[C48] ZE Chapter 12.4


Chapter 12 – Netherworld Snow Spirit (IV)


Accompanying the deep, distant zither notes, his graceful and low voice rose among the party of the five ensemble performance.

“One’s time on earth

Is like a dream, an endless journey


Which allows the wind and frost to leave traces upon the face

In the world of mortals

This beautiful dream has numerous paths to follow

Seeking love on this fantastical journey

Following a boundless and indistinct path.”

The first time the zither song emerged, it was done to conform with Hai Yang’s music. Now, Ye Yin Zhu could reveal for the first time the zither song’s own formidable power. The zither’s melodies along with the singing voices was fully appealing, seeping through everyone’s minds. The Dark Magic division’s four students, in addition to Yue Ming, just recently completed their incantation which temporarily provided the outstanding power of a God. The four students in the midst of the zither song’s spiritual attack had already completely lost. Tears unwillingly flowed out as they lost their ability to fight.

What was most bizarre was the Netherworld Snow Spirit’s reaction, who was closest to Ye Yin Zhu.

The front side of Ming Xue’s crystal body was battered by the zither song, appearing to mimic the rhythm of sound waves rippling out. In the air, the number of dark-blue snowflakes were clearly reduced. The most fantastic thing was that her two deadly eyes unexpectedly displayed her fluctuating mood. A touch of faint sadness appeared upon her completely flawless, attractive face as her body floated slowly moved forward. The wind seemingly pushed her to arrive in front of Ye Yin Zhu’s body.

The Dark Magic division’s students, excluding Yue Ming, had already been completely immersed in the zither song and lost their fighting capabilities. Their overlapping chanted Dark Curse had been thoroughly completed, however. An immense black magic Six-Point Star appeared silently in front of Yue Ming’s body. Immediately, countless hissing sounds rang from the magic Six-Point Star.

A stream of cruel green light seemed to be struggling to emerge from hell. It was followed by a hissing sound that emerged from the black Six-Point Star, which earth-shatteringly rushed towards the Divine Music division’s five students. The magical color indicated it had already reached the Intermediate Level Green Rank to one’s surprise. The combined might of four Yellow Rank students’ overlapping chants actually could be formidable in such a way. Ye Yin Zhu and his companions couldn’t help their changed expressions when they saw this.

“Yin Zhu, be careful…” Sura’s voice rang loudly, assisted by dou qi.

Ye Yin Zhu no longer could attend to Ming Xue’s attacks that flew towards him. Knowing this, his clear black eyes brimmed with determination as he knew that he could absolutely not retreat. Behind him were Hai Yang and the three girls. He could only rely on his own power now to resist the Dark Magic division’s final attack. Instantly, Ye Yin Zhu’s eyes changed colors to a deep red as a violently strong dark red magic aura surged out. His spiritual power momentarily broke through his limit. His Divine Celestial Protection defense’s power increased according to his highest level of strength.

Dou qi restrained and not scattered, both hands, which were concealed within his sleeves, had already become a topaz color. << A Chinese Ghost Story >>’s music paused, however, as his eight fingers stopped plucking the Moon and Tides’ Clear Brilliance’s seven strings. As his magic power and dou qi upgraded to the highest state, waves of fatigue began assailing his brain.

Ye Yin Zhu knew the Life Guardian on his wrist could be used to absolutely protect him. It was not something the Dark Curse could break. His natural lofty and unyielding character, however, did not want to use Life Guardian as he knew that if he excessively depended on the Life Guardian like that, then how could he face even greater tribulations in the future?. Therefore, unless it was absolutely essential, he could not activate it lightly.

Dark Curse Infernal Howl of Sorrow conjured 10 ghosts. Even with Yue Ming their strength couldn’t completely display this Advanced Dark Magic’s power, but it was still considerable in might. Training field four was filled with a hissing, mournful sadness that brimmed with the oppressive power of the Dark Magic elemental waves. The large pressure already caused the girls, excluding Hai Yang, behind Ye Yin Zhu to become different shades simultaneously.

As Ye Yin Zhu was condensing all of his energy in preparation to deal with the Dark Curse, a clash which would determine the outcome of the battle, a bizarre scene suddenly emerged. Floating by Ye Yin Zhu’s side was Ming Xue who had for some unknown period of time appeared there. Her two big deadly eyes, which clearly illustrated her mood, began to appear more and more human.  Seemingly deciding on something, Ming Xue’s body suddenly flew across as she silently moved to block Ye Yin Zhu’s front, causing a lag in her initial intention of mobilizing all of her strength to strike Ye Yin Zhu’s mind.

Without any stir in the wind, her long dark blue hair surged automatically behind Ming Xue’s back, forming a gigantic circular protective screen. Her body was wrapped in a black aura, seemingly like an enormous black hole whose intense vacuum power brimmed with an icy aura.

Those ghosts that flew out of the Black Six-Point Star issued a frightened screech as the cruel green rays of light undulated violently. They seemed to be afraid of something, but facing the black aura released from Ming Xue’s body, these ghosts created by the Dark Curse unexpectedly had no way to resist. Like a green arrow, Ming Xue’s black hole wildly engulfed their existence.

Yue Ming was completely dumbfounded. She could not understand how her own scheme to release the Dark Magic division’s most powerful magical attack could unexpectedly by obstructed by her own magical beast. Although she could clearly sense Ming Xue and her spiritual connection, at this time, she had lost control of Ming Xue. Because she signed a Master-Slave contract with her magical beast, it was nearly impossible for this to occur.

The still taciturn Dark Magic division Dean Basten was finally unable to continue being seated as he startledly stood up. His aged face was full of shock. A magical beast rejecting their master’s control, what did this mean? Could it be that this time it rebelled? Originally he believed victory was in their grasp, but unexpectedly, at the most pivotal moment, this kind of change occurred. He couldn’t really believe it.

The four girls behind Ye Yin Zhu were also stupefied. << A Chinese Ghost Story >> song had finished. A subtle feeling arose within Hai Yang’s being. Of the Divine Music division’s five competitors, her spiritual power cultivation was second only to Ye Yin Zhu. She vaguely sensed Ming Xue’s change and feared that her own five man ensemble performance music had an enormous correlation.

Casting Dark Curse was extremely difficult, but it was swallowed up extraordinarily fast. In merely several breaths’ time, those gloomy green ghosts already completely vanished from sight, the black Six-Point Star in front of Yue Ming’s body closing. Because of the excessive consumption of spiritual power and the damage inflicted mentally, Yue Ming’s body instantly fell to the ground. She relied on her magical staff to barely support her body from fully collapsing.

Ming Xue floated back beside Ye Yin Zhu. After Ming Xue swallowed the Dark Curse, her body apparently somewhat stiffened. In a short period of time, she appeared to have grown. Originally she looked to be six to seven years old, but she appeared to be eight to nine years old. This mostly caused Yue Ming’s heart to emanate a cold air as her eyes rested on Ming Xue with a pondering light. One must know, the growth-type Netherworld Snow at present was at most a magical beast between the fourth and fifth rank. Such thoughts would only emerge from a rank 7 or higher sentient magical beast.

In the spectator’s grandstand, Ferguson’s brows creased. Thoughtfully, he said, “This Netherworld Snow Spirit appears to have evolved.”

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  1. –TEASER–

    Chapter 12 – Netherworld Snow Spirit (IV)

    Why is the Teaser tag still up considering that the next chapter (13.1) is already released?

  2. –TEASER–

    Chapter 12 – Netherworld Snow Spirit (IV)

    Why is the TEASER tag still up considering that the next chapter 13.1 is already released?

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