[C131] ZE Chapter 34.2


Chapter 34 – Hero or Villain? (II)


The two Gold Behemoths violently strode forth with a single goal in mind: Exterminate the one that had dealt them such a catastrophic attack—Ye Yin Zhu.


It seemed like the entirety of Brenner Pass was violently shaking, the earth trembling fiercely. The ground in front of Dis curved upward with his strike before completely exploding. Regardless of whether the ground consisted of soil or rock, his berserk power sent them all flying away.


This powerful, explosive force advanced with astonishing speed in the direction of Konya City. As the immense, arched shock wave mixed with a generous amount of soil and rock, it made the ground before Konya City appear as if a plow had gone through it. This tremendous force was extremely terrifying.


In the air, the rank 8 Earth-attribute Gigantic Dragon, Rhubarb, issued a deep roar. The frightful feeling created by the << Soaring Dragon’s Cry >> zither song had already disappeared completely. At Okafur’s urging, it rushed toward the ground in a flash.

As an Indigo Rank War Master and as a Gold Star Dragon Cavalry Commander with a rank 8 Gigantic Dragon, Okafur currently had two options. The first option was to intercept Perkins, who was rushing through the air toward the top of the city walls. The second option was to block the Gold Behemoth’s hellish shock wave that was heading toward the five hundred Dragon Cavalry Knights who were deprived of their Gigantic Dragons as well as Konya City’s walls.

It was unknown whether the complete loss of five hundred Falcon Dragons had made him forget that the Princess and Prince were still atop the city walls or the fact that it was his younger brother Oliveira who was in danger right before his eyes, but Okafur unexpectedly didn’t choose to intercept Perkins. He had instead urged his Earth-attribute Gigantic Dragon to rush toward the ground.

The abilities of a Sentient Magical Beast was not subjected to the restrictions of the Rainbow Ranking System; instead, their abilities were based on special properties. The enormous body of the Earth-attribute Gigantic Dragon roared deeply before suddenly exploding with a massive yellow radiance that scattered across the ground. A ten-meter-tall, three-meter-thick solid wall of earth was raised in front of the long-stunned five hundred Dragon Cavalry Knights, countering the hellish shock wave just in time.

Who would be victorious in a collision between a Gold Behemoth’s absolute might and an Earth-attribute Gigantic Dragon’s Earth Magic? If the Gold Behemoth was at his peak state, then it would have been impossible for the Earth-attribute Gigantic Dragon to be its match.

Unfortunately, Dis had just previously faced two phases of draconic explosions with very powerful destructive power. Every one of the two-and-a-half-meter-long sharp claws on Dis’ hands had already been shattered, and a substantial amount of his physical strength had also been used up. Although it had been a fury-induced attack, when the hellish shock wave collided with the Earth Wall, his absolute might was unable to break through.

An arc-shaped burst of dusty smoke exploded before Konya City, rising straight into the sky. Every Dragon Cavalry Knight now had a head and face filthy with grime. Those lacking in strength fell back because of the aftershock.

The hellish shock wave had been obstructed in the end.

During Rhubarb’s full-out downward rush, Okafur’s seven meter-long earth-yellow dragonspear pointed at Gold Behemoth Dis.

While Gold Star Dragon Cavalry Commander Okafur charged at Gold Behemoth Dis, Gold Behemoth Perkins was already about to land on Konya City’s walls. Currently, only two people were completely clear-headed on Konya City’s city walls—Sura and the Milan Imperial Prince, Fisichella.

When he saw that incomparably gigantic gold-colored figure leap forward, Fisichella revealed the entirety of his capabilities as the Imperial Prince. With the aura of the one who was first-in-line to inherit the throne, his signature laughing smile was long gone as he took a step forward. He used his tall body to block Ye Yin Zhu and Sura, his hands gripped around the handle of his thick and broad heavy sword. With an explosive shout, green dou qi was directly chopped at Perkins.

Clang. A deafening metallic ring reverberated outward. The thick and broad heavy sword that was chopping at Perkins’s huge body had unexpectedly burst forth with a fiery spark. The golden hair defense of a Gold Behemoth’s body was extremely and truly frightening. Green Rank dou qi to a rank 9 magical beast—it simply wasn’t any different from a troublesome itch. Perkin’s body didn’t even shake in the slightest. Fisichella, on the other hand, had already been sent flying back from the shock of the blow, crashing against Konya City’s low wall before falling back inside the city.

Perkins didn’t know Fisichella’s identity. If it were otherwise, then he might have changed the target of his attack. At this moment, his vicious, blood-red eyes were focused only on that white-robed mage who was gradually freeing himself from his pain with the assistance of the Pure Brightness Spirit Guardian—Ye Yin Zhu.


With a cyclone-like roar, Perkins’ huge right fist attacked Ye Yin Zhu.

In the blink of an eye, with speed like lightning, Sura’s figure moved to stand in front of Ye Yin Zhu’s body. The Eternal Substitute Puppet had long since been activated. His immunity to physical attacks made Perkin’s tyrannical right fist phase through Sura’s body. Sura’s foot used the fist as leverage and, in a flash, arrived before Perkins. His black Angel’s Sigh stabbed at Perkin’s eyes, moving like two streaks of black lightning.

Sura was well aware of the crisis she found herself in. She knew that even if Angel’s Sigh was almost as powerful as a Divine device, it was still unable to break a Gold Behemoth’s defense. Her dou qi was only Green Rank. By attacking Perkin’s eyes, perhaps she would be able to change his target from Ye Yin Zhu to her.

