[C78] ZE Chapter 20.2


Chapter 20 – Summon, Zi (II)



Nesta also hadn’t received any wounds. Yin Zhu blocking his first attack only made Nesta’s battlelust rise to new heights. Glowering, he accused Ye Yin Zhu, “Are you looking down on me?”

Ye Yin Zhu shook his head and said, “No. Don’t forget—I’m a Divine Music mage; I’m not a warrior.


As Nesta stared at him blankly, Ye Yin Zhu’s hands were already touching the strings. His right hand lightly plucked at the strings while his left pressed down. The strings immediately released a humming cry.

Sonic boom. Nesta’s movements momentarily slowed, but his eyes quickly regained their clarity. His heavy chest armor released a faint, transparent layer of milky white light.

This magic equipment had been imbued with a radiant blessing, capable of stabilizing the cavalryman’s mind. A powerful warrior’s greatest fear wasn’t a direct confrontation, but a mage—especially a Spiritual mage. A strong warrior’s spiritual force was incomparable to a mage’s spiritual forces. As a result, a high rank warrior would normally have some equipment to defend against Spiritual Magic. Otherwise, if an enemy broke through their mental defenses, they would be incapable of using any martial arts skills. In the end, they could only allow their enemies to slaughter them.

As the radiant blessing worked its magic, Nesta’s sluggishness continued for only another second. The next moment, he thrust his lance forward once more. This time, he didn’t use Battle Edge, instead blocking the sky and covering the earth with his shadows of spears instead.

No one could see how many times Nesta’s spear flashed; they could only see a faint green radiance. A shield of light enveloped Ye Yin Zhu, preventing him from evading. Still seated on the ground, even if Ye Yin Zhu wanted to dodge, he had no opportunity to do so!

Ye Yin Zhu was struck by a profound feeling. Although Nesta’s spear thrusts were numerous, the most terrifying component of his attack wasn’t the quantity of spear thrusts but that every thrust of the spear had the same tremendous amount of dou qi attached to it. He basically couldn’t distinguish what was true and what was a feint. Primary Level Green Rank dou qi allowed Nesta to brilliantly bring out his innate strength. Any one of those spears were sufficient enough to cause a stifling sensation.

“Tie Bi, this boy Nesta had already mastered your Thousand Shadow Strikes?

“That’s already last year’s matter.”

An inconceivable scene appeared on the training field. Yellow-green rays of light emerged  from Ye Yin Zhu, as if it were a dense mist. He welcomed Nesta’s spear strikes.

A burst of sound filled the energetic air, producing innumerable waves of dou qi explosions. For a moment, sand and pebbles flew out from the training field. Nesta’s lofty figure still sat upright atop the Maginot Iron Dragon’s back, but at this moment, the Maginot Iron Dragon was clearly unable to keep up with his speed. It seemed that Nesta’s strength had caused it to continuously wail. Every thrust of the spear pierced forward with a hiss. But regardless of the speed he used when stabbing forth, or the wild ferocity he stabbed with, as soon as his spear reached that layer of yellow-green radiance shielding Ye Yin Zhu, it would immediately slide off—unable to take a single step forward.

The spectators could see Ye Yin Zhu lift his right hand while seated upright—his body still the entire time. Those four fingers of his right hand moved lightly and rhythmically, resembling a blooming flower as it unceasingly morphed into all kinds of gestures. Furthermore, that yellow-green shield of light that still resembled mist drifted out from his palm. It blocked the countless berserk Thousand Shadow Strikes from beginning to end.

In the Desolate Jade Sea, Ye Yin Zhu had only cultivated martial arts for one year. To a warrior, it was basically impossible to learn many techniques in one year. Even if his comprehension was high, he was still unable to surpass this convention by much. As a result, during that one year, he’d only devoted his time to learn three techniques from Bamboo Sect Patriarch Ye Li. After hard work and numerous revisions, he had been able to learn a defensive technique and two offensive techniques. He was actually using one of those technique at this moment. It was the defensive technique called: ‘Bamboo Defense.’

Bamboo is tenacious and tall. Bamboo Defense, in turn, extrapolated this tenacity. As such, Bamboo Defense was the Bamboo Sect’s strongest defense.

