[C144] ZE Chapter 38.3


Chapter 38 – Molesting the Princess (III)


Ye Yin Zhu blanked for a moment before asking, “What did Arcadia give Grandfather Qin?”

Silvio said, “As long as you pass my words to your Grandfather Qin, then everything will be fine . Yin Zhu, Xiang Luan had said that you’re inexperienced, and I see that this is correct. I believe you might have focused too much on studying music at the Milan Institution for Magic and Martial Arts.”

Ye Yin Zhu pondered for a while before nodding. “I also think that that is the case. Previously at home, I didn’t acknowledge matters of the outside world. After I came to Milan, however, I felt that my knowledge was lacking. When I return to the institution this time, I will definitely learn from other fields of knowledge as well.”


Silvio smiled slightly and said, “This time, I reduced the amount of rewards you deserved. Do you blame me?” At this moment, his manner of speech was nothing like a monarch’s.

Ye Yin Zhu shook his head and said, “I had never wanted a reward.”

Silvio said, “Although the Milan Institution for Magic and Martial Arts is the best college on the continent, the institution mainly educates you about martial arts or magic, as per usual. If you want to learn other things, then I’m afraid you will be disappointed. The Milan Institution for Magic and Martial Arts doesn’t teach miscellaneous subjects.”

Ye Yin Zhu was saddened. “Then where can I go to learn?” Currently, he yearned for knowledge, as he didn’t want others to continue going on and on about how he was like an idiot since he couldn’t understand.

Silvio stood up and pointed at the nearby bookshelves, saying, “Have you never heard that saying? Within books is a house of gold, within books is precious jade.1 If you want to obtain the knowledge you desire, then these books will be your closest friend.”

Ye Yin Zhu’s eyes brightened. “Thank you, your Majesty.”

Silvio smiled faintly and replied, “Call me Uncle Silvio. Hero of Milan. Starting today, you can enter this library as you please. This place is the Empire’s Royal Library and is possibly the library with the most intact and preserved ancient texts on the continent. In here, you can definitely learn to your heart’s desire.”

Ye Yin Zhu’s character was pure, so he didn’t bother to wonder why Silvio was being so familiar with him and sincerely thanked him. “Thank you, Uncle Silvio.”

Silvio handed an emblem over to Ye Yin Zhu. “Present this when you return in the future; someone will naturally guide you here.”

Ye Yin Zhu lowered his head to look at it. He realized that the emblem in his hand was identical to the one Xiang Luan and Fisichella had—the emblem of the Milan Royal Family, the Milan Ruby Cross Shield Emblem.

“Konya City is your territory for the time being. Although that place isn’t taxed very heavily, it should still be enough for you right now. As the Lord of Konya City, you have the authority to give it a new name. What do you think it should be called?”

Ye Yin Zhu thought for a moment, before declaring, “It shall be called Zither City.”

“Zither City, very aptly named. Your journey was wearying; you should return and rest first. I will have Xiang Luan send for you when the official appointment takes place. Attendant, come. Deliver Ye Yin Zhu out of the palace.”

Ye Yin Zhu left. Silvio’s smiling visage changed into one of contemplation. Although he was still smiling, it was more profound than before.

“Your Majesty, you are too generous to that boy.” A deep voice echoed from beside him. Seedorf’s tall and aged figure appeared beside Silvio.

Silvio shook his head and said, “No, I don’t think so. This child is absolutely worth the investment. A genius Divine Music mage; although I’m highly optimistic of his Grandfather Qin, I am even more optimistic of him. After all, he is significantly younger, no? Even more importantly, his relationship with Xiang Luan and Fisichella is quite good.”

Seedorf’s heart was moved. He suddenly understood this monarch’s reasoning and exclaimed in admiration, “Your Majesty is wise and farsighted. But today, he was disrespectful to the princess…”

Silvio replied, “If he can raise his Divine Music cultivation to Cyan Rank or higher during his time at the Milan Institution for Magic and Martial Arts, then I can consider marrying Xiang Luan to him.”

Seedorf was greatly alarmed within his heart. At this moment, he clearly understood the extent of Silvio’s unexpected regard toward Ye Yin Zhu.

The smile on Silvio’s face gradually disappeared. He turned to Seedorf and said, “Uncle Seedorf, you and Uncle Maldini are the pillars of the Empire. To you, I also have no need to hide anything. Tak ea look at this.” As he said this, he opened the book within his hand and extracted two letters hidden within the pages. He handed them to Seedorf.

“Of these two letters, one had been sent by Uncle Maldini with haste through a courier. Among the contents, not only is there a detailed account of everything that had happened at the Battle of Konya City, there is also Uncle Maldini’s analysis of the matter. Although Ye Yin Zhu is young, although he is pure, an additional side of him emerges in battle.

“As for the other letter, this was what my older sister had previously sent via courier to me. Inside is only one short line: ‘At all costs, with the best and most generous treatment, get Ye Yin Zhu to stay in Milan.’”

Seedorf asked in surprise, “Your Majesty, are you speaking of Princess Niya?”

Silvio sighed lightly. “Older sister still has yet to marry, as she will only accept one man. This is considered a secret of the royal family. And this man, he is Ye Yin Zhu’s teacher, that Grandfather Qin. My older sister has never praised anyone lightly, and her gaze is extremely far-reaching. Uncle Seedorf, I think now you understand my reasoning.”

