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Chapter 3 – Blade of Music (I)

[Author’s Note] Summary: Childhood arc is over. The story is about to begin. Welcome friends who bookmarked and voted for this novel, thank you.


Spirit Magic was a different type of magic. First of all, one’s own spirit must be strong and powerful, afterwards a special method would be needed  to materialize it. It was possible to influence every aspect of the opponent’s own spirit. If elemental magic was utilized to destroy the opponent’s physical body, then spirit-empowered magic would destroy the opponent’s soul.

For zither music to strengthen the spirit it needed to be strong, allowing them to utilize the zither music to release spiritual force. The zither song’s different characteristics produced various spiritual sonics waves that could either be utilized offensively or for support. This was the secret of zither magic.


Inside the quiet bamboo forest, a magnanimously deep and low song unceasingly played, lightly resounding throughout. Six year old Ye Yin Zhu, apart from practicing dou qi, also studied the zither and the Pure Zither Heart, enabling him to be calm and ignore any distractions in whatever he did. He played the zither song <<Green Water>> over and over again, with no regard towards the passage of time. His whole being was immersed in the secret of the zither song.

Under the influence of the zither music, various kinds of small animals within the bamboo forest began to converge around the zither.  Although they only dared to observe from a distance, it was obvious that they had begun to be intoxicated with Ye Yin Zhu’s zither music.

Yi, who are you?” Qin Shang, who had just returned from the bamboo house a few moments ago holding a bamboo basket full of food, suddenly grunted in a low voice. The zither music stopped, and Yin Zhu opened his eyes and followed Qin Shang’s gaze.

He did not realized until now that there was a little boy crouching down five meters away from Ye Yin Zhu. He was sitting there, blankly staring at Ye Yin Zhu’s zither. He appeared to be approximately the same size as Yin Zhu, but he fell far short of Yin Zhu’s good looks. The contours of his face, however, gave people a unique feeling of strength and resolution despite only being a child! He astonishingly possessed extraordinarily unique violet hair. In the entire human race, violet colored hair was exceptionally rare.

Hearing Qin Shang’s voice, the little boy awoke from his trance, his originally lifeless eyes now displayed intense hostility. With fists clenched and lips pursed, he waited for Qin Shang to act without saying a word.

Yin Zhu excitedly ran up to Qin Shang’s side, taking the thin bamboo basket and laughingly said, “Grandfather Qin, look. My zither music attracted a person.” While speaking, he withdrew the freshly peeled bamboo shoots from the basket, handing over some to the violet haired boy as well. Facing him, he said, “Hi, this is a treat for you, but who are you?”

The little violet haired boy shifted his gaze to Qin Shang before a smile full of brightness and naivety broke out on his face as he turned to face Yin Zhu. Gradually, his fists began to unclench, and he took the bamboo shoot in Yin Zhu’s hand, nodding to him. Before Qin Shang could ask any more questions, the boy scurried off into the bamboo forest in the blink of an eye and disappeared.

Watching the violet haired boy’s back disappear, Qin Shang couldn’t help but frown, creasing his brow. Could it be that the Bewildering Footsteps Spell already lost its effectiveness? It appeared that the violet haired boy was quite hostile to him, but he  became relaxed with just one look at Yin Zhu? Could it be that he was really attracted by Yin Zhu’s zither music and thus came over? However, he was only a mage, and it was impossible for him to chase after the little boy so he had no other alternative but to allow him to escape.

During the day he played the zither with Qin Shang, and in the evening he practiced dou qi. This was Ye Yin Zhu’s simple life. However, the appearance of the violet haired boy has since then added a little color to his simple lifestyle.

Every morning, when Yin Zhu began to play the zither, the little violet haired boy would quietly appear and remain at his side motionlessly, listening to him play the zither. Yin Zhu’s study of the zither didn’t seem to be so lonely anymore with his audience of one.

Ever since the first time the violet haired boy appeared, he was unable to get him to speak a single word. In addition, it was only in Yin Zhu’s presence that he had a serene expression. When Qin Shang, Yin Zhu’s parents, or paternal grandfather arrived to see him, the violet haired boy would immediately leave.

