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Chapter 14 – The Promised Battle (III)



For the first time, Ye Yin Zhu was confronted with a genuine dragon. Its green body appeared to be covered with a layer of fine scales while its chubby appearance made it seem charmingly naive. Its seven meter long body was far from being able to match the violent Golden Crystal Tyrant Dragon King he had seen. Looking at its exasperatingly slow manner, it was very difficult to imagine it as threatening. Only, this time Yin Zhu had made an error of judgment.


A pair of immense wings unfolded behind its back. Fatty’s previously clumsy body suddenly sped up in a flash. Its huge body unexpectedly rose in mid-air and produced a domineering shadow. In merely the blink of an eye, it appeared in front of Ye Yin Zhu’s Divine Celestial Protection. With a tremendous amount of force, its huge fat body directly struck the Divine Celestial Protection from above. Even if it could be considered slightly fat, how could a wind attribute gigantic dragon be slow?

Bang——! How much power could an accelerating three meter tall and seven meter long body produce? Fatty gave Ye Yin Zhu the answer. His Divine Celestial Protection collapsed under Fatty’s valiant attack, almost instantly shrinking into a speck of white light. Fortunately, Ye Yin Zhu had released enough spiritual power for the Divine Celestial Protection to match a Green Rank defensive magic’s might. Although destroyed, it still warded off Fatty’s body, so they were not directly hit by the mountain of meat.

Rolande yelled in the distance, “Wind Blade Breath!

“No!” Nina shouted out, but it was too late.

Fatty blew out a green colored gale. Of course, this gale was made of innumerable amounts of wind blades. This breath was the innate ability of a dragon; each species of dragon had its own type of breath. There was a world of difference between Fatty’s Green Rank Wind Blade Breath and the wind blades issued by the Wind division’s students. Without the Divine Celestial Protection, it would only take a split second for all of those Green wind blades to strike Ye Yin Zhu’s party of five. At this moment, it was too late for Ye Yin Zhu to mobilize his spiritual power to once more materialize the Divine Celestial Protection.

Mages with strong combat ability versus a gigantic dragon’s magical ability—what would be the result?

At this moment, there wasn’t even a whisper coming from the Divine Music division’s cheering squad. The majority of the girls closed their eyes, not daring to watch. Even the onlooking referee and the teachers spectating the battle from the outside couldn’t instantly save them; who would’ve thought that such a formidable dragon would suddenly enter the match? Fatty was just too close to Ye Yin Zhu and the others. Everyone held their breath as they watched the expanse of Green Ranked wind blades flew crazily towards them.

Rolande was also currently lifeless; her heart was filled with intense remorse. Fatty’s intelligence was limited, meaning it relied completely on her control. The Seven Note Linked Explosion provoked her anger, so she forgot about how terrifying a gigantic dragon was. Soon, she would watch Ye Yin Zhu bear the brunt of Fatty’s wind blades and be killed. Even if she wanted to stop the attack, it would already be too late.

<< White Snow>>’s performance no longer had any importance. Xue Ling was stupefied, Lan Xi looked at the approaching wind blades with frightened eyes, and Kong Que shrieked. Hai Yang raised her head, both hands pressing down on the guzheng strings as her ice-cold eyes expressed faint despair and even seeming somewhat free of worldly problems.

The wind blades created a gale that blew back Hai Yang’s black hair and exposed her always half-covered face. To everyone’s surprise, it was a withered face. The right side of her face appeared to be covered with large scarring. It cut an extremely distinct contrast to the left side of her face, which was second in beauty only to Xiang Luan. At this very moment, as she confronted the devastating Green Rank wind blades, Hai Yang’s secret was finally revealed. If Xiang Luan was said to be the Divine Music division’s most beautiful woman, then Hai Yang was the Divine Music division’s most ugly woman.

Ye Yin Zhu didn’t panic nor did he give up all hope. Watching the green wind blades cover the sky and shoot towards them, he moved. This time, the strings didn’t tremble—only the four fingers of his right hand did.

A brilliant emerald light extended to a length of ten meters in the blink of an eye. The light revolved in the air. A rippling emerald loop fluttered in the wind and rose up, completely enveloping the wind blades the Emerald Dragon Fatty released in a split second. The rippling emerald loop surged fiercely. Ye Yin Zhu grunted. His body shook ferociously due to his raging qi energy.

Ye Yin Zhu spat out a mouthful of blood, but he still refused to retreat. His expression revealed an unwavering resolution as he stared directly at the huge monster rushing towards him. The dragon reared up as it neared and lashed out with its front claws. In a matter of life or death, Ye Yin Zhu used illusionary-like footsteps to dodge the dragon’s attack and bring his body out of imminent peril. His body leapt up like an arrow. In the blink of an eye, he had unexpectedly arrived behind Fatty’s back. The circular emerald radiance rippled gently as it encircled Fatty’s thick and solid neck.

Now, people with keen eyesight could see an emerald thread fluttering in Ye Yin Zhu’s right hand. It flickered with an intense yellow radiance as it tightly bound Fatty’s neck.

Collapsing in a bloody light, Fatty cried out in pain. It seemed that the fine emerald thread actually sliced through its thick scales. Ye Yin Zhu, tightly stuck to its back, yanked the thread with both hands using all of his strength, continuously tightening that emerald thread.

The acute stab of pain at its neck angered Fatty. Roaring crazily, its huge body rose high into the air. It continued to struggle and leap around, maneuvering its body in an attempt to throw Ye Yin Zhu off. Things turned out contrary to its wish, however, as its twisting made the emerald thread around its neck become increasingly tighter. The pain thus increased in intensity. Huge drops of dragon blood unceasingly slid down its thick and solid neck. Ye Yin Zhu’s body was seemingly glued to its back, refusing to be thrown off. Flying violently, Fatty’s body heavily struck the top of the defensive boundary surrounding the training field. Ye Yin Zhu spat out a mouthful of blood again, but he grasped the emerald thread in both hands with even more strength.

“Withdraw your dragon and concede. If not, I have no other choice but to kill it.” Ye Yin Zhu’s somewhat ice-cold voice spread to everyone present.

In the time that it would take one to draw several breaths, those few words had caused sudden and alarming changes to occur among those who were present. Very few people could clearly see Ye Yin Zhu’s movements.

Rolande clearly sensed her Emerald Dragon Fatty’s intense suffering. Although she very much thirsted for this match’s victory, Fatty was far more important to her. Without any hesitation, a Six-Pointed Star appeared once more, recalling her treasured dragon.

Ye Yin Zhu’s slender body fell gently from the sky. He flipped in mid-air, wielding the ten meter long emerald thread in his hand like a whip. His Yellow Bamboo Level 2 dou qi-filled strike hit the ground and lessened the speed of his fall before gently landing on the ground. As the emerald thread rippled back into a loop, it drew back past Ye Yin Zhu’s right wrist and into his sleeve, disappearing out of sight. At this moment, his complexion was already deathly pale, like paper. Yet, he was hardly swaying as he stood, as unyielding as bamboo.

The Wind division lost. Rolande lost. No matter if it was the match or grandeur, she had completely lost to Ye Yin Zhu.

“Divine Music division wins.” The referee ended the match, his heart still fiercely beating. The Divine Music division’s team of five had, just now, nearly died due to the Emerald Dragon’s wind blades, the scene making his courage run entirely cold. One should know, these girls from the Divine Music division were for the most part of uncommon origin. If they had died, the entire Milan Institution for Magic and Martial Arts would have been in huge trouble!

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