[C54] ZE Chapter 14.2


Chapter 14 – The Promised Battle (II)



Hai Yang was in a slightly better situation from the abrupt attacks. After the surprising interruptions, her expression stayed ice-cold as she continued to play the melody of << White Snow>> with difficulty. Her guzheng notes were slow yet not chaotic.

On the other hand, Xue Ling, Lan Xi, and Kong Que were struggling. Their spiritual power was far less stable than Hai Yang’s. At this moment, being under the influence of the wind’s whistling prevented them from performing the song successfully. On the contrary, because of the three’s wrong notes, Hai Yang’s playing was affected to a certain degree. The match just began, and the Divine Music division was already at an absolute disadvantage.


Rolande shot a provoking look at Ye Yin Zhu. Even though Hai Yang could finish the song, it was influenced by the whistling of the wind. Its effect on these yellow rank mages already diminished to the point of being pitiful.. Basically, the weakened song wasn’t enough to adversely affect their spell incantations. Rolande and the second-year student began a deep and verbose chant.

Ye Yin Zhu sat there without moving. He did not take notice of the wind blade collision that happened outside the Divine Celestial Protection. His gaze had rested upon Rolande’s body all along. He seemed to be waiting for something.

As the chanting of the deep and low spell accelerated,  Rolande and the other mage gave off an intense yellow radiance, especially that second-year student, whose dark yellow radiance became increasingly rich. A faint magic Six-Pointed Star design already began to float in front of their bodies.

A faint smile appeared on Ye Yin Zhu’s face. It seemed as if he had nothing to do with everything that occurred around him. At this very moment, his eyes only rested on the Moon and Tides’ Clear Brilliance. Lifting his right hand, he gently waved his four fingers and instantly began to stroke them across the strings as he used the Falcon Quickly Strikes gesture. A deep hum suddenly cried out, echoing like the morning bell or evening drum that could shake someone from the bottom of their heart.

It was a sonic boom, one where Ye Yin Zhu combined his dou qi with spiritual power to send out a distinguishing sonic boom. Dark red magic fluctuated and spread in a flash. In merely a split second, the constantly colliding wind blades came to an instant halt. The bodies of all five competitors of the wind division, including Rolande, shook greatly.

In addition, this sonic boom was different from the one used against the Dark Magic division. This time, Ye Yin Zhu used a continuous barrage of sonic booms. His simple strokes shouldn’t be underestimated. Since the beginning, he was brewing his  spiritual energy until it had completely reached its peak. This perfect mixture of dou qi and spiritual power produced the highest quality sonic booms – the Seven Note Linked Explosion. The offensive might of his spiritual power was not in any way inferior to any Yellow Rank spiritual division magic.

When was the sonic boom most powerful? Qin Shang once carefully explained this topic to Ye Yin Zhu. Regardless of any division’s magic, as long as more than half of the incantation was chanted, the spell would not be able to stop. Similar to the zither song, the momentum of the zither’s magic power would continue to build up as long as at least half the song was played, the song must be finished. Otherwise, there was a chance the spiritual power would backlash.

Quite evidently, using sonic boom on an opponent who was already halfway through spell casting would be most effective. Forcibly interrupting a spell midcast would inflict a very large backlash on the mage. As an opponent, Ye Yin Zhu couldn’t stop the spell, so he used sonic boom to help him interrupt it. This way, there was barely any elemental backlash, while also making it very easy to cause the opponent to suffer injuries. This allowed him to take an invincible position.

Of course, the sonic boom was a bit stronger than a common division’s advanced instantaneous magic. Thus, so long as the opponent’s spiritual power was firm enough, ruining the opponent’s spell using sonic boom wouldn’t be that easy.

Ye Yin Zhu was still highly confident in himself, especially when he used dou qi to improve his sonic boom. But his opponents had an Advanced Level Yellow Rank mage after all. Therefore, he used Seven Note Linked Explosion for the first time. The seven notes integrated with sonic booms succeeded in creating formidable power that was definitely not as simple as just seven notes played together. The overlay effect destroyed Rolande and that Advanced Level Yellow Rank student’s chant in a split second.

