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Chapter 3 – Blade of Music (II)

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Yin Zhu seemingly already knew he was behind him. Lowering his head, he said, “Little Violet, I must leave.”

The silhouette flashed, and the tall figure behind him had already arrived in front of Yin Zhu. 16 years old and 1.8 meters tall, Yin Zhu was not short when compared to an ordinary person. But standing next to this man, there was a significant height difference. With his disarrayed violet hair, this tall, strong person appeared to be brimming with explosive power. His chiseled facial features portrayed a man of steel and stability. A pair of violet eyes resembled the stars in their brightness. His broad shoulders seemed to be able to carry everything.


As Ye Yin Zhu grew up, so did Little Violet. In ten years, his body developed rapidly, making Ye Yin Zhu’s family gasp in amazement. His height exceeded 2 meters, making him look more mature than Ye Yin Zhu. He didn’t have the slightest bit of purity radiating from his eyes like Yin Zhu’s eyes. Instead, his eyes held a deep profoundness.

Both of his hands grabbed Yin Zhu’s shoulders. Little Violet’s eyes were puzzled and curious.

Feeling the scorching heat of Little Violet’s hands, Yin Zhu raised his head to look at him and sadly said, “I truly must leave to practice the zither. I specially came to bid you farewell. My two grandfathers said that I have finally practice the Pure Zither Heart to the ninth level and am on the verge of entering the Courageous Zither Heart realm. I no longer need to remain isolated from the outside world. They have allowed me to attend school to study outside knowledge and adapt to the outside society. Therefore, I must leave at once. Ah, Little Violet, what is the outside world like? I still haven’t gone outside, but grandfather says that in order for me to understand the outside world better they won’t see me off when I leave.”

The puzzlement in Little Violet’s eyes gradually disappeared, and he nodded slowly. He released Yin Zhu’s hands. “I will go with you.”

“Really? That’s truly fantastic,” Ye Yin Zhu said with exultation. Like a child, he jumped up and stood, only to rapidly become aware of Little Violet’s abnormally strange action. “You, you spoke?”

Yes, this was the first time that Little Violet had spoken ever since he had come to Desolate Jade Sea ten years ago. Up until this point, everyone considered him to be mute, but he had just spoken. The low and sonorous voice gave people a very depressing feeling, but this voice, to Yin Zhu’s ears, gave him a sense of security.

Little Violet patted Yin Zhu’s shoulder, saying, “Go.” While talking, he was already beginning to walk in the direction of the Desolate Jade Sea.

Originally on the verge of starting a lonely journey and being somewhat terrified, Ye Yin Zhu was now brimming with excitement. He spent practically every day with Little Violet for ten years. Even though Little Violet never spoke, they communicated through meaningful gazes. Little Violet was his only audience for ten years, so he already considered him to be one of his most trusted people and his best friend. The unknown outside world no longer appeared to be so frightening now that he had Little Violet accompanying him.

Cheering, Yin Zhu moved and caught up to Little Violet in a flash, so that they could walk together towards the outside world.

“Little Violet, what is your real name?” Yin Zhu inquisitively asked as they walked side by side. Apart from playing the zither and studying Bamboo Sect things, in regards to the outside world affairs, he was like a blank sheet of paper. His childhood was carefree and without worries. And now, before Yin Zhu even left Desolate Jade Sea, he has already almost forgotten about separating from his family. Having Little Violet accompany him, his heart was no longer panic-stricken. All that remains was curiosity and excitement. After all, this was his first time leaving Desolate Jade Sea.

“You can call me Zi.”

“Oh, Zi, where did you come from? I heard grandfather say that you are not one of us from the Desolate Jade Sea. Grandfather Qin that you are not malicious to me and like my zither songs, and that was why you stuck around, right?”

Zi’s reply was not complicated as he merely nodded.

Yin Zhu was perhaps too excited. Today, in particular, he asked questions incessantly throughout the journey, but Zi would not talk; many times he would just nod or shake his head in response all the way to Luna City where Yin Zhu began to slightly calm down.

“Wow, this is the city? It seems really big and beautiful.” Looking at Luna City’s city walls and the endless stream of people, Yin Zhu was unable to express his excitement. He quickly proceeded in the direction of the city gate.

“Desolate Jade Sea is the most beautiful place.” Looking at Yin Zhu running ahead, Zi lightly shook his head.

Luna City contained almost everything Yin Zhu had never seen. In order to cultivate his Pure Zither Heart, for 16 years he did not leave the Desolate Jade Sea. Now with his curiosity and excitement, it felt like his eyes were not sufficient enough to see everything.

“Where must you go to school?” Zi, who rarely spoke, asked Yin Zhu a question.

Yin Zhu subconsciously said, “Grandfather Qin told me to go to the Luna City Magic Guild to retrieve an item. He gave me a map. I will be able to find the college by following the map’s instructions, and then I’ll need to hand over his letter to the headmaster.”

Zi extended his hand out and said, “Map.”

Originating from his heart, Yin Zhu trusted Zi . Without the slightest of hesitation, he fished out from his bosom a special sheepskin map, handing it over to Zi.

Zi unfolded the map and discovered that it depicted a drawing of the whole continent. On the map was a red line that starts from Luna City and ends at a different location. At the endpoint were tiny characters, reading “Milan Institution for Magic and Martial Arts.”

Wrinkling his brow, Zi said, “You must go to the Milan Empire; your grandfathers must really be worried.”

Yin Zhu was unfamiliar with the local geography, and not understanding, he inquisitively asked, “Milan Empire? Is it really that far?”

Zi nodded, saying, “To get to Milan, you’ll need to pass through the kingdom of Wavast, which is located in the southern border of Arcadia. While Milan is considered to be in the northern region of the continent, further up north from Milan is the Northern Wasteland.” As he discussed the Northern Wasteland, his pupils slightly dilated all of a sudden, but it instantly returned back to normal. Nevertheless, Yin Zhu still noticed this change.

“Zi, you need not be afraid. Even if the place is distant, you have me. I will protect you.” While saying this, Yin Zhu childishly pounded his chest.

Zi stared blankly. “You?”

Yin Zhu earnestly nodded, “Yes! I will protect you. Grandfather Qin said that I am already a qualified mage.”

Looking at Yin Zhu who was a head shorter than him, a faint smile emerged on Zi’s face, making the rigid lines of his face seemingly soften.

“Wow! Zi, you smiled. How rare, I don’t think I have ever seen you smile before.” Yin Zhu seemed to have discovered a whole new world as he gazed at Zi’s fierce look.

Zi helplessly said, “Well, we should go to the Magic Guild.” Fortunately, the Magic Guild in Luna City was the most well known place in the city. Zi asked a random person on the roadside for directions, leading Yin Zhu to the place.

Even after ten years, Luna City’s Magic Guild was still desolate without even a janitor. Yin Zhu and Zi followed the road and walked for half a kilometer to arrive quickly outside the door of the guild hall. Even without entering, they could hear quarreling voices inside.

There were nine individuals altogether inside the hall, divided into two factions. Diarra led one faction and behind him was Pirlo and another Fire mage. The opposing faction was composed of six other mages, their mage gowns and attire distinctly different. From their mage gowns, it could be discerned that there was one Indigo Rank Mage Scholar, two Green Rank Great Mages, and three Yellow Rank Advanced Mages.

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