[C98] ZE Chapter 25.2


Chapter 25 – Level 8 Violet Ranked Beauties (II)


“Anya. What are you doing here?” Everyone clearly heard a gentle voice suddenly echo from the first floor of Floating Orchid Pavilion.

This voice appeared to be in possession of an unusual enunciation. When it rang out, Ye Yin Zhu suddenly felt his mind dull, his zither music screeching to a sudden halt. The song << Solitary Orchid >> was cut short.

The guests’ accusing gazes were aimed towards the first floor, but they couldn’t voice any complaints. This was because they didn’t want to trouble the refined woman who had appeared. She was a gorgeous woman with a great deal of similarity with Anya. Her age couldn’t be discerned from her face alone, as she had the purity of a girl and the loveliness of a woman. Her appearance was remarkably similar to Anya. While she didn’t have Anya’s dignified aura, her beauty actually being rather inferior to Anya, she actually emitted a noble air, even more so than Anya.


Even if Floating Orchid Pavilion’s guests were nobility, when they looked at her at this moment, no one was able to rebuke her because her nobility, beauty, and dignified appearance had shocked them. A light green cheongsam clung to the contours of her beautiful body, which was extremely enticing. By no means did her nobility and beauty within her light green eyes vanish, but they did hold a trace of iciness.

After she had spoken, she already began ascending the flight of stairs. Even though the waiters wanted to bar her passage, an intangible force stopped them. They simply couldn’t approach her. When she walked up the stairs from the first floor to the second, she stopped at the top and nodded slightly towards Ye Yin Zhu’s area. She apologetically said, “I am truly sorry to have disturbed your performance, but I have a truly urgent matter I need to speak of with Anya.”

“It doesn’t matter.” Ye Yin Zhu’s hands pressed down on the strings. Although the interruption of his performance made him feel very uneasy, he was naturally compassionate. The party at fault had already admitted her error, so he didn’t think much of it. This was the first time the majority of the guests heard him speak, and many were astonished that the Floating Orchid Pavilion’s zitherist was actually so young.

Anya’s frigid voice echoed from above. “What are you doing here? You are not welcome. Leave.” When Ye Yin Zhu had begun to play, she had already appeared at the top of the third story stairs. Quietly sitting there, she would drink her favorite tea—Jade Beauty— and listen to Ye Yin Zhu’s zither music. To her, this was the most pleasurable time of her day.

“Anya, are you telling me there is no possibility of us reconciling?” As she spoke, the woman continued to walk up the stairs. Anya also gradually descended down. These two stunning beauties were equally matched in beauty. As the two of them gradually approached one another, both of their distances from Ye Yin Zhu’s area decreased.

“Dida,” Anya called out suddenly.

“Mistress.” Dida bowed from the first floor.

Anya indifferently said, “Please have everyone leave. All of today’s consumptions will be on me.”

“Understood, Mistress,” Dida deferentially promised. He and the rest of the waiters immediately began conveying Anya’s declaration to the guests.

Anya could naturally be heard by everyone, so no one issued a complaint. Each body rose to leave. Although their faces held reluctance, they still all left one after another.

Every day, that old horse was the last to leave. He glanced at Anya and the woman who were glaring at each other in Ye Yin Zhu’s area and asked, “Miss Anya, do you need any help?”

Anya furrowed her brows. “There is no need. You can leave.”

The old horse sighed lightly and glanced deeply at Anya, somewhat helplessly shaking his head before turning around to leave.

At this moment, only Ye Yin Zhu, the waiters, Anya, and that woman remained in Floating Orchid Pavilion.

“Angel, why did you come look for me? Any relationship between us has long been severed. Don’t tell me that even though I came to the Milan Empire, you don’t want to let me go?” Anya’s gaze became icier. Because their distance from one another wasn’t large, Ye Yin Zhu could see both of their faces and expressions despite the muslin curtain. At this moment, the gentle and soft Anya appeared to be having difficulty keeping her temper, her icy aura becoming frightening.

Angel turned to the side and looked at the humongous ancient tree trunk. “Are we really nothing to one another? Regardless of what happened that time, we are blood sisters. This fact cannot be changed. Right? My little sister.”

“Who is your little sister? You are undeserving,” Anya scolded, an immense, incorporeal pressure radiating off of her body.

Ye Yin Zhu had already advanced from the Pure Zither Heart to the Courageous Zither Heart. He wore the Divine Celestial Protection Robe, and on his chest was a Pure Brightness Spirit Guardian amulet that held Spiritual Magic. At this very moment, however, when Anya suddenly released that immense, powerful, wrathful pressure, it left him unable to breathe. His body was completely rigid, and it was as though all of his life force within his body had been completely locked away.

All of her surroundings seemed to sink because of Anya’s immense pressure. That painful feeling was indescribable. And now, Ye Yin Zhu had to bear it. The pressure he felt was merely the fringe.

Angel appeared to not be affected by Anya’s tremendous aura. Her body didn’t tremble in the slightest because of Anya’s powerful pressure. “Little sister, your strength has improved once again. It seems that your cultivation wasn’t affected by your decision to leave home. You should know why I came. Hand over the items, and I will never disturb you again.”

Angel and Anya’s dual pressure made Ye Yin Zhu feel as if his body was being smashed to pieces. Fortunately, the life-saving warmth appeared once more and helped prevent him from collapsing. He couldn’t help but become overwhelmed with shock as he never imagined Elder Sister Anya’s strength to be like this. And this was merely the two of them releasing their aura!

“You’re dreaming. Angel, let’s not fight here. Let’s go outside of the city.” Anya’s expression became even more unsightly. Her eyes exuded anger, but she could seemingly feel Ye Yin Zhu’s suffering beneath both of their powerful pressures. She looked somewhat worriedly at the muslin curtain area.

Angel’s eyes flashed. She smiled, saying, “Good idea! Let’s go.” The tremendous aura vanished abruptly. She resembled a Bodhisattva for a split second before the mirage flashed away. Behind the muslin curtain, Ye Yin Zhu felt his whole body tense. Without dou qi or magic, that split second had completely suppressed him. Immediately following, he felt as if he was soaring through the clouds, which confused him.

Before his eyes was a magnificently bright sky. Angel had grabbed him and flown out of Floating Orchid Pavilion. Right, they were flying. As he was taken, the Moon and Tides’ Clear Brilliance had fallen off his knees, but it didn’t drop off the platform. As such, it didn’t break.

“Put him down! This matter is between the two of us; he has no part in it,” Anya’s voice echoed out, filled with even more anger as she flew behind them. Yes, she was also flying.

“Yin Zhu——.” Sura’s cry gradually became distant, and Ye Yin Zhu could only watch as his surroundings disappeared like a bolt of lightning, a dream-like fantasy.

Although Ye Yin Zhu couldn’t move, his brain could still reflect over this. ‘Flying, they can fly? Even my two grandfathers, who have both reached Violet Rank, are unable to soar through the sky. Qin Shang once told me that only Wind mages could rely on their magic to fly short distances. Are these two Wind mages? Why is their magical flying speed so quick?’

At this moment, his mind brimmed with questions, with no anxiousness at all.

The surrounding scenery flashed by like lightning, preventing Ye Yin Zhu from seeing it clearly. He could only smell the faint delicate fragrance clinging to Angel’s body. The fragrance was very enthralling; it appeared to be purely natural as well. She was currently emitting a dark, icy aura, however, that made her body appear as though it personified mass destruction.

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