[C61] ZE Chapter 16.1


Chapter 16 – Floating Orchid Pavilion (I)



“Praise Falan. You’re no longer hiring? We’re very hardworking. Look, we are even students at the Milan Institution for Magic and Martial Arts. Our attributes are definitely higher than the ordinary person.” Sura, somewhat anxiously, recommended himself and Ye Yin Zhu.

The waiter somewhat helplessly shrugged his shoulders and said, “I’m really sorry, but we have already hired enough staff. You should have come here yesterday. There will be other opportunities in the future. Please go back now.”


Ye Yin Zhu raised his left hand to grab Sura’s slender shoulder as he whispered, “Forget it. Since this establishment has already hired enough people, we will go try somewhere else. Don’t make things difficult for them.”

Sura originally wanted to try and fight for the job, but upon listening to Ye Yin Zhu’s argument, he could only nod in assent.

Just as the two of them turned around, that waiter suddenly called out in excitement, “Wait!” Stepping forward, he stared at Ye Yin Zhu’s left hand that held onto Sura. He inquired respectfully, “Excuse me sir, but are you called Ye Yin Zhu?”

Ye Yin Zhu automatically replied, “Yes! How do you know my name?”

The waiter stepped aside, no longer blocking the pair’s path. He respectfully bowed to Ye Yin Zhu and said, “Pardon me for being presumptuous just now. I was unaware that you are the Mistress’ friend. Please, both of you, come in.”

Ye Yin Zhu stared blankly. “Mistress, I know your Mistress?”

The waiter responded in surprise, “Are you not called Ye Yin Zhu? The Mistress told us that if we see a youth wearing her ring, it would be you.”

Realization flashed through Ye Yin Zhu’s mind. “Floating Orchid Pavilion, Floating Orchid Pavilion, don’t tell me that this is Elder Sister Anya’s place?” He suddenly remembered why the three words, ‘Floating Orchid Pavilion,’ had sounded so familiar. When he and Anya originally separated upon arriving at Milan City, Anya had told him to come find her at Floating Orchid Pavilion if he needed anything.

“Yes. Mistress independently established this Floating Orchid Pavilion. The two of you, please come in,” the waiter said as he encouraged Ye Yin Zhu and Sura to enter inside.

Upon entering Floating Orchid Pavilion, the first thing they saw was green. Not only was the Floating Orchid Pavilion filled with all kinds of plants without end, even all the furniture and decorations were in varying shades of green. Clearly the owner was very fond of the color green. It didn’t have a luxurious feeling, but a type of indescribable elegance. The pillars that supported the building seemed to actually be green crystal that was sculpted and refined.

Penetrating through the middle of the small building was the ancient tree that Ye Yin Zhu and Sura happened to see from the outside. It would take at least 20 people wrapping their arms around the ancient tree trunk to completely encircle it. They had never seen this type of ancient tree before. Perhaps it was because the small building was constructed with the ancient tree penetrating through it, but the air here was very fresh and clean. There wasn’t even a speck of dust in the area around them. Some of the black-clothed service staff were doing some basic cleaning.

Sura gently pinched Ye Yin Zhu’s waist and angrily whispered, “So as it turns out, you know the owner here. Don’t tell me you wanted to watch me make a fool of myself on purpose.”

Ye Yin Zhu forced a smile and replied, “Of course not. When we arrived here, the three words ‘Floating Orchid Pavilion’ was a little familiar, but you dragged me inside too quickly. I didn’t have enough time to think before you dragged me inside. I didn’t tell you, but on my journey to Milan, my space ring was stolen by someone, and I lost all of my money. The Iron Brambles Mercenary Company was heading to Milan in order to escort Elder Sister Anya’s caravan. Elder Sister Anya is a very good person. Even if we don’t find work, coming and seeing her is still nice.”

The waiter led the two of them towards the front desk at the center area. From here, one could clearly see the ancient tree trunk. The air was exceptionally fresh. “The two of you, please take a seat. I will inform the Mistress.” Once he finished speaking, he immediately headed upstairs. The staircase was very peculiar and was built in a spiral around the ancient tree trunk in the center. It didn’t touch the ancient tree trunk at all, evidently taking the ancient tree into consideration and protecting it.

It was a simple wooden table.  An antique tea set was placed on its expansive tabletop. The chair was also wooden and a deep shade of green. Ye Yin Zhu looked around and discovered that although this Floating Orchid Pavilion’s space wasn’t small, there were only a few seats. Arranged in a circle around the central ancient tree in the hall, there were only ten tables altogether, each encircled by a bamboo curtain.

Perhaps because the establishment still hadn’t opened, the bamboo curtains were currently raised up, allowing a complete view of the lounge.

Sura exclaimed in admiration, “This really is a nice place. Even though it’s only a first floor lounge, it takes the client’s private nature into consideration. In addition, having an ancient tree be the center is indeed highly unique. This kind of teahouse is perhaps the only one of its kind on the continent.”

Ye Yin Zhu lowered his head to look at his left hand, where the ring rested on his middle finger. That sapphire drop appeared to be emitting gentle halos of light. Although not intense, that gentle feeling was still very comforting. Sura also looked at the finger on Ye Yin Zhu’s hand and couldn’t help his lips from twitching downwards. He muttered to himself, “A woman giving a man a ring is indeed rare.”

Shortly after, the sound of soft footsteps resonated. Anya was already descending from the top of the ancient tree and down the spiral staircase. Today, she wore a long, flowing green cheongsam that constantly swished against the ground and covered her slender legs. Her long, oceanic blue hair still draped loosely over her shoulders and down her back like before, and the two strands of hair that covered her ears hadn’t changed in the slightest. Even though her eyes were currently brimming with pleasant surprise, it wasn’t able to ruin her graceful and aristocratic temperament. Of all the women Ye Yin Zhu had seen, regarding their temperaments, only Xiang Luan was comparable to Anya. Xiang Luan, however, was younger with a significantly more youthful vigor. Anya, on the other hand, was a more mature beauty.

“Yin Zhu, have you finally remembered to come see Elder Sister?” Anya smiled as she walked over to them.

Ye Yin Zhu hurriedly stood up to greet her. He was quite honest, so he awkwardly explained, “Actually, I came here with a classmate to find work. I didn’t expect to coincidentally meet with Elder Sister here.”

Anya glanced at Sura, who stood behind Ye Yin Zhu. Her beautiful eyes displayed a trace of amazement before returning to rest upon Ye Yin Zhu. She slightly rebuked, “Students at Milan Institution for Magic and Martial Arts always pay a lot. You! Since you are in such a difficult situation, why did you originally refuse the money I gave you?”

Ye Yin Zhu shook his head and said, “I can’t take Elder Sister’s money. The college’s lessons aren’t intense at all, and the pay from working should be enough to cover my tuition and other expenses.”

Ever since Anya appeared, Sura’s expression was somewhat strange. “Yin Zhu, since this place isn’t hiring anymore, let’s go. We still need to find a job.”

Anya laughed slightly and said, “No need to worry, first drink a bit of tea and rest for a while.” As she spoke, she turned towards the blue-clothed waiter who came down with her and nodded. The waiter immediately turned around and left.

After having Ye Yin Zhu and Sura sit down again, Anya sat near Ye Yin Zhu. Towards the two of them, she asked, “What kind of work are you looking for? Since Yin Zhu wants to earn his own living, perhaps I can help you try to find suitable jobs.”

Ye Yin Zhu answered, “Any work is fine, as long as it is within our capabilities. Originally we thought to work here as waiters, only after we came here did we learn that this is Elder Sister’s establishment.”

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