[C49] ZE Chapter 13.1


Chapter 13 – Behemoth (I)



As Ming Xue began swallowing the Dark Curse, Ye Yin Zhu already closed his eyes. Now, the corner of his mouth displayed a trace of a faint smile as his condensed dou qi and magic power slowly dispersed. Due to the recent preparation he made in order to use all of his strength to either release an attack or at least suffer a certain level of elemental backlash, he spat out a mouthful of blood to the side.

“You, what did you do to Ming Xue?” Yue Ming, somewhat frightened, opened her eyes to look at Ye Yin Zhu who was by Ming Xue’s side.


Slowly opening his eyes, Ye Yin Zhu’s eyes, like before, were crystal-clear and didn’t reflect the elemental backlash his body had suffered, nor the fatigue. Slightly smiling, he said, “I didn’t do anything. I can only say that our music can influence you and magical beasts at the same time. As long as a creature has a soul, its mood will be influenced by the music. Be more concerned about your magical beast, she seems to be unhappy following you. If you cannot have her sincerely follow you, it would be eternally impossible for her to become your best partner.”

Yue Ming stared despondently at Ye Yin Zhu. Suddenly, her eyes flashed with a cold light as she shouted, “Ming Xue, attack him!” She was convinced that if Ming Xue didn’t change sides, their Dark Magic division would have already attained victory. At the same time, she was also not convinced that her magical beast unexpectedly wouldn’t obey her commands.

Ming Xue floated in place and looked at Ye Yin Zhu next to her before looking back at Yue Ming. In a very human gesture, she lowered her head. Facing Yue Ming, she shook her head.

“You, you won’t attack him?” This time Yue Ming was completely lifeless, her good-looking face without a single trace of color.

Ye Yin Zhu smiled faintly at Ming Xue by his side and said, “Go back.”

Ming Xue looked at Ye Yin Zhu and surprisingly bowed respectfully to him. Two somewhat shaky words exited Ming Xue’s mouth. “Thank…you…” Her delicate human body changed directions in the air as her long dark blue hair wrapped around Xue Ming, allowing her to disappear from sight in a dark blue speck of light.

Yue Ming’s gaze towards Ye Yin Zhu became incomparably complicated as her magical beast not only didn’t listen to her, it instead listened and obeyed her opponent’s command. At this very moment, all that existed in her ice cold heart was an inexhaustible hatred for Ye Yin Zhu. Her grandfather had put his heart and soul into raising Ming Xue. It was not easy finding a strong magical beast. Once Ming Xue matured to rank 7 or higher and Yue Ming’s magical rank improved, they could contend in strength with the dragon cavalry. However, this perfect dream was all shattered by this male student from the Divine Music division standing before her eyes.

“Miss Yue Ming, my mother told me that you have to treat girls with respect. Therefore, I will not attack you again. Please, I ask you to concede.” Ye Yin Zhu somewhat helplessly looked at Yue Ming. In fact, he also couldn’t completely understand why Ming Xue became like this, but his keen sense allowed him to distinctly become aware of Yue Ming’s profound hostility.

Ye Yin Zhu’s good intentions towards Yue Ming, when spoken, became exceptionally ear-piercing. Yue Ming, because of the overuse of her spiritual power and mind, was unable to resist the shock. Her vision turned dark, and she fainted on stage.

Training field four fell silent.  For a full minute, close to eight thousand match spectators continued to watch soundlessly.

“Divine Music division wins.” The referee finally recovered his senses. The match, full of ups and downs, finally ended. The never thought highly of Divine Music division yet again created a miracle. The Dark Magic division which possessed five Yellow Rank mages unexpectedly lost, losing to the one Orange Rank and four Red Rank mages the Divine Music division had assembled. Any person would say that this victory was inconceivable. Even the Divine Music division’s Dean Nina, upon seeing the emergence of the Netherworld Snow Spirit, also had no delusions of victory. In the end, victory had quickly arrived.

