[C93] ZE Chapter 24.1


Chapter 24 – Zither of Divinity (I)


Ye Yin Zhu hesitated on what to pick for a long time. He suddenly heard Nesta cry out in surprise. “Wow! What a large sword! Who can even use this?”

Sword? Ye Yin Zhu curiously quickened his steps, bypassing the display shelves to find a stunned Nesta.

Nesta was currently gazing at a weapon in front of him. It was a double-edged sword—incomparably large. Its girth was contrary to that of a common sword.


This treasury was extremely large, yet with the treasury’s height of at least 10 meters, that sword needed to be tilted so that it would fit. It was a meter wide, and its length exceeded 10 meters. It was half a meter thick, and the whole blade appeared to be dark-blue in color. The sword’s blade didn’t have any fullers1 because it didn’t make sense for such a gigantic sword to have any. Its weight was impossible to assess. At the very least, Ye Yin Zhu couldn’t estimate it.

This dark-blue blade had a decorative dark-blue design in the center. The decorative design was simple and clearly indicated that it originated from an ancient era. It wouldn’t have been able to fit in the treasury if it wasn’t tilted. Moreover, the large sword’s hilt surpassed 3 meters. Perhaps no one would consider this a sword.

Perhaps because it didn’t need it, the blade and the hilt were left unadorned, excluding the decorative design. A viscous feeling as well as a faint bloody aura was emitted, making people feel that it was absolutely not simple.

Slowly advancing, Ye Yin Zhu mimicked Nesta and stroked the dark-blue sword blade. Suddenly, he felt an electric shock that made his whole body quiver. It brimmed with a ruthless aura, as if the heavens and earth would move before its tyranny. Mixed in was an intensely familiar feeling. It seemed like this sword recognized him, called to him.

“Nesta, do you feel anything?” Ye Yin Zhu subconsciously asked.

Nesta blankly shook his head. “Feel? What feeling. This sword is truly mystifying! I discern that with its weight, it can definitely behead a mature Gigantic Dragon. My Blood Soul Spear is already the longest among dragonspears, and it’s only about eight meters long. This sword unexpectedly surpasses thirteen meters in length. This is simply inconceivable. From what I see, only a Behemoth from the Northern Wasteland can wield it with its weight, and that’s only if they were at least a Gold Behemoth. Behemoths are more advantageous with their claws, however, so they never use any weapons.”

Ye Yin Zhu looked at him in puzzlement. Could it be that only he could feel its domineering and familiar air? Why? Looking at the faint dark-blue sheen of the sword’s blade, he could see his reflection within it. When he looked, Ye Yin Zhu was amazed to discover that in the blade’s reflection, his eyes were emitting a faint violet light. His originally handsome and gentle face became significantly more authoritative and overbearing because of those violet eyes.

A faint warmth circulated through his meridians, and that power-filled feeling appearing once more. He carefully inspected the decorative design on that gigantic sword’s blade. Suddenly, the decorative design morphed. The sword blade’s dark-blue color seemed to become a sparkling and translucent violet for a split second, brimming with a brutal and murderous air. That decorative design rapidly changed, and a large word appeared on the center of the sword blade, flickering and shining.


These two simple words made Ye Yin Zhu’s heartstrings break. Amethyst Sword? This was its name?

“I will take it. Nesta, it’s unlikely that you will want it.”

“Eh? Are you insane? Are you telling me you actually want to become a warrior? But—this sword is extremely large. It doesn’t suit you.” Nesta looked at him in shock.

Ye Yin Zhu shook his head and elaborated. “No, I don’t want to become a warrior, but I like this sword. Maybe a friend of mine would like it. I will take it.”

Nesta was at a loss. “Who is it that can make you squander one of your three rewards as champion on? Well, it’s your choice. Only, it appears that in this treasury, this sword is absolutely the best. I have no interest in it; I just want to obtain a suitable armor.” Having said this, he dared not waste any more time and hurriedly headed towards the treasury’s stock of defensive equipment.

Ye Yin Zhu didn’t add the Amethyst Sword to his space ring as he recalled Ferguson saying that the items here had a magical trace. Plus, this large sword was extremely big. Its weight was at least 500 kilograms. He had no other choice but to leave it here and wait for the hour to finish so that Ferguson can undo the magical brand. Only then could he place it in his space ring.

Releasing the Amethyst Sword, that familiar feeling immediately disappeared. He turned around and prepared to explore the treasury. He wanted to see if there were any zithers. If there was a zither, then naturally it would be his top choice.

Just as he turned to leave the weapon section, an unremarkable item suddenly caught his gaze. It was a dagger, completely pitch black, appearing somewhat lofty among the multi-colored jeweled lights of the other items. Most peculiarly, it didn’t reflect any light at all, slightly resembling Sura’s dagger.

Taking a few steps forward, Ye Yin Zhu grasped the dagger. It was almost 40 centimeters long, the length somewhere between that of a short sword and dagger. Its handle was 12 centimeters long, its blade 16 centimeters. The pommel held a malevolent carving of a demon. Within its eyes, peculiarly, were two minute rubies that flickered with an abnormal light.

It was the exact opposite of the large Amethyst Sword. The large Amethyst Sword brimmed with a familiar feeling upon touching it, while this dagger gave Ye Yin Zhu an intense feeling of hatred upon his touch. The icy aura spread from his palm and through his meridians to the rest of his body. The pores throughout his body seemed as if they were sealed shut because of this chill, making him feel extremely uncomfortable.

The dagger seemed to radiate a layer of faint black energy. Because of this layer of faint black energy, it prevented the dagger from reflecting light from any angle. Even the two rubies were like this.

Very quickly, Ye Yin Zhu clearly understood why this dagger gave such a repulsive feeling. It was because this dagger’s dark elemental energy wave was extremely terrifying. A tremendous amount of dark elements seemed to be magically sealed into this dagger. A trace of frigid chill and a feeling of malevolence were continuously emitted.

Although he didn’t like it, Ye Yin Zhu could clearly feel that this dagger was very powerful. When he held it in his hand, all of the light being emitted by the surrounding weapons and defensive equipment lost their luster. Only the large Amethyst Sword continued to tower over everything, remaining unchanged.

This was it. Although he didn’t like it, Sura was an assassin. He assumed Sura would love this nonreflective dagger. That day, he had recklessly used his Violet Bamboo Needle to skewer Sura’s dagger, destroying it as it didn’t have a very strong magical matrix. Although he had already gifted Sura with the Eternal Substitute Puppet as compensation, the four girls had refused his gesture of kindness. Thus, he decided to select this dagger to further recompense Sura.

Ye Yin Zhu placed the dagger beside the large Amethyst Sword, preparing to return to them with his final chosen item. Suddenly, the large Amethyst Sword flashed with a dark-blue light, a tyrannical aura surged out abruptly, followed by a clear dragon’s cry. That black dagger was unexpectedly attacked by the tyrannical aura. It made a streak of black light as it zoomed past Ye Yin Zhu. The dagger’s blade partially pierced through the display shelf beside him.

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  1. (Also known as blood grooves, they are meant to lighten the blade while still allowing it to have the same strength.)

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