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Chapter 2 – The Zither and Bamboo Combination (II)

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A tall silhouette outside the door walked inside. Naturally, the youth was tall and possessed an imposing aura, sharing at least eight similarities with Ye Li. Handsome and steadfast, he walked in and brought with him a breath of fresh air, a distinctive attribute of the Bamboo Sect’s Bamboo Dou Qi. It was Ye Li’s son, Ye Zhong.


Ye Li said, “Zhong’er, come greet your Uncle Qin.”

“Uncle Qin, hello. I heard from Ying’er that you seemed to have arrived here because of my son?” Ye Zhong greeted, before asking his query .

Qin Shang’s eyes slightly twinkled with radiance. Smiling, he said, “Zhong’er. I have not seen you since you were young. Pretty good, your Bamboo Dou Qi has reached the primary level yellow Bamboo rank. According to the Rainbow Ranking system, that is equivalent to a primary level green rank.”

Ye Zhong was evidently uninterested about his strength assessment, urgently inquiring, “I have heard from Ying’er that you believe my son is a genius, gifted in studying zither magic, right? If he is, can you accept him as your disciple?”

Qin Shang’s eyes opened while Ye Li’s jaw dropped in shock. He hastily said, “Of course I can, but your father did not agree.”

Ye Zhong turned towards Ye Li. Confused, he asked, “Father, why?”

Ye Li angrily said, “You come out here, daring to speak like this, and ask me why? You are such a child. The Zither Sect and the Bamboo Sect are vastly different studies for him to study in.”

Ye Zhong argued, “But he was born with only eight fingers; he does not have the disposition to inherit the Bamboo Sect Swordplay. Could it be that you do not want your grandson to become a powerful figure in the future? It will not be easy for him to learn our Bamboo Sect teachings, so won’t the Zither Sect magic be perfect for him? This is just your prejudicial parochialism. Did you not say……”

“You give me no choice,” Ye Li indignantly said, lifting his hand to form a fist to attack his son. Ye Zhong did not dare retaliate. Peng! In the midst of an explosion of brilliant rays of violet light, the bamboo door exploded, flying open as Ye Li’s eyes held a peculiar look. Evidently, Ye Li’s expression was quite serious, but he was actually only using dou qi to force his son to leave the premises. Afterall, what kind of father would actually beat his own son?

Qin Shang glared angrily at Ye Li, growling, “You see, your son is clearly more reasonable than you, Old Bamboo. Just a moment ago, I thought up a new solution, and I think that it would be better this way. You would allow your grandson to study zither magic while simultaneously teaching him Bamboo Dou Qi. In the future, he could return to your Bamboo Sect and its people while we, the Zither Sect, will be inconsequential. How about that?”

Ye Li’s face slightly eased, “On what basis should I believe that you can train my grandson to successfully contend against the Falan Seven Pagoda’s power?”

Qin Shang firmly said, “At this moment, the continent, regardless of magic or dou qi, utilizes the Rainbow Ranking System. The Eight Eastern Dragon Sects are the only exception, however, and regardless of whether or not it’s my four magic sects or your four dou qi sects, in the cultivation process, there are only three types of color transformations. Each color has nine levels, and combined together, it is similar to the  Rainbow Ranking Systems. Likewise, the violet rank has nine levels. Despite our efforts, we could only cultivate to the violet rank. The ability to achieve this is a secret that cannot be found outside of our Eight Eastern Dragon Sects, but after 50 years of effort, without innate skill, cultivating beyond the violet rank is easier said than done. The people living throughout the continent are only aware of the existence of Falan and not of our Eight Eastern Dragon Sects.”

Ye Li groaning, grousing, “What a load of crap, do you think I do not know this?.”

Qin Shang said, “Then tell me, what are the three colors and corresponding nine levels of our Zither Sect?”

Ye Li said, “So there’s the Red Zither Heart where you refine the zither heart soul, the Yellow Zither Heart where you sharpen courage, and the Violet Zither Heart? You are currently at the primary level of the violet rank for the zither heart. In comparison to our Bamboo Sect, the Cyan Bamboo, the Yellow Bamboo, and the Violet Bamboo altogether has a total of 27 levels. The only difference is that the color of our first level is cyan, whereas yours is red, and that your zither magic is much better at intimidating others.”