Ye Zhong once secretly followed the violet haired boy, wanting to finally discover where the boy came from, but he only discovered that the violet haired boy lived in the Desolate Jade Sea in a location that was not more than two kilometer away from Yin Zhu’s zither cultivation area. He probably was not an ordinary child. Inside the bamboo forest, he survived off of the bamboo shoots. The lonely and icily arrogant violet haired boy was gradually acknowledged by everyone, but he still would not speak, even to Yin Zhu. Since he could not communicate, it was naturally impossible for him to influence Yin Zhu’s Pure Zither Heart. Thus, Qin Shang and Yin Zhu’s family accepted his existence. Yin Zhu leisurely passed time by frequently talking to him and providing clothes for him to wear. He had his parents deliver food for the boy to eat, but the violet haired boy would merely accept it all silently, without saying a word. In Yin Zhu’s eyes, however, he became increasingly gentle and soft.

The seasons came and left, ten years passed by in the blink of an eye. The handsome child matured into an attractive and good looking youth. Yin Zhu’s appearance resembled Ye Zhong’s in six aspects, but he also inherited his mother’s gentle beauty. At the age of 16, he was 1.8 meters tall with a well proportioned stature, wearing his white gown all year round. In addition, with his black hair draped down, he looked well cared for. He was a handsome young man.

Little Violet, Little Violet, where are you?” Wearing a white chang pao, Ye Yin Zhu looked off to one side while walking, yelling loudly. The clear and melodious voice resounded inside the bamboo forest, resembling the elegance of zither music.

Yin Zhu shouted for half a day with no response. He could not help but pause his search, as he mumbled to himself, “Where did Little Violet go? How did he disappear without a trace?” A flash of light appeared in his eyes, and a smile emerged on his face. “I’ve got it!” As he said this, he immediately sat cross-legged on the ground. The middle finger of his left hand sparked with a silvery light. Suddenly, a zither appeared before him out of nowhere. The roundish zither’s body had a thick belt and was carved from Aleurites cordata wood. It was yellow and had an ancient quality chestnut lacquered carapace with a serpent belly grain pattern. It had the clam emblem, a round dragon pool, and an oval phoenix pond. The tiny dragon pool received sound prosperously, and the goose foot was made excessively of vividly red agate.

He stared at his zither for some time, his gentle and clear eyes immediately becoming somewhat infatuated. “The <<Three Variations of Yangguan>> song is peaceful and calm and is played in the Nine Heavenly Jade Ring Zither. I do not believe that you would resist listening to it.”

His eight fingers lightly stroked the zither, immediately a touching melancholic zither music emerged, sounding throughout the air. This was a representative farewell song, as seen by the touching mood created. In that instant, as the zither music emerged, Yin Zhu had already completely merged with the zither music and its artistic atmosphere.

A dark red radiance slowly encompassed him, spiraling around his body. Four circular sound waves formed and drifted throughout the air. Desolate Jade Sea did not have large animals, but at this moment, all of the birds and small animals quickly sped towards Yin Zhu’s direction to converge and listen to his performance. In just a moment, the sound of every kind of animal unceasingly crying out in lament echoed, and Yin Zhu’s surroundings gradually began bustling with noise and excitement.

<<Three Variations of Yangguan>> was a song of a reluctant farewell between friends, therefore the zither music brimmed with the mood of a unwilling goodbye. In Yin Zhu’s mind, he gradually began thinking about how he had not emerged out of the Desolate Jade Sea in 16 years. His eyes couldn’t help but dim and exude sorrow, making his graceful temperament feel somewhat melancholic.

The heart-rending song <<Three Variations of Yangguan>> concluded, and Yin Zhu’s hands pressed the zither for the lingering sound to gradually dissipate. Somewhat sorrowful, he said, “I’m sorry partner, I really must go. However, I will definitely come back to see you. I must unexpectedly leave, but both of my grandfathers told me that I must explore the outside world. This song is my farewell to you.”

At an unknown point in time, a tall figure appeared behind Yin Zhu. Listening to the zither music, the expression on his face couldn’t help but stiffen slightly. He  subconsciously lifted his right hand to grab Yin Zhu’s shoulder.

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