Unfortunately, Sura still underestimated the Gold Behemoth’s hatred toward Ye Yin Zhu. Perkins actually relied on his tyrannical body and didn’t bother to dodge at all. The moment Angel’s Sigh stabbed at his eyes, he abruptly shut them, his right fist hadn’t halting at all as it attacked Ye Yin Zhu.


Two clear and loud sounds resonated. Sura had finally experienced a Gold Behemoth’s incomparable and tyrannical defense. Even the eyelids were actually able to block his green-dou-qi-laced Angel’s Sigh. The tremendous backlash had even sent Sura’s physical attack immune body flying into the distance. As his body soared through the air, a piercing cry tore from Sura’s mouth. His body crashed into the city, and he could only watch as Perkins used the ample space to strike at Ye Yin Zhu’s body with his huge right fist .


Bizarre rays of light shone brightly from Ye Yin Zhu’s wrist. At this crucial moment, the absolute defense of the Life Guardian Bracelet suddenly broke out and blocked Perkins’ powerful attack, saving Ye Yin Zhu from the verge of death.

Ye Yin Zhu’s Spiritual Imprint had just returned to his body and was rapidly recovering. His body suddenly began to tremble violently. Perkin’s powerful strike had missed his body and struck beside him. His chaotic mind immediately sank into a coma. At this moment, his body was at its weakest. The Divine Celestial Protection’s innate defense was disabled, unable to unconditionally block the Gold Behemoth, and the Life Guardian Bracelet’s absolute defense was also used up.

Perkins bellowed in anguish. He swung his incomparably strong arms and devastated the top of the city walls. Sura’s two slashes hadn’t been completely ineffective. Angel’s Sigh’s effect of increasing attack power against magical defense by 200%, along with its curse ability, caused Perkin’s relatively weak eyelids to just narrowly be able to defend against it. His eyes had still received a light wound, causing him to temporarily lose his vision. He also didn’t know whether Ye Yin Zhu perished or not. Within his violent rage, he just wanted to quickly destroy everything before his eyes.

Konya City’s walls suffered an infernal baptism. Perkins only needed to casually wave his fists, and the city wall would already have gaping holes in them. The extent of a Behemoth’s destructive power could clearly be seen. Ye Yin Zhu’s side was incredibly lucky to have warded off the Behemoth plundering legion troops earlier.

Once again striking a fist out, the pain and numbness that were afflicting Perkins’ eyes gradually faded away. His vision healed rapidly, and with a slight haze covering his sight, he saw that Ye Yin Zhu’s figure was seemingly at the edge of a section of the city wall he had destroyed. Half of Ye Yin Zhu’s body hung in the air, dangling at the edge of a gaping hole.

“Drop dead!” Like a heavy hammer, his fist made a beeline for the unconscious Ye Yin Zhu.

Everything happened very quickly. By the time Okafur and Dis collided, Perkins had already brandished his fist at Ye Yin Zhu.

Oliveira, already within the dust cloud, reacted. He had realized that the princess and prince were still atop the city walls! His second brother, however, had already collided violently with Gold Behemoth Dis. He could only watch as Perkins’ explosive fist was hurled toward Ye Yin Zhu. Even if he summoned his Water-attribute Gigantic Dragon at this moment, it would already be too late.

Although Oliviera was extremely shocked at Ye Yin Zhu’s previous methods and the subsequent results, he also had no choice but to concede that Ye Yin Zhu relied on practically his own power to use all resources in his disposal to protect Konya City from the plundering legion. The battle’s victory could already be seen as theirs. Soon, this genius Divine Music Mage would die at the hands of that Gold Behemoth, and he couldn’t help but painfully close his eyes. Except, exactly because he had closed his eyes at this moment, he had missed the most brilliant scene.

Violet light. Violet light twisted like an electric snake. Without any prior indication, it emerged in the space between Ye Yin Zhu and Perkins.

A strange scene appeared. Perkins’ huge fist unexpectedly struck at that emerging, bizarre, spatial void and slid off to the side.

In that violet spatial void, an incomparably large, violet-colored sword came into being, covering the sky. A horizontal swing, not in the least bit being ostentatiously brazen, struck at Perkins’ body and unexpectedly sent his gigantic body flying.


Dis. It was as if he were a Buddha that had consumed stimulants. He sent the Earth-attribute Gigantic Dragon Rhubarb and the attached Okafur flying with a single slap. His broad, vicious gaze then fell upon that immense, flickering amethyst sword, a weapon which exceeded 10 meters in length, atop Konya City’s walls. The insanity and anger in his eyes vanished in an instant. The gold hair on his body shuddered with a wave-like motion, and his eyes brimmed with excitement and ecstasy. “The Amethyst comes into being. An Amethyst has actually come into being!”

The violet-colored fissure split open, and the large violet sword transformed into an intense violet light before disappearing from sight. A tall, stalwart body strode forth from the violet spatial void. His figure was indistinct, shrouded with a layer of hazy violet light. This violet light was unexpectedly more dazzling and resplendent than the sun’s radiance.

Bending down, the figure embraced Ye Yin Zhu atop the city walls and spoke aloud his thoughts. “You fool. Why do you never summon me when you’re in danger? Is our Equal Life Contract merely decoration? You don’t have any faith in me. If it wasn’t for the Amethyst Sword informing me of your crisis and tearing through space to bring me to you, you might have truly died.”

If Ye Yin Zhu woke up at this moment, he would certainly recognize the owner of this familiar voice—Zi.

Slowly lifting his head, Zi’s gaze fell upon Perkins, who was getting up. In the blink of an eye, the hazy violet light shrouding his body immediately intensified.

Perkins didn’t attack again. His vision was already completely recovered by now, and like Dis, the golden hairs on his body shuddered violently in a wave-like motion. With a bit of a stammer, he said, “You— you are…”

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