[C103] ZE Chapter 26.3


Chapter 26 – Waterfall of Connecting Pearls Zither’s Power (III)


Angel smiled. Her smile was brilliant, but the deathly-still and icy gaze of hers intensified. “You are still weak. Like before, you are watching an opportunity slip through your fingers. I’ll go, but I will still come back later.” Her gaze rested on Ye Yin Zhu one last time. At this moment, Yin Zhu also opened his eyes.

Faint amazement flashed through Angel’s eyes because she realized Ye Yin Zhu had seemingly forgotten where he was. His temperament was graceful, his movements so harmonious it seemed like he had completely fused with the entirety of his surroundings. Especially that zither resting atop his knees; with it, he resembled a perfect entity. His gaze was so clear, even the purest crystal in the world could not compare. This was the first time Angel had seen a pair of eyes lacking impurity.

Tossing a crystal phial towards Anya, Angel walked away. Although her body was severely injured, her retreating speed was still astonishing to see. She had lost today, but she was also able to witness a Divine Music mage and the strength of the Zither Sect’s zither songs.


<< High Mountains and Running Water >> was within the top three divine songs of the Zither Sect’s great nine famed songs. Its effects: weakness, amplification.

Among those great nine famed songs, six of them only held one effect. Of the three divine songs, all of them had two effects. The song played on the Waterfall of Connecting Pearls, << High Mountains and Running Water >>, was one of those songs. As an auxiliary, it held no direct attack power, but it could cause the opponent to hallucinate and constantly weaken by means of the zither music. At the same time, it could also increase an ally’s strength continuously.  All of this was in accordance to the control and decisions made of the music.

With Ye Yin Zhu’s strength, it would have been absolutely impossible for him to bring out the effects of << High Mountains and Running Water >> without the Waterfall of Connecting Pearls Zither. Even if he drew support from the divine device, using his spiritual force, he would only be able to influence, at most, 10 people or living creatures with << High Mountains and Running Water >>. He was unable to control both the extent of the weakness and amplification; he could only define the extent of one effect.

Divine Music mages and common mages had one major difference; the common mage became extremely weak upon casting large-scale magic or higher rank magic. Divine Music mages, on the other hand, could exhaust their magic, but their spiritual power was incomparably rich. Especially since Ye Yin Zhu actually accomplished this zither song—an achievement most Divine Music mages could only dream of.

In fact, with his strength, even if he relied on the Waterfall of Connecting Pearls Zither to bring out << High Mountains and Running Water >>, it should have been impossible for that Violet Ranked sister of Anya, a peak expert, to be influenced. The reason why it had succeeded was because these two women had fought each other with extreme viciousness since the beginning when he had left, so neither of them had much strength left by now to resist. It was to the extent that both of their pressures were ineffective against him then. As a result, such good effects came into being.

“Yin Zhu, thank you. Your zither playing is superb.” Angel left, and with her Anya’s iciness. Although she had been in dire straits and her clothing was ruined, she still emitted a luxurious air.

“Elder Sister Anya, are you alright?” Ye Yin Zhu asked in deep concern. His spiritual reserves and magical reserves had been completely used up, causing him to feel dizzy and enter a mystical realm.

Anya smiled, shook her head, and said, “I’m alright, but I got you involved. Yin Zhu, forget whatever you have heard today. Don’t tell anyone else, okay?”

“Okay.” Ye Yin Zhu nodded. As he had promised, he would absolutely not speak of these matters.

“Come help me treat my partner.” Both of Anya’s hands streaked across her chest, a light violet Six-Pointed Magic Star appearing from thin air. Rays of light flashed, and a magical beast emerged in front of her.

This was still the first time Ye Yin Zhu saw a Divine Spirit Horse-type magical beast. Naturally, it was equestrian, but it was entirely different from a common equestrian. It was at least double the size of the gnus Ye Yin Zhu had seen. Its whole body was snow white, not a speck of color corrupting its coat. A slender horn grew from the top of its head, spiraled to a point and flickering with a faint milky white radiance. The most fantastic thing were its pair of wings, a pair of humongous, extremely beautiful snow white wings that were folded on either side of his body. At this moment, originally clear, open eyes appeared dispirited. Ye Yin Zhu could clearly sense its aura of life continuously drain away.

Anya tenderly stroked its large head before saying to Ye Yin Zhu, “Didn’t you want to see my magical beast? This is my partner. It’s an alicorn called Mu, a rank 9 magical beast. I know you have many questions, but wait for me to cure it first before this Elder Sister tells you everything.” After she finished speaking, she opened the bottle Angel gave her and tipped its contents into the alicorn Mu’s mouth.

Scentless, the translucent liquid carried a pure aura of nature, brimming with natural elemental energy that already made Ye Yin Zhu’s heart untroubled, his spirit pleased.

The originally dispirited alicorn drank the Elixir of Life and immediately changed. Its dispirited eyes violently began changing.

Anya lifted up a hand to press against the alicorn’s forehead. Violet rays of light unceasingly poured from her hand into the alicorn’s body, increasing the circulation of the Elixir of Life and its effectiveness in healing the alicorn’s internal damage. The depth of that violet light illustrated her current weakness. She was surprised, however, when she looked away from the alicorn and saw that Ye Yin Zhu was unaffected, unlike normal people. He didn’t seem affected by Mu at all. Although the alicorn was the gentlest among rank 9 magical beasts, its powerful presence wasn’t something ordinary people could bear.

An alicorn was truly exquisite, especially its pure and holy aura which made Ye Yin Zhu unable to tear his gaze away. He felt very comfortable around Mu. It was at least several times better than when he had seen those dragons.

The energy Anya was releasing weakened increasingly, until the violet rays of light disappeared completely. Mu’s dispirited eyes had been replaced with clear, penetrating blue light. Ye Yin Zhu looked into those two large eyes with his own.

Anya softly said, “Mu, sleep. Sleep and wake later when you have returned to normal.” A faint violet Six-Pointed magic star reappeared. Mu lightly rubbed its head against Anya’s shoulder before walking through the Six-Pointed magic star, quietly disappearing.

“Elder Sister Anya, be careful.” Ye Yin Zhu advanced forward with lightning speed, supporting Anya and narrowly preventing her collapse. By this time, her complexion had already become pale, her aura extremely feeble.

“I haven’t felt this weak in a long time. Yin Zhu, carry me back to Floating Orchid Pavilion and place me in your performance area. I can no longer walk, and I need to rest. I have no other choice but to inconvenience you in carrying me.” Even though Anya was weak, her voice was still tender.

“Alright.” Although Ye Yin Zhu had used up most of his magic, the strength of his Yellow Rank 5 dou qi and excited spiritual force prevented him from collapsing. Putting away the Waterfall of Connecting Pearls, he stooped down and placed Anya on his back.

To Ye Yin Zhu, Anya was very light. The burden on his back felt like nothing. With a mixed fragrance of orchids and musk from her battling and a high body temperature that was transmitted clearly due to her presence on his back, she smelled very comforting.

Anya’s body was very soft. As Ye Yin Zhu held onto her two thighs, the feeling of his hands on the tenderly warm, satin skin made an indescribably peculiar feeling arise in his heart.

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