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Chapter 2 – The Zither and Bamboo Combination (III)

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Qin Shang resolutely opened his eyes, glaring back at Ye Li as he helplessly nodded. Clenching his teeth, he gritted, “Very well, I accept your condition.”


With his hands folded behind his back, Ye Li smiled, eyes creasing into thin slits as he said, “This last condition is very simple. Cry uncle.”

Qin Shang stared blankly, “You……”

Ye Li smiled and said, “Was I mistaken? As you wish to be my grandson’s master, you are naturally inferior to my generation. Crying uncle should not matter.”

“Well, old bastard, you’re kidding me.” Qin Shang fiercely advanced towards Ye Li in a rush, feeling no apprehension to the other’s violet ranked warrior strength.

Ye Li did not even employ a dou qi martial skill technique. The two old, violet ranked men far exceeded the age of 60, yet they unexpectedly began grappling each other inside the bamboo house. Neither of them gave way to the other, and fortunately there were not many items inside the bamboo house to create a mess.

Nonetheless, Qin Shang was a mage, and even with all of his power, his strength was inferior to Ye Li. Dong. Once again, he was pinned against the ground by Ye Li. Flying into a rage of humiliation, Qin Shang said, “No more fighting, I am extremely exhausted.”

Ye Li released Qin Shang, offering a hand and watching as Qin Shang gasped and took deep breaths. He could not refrain from having a full smile on his face.

“Old Qin, bestow a name upon my grandson. This boy is barely a month old, yet he still has no name.”

Qin Shang knew that this was Ye Li’s genuine promise just now. A flash of enlightenment graced his mind, and he said, “Call him Ye Yin Zhu, the successor of my zither and your bamboo.”

Ye Li laughed, “Very well, he is called Ye Yin Zhu.”

Qin Shang suddenly grabbed Ye Li’s beard, very fiercely saying, “You should have agreed to my request from the beginning.”

Ye Li blatantly nodded, saying, “Ah, yes!”

Qin Shang furiously asked, “Then why are you deliberately making things difficult?”

Ye Li snorted, saying, “Who told you to visit and look for me? Ye Zhong is a foolish boy, not understanding how to maximize the benefits. There is no need to advocate parochialism, as I originally stated. If I did not promptly expel him outside, he would have exposed himself. How would I have maximized my benefits then? Two sect leaders must prioritize the Eight East Imperial Sects first. Haha.”

“You……” Looking at Ye Li’s pleased expression, Qin Shang just realized that he had indeed been deceived and unfortunately once again left with no other alternative.

“Old Bamboo, I promise to uphold your conditions. As a result, you consent to me being your grandson’s master, and you must also promise me a few conditions as well.”

Haha. Ye Li laughed, saying, “Why? Are you already seeking compensation so soon?”

Qin Shang snappily replied, “I’m not like you! I am only looking out for Yin Zhu’s well-being. Of course, you will never mention again the matter about me being inferior to you in this generation; to each his own opinion.”

Ye Li looked at Qin Shang, conscientiously standing up and nodding as he said, “Explain.”

Qin Shang elaborated, “The Pure Zither Heart is extremely difficult to cultivate. To successfully cultivate, it is necessary to do as much as possible immediately to allow Yin Zhu to maintain the purity and innocence. In other words, he is not allowed to have contact with the outside world as much as possible. It is vital that even you maintain the minimalist of contact with him apart from Bamboo Dou Qi. Unless I consent, you must not teach him any martial skills. Fittingly, after he turns three years old, every week you can only see him once, and he cannot be told of external matters. By deliberately concentrating on his purity and innocence, he will rapidly cultivate his Pure Zither Heart successfully.”

Ye Li said, “Forbidden from ever learning martial skills? Without any Bamboo Sect martial skills, how would he become the Bamboo Sect Leader?”

Qin Shang wistfully said, “It will not forever be out of the question. Until he reaches the age of 15, you must not teach him any martial skills to avoid any distractions. If, by the time he turns 15, he is incapable of attaining the nine levels of the Pure Zither Heart, I’m afraid that I have failed.”