When Ye Yin Zhu walked away from the training field, everyone looked at him with gazes that became somewhat peculiar. Milan Institution for Magic and Martial Arts’ students were all elite and could see that the crux of this match’s victory was this little blade of grass among ten thousand flowers, the Divine Music division’s first male student. He obstructed the Dark Magic division’s instantaneous magic with miraculous sound blades, which was also the first time this officially occurred in the history of the mainland arena.

President Ferguson profoundly stared at the distant Ye Yin Zhu and didn’t say anything before he turned around and left. The Dark Magic division teachers’ faces were gloomy as they left to rescue and give medical treatment to the Dark Magic division competitors who were injured by the Divine Music division’s music. Their moods were the completely opposite of Nina’s, who could hardly restrain her excitement. How many years had the Divine Music division been the best division at the Milan Institution for Magic and Martial Arts but still ignored by everyone? At this very moment, they became the focus of the institution.

So to say, the Divine Music division’s first match had them prevailing over the Water division by relying on magical equipment and some luck. However, this match against the Dark Magic division was a genuine battle. No one doubted the Divine Music division’s strength anymore.

“Divine Music division…, victorious…, Divine Music division…, victorious…!” Joyous shouts echoed again and again, especially from the eight beautiful first-year ladies of the Divine Music division who shouted loudly and excitedly even more.

Ye Yin Zhu with great difficulty squeezed his way through the cheering crowd while simultaneously guarding the four girls and the other Divine Music division first-year beautiful ladies in the return to the Divine Music division school building.

“Yin Zhu, you are really impressive. Just a moment ago, how did you do that? What was that wind blade-like attack?” Xue Ling excitedly asked, her big, beautiful eyes sparkling like small, shining stars.

Although Ye Yin Zhu was simple, he also knew he could not casually speak of the sound blade secret. For a moment, he didn’t know how he should reply until Nina appeared. “Ye Yin Zhu, come with me.” Nina’s complexion appeared to be quite serene, but her shining eyes betrayed her excited mood.

“Oh.” Replying, he followed Nina and left the classroom.

As the Dean of Divine Music division, Nina possessed her own office. This huge, luxurious office’s size could almost be compared to the classroom. Every kind of magical ornament was elegantly arranged on the office walls. Nina pointed a finger at her sofa in front of the office table and said, “Sit.”

As this was the first time being here, Ye Yin Zhu couldn’t help but inquisitively look around at his surroundings. The texture of the sofa seat was soft and comfy. As the match made him tired, this comfort seemed to gradually take it away.

“Grandma Nina, why did you bring me here?” Ye Yin Zhu probingly asked.

After a moment of hesitation, Nina suddenly lifted her head and began to speak, her sight burning luminously as she fixed her gaze into Ye Yin Zhu’s eyes. “Tell me, just now you released sound blades. Was that a combination of dou qi and magic?”

“Uh…” Ye Yin Zhu hesitated before slowly nodding his head. He said, “Yes.” ‘Zi was right. My sound blade sooner or later would appear on the mainland. Although other people cannot know this secret, this sound blade is a type of special attack that doesn’t need to be deeply concealed.’

Nina somewhat got up from her seat excitedly, but very quickly she somewhat disappointedly sat down again. Sighing, she said, “Yin Zhu, so, with that said, you combined magic and dou qi together.”

“Basically.” Ye Yin Zhu scratched his head. In fact, he himself didn’t know whether this was considered to be a magic and dou qi combination.

Nina wrinkled her brows. “Has that old bastard Qin Shang gone crazy? Don’t tell me he wants to ruin you?”

“Eh? Grandma Nina, why do you say this?” Ye Yin Zhu stared at her, shocked.

Nina unhappily clarified, “How can a low, inexpensive martial art skill compare to our noble magic? Especially supremely noble Divine Music magic. Your music utilized a mix of martial arts. Although it can get rid of the slow effectiveness weak point of the Divine Music mage’s music, it also makes your music no longer pure. This won’t benefit you in the future. Could it be that Qin Shang doesn’t know this?”

Ye Yin Zhu somewhat blankly said, “I didn’t know this. From childhood, Grandfather Qin taught me this kind of cultivation, and there doesn’t seem to be anything bad.”

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