The casting was forcibly interrupted. Immediately, Rolande and the two others’ complexions changed greatly. A sphere of faint green light emerged and shone brightly from Rolande’s chest. The rays of light flashed and died. The violently strong magic undulated, causing Rolande’s body to shudder once more and giving the feeling as if relieved from a burden. Clearly, she also possessed a similar spiritual protection magical equipment and as such, at this critical moment, it helped her dissolve the elemental backlash. The second-year student, however, was not as fortunate. The intense wind division magic backlash immediately caused the yellow radiance surrounding his body to begin to violently fluctuate, as if it were attacking itself. After vomiting blood, the body fell to the ground with a miserable shriek.

The three other wind division mages now felt an unceasing buzzing in their ears. Their brains were in a state of blankness. For a moment, they lost the ability to fight.

Using the Seven Note Linked Explosion for the first time caused an unexpected effect. At this very moment, even though Rolande still maintained a clear head, the disdain in her eyes had already completely vanished. She could now realize why the Divine Music division was capable of winning 5 matches. By no means was it caused by luck. Ye Yin Zhu’s zither music was not easy to resist. The Wind division had countered the Divine Music division by studying their competition tactics. Ye Yin Zhu’s Seven Note Linked Explosion completely destroyed that preparation.

Ferguson, seeing the wonder that Ye Yin Zhu produced, was somewhat at a loss on how to react. He softly spoke to himself, “Praise Blue Dias. Just now, that curiously unique magic fluctuation definitely reached Green Rank or higher, but he is merely a Red Rank. This Divine Music mage’s body cultivated both magic and martial arts – don’t tell me that this result is really that good?”

He did not know how that the Divine Music mage’s dual magic and martial arts cultivation was the most difficult to cultivate, else Qin Shang himself would have already practiced it. Even Ye Yin Zhu, with his one-in-a-million natural eight fingers, took 16 years to cultivate his Pure Zither Heart to such an extent where he could obtain this initial effect.

<< White Snow >> at last began to play smoothly. Ye Yin Zhu didn’t play with them. He raised his head to looked towards Rolande and faintly said, “Concede. You don’t have a chance.”

The fighting strength of the Wind division went from five to four. There was no way that Ye Yin Zhu, who possessed two major magic killing abilities – sonic blades and sonic booms – would let the whistling wind’s effect appear again. On her own, the Primary Level Yellow Rank Rolande had already been completely suppressed. During the Divine Music mages’ music, casting another spell would be even more difficult. Besides, even though she had magical equipment to help her dissolve the elemental backlash just now, her body still suffered some injuries.

“No. I won’t lose, and I especially won’t lose to you.” Rolande’s attractive face displayed an obstinate expression. “Appear, my partner – Fatty.” A cyan magic Six-Pointed star appeared in front of her. Cyan light flickered within the space, seemingly causing Rolande’s confidence to increase without limits. A huge cyan figure practically squeezed itself out of the Six-Pointed star.

Ferguson and Nina cried out in alarm at the same time, “Wind growth-type magical beast, Emerald Dragon.”

Ferguson smiled and exclaimed, “Praise Blue Dias. Children nowadays are truly more and more powerful. Once again, a growth-type magical beast appears. Could it be that now, magical beasts have already been this common on the mainland to such an extent? It seems that Milan Institution for Magic and Martial Arts’s Golden Generation has appeared.”

Nina’s complexion was not as pleasant as Ferguson’s. The Emerald Dragon was not a tamed dragon, but rather a genuine dragon. Although the most powerful Emerald Dragon could only mature to rank 8, compared to the Netherworld Snow Spirit growth-type on the other day, it was only slightly worse. The Emerald Dragon, however, was still a genuine dragon in the end. A Netherworld Snow Spirit couldn’t compare to its physical fighting ability. A mage who possesses a genuine dragon to ride could be called a dragon mage. This and the dragon cavalry were entirely different. Clearly, Rolande was a dragon mage. Even though her Emerald Dragon was currently only rank 5 at most, its approximate growth cycle still hadn’t awakened.

With a length of seven meters and a height of three meters, the Emerald Dragon’s body appeared distinctly obese. Perhaps it was because it had too many good things to eat. Chubby, it appeared extremely adorable. Just as it appeared, it patted its head with its two front claws. Turning its head, it tried to find Rolande.

“Fatty, attack! Help me defeat them. If not, you will have no food to eat tonight,” Rolande angrily ordered.

Fatty turned its body around only to see Ye Yin Zhu’s team of five, which seemed tiny in comparison. What was previously a simple and honest gaze suddenly became fierce and malicious. Its front claws came together as if to say that it would put everything at stake for dinner.

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