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Chapter 34 – Hero or Villain? (I)


Hong hong hong hong hong hong hong hong hong ……

Perkins and Dis were in the center of the Behemoth group, so they had no chance to dodge. The Falcon Dragon and its Dragon Cavalry Knight were already heading towards them like a meteor.

Five hundred Falcon Dragons and five hundred Yellow Rank or higher Dragon Cavalry Knights… more than half had speedily dived down, targeting the collection of Behemoths.


This was a completely devastating attack. At this moment, the Behemoths finally demonstrated their greatest strength. Golden Dynamite Dis looked up at the sky and the striking Falcon Dragons. He immediately straightened his body, arms spread out with an armspan of close to fifteen meters in length. His sharp claws, originally withdrawn, sliced out.

Soon, a Falcon Dragon crazily dive-bombed. Dis used his two-and-a-half-meter-long claw to tear it in two horizontally. In but a moment, the Falcon Dragon’s body and the attached Dragon Cavalry Knight were torn to shreds.

Perkins snarled, “Attack the sky! Behemoths, go crazy.” Without any rest, the Behemoths, one after another, went berserk. Originally, their bodies could already be compared to mountains. After going berserk, their entire bodies obtained flesh as hard as granite upon transformation. In a flash, their offensive and defensive might soared past their natural limits.

With all of them under the berserk transformation, eighty six Behemoths suddenly slashed their two-and-a-half-meter-long claws towards the sky. Those wounded Berserk Behemoths had completely forgotten their injured state, instead revealing an unfathomable level of strength.

Soon, the Falcon Dragons dropped. But by using their most direct and also most powerful attack, they had crazily ignited their blood and forged onward with this unfathomably suicidal attack.

Only a few of the Falcon Dragons dive-bombed the other three beastmen races within the gathering. Compared to the previous tamed dragons that had exploded while on land, the Falcon Dragons had fallen to the ground before immediately exploding, creating an even larger impact. Within the range of a hundred meters, flesh and blood flew everywhere. The shards of the Dragon Cavalry Knight’s equipment and the body parts of the Falcon Dragon itself were included in the debris, increasing the lethality of this slaughter.

Ultimately, the three beastmen warrior races received fatal wounds again and again. At this moment, even the phrase ‘utterly defeated’ couldn’t be used to describe them. Only those with incomparably strong arms could protect the beastmen, but the Behemoths weren’t brandishing their two-and-a-half-meter-long-claws for the beastmen warrior races.

As the most powerful of the Behemoths, Dis and Perkins bore the brunt of the attack. Even if they didn’t really care about the other beastmen races dying, they did care about their own race. After all, the number of Behemoths were truly too sparse due to the fact that their natural might could match a Genuine Dragon in strength!

Whenever a Berserk Behemoth couldn’t resist the bombardment, Dis and Perkins would both immediately pull back the Berserk Behemoth and take on the impact of the sky attacks themselves. In regards to the greatest harm that befell the Behemoths, it would be the split second when the Falcon Dragons fell and detonated. That tremendous concussive force was extremely difficult for the Behemoths to deal with. Even though Gold Behemoths Dis and Perkins bore a great deal of the Falcon Dragons’ bombardment, they too felt their arms ache and numb. All  the sharp claws on their huge hands had shattered.

In the wake of the extremely ear-piercing cries that resembled silk tearing, << Soaring Dragon’s Cry >> finally concluded. The seven strings of the Withered Wood, Dragon’s Roar Zither had all snapped cleanly, and the silver threads that were linked to Ye Yin Zhu’s Spiritual Imprint faded away in an instant. Each and every one of the mages had fallen softly to the ground, unconscious.

In the wake of the faint violet light waning, the tyrannical and bloodthirsty aura around Ye Yin Zhu also disappeared accordingly. At this very moment, his body began to quiver.

This was a slaughter! A genuine slaughter. Moreover, the ones he directly killed were not just those of the enemy; it was also the warriors of his own side. They were the most elite troops and also the most precious dragon warriors. Altogether, with the addition of five hundred Falcon Dragon Cavalry Knights, a thousand and sixty tamed dragons had perished in the midst of the song, << Soaring Dragon’s Cry >>.

Who said that a Divine Music mage was a trash mage? Even if a famous, true Violet Rank Great Magister was here, he also would absolutely be unable to withstand the eighty Behemoths of the plundering legion. Ye Yin Zhu had, however, achieved this. Although the sacrifice was immense, he had achieved this in the end.

Behemoths. A head fell down beside Perkins and Dis. They hadn’t died; with their durable defense, although their lives had been spared, they weren’t left unharmed. Their entire body suffered from serious damage and were completely splattered red with the blood of the self-detonating Earth Dragons and Falcon Dragons. Yet, their wounds weren’t impossible to recover from with a long rest.

At this moment, the two Gold Behemoths were not only angry, their moods even began to have traces of panic after the deaths of a few Behemoths. Although they had done their best to fight back and save the lives of their fellow Behemoths, including the four Silver Behemoths, all eighty-four Behemoths had completely lost their ability to fight. Even if they were confident in themselves, they knew it was impossible to carry away all of their clansmen. Besides, until now, they hadn’t even genuinely engaged in battle. They didn’t know what kind of attack the Milanese would throw at them next.

In their panic-stricken mindsets, the two Gold Behemoths shot gazes toward the top of Konya City’s walls at the same time. They both realized that the frightening scene just now was completely orchestrated by that white-robed, black-haired mage. That Great Magister level of spiritual power and bloodthirsty zither music was the main cause of their complete wipeout.