Seedorf’s eyes flashed with a violet light as he gazed at the two letters placed in his hand. He nodded.

Leaving the Imperial Palace, the oppressive feeling that emanated from the royal family immediately disappeared. Silvio’s discussion with him had greatly improved his mood. Regardless of anything else, the right to read inside that library was the best reward he could’ve received.

Ye Yin Zhu didn’t return to the Milan Institution for Magic and Martial Arts immediately. Since he entered Milan City, he decided to seek Anya out first. In his heart, he had long since regarded Anya as an older sister; not because Anya gave him so many precious gifts, but because Anya was dear to him.

It just happened to be the afternoon when Ye Yin Zhu arrived at Floating Orchid Pavilion, and Floating Orchid Pavilion was doing business as usual. When he walked through the door, he came across a busy Dida.

“Ah! Ye Yin Zhu returned.” Dida welcomed him, pleasantly surprised.

“Hello, Elder Brother Dida,” Ye Yin Zhu courteously greeted him.

Dida smiled and said, “You might not know it, but these few days that you had been gone, the clients of Floating Orchid Pavilion had all missed you dearly. Without your zither music, this place seems to be lacking something. We all felt ill at ease. If Miss knew that you had returned, she would definitely be elated. Quickly come in.”

Dida led Ye Yin Zhu directly to the third floor.

When Anya saw that Ye Yin Zhu had returned, she immediately became pleased beyond her expectations. She led him straight to her residence within the tree, warning Dida repeatedly to not allow anyone to disturb them.

Repeatedly scanning Ye Yin Zhu up and down, Anya said, “Yin Zhu, did your zither music breakthrough a little once more?”

Yin Zhu stared blankly at her before saying, “Elder Sister Anya, why do you say that?”

Anya smiled slightly and said, “The change in your temperament is a reflection of your strength. Your temperament is more aggressive than before. It reflects a great deal of changes.”

Anya was still very beautiful, elegantly beautiful in her light green cheongsam that accentuated an absolutely gorgeous body. Her elegance was similar to that of a goddess of nature.

Ye Yin Zhu smiled and replied, “I forgot that Elder Sister is a Violet Rank. It’s really hard to accept this with how beautiful you are.”

Anya laughed and then scolded him. “You, little boy, also know how to play tricks. Don’t follow bad examples, okay? I heard about what you did. After all of that, I don’t dare to have you play here anymore. For the moment, you are the hero of the Milan Empire.”

Ye Yin Zhu said, “Elder Sister, you don’t want me anymore?”

Anya sighed lightly and said, “No, it’s not that I don’t want you; elder sister might need to leave this place.”

Within his heart, Ye Yin Zhu was frightened. He felt a reluctance to part with her, a feeling that arose involuntarily. “Why? Is Floating Orchid Pavilion’s business not doing so good?”

Anya shook her head and said, “It has nothing to do with the business. Do you remember that story I told you previously? Since my older sister has discovered this place, she will definitely come back. When that time comes, I wouldn’t be able to deal with her like I did last time. After all, she has powers I am far from being able to compare with. Not to mention, she is also from the Dark Pagoda.”

Ye Yin Zhu’s eyes flashed with a cold light. “Elder Sister, I’ll help you.”

Anya tugged at Ye Yin Zhu’s hand. “You just made this Elder Sister’s heart very happy. But it’s useless. On Longinus, who can contend against Falan’s Seven Story Pagoda? Perhaps, it is this Elder Sister’s fate to be a wanderer.”

Ye Yin Zhu was stunned. In his heart, the feeling of reluctance became more intense. He stared at the loneliness on Anya’s face, and a desire to protect her grew within him. “Elder Sister Anya, where will you go?”

Anya shook her head and said, “I still don’t know. Far away from here. A place where my older sister can’t find me.”

Ye Yin Zhu’s mind suddenly flashed with enlightenment. “Then it would be better if you go to my territory. I was rewarded with the title of  Viscount, and Konya City is now my territory. But, it’s a bit cold there.”

Anya’s eyes brightened. “Konya City? Where’s that?” As she spoke, she moved, seemingly performing magic. She extracted an intact sheepskin map from her space ring and unfurled it in front of Ye Yin Zhu.

Ye Yin Zhu carefully examined it for a moment before finding Konya City on the border of the Milan Empire and the Northern Wasteland.

Anya attentively surveyed the topography illustrated on the map. The smile within her eyes brightened. “Good, this is indeed fantastic. It seems that the Heavens have arranged for you to help Elder Sister. Konya City is a remote location surrounded by mountains, easy to guard but hard to attack. Yin Zhu, if you don’t mind, will you allow Elder Sister to help you build your territory? Regardless of how infertile the land is, so long as us elves are there, we can make it become fertile.”

As far as building Konya City was concerned, Ye Yin Zhu held no ideas of his own, but since he didn’t want to lose Anya, this Elder Sister of his, he hurriedly agreed. “Of course you can. Isn’t my territory now Elder Sister’s territory as well?”

Anya smiled. She secretly thought within her heart, Elder Sister, ah, Elder Sister. It seems I finally have a level to compete with you in, even if it’s in the cold north.

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  1. Idiom: Be diligent in your studies, and both success and glory will follow.

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