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Chapter 39 – The Summons of Silver Dragon City (II)


After Generalissimo Maldini finished dealing with the frontier affairs, he withdrew his troops and returned to court. When he returned, however, he was startled to discover that Floating Orchid Pavilion had already switched owners. Anya had disappeared, and the waiters under her control were also missing. Not a single one had stayed, nor was a single trace evident. The strangest thing, though, was the additional disappearance of the humongous tree in the center of Floating Orchid Pavilion. He had no clue that Anya had long taken Ye Yin Zhu’s Lord writ and headed to Zither City.

Sitting cross-legged on the ground with his back leaning against a bookshelf, Ye Yin Zhu attentively read an ancient journal written by a wandering bard.


It had already been close to a month since he began visiting the Royal Library to read. Apart from his necessary cultivation, all of his energy would be spent on reading every day. Rather than seeking other cultivation methods, he was reading in order to better understand this world.

The original Ye Yin Zhu was a blank piece of paper, but the current him was like color had been added to this blank piece of paper with astonishing speed. Starting with reading the most basic books, in a month’s time, Ye Yin Zhu had already learned a tremendously large amount of things.

The Royal Library was larger than what could be imagined, altogether consisting of five floors. Apart from the first floor which Ye Yin Zhu had seen the first time he had visited, there were an additional four floors underground. No wonder at that time Silvio had said that this was the largest and most expansive library on the continent.

There truly were an immense number of books within. Although Ye Yin Zhu had resolved to increase his knowledge through reading, the books he had been reading up until now on the first floor were merely a very small part of his goals. He regarded this place as a treasury of knowledge, his will along with his understanding gradually improving as well. This bit he could clearly sense within himself.

The sound of footsteps drifted over. Ye Yin Zhu subconsciously raised his head to take a look. Only a member of the Royal Family could come here, and the Milan Empire’s Royal Family was pitifully small, so ordinarily, it was very quiet in the library.

The person who came was Fisichella, his complexion prominently unsightly. He quickly walked up to Ye Yin Zhu. “Yin Zhu, stop reading and come with me quickly. I’m taking you somewhere to hide.”

“Hide? Why? How come you are here and not in class?” Ye Yin Zhu stared at him in astonishment.

Fisichella urgently said, “I don’t have classes in the afternoon. Don’t ask questions and follow me. You are in big trouble. This matter, my Imperial Father can do nothing about it. He ordered me to immediately take you to a safe location.”

Ye Yin Zhu’s curiosity had always been very powerful, and after immersing himself within books, he had a very difficult time freeing himself of this curiosity. At this moment, Fisichella wasn’t allowing him to read nor was he telling him the reason why. He couldn’t help the resentment arising within him. “Fisichella, you need to clearly tell me everything first. Only then will I go with you. What happened? I have come here every day to read, so how could I have caused trouble?”

Fisichella rolled his eyes. “Boss, I’m beseeching you. Come with me quickly. Otherwise, we’ll be too late. You don’t need to know about this matter for the time being.”

“No. If you don’t tell me, I’m not going,” Ye Yin Zhu firmly stated.

Fisichella hesitated for a moment before saying, “Fine. I’ll tell you then. Do you remember when we were in Konya City, back when those beastmen were invading the city that is now your territory’s Zither City , and you used some method to defeat them?”

Ye Yin Zhu nodded and said, “A zither song!”

Fisichella bitterly laughed and said, “The trouble is this zither song of yours. That day when you played that zither song, a thousand dragons altogether exploded—a grand event that still remains fresh in my memory to this day. Nevertheless, your zither song had caused dragons to explode! This news somehow reached Silver Dragon City. Right now, people from Silver Dragon City came. They say they want to take you back for questioning.”

A radiant light flashed within Ye Yin Zhu’s eyes. “Is it because I’m a threat to them?” The books he had read this month had hardened him; he could clearly understand several matters of the outside world.

Fisichella nodded and replied, “That’s right. If I was of the dragon race, I would probably be quite afraid of you as well. You’re a Yellow Rank that can cause tamed dragons to self-detonate. If you were a little bit more serious, isn’t it possible that you might casually massacre Gigantic Dragons in the future? Come with me quickly. Silver Dragon City is insufferable. My Imperial Father is dealing with their people at the moment so I can hide you away first. When they leave, we’ll have to think of another method.”

“Want to leave? A person that Silver Dragon City wants, there still hasn’t been someone who can hide away.” A clear, sonorous, piercing voice suddenly rang out, startling Fisichella. Ye Yin Zhu’s gaze immediately became glacial.

In the blink of an eye, the two of them felt as if they were in a new reality. All of the magical elements in the room suddenly came alive, genuinely swirling with life. Every magical element seemed to have its own sentience, cheerfully and lightheartedly bouncing around. In merely a split second, all of the magical elements within the entire Royal Library suddenly increased several-fold in intensity, even causing people to feel as if they were experiencing a reality where the air was too thick to move in.

What kind of power could cause the magical elements in the air to suddenly change? Ye Yin Zhu had experienced this once before when Anya had been battling her sister. The solidified air had seemed to have locked his body in place, making it difficult for him to even move a slight fraction.

A silver Six-Pointed Star appeared without forewarning within the Royal Library. In a silvery flash of light, a figure appeared out of nothingness.

First-rate Spatial Domain magic, teleportation.

It was a young man, approximately twenty years old with long silver hair trailing behind his back. His handsome facial features were impossible to be possessed by a human. He wore a silver chang pao, and although he wasn’t particularly tall, he still gave people a lofty feeling. What was most eye-catching, however, was his violet eyes. That was right, he had two deep violet eyes.