Within Ye Yin Zhu’s hand was not a cloud of mist; it was a pulsating Jade Silk. This fine Jade Silk, under the control of his Bamboo Dou Qi, had changed into a misty radiance. Regardless of their number, the Jade Silk deflected all incoming shadow spears.

At this moment, Ye Yin Zhu’s face became even more serene. His eyes held nothing but a laser-like focus as his left hand streaked across the strings with lightning speed. Immediately, a series of sonic booms suddenly echoed out. Red zither magic mixed in with his dou qi. Those distinctive colored lights of red, yellow, and green dazzled the onlookers.

With radiant blessing’s interference, the sonic boom was unable to be completely effective, but Nesta was still heavily influenced. All in all, the Thousand Shadow Strikes was a special martial arts skill that required one’s full concentration. Even a short moment of absent-mindedness could cause the martial arts skill’s effectiveness to substantially decrease. The attacking spear shadows immediately became somewhat sparse. The pressure Ye Yin Zhu was previously burdened with gradually weakened.

Sha—— Nesta once again bellowed loudly, his spear shadows filling the air in a flash. In spite of its large size, the Maginot Iron Dragon, with Nesta on its back, resolutely leaped high with all of its strength. On the dragon, Nesta staked his all on one strike, taking advantage of the lance’s sharp tip, and flew towards Ye Yin Zhu.

He actually shouldn’t have done that, despite the Thousand Shadow Strikes being an Advanced martial arts skill, it was ineffective against the Bamboo Defense.Yin Zhu’s sonic boom’s release had a layering effect. Nesta understood quite well that if he couldn’t hit Ye Yin Zhu, then this would certainly and undoubtedly end in his defeat. Utilizing his rich battle experience, he immediately chose to stake it all on one strike. His entire body was enveloped with condensed dou qi as he tried to break through Ye Yin Zhu’s defense. The battle didn’t have any suspense or anticipation—it was too sudden a move.

Wanting to break through Bamboo Defense was not something any technique could accomplish. Only another Bamboo Defense user could completely surpass it through the use of absolute power in order to break through the guard. Nesta’s choice was undoubtedly correct in this matter. Naturally, Ye Yin Zhu wasn’t being passive either. When Nesta jumped off his dragon, Bamboo Defense had already changed into Bamboo Attack. He actually used his second martial arts skill.

Bamboo Defense inherited a bamboo’s tenacity while Bamboo Attack inherited a bamboo’s pride and loftiness.

Bright and beautiful sunlight danced in the air as a fantastic scene occurred. A yellow-green pillar of light soared upward, seemingly like a spring bamboo that grew after rainfall into an unyielding bamboo. The Jade Silk’s delicate nature seemed to have disappeared; all that remained was Bamboo Attack’s pride. As thick as an arm, the green rays of light emitting off of it resembled a bamboo forest, covering the two-man battlefield in the blink of an eye.

Ye Yin Zhu still couldn’t use Battle Edge, but the Jade Silk could now actually bring out an ability even more terrifying than Battle Edge. In order to fully use Bamboo Attack, his left hand could no longer play his distracting zither. All of his dou qi condensed into the attack above him.

A bitter, sorrowful cry echoed at the core of the battle, filling the entire sky with the splatter of bloody rain. Two silhouettes were flung back at the same time.

Ye Yin Zhu finally returned the Moon and Tides’ Clear Brilliance back into his space ring to shield it from any harm at the last moment. He fell 15 meters down, landing on the ground with a tremendous force of impact. Fortunately, the Divine Celestial Protection was unlikely to be even slightly stained, which prevented him from being covered in dirt. Blood dribbled out of the corner of his mouth, his complexion becoming paler. The violet glint in his eyes, however, appeared even clearer.

Nesta was not much weaker than Ye Yin Zhu, so he’d relied on his weight and thick armor as he fell only 10 meters away, deep into the ground. Because of his heavy weight, however, he’d fallen with greater impact. His helmet had been flung away from him, and the lance in his hand had been snapped in two, also flying some distance away. Blood flowed from his mouth and nose, his armor appearing to be caved in and heavily damaged. His resolute face appeared malevolent.

At the center of their clash, the Maginot Iron Dragon laid there. While it had an originally firm and substantially defensive body, it now had at least 10 bloody holes of varying sizes in it. Blood violently gushed out from its various wounds. It was visibly dying, its lamenting cries becoming increasingly weaker.

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