Qin Shang nodded and said, “Correct, these three colors and nine levels, for a total twenty-seven levels, correlate with the 27 levels of the Rainbow Ranking System. The refinement of the zither heart’s soul throughout its nine levels is most important step according to our Zither Sect. At the Red Zither Heart level, any distracting thoughts are expelled to allow only zither music to penetrate the mind, gradually enhancing cognition and strength towards the Zither.. This is the Orthodox Zither Sect method of cultivation. For a person with ordinary talent, it generally takes them approximately six years to completely refine the soul of the zither heart to begin advancing through the nine levels. However, to refine the soul of the zither heart, a solid foundation is needed, otherwise ascension is challenging. However, how could the cultivation of this Red Zither Heart be compared to a body born with an innate Zither Heart?”

Ye Li doubtfully said, “I am still not very clear on what you mean.”

Qin Shang’s eyes shined brilliantly with resolution, “If you agree to allow your grandson to be my disciple, I will have him refine his zither heart soul to begin his cultivation and, unlike anyone before him, he will practice with a Pure Zither Heart.”

“Eh?” Ye Li, startled, looked over towards Qin Shang, “Your Zither Sect’s secret magical score that was recorded to have never successfully been cultivated? Are you insane?”

Qin Shang unflinchingly said, “I am not insane. In fact, the Pure Zither Heart is the genuine Zither Sect’s cultivation path to enlightenment. Because this method is extremely demanding and incredibly difficult to practice,no one has been able to successfully cultivate it so far. But your son is different. He was born with eight fingers and a high sensitivity and perception of music. I believe that he will succeed. Also, because I am at the violet rank, there is a 70% chance of success. The Pure Zither Heart is vital to refining the zither heart soul. Although it is difficult for many to cultivate, if it’s successful, the door to genuinely cultivate the Zither Heart will open immediately. Thus, it is possible to attain the Violet Zither Heart rank in a short period of time. In addition to this, as long as he is hardworking, he could possibly advance to the highest and most mysterious zither heart found only in legends. And according to my studies, it appears that Dou Qi will be of great assistance to this method. The Falan Seven Pagoda will no longer be terrifying.”

Ye Li’s voice deepened, “And if you fail?”

Qin Shan unenthusiastically said, “Even if I fail, he has been practicing your Bamboo Sect’s Dou Qi all along. You can make him renounce the zither, and there will still be time for him to refine your Bamboo Sect Martial Skills. The Pure Zither Heart is not difficult to understand. If I guessed correctly, during the cultivation of the Pure Zither Heart, his dou qi enhances the tempo to an extraordinarily high velocity sufficient enough to complement late martial skill. Old Partner, this opportunity for our Eight East Imperial Sect is a once in a lifetime chance. Do you really not want to try it? If you agree, my Zither Sect is willing to exchange anything.”

Ye Li’s eyes flashed violet. Waving his hand, he said, “There is no need for an exchange. I will promise you that I will agree, but you must promise me three conditions.”

Qin Shang, without the slightest hesitation, agreed, “Yes, elaborate.”

Ye Li said, “First, in the event that he succeeds, he will be the Lord of both the Zither and the Bamboo Sects when he grows up.”

Qin Shang nodded, saying, “No problem, if he possess sufficient strength, no one can oppose him. Besides, the inheritance of these sects are ours to determine.”

Ye Li continued, “Second, in the premise of success, your Zither Sect’s five most renowned zithers are to be given to my grandson.”

Qin Shang stared at Ye Li with wide eyes, “You are a good old man; you are not greedy. You know how important our Zither Sect’s five most renowned zithers are? The Zither Sect’s five most renowned zithers are similar to the Falan Seven Pagoda mages’ staves. Naturally, they are comparable to the existence of divine tools.”

Ye Li lazily said, “If they are not, I don’t want it. Does our Bamboo Sect not deserve those treasured objects? Your Zither Sect must allow me to examine the five zither scores. Anyway, if my grandson also belongs to your Zither Sect he is the future head. Why are you so miserly? The Cry of the Phoenix Zither, the Song of the Dead Forest Dragon Zither, the Music of the Lost Emperor Zither, the Nine Heavenly Jade Rings Zither, and your frequently used Thundering Spring Zither gather together harmoniously. Is this not what you have told me? The better matched the zither and the song are, the greater the zither magic. It is improbable for you to have forgotten this.”

“Extortion, you blackmailing bastard,” Qin Shang furiously swore.

Ye Li laughed darkly, “After all, that is the final condition, or do you not agree?”

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  1. I found this to be such an awkwardly written chapter of introducing new terms about cultivation between two experts who are supposed to be old friends of each other which should presumably mean they should know each other’s specialties pretty well.

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