His violet eyes flickered with a magical light, locking Ye Yin Zhu in place instantly. “You are Ye Yin Zhu?”

Ye Yin Zhu calmly replied, “I am.”

The violet-eyed youth nodded and said, “Then good. Come with me.”

Ye Yin Zhu frowned and asked, “Why?”

The violet-eyed youth said, “Because I said so.”

Ye Yin Zhu suddenly smiled. “Is Silver Dragon City fun?”

The violet-eyed youth stared blankly. “You’re not afraid?”

Ye Yin Zhu indifferently replied, “Why should I be afraid? Don’t tell me that you Silver Dragons are unparalleled?”

The violet-eyed youth angrily proclaimed, “Silver Dragons are without equal on the continent.”

Ye Yin Zhu disdainfully snorted. “If you are without equal, then this world wouldn’t have an Onyx Dragon City.” A few days ago, he had read a book that gave an introduction about the dragon race’s territories and cities on the Longinus Continent.

There were a total of seven large dragon cities on Longinus Continent. These were the Silver Dragon City, Onyx Dragon City, Golden Dragon City, Crimson Dragon City, Azure Dragon City, Citrine Dragon City, and Emerald Dragon City. Among these, Silver Dragons, Onyx Dragons, and Golden Dragons were the top three dragon races. A fully matured Gigantic Dragon of any of these races was capable of reaching rank 9. Although Onyx Dragon City didn’t have as strong of a potential for all kinds of magic as Silver Dragon City, their physical bodies were significantly stronger than Silver Dragons. And Golden Dragons were even more well-known for having the strongest bodies of the metal dragon race. As for Crimson Dragon City, Azure Dragon City, Citrine Dragon City, and Emerald Dragon City, they each represented the four natural elemental magics of the Gigantic Dragons. Crimson for the dragon race of fire, Azure for the dragon race of water, Citrine for the dragon race of earth, and Emerald for the dragon race of wind.

Each of these seven dragon cities had different statuses on the continent. Similar to Falan, they all held superior statuses. No country was willing to offend these genuine Gigantic Dragons. Apart from Arcadia, the remaining seven countries each had a dragon city they were allied with. Since Milan was the strongest empire, they were naturally allied with the powerful Silver Dragon City. It was just that to be able to obtain the approval of the Silver Dragons and become a Silver Dragon Cavalry Knight; Seedorf was the only one.

The relationships between the dragon cities were similar to the relations amongst the human countries, not united at all. The wars between them, however, were not something humans could see.

Onyx Dragon City and Silver Dragon City were mortal enemies. Silver Dragon City’s ally were Emerald Dragon City, Crimson Dragon City, and Citrine Dragon City. The remaining two dragon cities were allied with Onyx Dragon City. Although Onyx Dragons and Golden Dragons were peak dragon races, the Silver Dragon race still had four dragon cities, hence both sides were equalled to one another, and neither could slight the other. At this moment, Ye Yin Zhu’s words stirred up the taboo branded across the heart of this currently-in-humanoid-form mature Silver Dragon.

“Do you want to court death?” Innumerable violet wind blades appeared out of nowhere without any incantations, surrounding Ye Yin Zhu. With merely a thought from this violet-eyed youth, these blades could collectively pierce into him.

Lisha, stay your hand.” Another silver Six-Pointed Star appeared within the Royal Library, but this time, three individuals came through.

The person standing at the front had strong facial features; the same silvery hair, silver chang pao, and violet eyes; and a height significantly taller than the violet-eyed youth. The violet wind blades within the air seemed to recognize him and voluntarily spread out into the surroundings. Behind him was the Milan Empire’s Emperor Silvio and Generalissimo Seedorf.

Asius, you are making me stop? Do you know what he just said?” The killing intent within Lisha’s eyes was extremely rich and powerful, ready to break out at any second.

The silver-haired man called Asius snorted coldly. “Do not forget. Our Silver Dragon City and Milan Empire have a collaborative relationship, and this youth had just become a pillar of the Milan Empire. This time, Elder ordered you to bring him back, not to injure him.”

Hearing the word ‘Elder,’ the expression on Lisha’s face clearly changed a bit. Smothering a groan, the violet wind blades causing the air to become stifling faded away.

Silvio somewhat awkwardly looked at Ye Yin Zhu. “Yin Zhu, I’m afraid that you have to visit Silver Dragon City this time. But you should feel reassured. It was for the Empire that you played that kind of zither song. Uncle will argue strongly on your behalf.”

Ye Yin Zhu smiled faintly and said, “It’s okay, Uncle Silvio. I’ll go. Just not right at this moment.”

Lisha angrily accused, “Do you want to stall for time?”

Ye Yin Zhu said, “Because I still have something to do. Once I finish this task, I’ll go with you.”

Lisha laughed, his ice-cold and cruel laughter brimming with a feeling of disdain. “What can be more important than the summons of the Silver Dragon City? Ye Yin Zhu, you’re offending the honor of the Silver Dragon City such that even if we are in an alliance with the Milan Empire, I can kill you at any time.”

Silvio sent a meaningful look towards Ye Yin Zhu, hinting for him to not enrage Lisha again.

Ye Yin Zhu seemed to not see Silvio’s gaze as he turned towards Seedorf instead, lightly exclaiming, “I don’t need ten more days, but my senior does. Ten days, I need them to give her the final medical treatment. If I leave, then her face can never be cured.”

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