Ye Li delightedly said, “Good, I promise you. Well, aren’t you worried about the issue of seniority? To the outside world, you are his master, and when we are alone, I allow Yin Zhu to call you grandfather too.”

Qin Shang shot Ye Li a glance, “At least you are sincere.”

The two formidable men who never ran rampant in the continent glanced at each other, unhurriedly staring into the other’s eyes. Finally, there was a glimmer of hope for their envisioned future. Naturally, Ye Yin Zhu was their vision for the future, for the Eight East Imperial Sects as well.

Qin Shang returned to Luna City to quickly prepare some simple arrangements. Early in the morning the next day, he immediately returned to Desolate Jade Sea. Even though he had just recently become president of the Magic Guild, it was quite clear that he would not spend too much time and effort on the Arcadian Magic Guild. In his heart, there was nothing except for the desire to mentor his disciple, the naturally born genius with eight fingers, which was a far more important affair.

Although Ye Li was the leader of the Bamboo Sect, he lived in the Desolate Jade Sea with his entire family. Ye Li’s wife was deceased, so it was only him, his son, his daughter-in-law, and his grandson, four people in total. The inclusion of Qin Shang only added another person. Of course, the bamboo house was spacious, but Qin Shang was determinedly unwilling to live together with them. At his request, Ye Zhong build a bamboo house 500 meters away from their residence. As a green ranked Earth warrior, this was a simple matter.

Throughout the continent, warriors were ranked similarly to mages as they were also subdivided into seven levels, a variant of the seven colors of the rainbow: warrior, intermediate warrior, advanced warrior, Earth warrior, Heaven warrior, War master, and Great War master. Although the Bamboo Sect cultivated unique colored dou qi, Ye Zhong only recently entered the Yellow Bamboo Realm, equivalent to the rainbow rank of a primary level green rank. Naturally, this made him an Earth Warrior.

Although it was simple to construct a bamboo house, Qin Shang’s requirements were very specific, comprising of the bamboo’s angle as well as the house’s dimensions, and that even required him to return to Luna City to purchase special material to use. Afterwards, Ye Zhong, still confused, demanded Qin Shang explain the reason why the bamboo house had to be built with such stringent requirements. It was to produce the best quality resonation for the zither in the bamboo house.

Over the next ten days, Ye Zhong strived to build the bamboo house to Qin Shang’s specifications.

“Are you feverish? He is barely a month old! How can he learn right now?“ Ye Li opened his eyes to look at Qin Shang, who was in front of him. He did not understand this person’s heart or desire.

Qin Shang’s hands rested behind his back as he pretended to look disdainfully at his old friend, “Who said that the infant cannot learn? Even if he cannot learn to play, who said he cannot listen? You think the Pure Zither Heart is that easy to cultivate? No, while he is still a child, we must take advantage of his innate vital energy and not waste his early years. How else can he possibly succeed?”

Ye Li repeatedly shook his head, “No way, no way. Did I not say that I understood your aural zither power? If my grandson suffers a spiritual magic injury from your aural zither magic, I fear that he will turn into an idiot.”

Qin Shang happily said, “I see, you are the idiot. Do you think I care about Yin Zhu less than you? He is the hope I have been searching for throughout my entire life. Even if I injure myself, he will not be injured. Before he is three years old, it is impossible for him to study dou qi. Before he is five years old, it is impossible for him to study the zither. During this time, however, it is of utmost importance for me to play the zither everyday to allow him to listen attentively to my complete zither heart. The child still needs to be taken care of, so Ye Zhong and Mei Ying are permitted to stand to the side and listen in. Therefore, the child will be taken care of, and additionally, their dou qi cultivation will also somewhat benefit.”

Ye Li’s eyes exuded a cunning light, kicking his own son, “Hurry, thank your Uncle Qin. The Zither Sect’s origin cultivation meditation song is something everyone in the continent desires to listen to.”

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