[C106] ZE Chapter 27.2


Chapter 27 – The Birth of the Silver Dragon Assassin (II)


“It’s already quite late in the day; I need to rest, so I won’t keep you any longer. Yin Zhu, this is for you.” After she spoke, Anya took out a milky white egg from a table. She handed over the egg, which was approximately the size of a person’s head, to Ye Yin Zhu.

“What’s this?” Ye Yin Zhu subconsciously accepted the egg. He then felt the faint pulsing of a heartbeat that wasn’t his own, as it had come from inside the egg. A pure elemental aura flowed continuously from the egg. The aura wasn’t just of one type of element, but was rather composed of all the magical elements! The milky white eggshell had a veined silver pattern along its exterior, accompanied by a flickering and glittering magical elemental fluctuation.

“This is my gift to you. You need a powerful magical beast, so this should be very suitable.” Anya smiled faintly as she looked at this egg, her eyes exuding a gentle light.


“Silver Dragon egg. Heavens!” Sura cried, unable to restrain himself. His gaze didn’t budge from the egg.

Anya glanced at him. “Because I trust Yin Zhu, you are also allowed to be here. I want you to not speak a word of what you see here today.”

Sura’s expression was somewhat complicated as he glanced at Anya. She naturally knew how precious a Silver Dragon egg was. ‘To be able to give away such a precious thing, Anya must possess an incomparably powerful strength.’ Sura’s heart was already confused.

“Elder Sister Anya, are you saying that this egg contains a Silver Dragon?” Ye Yin Zhu lightly caressed the eggshell as he posed the question.

Anya smiled, nodding her head before saying, “Yes. If you choose to form a contract with it, this Ancient Tree of Life will hatch the egg, nurturing and maturing it. A Silver Dragon has dragon magic, which is extremely strong. Against a mature Silver Dragon, even I’m not necessarily capable of contending against it. I already have Mu, so I don’t need it and have now given it to you. I know you are a kindhearted character, so I’m reassured. This egg was something I had picked up previously. When its parents were approaching their ends, it was given to me.

“If a Silver Dragon grows naturally, it is impossible for it to fully mature within a thousand years. When it agrees to a contract with a human, however, it can absorb power from a few magic items through the contract in order to promote the growth of its own magic. I believe it will definitely become your greatest ally. You can have it follow you around. Even as an infant Silver Dragon, it is still enough to intimidate many rudimentary magical beasts.”

“Elder Sister Anya, thank you. But, I cannot accept.” Ye Yin Zhu shook his head, handing the Silver Dragon egg back to Anya.

Anya frowned and said, “Although a Silver Dragon egg is very precious, you did save me today, so consider this your reward. Besides, this was what I had promised you previously.”

Ye Yin Zhu smiled slightly and said, “No, it’s not because of how precious it is, but because I’m already unable to sign a contract.” He had even given away a divine item casually, so Anya gifting him this item didn’t make him think it was something inappropriate. How could he?

Anya was alarmed. “Don’t tell me you already have a magical beast?” She couldn’t refrain from being worried. Her greatest fear was the pure Ye Yin Zhu contracting with a rudimentary magical beast.

“No, no. I don’t have a magical beast. Instead, I already signed an Equal Life Contract with my best friend. So, I can’t sign a contract with a magical beast.”

“Equal Life Contract!” Anya cried out; she knew what this contract entailed better than anyone else! “You, how could you do this? Who told you of this contract? Don’t tell me you signed it with him?” Her gaze shot towards Sura.

Sura shook his head. “It wasn’t me.”

Ye Yin Zhu said, “Elder Sister Anya, do you remember when I disappeared today? The partner I signed the contract with sensed that I was in danger and summoned me away.”

Anya smiled and nodded her head, saying, “Apparently, you really have no opportunity with this magical dragon. Only, I really didn’t expect you to go as far as to sign a long extinct Equal Life Contract with someone. To the best of my knowledge, this contract belonged to the bloodline of a powerful clan. But this clan has not emerged for five centuries. If your friend is truly a descendant of this clan, I’m afraid that all of the northern lands will change because of him. Tell me, what name is your friend known by?”

“He is called Zi.” Ye Yin Zhu didn’t cover up the truth.

Anya involuntarily exclaimed, “Zi? That’s right! He definitely belongs to that clan. I truly didn’t expect this clan to unexpectedly have a descendant still. If he and you have signed the contract, then you really don’t need this magical dragon.”

Sura curiously asked, “When all’s said and done, what kind of clan is this? Don’t tell me this clan can match with Silver Dragons?”

Anya looked at Ye Yin Zhu, her eyes displaying a strange light. “Zi hasn’t told you his origins”

Ye Yin Zhu automatically nodded.

Anya said, “Then it isn’t my place to tell you. When it is time for you to know, he will definitely tell you himself. Well, you can go. I’m a little tired.”

“What about this Silver Dragon egg?” Ye Yin Zhu had tried to hand over the egg to Anya, but she hadn’t taken it back.

Anya smiled faintly and said, “What I give is never retaken. Remember what I said when I gave you my ring. It is now yours. You can do with it however you wish. Only, regardless of who this Silver Dragon egg belongs to, you have to be prepared to answer questions from the Silver Dragons. When that moment comes, give them these scales and leave. These are reverse scales that the parents of the Silver Dragon egg had been left behind as a momento when they were at death’s door. With it, the Silver Dragons won’t misunderstand.” As she said this, she released a circular, approximately 20 centimeter diameter, silver scale from her space ring and passed it to Ye Yin Zhu.

“Then thank you, Elder Sister Anya.” Ye Yin Zhu could no longer refuse. He looked at Anya’s weary appearance and finally placed the egg and scale into his space ring. He and Sura then bid their farewells and left.

They had just left when a gentle voice rang out from the espalier to the side. “Elder Sister, you really gave it away! That Silver Dragon would be better off given to me.” A gentle figure gradually became clearer, emerging from the espalier. It was unexpectedly the head waiter, Dida.

Anya sighed lightly and said, “You! Your vision is highly narrow and shallow. Don’t tell me you can’t see how much potential Yin Zhu has? Today, Angel and I fought, and in the end he was the reason I was able to win. I didn’t expect to still be weaker than Angel even after cultivating in the Ancient Tree of Life.”

“What? Are you saying that Yin Zhu helped you defeat Angel?” Dida’s eyes brimmed with disbelief.

Anya nodded and said, “I haven’t ever heard such pleasant zither music. It caused quite a bit of shock in my heart, especially when I was in a weakened state. Yin Zhu’s character is pure. Besides, apart from you being my little brother, I have not lied to him. Just now, you must have also heard our conversation. The Amethyst Clan’s descendant is unexpectedly still alive and is also his Equal Life Contract partner. Perhaps, Ye Yin Zhu can really help us resolve our hatred in the future. We can consider that Silver Dragon as my reward to him.”

Dida nodded and said, “Elder Sister, I understand your painstaking efforts. Ye Yin Zhu’s good relation with us will produce benefits for the future.”

Anya smiled slightly. “Foolish little brother, don’t be pragmatic. In my mind, he is also my little brother. No matter when, Yin Zhu will battle alongside us. I merely wish for him to mature quicker. Angel has already found us here, so you need to pack. We must be careful, so hide your aura well. She came to find the Seed of Life; that means she will try to find you.”

“I will. But, is the Amethyst Clan really that powerful?” Dida asked this final question, his eyes staring into Anya’s with a trace of fear.

“You will understand later on.”

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