And at this moment, Ye Yin Zhu found himself in the greatest crisis since he began cultivating the zither. Including himself, forty mages’ spiritual forces were nearly completely exhausted. Those numerous and disorderly mindsets had taken advantage of the void in power and invaded Ye Yin Zhu’s brain, giving him the feeling that something was exploding. He was unable to pay attention to the outside world as he hovered between life and death, tormented with the pain of being torn apart. Even with his unwavering will, he couldn’t help but howl in pain at this moment. His entire body spasmed violently. Large beads of sweat flowed down his forehead. His previously scholarly air was obliterated completely.

Sura and Fisichella had long since been stunned by everything that had happened outside of the city until Ye Yin Zhu had suddenly broken out in extreme pain, his screams causing the both of them to react. Sura immediately threw himself at Ye Yin Zhu, but before her body neared his, Ye Yin Zhu suddenly broke out with a tyrannical dou qi that immediately sent her body flying. Fisichella’s situation was much better than Sura’s. Although he wore heavy armor, Sura had used dou qi to propel himself forward. When Ye Yin Zhu’s body released Yellow Bamboo Dou Qi, it had sent Sura crashing violently into the city battlement, Ye Yin Zhu’s body beginning to shake fitfully afterwards.

<< Soaring Dragon’s Cry >> had given him results several times more frightening than what Ye Yin Zhu could have imagined, but at the same time, the side effects for using shared spiritual force magic was also immensely greater than he had imagined. How could spiritual force be unceasingly borrowed? This shared spiritual force magic, generally speaking, could, at most, allow two other mages to share spiritual forces with the user if they had similar magic. Yet, he had borrowed thirty-nine spiritual forces. This complicated spiritual force was comprised of complex mindsets, the magnitude of which was hard to imagine.

With the earlier presence of such tremendous spiritual force, Ye Yin Zhu was still barely able to suppress those clamorous mental states. When his song << Soaring Dragon’s Cry >> finished, a substantial amount of that tremendous spiritual force was exhausted, leaving him with no strength to protect himself. In that moment, his mental defenses fell immediately, and the Spiritual Imprint hovering above his head trembled violently as the originally clear, silvery star began to grow more and more illusory. It seemed to be on the verge of shattering at any moment.

At this time, Ye Yin Zhu felt that his mind on the verge of collapse, as he was no longer able to suppress the constantly messy, incomparably tremendous mindsets. Suddenly, a heart-shaped silvery light released from Ye Yin Zhu’s chest. The silvery light wasn’t strong at all, but it appeared to be made of a profoundly pure essence. In a flash, the heart-shaped silvery light transformed and rose, shooting straight into the Spiritual Imprint above Ye Yin Zhu’s head. In the blink of an eye, the two fused together.

Ye Yin Zhu only felt a warm energy appear on his forehead. Similar to a tremendous abyss, it unceasingly devoured those numerous and disorderly energies. The effect was instant. His mind, previously on the verge of collapse, became stable once more. Those thirty-nine chaotic minds that had brought him anguish were also being gradually devoured, growing increasingly weaker. His crisis had been suppressed at last.

What had saved Ye Yin Zhu was the item Dean Nina of the Divine Music division had gifted him some time ago: the Pure Brightness Spirit Guardian of the three Divine Protections. The Pure Brightness Spirit Guardian, which had originally appeared useless, became Ye Yin Zhu’s life-saving talisman at this moment. By means of this special spiritual fluctuation, it had forced the chaotic minds out of Ye Yin Zhu’s own. At the same time, it also stabilized his Spiritual Imprint.

With the aid of the Pure Brightness Spirit Guardian, Ye Yin Zhu gradually withdrew his recovering Spiritual Imprint.

Meanwhile, on the battlefield, the barely surviving Gold Behemoths of the beastmen plundering legion walked forward violently. Since their births, Dis and Perkins had never tasted such a massive defeat. Not only had the army under their command been completely wiped out, their clansmen had suffered severe wounds. Under this intense provocation, as they were Gold Behemoths, their berserk natures completely flared up. They could not longer think of any of the consequences.

At this very moment, the two Gold Behemoths’ large, ominous eyes fell upon the weakened Ye Yin Zhu atop Konya City’s walls. They thoroughly understood that this young mage appeared to be the one responsible for completely wiping out the plundering legion.

Dis looked up to the sky and roared. Even after using up a great deal of his physical power in succession, his entire body still exploded out with a blaze-like golden light. His left foot stepped forward, his entire body leaping forward a hundred meters. Bypassing his seriously injured comrades, he landed, his gigantic foot unexpectedly sinking deep into the ground. The golden light emitted from his body was instantly focused around his right fist. Like an incomparably durable, gigantic golden hammer, he violently struck the ground.

This time, it wasn’t a nondiscriminatory attack nor was it a dou qi enhanced remote attack. It was simply pure power. Just like Gold Behemoth Dis’ title of Golden Dynamite, he used his formidable power in an extremely special manner.

At the same time that Dis explosively struck with his fist, Perkins sprinted forward from behind. His huge body unexpectedly soared upward, his left foot landing heavily on Dis’ expansive, vallation-like back. His entire body used the rebound power to shoot towards the top of Konya City’s walls. He appeared like a golden sun. One should know that Konya City’s walls weren’t even as tall as a Gold Behemoth!

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