Ming cried, and the immature Netherworld Snow Spirit’s mouth produced a clear, piercing scream in response. The ear-piercing scream brimmed with grief and iciness. This abrupt sound immediately weakened the Divine Music division’s five person ensemble performance of << A Chinese Ghost Story >> song.

Snow Dance.” Yue Ming once again issued an order. Immediately, dark-blue light began to appear and surround the Netherworld Snow Spirit’s body, gradually condensing into tiny snowflakes that danced in the air.

Exploiting this opportunity, Yue Ming hurriedly gathered together with her four Dark Magic division comrades, and the group began their spell chanting.

“God of Darkness…, you walked out from the void…” the first Dark Magic student chanted.

“Carrying profound sorrow…, take away my soul…” The second Dark Magic student unexpectedly continued the first student’s chant.

“Bring despair to my enemies…, let slaughter engulf the world…” The third student joined the unusual harmony, as if the spell was being chanted by one person. Each person who chanted the spell also radiated a large quantity of yellow light from their body, which condensed in the center of their five man formation.

“Swearing by my blood…, I use my soul as sacrifice…” Just as the fourth student finished the incantation, the three people’s gaping mouths simultaneously spewed mists of blood as the yellow rays of light condensed and immediately changed into a gloomy green light.

In the Spectator’s Grandstand. Ferguson said with surprise, “Overlapping chant, Dark Curse. This is an Advanced Dark Magic. Dean Basten, the Dark Magic division new students this year are remarkable!” While he spoke, his violet magic power already began to condense. As the institution’s president, he didn’t wish for casualties to appear in the Freshman Competition.

Not saying a word, the Dark Magic division Dean Basten’s mood could only be described as bitter and astringent. This Dark Curse was definitely an Advanced Dark Magic, but it was rare for a fifth year student to cast such a spell alone. This time, he had ingeniously designed this overlapping chant, of course, in preparation for an even more crucial point in the Freshman Competition. As a result, the Dark Magic division became a celebrity overnight. The one thing he didn’t count for, however, was that he would be forced to use it after running into the so-called useless mages of the Divine Music division in the second match. Although he believed victory was already in their grasp regardless, he still did not want to prematurely reveal their strength.

Dark Curse – Infernal Howl of Sorrow.” Yue Ming completed the final line of the incantation. Instantly, the gloomy green radiance shrouded the five Dark Magic division students all at once. A matchless, inhuman, shrill scream enveloped the whole audience.

As the Dark Magic division students executed their curse, Ye Yin Zhu and the others came across big trouble. The dual-attribute Death Spirit growth-type magical beast Netherworld Snow Spirit brought about massive problems.

Even if it was still immature, this Netherworld Snow Spirit already surpassed rank 4 strength. The dark-blue snowflakes not only brimmed with an icy aura like a sharp blade, but even more frightening was that it contained corrosion magic. Just a little touch and the corrosive nature could cause damage!

They never stopped playing << A Chinese Ghost Story >>. Ye Yin Zhu knew that a Divine Music mage’s music was absolutely effective against any and all living beings with souls. Even Death Spirit magical beasts were no exception. Sound blades couldn’t obstruct all the snowflakes, so at a crucial moment, he released the Divine Celestial Protection to envelop the party of five and protect them from the dark-blue snowflakes’ cutting edges. At the same time, dou qi immediately accumulated at his fingertips, his hand positioning slightly changing as the zither music increased in volume twofold in order to suppress the Netherworld Snow Spirit’s piercing scream.

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